Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless VA Beach Ampitheatre, Virginia Beach, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Too Much
When The World Ends
Joy Ride
Dancing Nancies
Where Are You Going
Hello Again
Ants Marching
Sugar Will *
One Sweet World *
Rhyme & Reason *
Grey Street *
Crazy Easy
Drive In Drive Out [tease]
What Would You Say

So Much To Say

Special Guests:
* Jamal Millner

Dan A.
great show really liked the new songs. Hello again was amazing. When it started raining during ants marching that was on of the better times i have had at a DMB show. Over all real good time but traffic was a pain i missed NERD. Also that was one of the rare times i have ever seen Leroi with out his shades on....
Rained all day but quit by showtime. Still very warm and humid throughout the show though. TOO MUCH to open - very weak. Was hoping for BOWA but was denied. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS next, why do they keep playing this song? CRUSH - great song, average version. JOY RIDE - very good song. NANCIES>WAREHOUSE - holy bejesus this rocked the house. First NANCIES in about 10 shows caught be totally off guard. A TREMENDOUS VERSION even topping last year's in VB. WAREHOUSE was also phenomenal. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - more filler. HELLO AGAIN - great song, first time hearing. ANTS - very nice intro jam. Not a huge fan of this song but a strong version. SUGAR WILL - awesome!! Up there with NANCIES for the jam of the night. Jamal Millner sat in and rocked during this tune. Butch had a killer jam, this show is worth getting just for this tune and the NANCIES>WAREHOUSE. ONE SWEET WORLD next, not sure I like the new arrangement. Thought it was EVERYDAY for about 2-3 minutes. RHYME AND REASON - really wanted to hear it but a little disappointed in the version. Dave seemed into it though. GREY STREET - needs to be retired. CRAZY EASY - my least favorite of the new tunes. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY - very hot, my first version in about 10 shows. PNP>RAPUNZEL always a crowd pleaser and this was no disappointment. Encore: SO MUCH TO SAY sans ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE. A throw away version (aren't they all w/o ASTB?) EVERYDAY was great especially Boyd's unique solo. All in all a decent show with some strong highlights. But what has happened to #41???
Keith B.
I got to the Ampitheatre around 8:15pm. I Didnt get off from work until 500pm and I live in Richmond, so you know I was bookin it, Anyway got there just in time!!! The Band started with 2 Much, great opener, love the extended version. WTWE was next, my fav off of Everyday, typical arrangment. Next Fonzie started twiddling on his Bass, so I knew Crush was up next, Boyd was on fire, got the crowd stoked. Next was Joyride, this song keeps gettin better and better everytime I hear it. Instant Classic. 1 of the first 4 highlights of the night came next when Dave started Dancing Nancies, again Boyd was on like a fat B#tch on some debbie snakes, then they followed up with of course Warehouse. AMAZING!! Next was Everyone's favorite.... WAYG (Yeah Right) Great song but you gotta ask yourself (Where is this concert going when you here this song?) Hopefully not down. Next was another new Song, Hello Again....SWEET, loved Carter's drum solo at the end. Carter was kinda holding out tonight, he had his wrists taped up, maybe a little sore. Still Amazing. 2nd Highlight of the night came when we were treated to a Full on midset Ants. It was sweet when it started to rain and when Dave lets the crowd sing the 2 parts the show a camera view of the soaked Crowd. Highlight #3 came when Dave brought on his first guest apperance of this year. I thought it might have been Pharrel at first but noticed it wasnt, instead it was Jammal Millner. He added so Much to Sugar Will. Very Classy. Jammal stayed on for OSW and R&R and ending with Grey Street, definately the Best I have ever heard, The Band almost lost it at the end with his guitar solo, but the improv Kings didnt dissapoint. CE was next great energy, then Dave teased us with DIDO. what a prick!! J/K Wouldve been nice to hear... Anyway they went into WWYS, Amazing extended outro with Leroi, I thought that would be it for there set but they finished it off with the 4th Highlight of the night playing PNP into Rapunzel. Great Set fellows!!! Encore lasted longer than usual, I started the "We want Dave" chant in the lawn oh yes that was me.... Fellows Kicked it off with SMTS, typical version, then the biggest disapointment of the night came when Boyd started messin with that Wawa crap.. I love Everyday but not as a closer, I was hoping for a Watchtower. That would've capped of an amzing concert prob 2nd best next to 12/17/03, but instead I rate it as 8/12 shows i have been to. Thanks for the great show though, Always a good time!!!!
Bob B.
If there is a better band on the planet, than the Dave Matthews Band, I have not heard them yet. I was blinded by the lights and the music right from the first note of Too Much. Everyone in the band seemed too be clicking on all cylinders tonight. If they didn't have problems with Beauford's drums they may have gotten in a couple of more songs. Boyd was crazy as always on stage and good too see Leroi has eyes! Carter as always was beating the hell out of his skins tonight. Stefan was just his cool laid back self with his bass along with Butch. Dave was as always at his best belting out song after song. I have yet too see a DMB performance when they have not seemed too be having a great great time what ever song they play. I just wish the night was so short I could have stayed and listened to them for hours more! Thanks Guys, see you next year!
This was my third show and it was awesome. The new songs were great. The setlist was put together perfectly. Grey street was the best I have ever heard it. I was suprised to here OSW, but very excited. Boyd's solo on Everyday was the perfct way to end the show. I cant wait for Raleigh.
James D.
My 6th and Final dmb show of the summer and it certainly was in one word: UNFORGETTABLE! well maybe two more words: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Throw in a Weekend at VA Beach, DMB, A Sick Too Much Opener, NANCIES into WAREHOUSE, MID SET ANTS MARCHING, Jamal Milner guesting on electric guitar and adding another incredible dimension to sugar will, one sweet world, Rhyme and Reason and Grey Street. Sugar will and Grey street were absoutely insane with Jamal, Unreal. Throw in WWWYS and PNP--> Rapunzel to close the main set. It started to drizzle out on the lawn as Everyday (#36) began. What a fitting song and what an unforgettable version to close out my final show of the year. The band exited the stage and let boyd shine in the spotlight as he amazed us with his Wah Peddle. The crowd was absolutely electric, the band was the most on fire ive seen them this year. This show ranks in the top 3 ive seen of the 30 plus shows ive seen. What a show! wow! Thanks dmb, 2004 was the tightest ive ever heard You guys, and the most fun ive ever see you have on stage. Until next time....see yall!
Tim M.
GREAT show from the boys tonight. High energy from beginning to end from both the crowd and band. Dave seemed to be in an extra good mood and the band, despite the humidity, stuck it out and played one hell of a show! No real big surprises in the setlist, but everything jammed. Jamal Millner is a sick guitar player. His solos on Sugar Will and Grey Street were amazing. It was my 13th show, and one of the best I've seen. It was also my girlfriend's first show, and she LOVED every minute of it! The parking lot is MUCH better organized than Nissan Pavilion - there is more than one way out! However, no grilling in the parking lot? HOW LAME! Oh well, despite having to hide our grill from the rent-a-cops, it was a fun time at the beach! We'll remember to pack Wendy's next time. Thanks, DMB for a killer show! Keep it up!
John B.
This was a very good show. I was really impressed by the new songs, I can't wait for the new album. DN->Warehouse, never get tired of that. Great Ants. Grey Street is a already a classic, but I have one question which I hope someone can answer. What happend to the third verse of Grey Street? This is about the third time I have heard the song without the third verse. It is also like this on the central park and dave and tim cd that came with some devil. Anyways, I don't know about Everyday as a closer. Don't get me wrong, this is a great tune, but to close a setlist like the one we had tonight with it was disappointing. Stay, TP, or watchtower would have done justice to the rest of the setlist.
Well worth the 10+ hour drive from MA. My second DMB show in a week. Some of the highligts of this night were Joy Ride,Ants Marching, & Dancing nancies into Warehouse!!!!! Also there was that sneaking off stage that they they did for Boyd's solo. Dave was so silly. A complete change from Hartford a week prior. I'd take the trip again no ? asked. Thanks for a memorable trip guys.....
Christoher M.
Ah, sweet Virginia.. yeah right. This show was absolutely horrible. I've been a fan since '94, and this was by far the worst of the 24 shows I have seen. Band was very lethargic, very half-ass performance all the way around. Just look at the encore. No long jams at all, not one. Warehouse/Nancies- 2 of my favorite songs, shortest and worst versions I've ever heard of these 2 songs. Ants mid set, maybe 5 min. long..DMB has played nororiously weak shows at this venue for years, with the exception of a few good ones. Dave, that's really piss poor for your home state. I've never been more dissapointed in this band. I'm definitely not seeing any shows next year; maybe the band needs a year off as well.
Chris M.
AH....SWEET VIRGINIA..yeah right. This show was horrible. The worst of my 24 shows by far. What has happened to this band? The only positives to this show were the new songs. They are still very much a work in progress, but they seem like they are coming together. As far as the rest of the show, this was the most flat, vanilla, half-ass, I have ever seen DMB, going back to my first show in '94. Nancies/WH/Crush/Grey Street/Ants-looking at this setlist you would think this would be a great show..not. NO jams, all very standard, worst versions of these songs I have ever heard. And now the encore...I challenge someone to find a worse encore that this band has played anytime in their long tour history. It is really sad to see what this band and the whole DMB scene has become... it is nothing like the band i got hooked on years ago..In my opinion, DMB is not even the best band from VA anymore. Pat Mcgee band is...a much better live show these days...I really hope the band takes some time off, whether it be a year or two, or however long, to re-energize, because they are alienating their longtime fans. I think this band has forgotten who buttered their bread so to speak..Oh well