Sound Advice Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Anyone Seen the Bridge -->
Too Much
What Would You Say?
Seek Up
Fool To Think
Joy Ride
When The World Ends
Rhyme & Reason
Good Good Time
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Hello Again
Everyday (#36)

#40 (tease)
One Sweet World
Warehouse (Louie Louie & Salsa)

Jeff M.
Show #2 on the 2004 DMB Tour for me, and #28 overall. First off, Daniel Lanois' set was awesome. Definitely a first rate talent, and I sure hope that he will be producing the next DMB album. Dave came out and played "The Maker" with Danny, so that was pretty cool. Now onto the show. HOLY CRAP! This was with no question one of the top 3 or 4 I've been to. I believe it was the first time that ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE opened up a show, and it really got the set off to a rocking start. TOO MUCH - as with Atlanta on Tuesday, such high energy and really jammed out towards the end. SATELLITE - nice little song that doesn't get played too often. WWYS - Keeping with the radio theme (which as fine by the way since they were all old school songs) this song kept the crowd very much into things. SEEK UP - couldn't believe it when Dave played the opening notes. Definitely the best Seek Up I've heard. Awesome, awesome song. FOOL TO THINK - actually not too shabby. This song has really come a long way since the 2001 tour. JOY RIDE - such a high energy song, much much better than Atlanta. Crowd was really into it. CRAZY-EASY - my brother hadn't heard any of the new songs yet, and overall he thinks he likes this one the best. WTWE - why? BARTENDER - can't get enough of this song. always a treat. RHYME & REASON - i love the intensity. seems like the band fooled around with this one a bit. GOOD GOOD TIME - better than Atlanta, but kind of a crowd killer. Still needs some work. ANTS - heck yeah! mid set Ants. spectacular song as always. CRY FREEDOM - very much a surprise. always nice to here this. HELLO AGAIN - very cool intro to this song, and has an ending reminiscent of The Stone. Carter's solo was very short because time was running out because of the curfew. Sugar Will was supposed to have been played before this. EVERYDAY - makes for a very happy set closer. Crowd kept singing Hani Hani throughout the entire encore break. Pretty cool. Crowd was great the entire show and the band fed off of it. (#40 Tease) - Folks, I was sitting 14th row center and they did not play a #40 tease. Dave may have played one chord before launching into ONE SWEET WORLD. Great first encore song, first time since the mid 90's. Crew even referred to this song on the road page after the show. WAREHOUSE - UNBELIEVEABLE. Folks, this was the Warehouse to end all Warehouses. By far the best I've ever heard, such a great great way to end the show. The band not only played the Calypso jam, but followed that up with some Salsa music (Dave was dancing Salsa), and a sweet LOUIE LOUIE jam which I believe hasn't been played in years either. Great ending to an instant DMB classic show. This one you will want to download, believe me. Can't wait for tomorrow night.