Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ
Graph of songs performed, by album
Fonzies New Idea [Tease]
Fool To Think
Grey Street
Drive In Drive Out
Seek Up
Joy Ride
Crazy Easy
The Stone
Where Are You Going
Sugar Will
Hello Again
Jimi Thing
Help Myself
Don’t Drink the Water
If I Had It All
What Would You Say

Good Good Time
Tripping Billies

James D.
Holy crap was this show great or what? this was such an off the charts night with songs in fresh new spots on the setlist. Im down with fool to think opening the show so i dont have to worry about hearing it for the rest of the night. Grey St. DIDO, A monster Seek up, a stellar Jimi Thing, A terriffic show from start to finish. Camden always gets a great show and tonight continued the trend. The band always loves playing here. It was a stellar 2 night stand this year, loved every minute of it.
Tonight I sat in the 3rd row pit, in section 104 (Boyd’s side of the stage). I couldn’t see the screen, which reminded me of my first five DMB shows at the Gorge when they didn’t have screens. It was a fun change. I got there really early tonight, since the ferry from Philly was such a mess the night before. It was entertaining listening to the security people. Dave came out at 7:00 pm to introduce N*E*R*D. He seemed to be in a better mood than last night. He told us to dance without caring what the person next to us thought. I looked around and not many people had strangers near them yet! N*E*R*D did a few different songs than last night, and several of the same. They played until about 7:45 pm. DMB came on stage at 8:23 pm. The six-string guitar was on stage, so I knew the opener could be any number of songs that we didn’t hear last night. I wasn’t expecting FOOL TO THINK. It seemed a little out-of-place as an opener, but I’ve heard some interesting openers (Captain comes to mind). The next song was GREY STREET. It was really rocking. Some people have said that they changed it this year, but I didn’t even notice. I was really happy to hear DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT next. I hadn’t heard it full-band since the show at the Garden 12/21/02. Carter was amazing during this song (as he was the whole night). Like I said last night, if you didn’t know that his wrist hurt, there was no way you’d ever know by the way he has been playing. SEEK UP was a nice surprise. Someone had a sign last night for it, so maybe that’s what prompted it. This was a nice version with a lot of jamming and wailing by Dave. I don’t think it was as long as some, though. During this song, there was a giant blow-up soccer ball beach ball that people were tossing around. It ended up on stage twice. The band was very amused by it. Boyd threw it off the stage the first time, and Monk did the second time. After that, a security guy took it away. JOY RIDE followed, and it seems to be getting some lyrics in the verses. The “woos” were a little annoying, but Dave seemed to enjoy them. The audience response was great. You’d think it was one of band’s older hits. If this song gets some decent lyrics in the end, it could very well be a single. The next song was CRAZY-EASY, which could also be a single in my opinion. Tonight it sounded like it was about love. Again, it’s a little hard to hear near the speakers, but the sound tonight was much better than last night for me. Roi had his solo tonight. When Stefan was noodling with his bass, I knew the next song would be CRUSH. This song had a nice jam tonight. I think it was during this song where Boyd lost his hat. Dave laughed at him. During Crush I realized that this was my 30th time seeing Dave perform (and 24th DMB show). THE STONE followed. The ending was great. They faded down to basically nothing and then came back full-force. WHERE ARE YOU GOING was next. I like it. Dave smiled at me during the song. Of course, there was the obligatory mass of people going to the bathroom or to get beer or whatever. When SUGAR WILL started, I was thinking that those people who left could stay out for this song as well. I enjoyed it more tonight than last night. Roi’s solo, again, is great. The next song was HELLO AGAIN. I was surprised that they did another two new songs back-to-back. I really enjoyed hearing it again tonight. The ending was intense again. It got a great response from the audience too. JIMI THING followed. I couldn’t tell if Dave was saying anything normal during the scat. There were several times where he’d turn one way to “say” something, then turn the other way to “respond.” He did the call-and-response with Butch too. Even the security guard in front of me turned to watch the scat! Dave did some hand motions as well. Then they did the “For What It’s Worth” outro, like at Central Park and some shows this year. The next song was HELP MYSELF. When Dave sang the line “we’re swimming in the river,” I was thinking that I would not want to swim in the Delaware River (right behind the Tweeter Center). It then made me think of DON’T DRINK THE WATER, which followed Help Myself, after the band talked amongst themselves for a little bit. Speaking of talking, Dave was much more talkative tonight. He seemed happier than last night. Don’t Drink the Water was amazing and intense as always. Dave did a yell at the end, but not like the outros last year. I would have been happy if that had ended the set, but IF I HAD IT ALL came next. I like this song. I think it got a bad rap because it was on Everyday (although people seem to be coming around to that album now). I knew the set closer would be coming next, and it was WHAT WOULD YOU SAY. It was a standard version, which isn’t a bad thing. I knew it was getting late since there were so many jam songs tonight. I looked at my watch when the band left the stage and it was 10:45 pm. I thought we might get a one-song encore, although I was hoping for two. When the band came out at 10:55 pm, they played GOOD GOOD TIME, so I knew that we would get two songs. It was more appropriate tonight than last night, in my opinion, although both shows were good. I enjoyed this one more though. There was more energy from the crowd tonight too. They ended with a powerful TRIPPING BILLIES. Carter was amazing during the ending of the song. It is a great closer. They walked off the stage at 11:10 pm. The ferry was a little better tonight and I got back to my hotel room at 12:10 am, just an hour after the show rather than an hour and a half. I really enjoyed the shows in Camden. Next stop- the Gorge in September for three shows!
Second night at camden didnt live up to my expectations. It wasnt a bad show but i think it couldve been a little better. A little dissapointed in fool to think as the opener. Grey street was awesome, crowd really got into it, wouldve worked beeter than fool to think to open. Then the best part of the show, drive in, drive out and seek up! two songs i havent seen live before. Seek up had to have been over 20 min long and every second was awesome. THe other good parts of this one were the stone, ddtw and jimi thing which dave went nuts on. WWYS was great but i dont think its the best closer. The down parts were Where are you going and If I had it all. THe new songs were good again. The encore inlcuded good good time which is a good song but didnt get the crowd goin and billies which was awesome. A pretty good show but i think it couldve been a little better. overall wasnt a bad two nights in camden.
Jeremy W.
Ok, so first of all, all DMB shows are amazing, but this one in particular was great. They pulled out a great setlist mixing some old and new stuff. I really enjoyed one of the new ones called Joy Ride. He pulled out a kind of a Scat Rap on Jimi Thing which I have never heard before and i thought it was amazing. He was lecturing me in his own language. Great energy the whole show and Trippin Billies for the last song of the Encore was unreal. He also pulled out Seek Up which is the first time they played it on the tour. All around...AMAZING.
It was a 3H day hot humid and hoochies in the parking lot.N.E.R.D. was alright and about 830ish we got another surprise opener in FTT which was awesome.GST and DIDO where crowd pleasers but to then go into SEEKUP, the place went completely nuts.it kept going with JR but mellowed a bit with CE(needstime).Crush and theSTONE got everybody up then-ugh!-every 16 year old girl screaming to WAYG(damn radioheads) SW sounded good then HA which is awesome and got the crowd going right into JIMITHING followed by a really good HELPMYSELF (Halloween wouldve fit perfect here) DDTW sounded awesome as well really heavy.Howe about IFIHADITALL-wow-wow only the third time I heard it live and it keeps getting better.WWYS was a good closer that had fans still dancing 5 minutes after it was over.The encore of GGT and TB was an exciting and quick paced fun way to end the show Thanks guys for putting on two great shows in Camden. Just a little odd not to hear ANTS 2STEP or STAY either nite the radioheads were upset till Y100's concert echo made all their dreams come true.P.S.Did anyone else notice an awful lot of lesbians this year-way more than normal.
Thanks to our wonderful mayor Mike Bloomberg and the proprietor of Governors Island axing the 4th of July DMB festival, I had to go a little out of my way to catch the guys on tour this summer, but once again the band proved that any distance traveled to see a DMB concert is well worth it. When Stefan started fooling around with the bass on stage I was expecting crush as an opener. Needless to say i was dissapointed with FTT. Good song, just a bad way to kick off the show. My disapointment didnt last long. GREY ST and DIDO were amazing and really got the crowd into it and then they play SEEK UP!! It was my 1st time hearing it live and it totally blew me away. JOY RIDE is probly my favorite of the new songs. I was suprised how much the crowd got into this one - durring the into and the bridge everyone "wooo"ed, kinda like with the stop time intro to warehouse. As for the other new songs, HELLO AGAIN is awesome and is well on its way to becoming a DMB classic. CRAZY/EASY is good too and with some retoolin SUGAR WILL has definate potential. CRUSH and THE STONE rocked as always but the real highlight of the set(besides seek up)was JIMI THING. Dave's scat was hilarious and the For What its Worth outro was great to hear. 2nd best verion of JT ive ever seen(we all know that Central Park set the standard by which all future JT's will be judged) I thought the set was over after a really strong version of DDTW but Dave busts out 2 more songs- IIHIA(sick) and WWYS(siiiick). GGT is a good song but really should not be used as an encore just yet. After that I was hoping for Ants Marching or Two Step but TRIPPING BILLIES was absolutley awesome. All in all it was a great show.
Jim R.
This was my fourth show, and certainly was enjoyable. I might of enjoyed it better, had I not been rediculously tired and sunburnt. But enough of me, onto the highlights. first nice highlight, DIDO, I've been wanting to hear this song for some time, lots of energy, very enjoyable. as for the new songs, Hello Again has a real tight beat as well as joy ride. sugar will featured a nice Butch solo, but I wasn't a big fan of good good time and crazy easy, they were a bit bland. other highlights, Jimi Thing, amazing, best version I've ever seen, complete with dave guitar solo, scat (dave went schizo, arguing in jibberish with himself) and the little 'for what it's worth' at the end. seek up was also nice to hear, 'roi really brought his stuff out on that one. WWYS to close the set was also really tight. on a whole, i'd give it a 7 out of ten, they could have pulled in more BS and UTTAD, but still a fun show
Mark Y.
What a difference a day makes. The setlist was infinitely better and the energy level from both the band and the crowd was just on a different level then the night before. Fool to Think served as the opener and I thought I was in for another subpar show, but the tides quickly turned with a strong Grey St, DIDO, and Seek Up. The new songs sounded great again, Hello Again seems well on its way to being a fan favorite The little funky jam at the end of Sugar Will kicks ass. Jimi Thing had the crowd going bonkers, and Billies closed the show perfectly. Easily one of the better DMB shows in the Philly area the past few years.