Dave Matthews Band
ctnow.com Meadows Music Centre, Hartford, CT
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Best of What's Around
One Sweet World
Crazy Easy
When The World Ends
Grace Is Gone
Joy Ride
The Stone
Bass Intro -->
Hello Again
Drive In Drive Out
Sugar Will
Where Are You Going

What Would You Say
Tripping Billies

WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!! Best of whats around was a great opener---hello agaion was the highlight of the night---Dave was really into it. Tripping Billies was a great closer with great energy. Great place to see a show, with great people---larry, libby,christine, and emeril.
Patrick P.
"Hey my friend/It seems your eyes are troubled/Care to share your times with me..." with those words The Dave Matthews Band opened a two night stand at Hartford's ctnow.com Meadows Music Centre. The mood was right and the audience was grooving to the sounds of music from the very start. Dave opened with Best of What's Around, and it got the crowd to it's feet and dancing. Dave's selection of One Sweet World and Granny were smart choices in the set, however seems odly familiar to previous set selections. Dave did spice things up mid set by breaking out Satellite for the first time all year. Also like in previous shows this tour, Dave was sure to include his four new songs this tour, Crazy-Easy, Joyride, Sugar Will, and Hello Again. These songs were well played tonight and were a real treat for veteran fans who sought out to hear new material. Dave closed the show with an excellent performance of Everyday. Boyd, Carter, and the rest of them sang backup to the #36 lyrics that were sang by the crowd. This tour Everyday has become a real highlight in shows for this reason. All in all, Dave Matthews Band had a stellar performance tonight at the Meadows and only more excitement can be felt for the next night's set.
OK this may just be the drizunk and hizzie still talking but i was actualy impressed by the normal 2004 summer tour set list...im gonna keep this short and sweet just like the show i just saw...he nailed hello again which is soon to become a clasic up there with seek up and warehouse...satellite was awesome to hear but the iceing came at the end of the show...the crowd was really feeling everyday/#35...the encore made the show...thats all im out...PEACE
Don't D.
Lucky 13 for me and it was definately packed with some nice surprises. Traffic around the venue almost screwed me out of the Best of What's Around opener. The Meadows is an awesome venue, but something needs to be done about traffic and parking. Also, people who attended the show can concur that only having two exits open when the show was over was ridiculous and took us forever to leave. Anyway...I hadn't heard Satellite in awile and that was great even though the moon wasn't out. I'm really starting to dig Joyride more and more. I was more than satisfied with crush and bartender and even WAYG? was decent. Everyday closer picked up the mood and then the Loving Wings tease into WWYS? and my favorite Billies at the end made my night. Favorite quote of the night by two older guys behind me..."What happened to the Lovely Ladies? Haven't seen them recently."
Well I had nothing going on for the weekend, so I flew in from Green Bay to take in DMB in CT. Well let me say that some things were messed up. For starters I went 91 north and traffic sucked and was down right dangerous. Cars were backed up onto the highway at a very dangerous multi exit. Hartford Police and the Meadows Event Staff need to do a much better job on planning traffic. No cops to direct traffic off the highway, just 3 to direct you into an already full parking lot. I parked downtown and walked 15 minutes to the venue. Ok some show info. My friends and I always do this thing of guess the opener, well even though i was solo at this show, I guessed a BOWA opener and was right. Granny was sweet as usual and then came Crazy Easy. I am very fond of the new tunes, excited for the new album. Grace is gone was cool in black and white on the screen. Joy Ride another awesome new tune. I have always loved The Stone and the guys did not disappoint. Hello again was sweet, but you know what I hate, is people who sit or lay down at a DMB show. Yeah the song is new and you dont know the lyrics, but they still rock. It is disrespectful to any musician to do such a thing. If you wanna sit, go the FU@K home. To pay $50 to sit down is stupid. DIDO, is sweet and always wil be. Great end of the show with Bartender, Sugar Will, WAYG, and Everyday wrapping it up. The encore was strong with WWYS and Tripping Billies. with #25 in the bag, each show is as good as #1. Another thing about the Meadows, open the damn gates. to expect 20,000 people to leave 1 gate was redicilous, and when they did open a second gate, the damn thing was opened in the wrong direction and only allowed 2 people out at a time. Very surprised no one was trampled. My suggestion, come to Alpine Valley in WI. It is the largest amp. they play, is all nautral, and provided Dave is true to his word of the past 2 years, it is his favorite place to play. 40,000 people can't be wrong.