introduction to is a Dave Matthews Band fan site that has been in continuous operation since July 31, 1998. It is run by a team of a dozen people from around the United States and England, most of whom have been involved with the site since day 1, plus another half dozen people who moderate the discussion boards. For more on the origins of, read the history. is in no way affiliated with Dave Matthews Band, their record label or their management. It is independently operated by volunteers. is a not-for-profit organization.

To emphasize again: is operated entirely by volunteers. From the technical staff to the writers, discussion board moderators to the setlist maintainers, all work is done without any sort of compensation.

Financially, operates based on the income generated from advertising, donations, and the sale of branded merchandise. The primary financial burden is the cost of website hosting, which runs into hundreds of dollars each month; the income and the expenses have just barely balanced thus far.

For details on the technical aspects of, see the colophon.