Dave Matthews Band
Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, VA
Graph of songs performed, by album
So Much To Say -->
Too Much
Sugar Will
When The World Ends
Best of What's Around
One Sweet World
Joy Ride
Hello Again
Fool To Think
Drive In, Drive Out
Help Myself
Jimi Thing (For What It's Worth)
Crazy Easy
Two Step
Ants Marching

This only being my 3rd Dave spectacle, I was open to anything. Even though I was only 13 the first time I saw him and the setlist (as of today) was the 'old' stuff, it was such a pleasant surprise to get such an ecclectic mix of music in this show. I was blown away to hear LIOG and the boys really made the most of that for me. I can't resist a DDTW opening, it totally sets the pace for the rest of the show. The guys kept it real. Although I would have liked to have seen Dave in his truest form. Stefan was awesome, what then again, when isn't he? Carter was killing it and Boyd never ceases to amaze me either. Leroi and Dave were cool together, I just admire these guys so much. Great show, glad to have made it.
Dr. D.
Tonight's show was unreal. I seem to get too much-so much to say every show i go to but the atmosphere was incredible and the band kicked ass. Bartender dedicated to the troops over seas was powerful. Best of whats around and one sweet world were awesome, and dave's improv on Jimi thing was something i've never seen or heard. The two step rocked and i loved all the new songs. Great show with even a better encore. Over a sweet show to overshadow the hell of getting to the venue, and my beat designated driver.
First, let me get this out of the way - Nissan Pavilion is the worst facility in the country - traffic is horrible getting to and from the stadium; the stadium staff is filled with bad attitudes and the acoustics are awful (from our seats in the middle of the pavilion, I could hear the backlash from the delayed speakers pointed to the lawn).

BUT, it was still an amazing show (sorry Nissan - maybe next year you can ruin the concert for me). You can see the setlist...a couple things I want to point out...the new songs are fabulous - he played sugar will, joy ride, hello again and crazy easy - i had never heard any of these live - very good. I especially liked Hello Again, which has a crazy Johnny Cash meets the Doors sound to it! The setlist was fairly 'normal', but they just seemed to have the energy out there. It's always great to hear one sweet world and ants; Best of What's Around was a pleasant surprise. of course, they killed on Bartender as always. Jimi Thing was great - especially the dave-speak at the end of that one - my favorite part was the end of it where he said "man, shut up...ok" and then he was done! the encore started with a stefan tease that left you thinking you were going to hear watchtower, but then they started in on the always-spectacular Crush. and of course, Ants...what a finale! only negatives i would say would be their constant insistence on playing WTWE and Fool to Think - these songs just seem to appear too much (as does the song too much actually!). One parting thought - Dave - please go back to RFK - Nissan Pavilion is an awful venue!
Opening band sucked, so we mingled by the bathrooms/vendors. DMB was on fire tonight, better than I've ever seen them (and this was my 14th show). The energy was tremendous, and I liked the setlist (though they omitted my favorites: Warehouse, Pig, #41, Lie In Our Graves, Tripping Billies). Here's a quick rundown: Everyday was a nice, feel-good opener, and Boyd's wah-wah pedal action was nice and chill. SMTS->Too Much was unnecessary, and overplayed, but energetic and fun nonetheless. I really liked Sugar Will. Kind of Big-Eyed Fish-ish. When the World Ends, much like SMTS->Too Much, was unnecessary and overplayed, and I don't really like the song. But it was energetic and fun enough. This is where it gets good. Best of What's Around, first time hearing it for me, and it was a charm. Wonderful, fantastic rendition, will remember this one. One Sweet World was fun, I love that song. Joy Ride is my favorite new song, Dave's wailing at the end is chilling. I like the chorus a lot too, very good song here. Bartender, true highlight of the night. Dave hit every note here, and the yells were abnormally spectacular. GREAT version. Hello Again was intense and awesome, loved it. Fool to Think is one of my favorite Everyday songs, and it did not disappoint me. I was into it, they nailed this one tonight. Drive In Drive Out was again intense, very good jamming. Help Myself kept the high energy going, and I'm glad they brought this one out of hiatus. Best Jimi Thing I've ever heard, even better than the Central Park version. Dave's improv tonight was great, a must-hear. Crazy-Easy is great, another high energy new song. Two Step was unexpected, and though I've heard it too much, tonight's was above par. Crush to open the encore was incredible, one of the better versions I've heard. Ants to close the show was perfect, couldn't have asked for a better closer. OVERALL, the show was intense and very energetic. I left very fulfilled, especially after the SICK encore. Crush->Ants is nearly orgasmic. Better, IMO, than then Two Step->Ants on Folsom Field. So anyway, great show tonight, one of the best I've seen, and with a #41 or Lie In Our Graves, it would've been one for the ages.
James D.
Another Great show by the boys. Not QUITE as good as hershey, but regardless, Jimi Thing was sick once again, Two Step was off the charts, and Bartender was too good for words. Everyday was a great way to get the show going, and SMTS--->Too Much never gets old in my book. The New songs sound better by the day and they are continuously growing. I wouldnt mind Seeing more encores like this one, Crush--->Ants was a superb and unique encore that had the crowd happy when they left. I really could have done without fool to think, but oh well. The back to back to back songs of FTT, DIDO and Help Myself kinda threw the tempo of the show off and kinda lost the crowd a little, which is something that diddnt happen in hershey once. But the sick jams more than made it a great night! NOTE TO NISSAN PAVILION: RE THINK YOUR PARKING SITUATION. Well, take care all, off to Merriweather......
This show was amazing. I could definately have lived without WTWE and Help Myself (just not one of my favs). I never thought they would open with Everyday, so I was psyched. Dave's scat on Jimy Thing unreal. I've never heard him do anything like that. At one point the crowd was laughing rather that cheering at what he said (in a good way). Two step to close was awesome. When Stephan started his solo in the beginning of the encore, I was 100% it would be the standard Watchtower and off, so I was estatic to hear Crush, and even more pleased that they also stuck Ants at the end. The new stuff was great too.
Hey all, drove from Philadelphia for a day trip to see the band in Bristow. Lemme say, it was worth the trip. Band came onstage around 8:30, slated for 8, so we were gettin a bit antsy as the minutes slowly ticked by. EVERYDAY was a good opener, the crowd wasn't really into singin the #36 parts, but Dave came in with the "Honey, Honey", Boyd had a couple good solos, had a beaming smile on his face, crowd started gettin into it. SO MUCH TO SAY->ASTB->TOO MUCH.. sweet. Dave either forgot the lyrics at one point in SMTS, so he did a little scat.. which he seems to do a lot more now. ASTB was intense, Carter owned it, Stefan was dancin around a lot. His stage presence has really grown in the past couple years. SUGAR WILL.. heard the first version of it.. instead of Stefan coming in first, Dave started the riff, then Stefan came in a few minutes later.. I like this song, but a lot of people don't.. LeRoi has a good solo towards the end, all in all, a good song, evolving nicely. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS... eh, standard.. nothin out of the ordinary. BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND... WHOO! 3rd time hearing it, I absolutely love the end with 'Roi's solo. The crowd was really into it at the end, singin really loud.. fantastic. ONE SWEET WORLD.. people have been sayin they dropped the One Suite Whirled intro.. which is a bit of a disappointment, but the new intro is really cool too, almost like satellite, each member comes in at different parts, I liked it a lot. JOYRIDE.. this song was balls out energy. I heard the first version, which is now pretty bland to what I saw last night.. Carter owns all the new songs.. sweet sweet tune, got the crowd going. BARTENDER.. Dave dedicated this song to the troops in Iraq, it was amazing.. Dave was screaming and the crowd was going nuts, really emotional LeRoi threw in "If I Only Had A Brain" on the pennywhistle in the end. INTERLUDE->HELLO AGAIN.. I REALLY like this song.. almost a country feel to the beginning.. but the chorus is heavy and Dave sings in a really good key for it, once again, Carter owned it with a sick solo towards the end. FOOL TO THINK... the 3rd Everyday song.. not the biggest fan, but it's so much better live. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT... 2nd time hearing it.. it's sick. Carter is amazing on drums, Dave's mic had a little complication at one point and cut out.. other than that a solid version. HELP MYSELF.. I was at the PSU show a couple years back when they brought this back into rotation (around that time) no one knew what it was.. seemed the same tonight, thought it would've been more popular since the Central Park release... but anyway, I love this song and was happy to hear it again. JIMI THING... HAHAHA, best version EVER. The scat Dave did in the end was absolutely sick.. Boyd finally got to stand out and do some nice work on the violin. CRAZY-EASY.. I have the 6/26 version of this song.. which in my opinion was better than last nights.. but Leroi has a solo in it now which is cool, and dave got so into watchin him, he forgot to come back for the chorus, lol. Oh well, still a good song. TWO STEP.. Insane. Carter really carries this song on.. he almost looked like he was in pain at one point.. but it was an awesome version, good way to end a set. ENCORE *While the band was offstage, the audience had more cell phones up than lighters, which was kinda funny to see CRUSH- They came back onstage, and at this point it was after 11.. really long show.. Stefan was doin a solo, sounded like it would go into Watchtower.. then he did this funk slap thing which was sweeeeeet.. then a pause, and I noticed dave was still in a shadow.. that bass intro got the crowd on their feet, great version, always a pleasure to hear, and really cool for an encore ANTS MARCHING- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS a good way to end a show. They did the funk intro, dave was dancin around a lot, great great great to hear, I love seeing it live, gets everyone on their feet, smiling, and a warm feeling inside knowing your watching the band play 'their anthem'..

Can't wait for 7/21 in Camden, Peace
Man were they fired up last night....It had been 4 years since I last saw them at Nissan and man it was even better than the last! Everyday was a great start it set the tone for a great night everyone seemed to dig it. SMTS..ASTB..TM Awesome as always, got the legs a dancin. Sugar will, was pretty sweet, all I can say is the new album seems like it will be awesome, great songs with great jam potential!WTWE good to hear but not as much as Best of...really glad to hear this one, I had not heard that live in 6 years! OSW always a favorite. Joyride..what can I say awesome song with a great JAM!! Bartender really set me off, always a powerful one! Hello again was great.. probably my favortie new one. Fool to think, ok but DIDO--YES I wanted to hear this one all night thanks for rockin it out!! Help myself--always a good summer tour song, but man oh man Jimi Thing was unreal!!!! I was lost in that one...it had to be over a half hour long, but the nugs went great with it!!!!!!Crazy easy...great as well, can't wait for the new album. AND A TWO STEP TO END IT...ya can't beat that Great jam at the end. Crush and Ants were great closers....wish they would have brought LIOG with them from the Hershey show--but maybe I'll hear it at Merriweather...All in all a great show and great to jam out in the grass again!!!
First off, I am from Pittsburgh, so I am not familiar with VA. The way to the stadium was horrible!! The parking was even worse! We got there just in time for the concert to start. The crowd here was the absolute worst crowd I have ever seen! Everyone around me sat for most of the concert (they actually stood for the encore) and talked! It seemed to me they were there because it was DMB, not because they actually enjoy the music. On a more positive note, the guys were on fire! This show was definitely Boyd's show! He was amazing!! I heard the Jimi Thing into Dave's scat in Pittsburgh and it was great to hear it again! Two Step just gets better every time I hear it! No complaints from me about the songs played....even though Crush is beautiful live, this is the 4th time within the last year I've heard it and could have done without. GREAT SHOW guys!
Terrance P.
Could this be the worst parking, entering, and exiting venue on the planet!?! This was my 11th show, 7th at Nissan, and quite possibly the worst lawn crowd ever! The Band had incredible sound. they all seemed to be in such a great mood. Carter and Leroi were absolutely on fire; so was Dave's voice. Setlist: Every/36 nice opener-what happened to the crowd participation? on the lawn, hardly anyone sang the honey honeys. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too much was standard but great near the beg. of the show. Sugar Will-ok. WTWE-the first of three smoking referenced songs! BOWA-great to hear but studio version still better. OSW-always a treat. Joy Ride- along with Hello Again are the best of the new songs. Troop dedicationed Bartender rocked!! Dave's voice was impeccable-all the high notes were hit with easy and poise. Hello Again-awesome. FTT-uhhh,ok, but who needs the everyday songs? DIDO-was full of energy. Help Myself-third time seeing it live-always good. JIMI, JIMI, JIMI-wholly cow!!! Scat outro was the best I've heard(better than hershey and central park) Crazy Easy-concert ready? Two Step-killer! Butch is awesome. Stefan tease into Crush was cool. Crush, along with Jimi brought the house down. And the ever-thriving Ants was the icing on the cake. Thanks guys-Nissan's shows get better every year. Off to Merriweather!
Keith B.
Well I bought my tickets via phone about 1 week prior to the concert, of course they only had lawn tickets. Got to the concert....Went to the Box Office...Credit Card declined.....This sucks... luckily they had tickets left, and low and behold My Brother and I ended up in Section 101 row B...I couldnt beleive... Alright well Galactic open, great band, I caught them at the Autumn Equinox festival a couple years back, they have gotten even better, Great Jams.. Alright well be fore Galactic came on Dave came out and complained about the humidity saying he hated the feeling when people slap you on the back..he seemed a little tipsy as well, mumbling as usual. DMB opened with a great Everyday to get a nice chill mood set, they followed it off with the classic SMTS into ASTB followed with TM, Carter and Stefan rule that bridge part, FanTittyTastic...Next came SugarWill, Great song to showcase Leroi, great solo on the outro. Next came WTWE, great song, amazing song with a great story. Carter started the next Jam with BOWA, SMOKING..Very Classic. Next came everyones Fav Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream song OSW followed by in my opinion, the BEST new song Joyride, Great words, for what I could understand. Next, Dave sent Bartender out to the Troops over seas. HOLY BEJESUS!!!! Whenever I here this song it sends chills down my spine, Dave's Vocals were above par, and in My words "Dave gets spiritual" HelloAgain was next, I am really gonna like this new C.D. Hopefully they will put Sweet Up and Down and Monkey man on it as well.. FTT was everyone's Beer departure and Refill song. Good Timing, they were cutting off in 15mins. DIDO was next, the boys seem to enjoy playing this song. HM was great glad they brought it back from the Old School days, Hopefully again on the New CD. Next came the Baddest Jimi Thing my ears have ever been blessed with! Again thats a HOLY BEJESUS with a Double shot of FanTittieTastic. CE was next, great Song! Then the Boys capped off an amazing set with the Legandary (17min) Two Step!!! The Boys came back on for the Encore and Fonzie started it off with a Bass solo then into a powerful Crush, I think it would be funny sometimes if Fonzie made faces at Boyd when he got up in his face, waving that bow in his face...anyway to cap off an amazing night Carter and the boys finished it off with an absolute killer Ants. They only thing that wouldve made this night better is if there were more than one way out of the venue. I sat in my car and didnt move an inch in 3 hours. Man It wouldve sucked if someone was in the back of the parking lot and had a Heart Attack, Can we Say Lawsuit waiting to happen. Nissan Pavilion...YOU SUCK!!! Amazing show Loved every Min. of it!!