Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Hello Again
Lie In Our Graves
When the World Ends
The Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?)
Rhyme and Reason
Good Good Time
Too Much
Crazy Easy
All Along the Watchtower

Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)

James D.
Night One Camden 2004...An absolutely fabulous evening. A lot of people had thier opinions about the show being mellow,but i thought it was a perfect show and a wonderful compliment to the following night. Granny, OSW and Pig was a stellar way to begin the show, mix in ever so solid new songs, a monster lie in our graves, and SO MUCH BRIDGE INTO RHYME AND REASON!! (yes,wow) A sick Too much and Watchtower. In all honesty,i really liked the encore, it wasnt the best, but i certainly have seen worse.
This was my first DMB show of the summer (and my first show at the Tweeter Center in Camden). I stayed in Philadelphia and took the “Freedom Ferry” over to the show. I arrived at the pier at 6:00 pm, and there was a huge line of people waiting to buy tickets for the ferry. Then I had to wait in another line to board the ferry. Of course, a ferry had just left when I was in the ticket line, so the boat I finally caught didn’t leave Philly until 6:40 pm. It arrived in Camden at 6:45 pm (at least it’s not a long ride). I sped-walked to the venue because I wanted to get to my seat before Dave came out to introduce N*E*R*D. I got to my seat in section 100 row G at 6:55 pm. Since I had hurried, naturally Dave came out late- at 7:20 pm. (The ticket said 7:00 pm.) He didn’t say much besides introducing N*E*R*D. They were okay. They had one song where they played part of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” They played until 7:50 pm. I noticed that the 6-string guitar was out, which could be any number of openers, but then I also noticed that there was a mic set out for Roi. That narrowed the field. The band came out at 8:25 pm, and as I hoped, they opened with GRANNY. That’s one of my favorite DMB songs. I love to hear it in concert. I’ve heard it at my last four DMB shows, actually. I know I won’t hear it tomorrow night though. It seemed like the ending was extended, and as they’ve done several shows this year (but hadn’t done since 2000), Dave sang one verse “next pretty girl” instead of “next good thing” twice. ONE SWEET WORLD seemed standard for the tour, with Dave doing an intro rather than the intro they’ve done in the past. Dave seemed really into everything Roi was doing tonight. Dave seemed really interested in Stefan tonight, compared with last year. PIG was next, and it was the first time I had heard it since December 2002. It was really nice to hear, in keeping up with the “happiness” theme. Speaking of happy (or lack there of), Dave didn’t smile very much tonight. He also didn’t say much all night besides thank-you. The next song was SATELLITE, which surprised me because historically on this tour, the number four spot has been a new song. Dave seemed to hit all the falsetto notes, from what I could tell (it was loud right near the speakers). HELLO AGAIN followed, with Dave doing an intro again, and I was excited. It is my favorite of the new songs, and the one I was looking forward to most. People around me actually seemed to know the song. I could see half of the screen from my seat, and Dave’s eyes were really creepy during this song, especially at the beginning of the song. I couldn’t quite decide if it was anger or what. Carter has his solo. You wouldn’t know that his left arm hurt by the way he played tonight. His arm was still wrapped up, though. LIE IN OUR GRAVES conveniently followed. The title is a sort of irony after the content of Hello Again. Unlike the last time I heard this song in concert, this time they played the whole song. (I’m referring to the D&T set at the Key Arena DM&F show in January.) Boyd was on fire, and the crowd ate it up. Actually, Boyd got a lot of applause the whole night. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS came next. It was standard. Then Dave said “I’ve got a sister named Jane, and this is the SONG THAT JANE LIKES.” It’s always a nice little song to hear. SUGAR WILL followed, and it will kill an audience. The ending is way too drawn out for a concert. Roi’s solo adds a lot though. I knew that something up tempo would be next, and I thought it might be JOY RIDE. Sure enough, I was right. I heard the line about “bobble head Jesus.” In this version he said something like “bobble head Jesus will be your friend.” And yes, some people were “wooing” at the beginning of the song. The lyrics seem to be developing, although I couldn’t really make them out since it was so loud. Speaking of loud, Carter’s drums seemed especially loud from where I was sitting, and it made the new songs sound even better. The next song was WAREHOUSE. As usual, Stefan led the “woos.” The lighting was amazing as always, and for this song in particular. Dave’s eyes were strange at the beginning of the song, or maybe it was just the angle. SO MUCH TO SAY followed. It was standard. I was happy to hear it go into ASTB (as it has with all the DMB versions that I’ve heard). When Stefan was bouncing, Dave did that funny hand motion that he’s apparently done this tour, like a guy in a rap video in a car. I was trying to think of what they would segue into, and I never would have guessed RHYME & REASON, but it worked really well. It was really smooth. The next song was GOOD GOOD TIME. Dave sang those words at the beginning of the song, as if to make it clear that that is the name now for the song. TOO MUCH followed. There was extended yelling, not scatting, but yelling at the end of the song. CRAZY-EASY was next. The theme tonight again seemed to be of a homeless man like the Nancies intros. I heard him sing something about “could you spare me the time, or maybe a dime.” Roi did not have a solo tonight, and the song seemed to be shorter, but maybe it wasn’t. The closing song was WATCHTOWER. When I saw it on the setlist for Hartford last weekend, I was glad to see it back and hoped to see it in Camden. I think this song is a great closer. Dave might have done the “fire” part at the end, or it might have just been all the people around me singing it. The band was off-stage at 10:38 pm. Since it was getting late, I hoped that we would still have a two-song encore. When the band came back at 10:45 pm and played CRASH INTO ME, I knew we would. Dave sang the “Dixie chicken” verse tonight (there was at least one show this year where he didn’t). The concert closer was EVERYDAY. The audience sang along immediately with the “honey/Hani” part. The show was over by 11:00 pm. The lights came up and Carter hadn’t come out with any sticks. I left, so I don’t know if he was running behind, or if he didn’t come out at all with sticks. Anyway, onto night two tomorrow night!
My 5th show and i have to say this one was pretty good. First off the Tweeter center is a nice venue but the traffic getting to Camden sucks. Opened with granny which was pretty cool, then one sweet world which was good but couldve been better witht he intro. Dont burn the pig was awesome, first time ive seen it. The other highlights of this one were Lie in our graves, STJL, warehouse as usual, and watchtower which really got the crowd goin. The new songs were great, especially hello again. Opened the encore with crash which was alright then everyday which the crowd got into so i cant complain about the encore. Overall this one was pretty good
What a beautiful day for a DMB concert, good tailgating n nice weather. And a great way to open up the show with GRANNY,1st time opener this year.everyones minds were blown. The guys came to have fun tonite and it showed by following it up with a good sounding OSW and then PIG...mymy.Very good SATELLITE and then the first of 5 new ones HELLO AGAIN which is an awesome concert jamm song.most who didnt know it were sitting till the boys had everyone up for one of the best LIOG I ever heard right into WTWE and TSTJ at this point they were on fire followed with SW(sugarwill) and JR(joyride) which might be the best of the new 5.WAREHOUSE and SMTS(astb outro) were rockin when they trainwrecked into RnR(an audio prob in the back) but they all jumped right back which carried them into GGT(goodgoodtime) another good jamm which had everyone up n dancing.TM was good with a great scat outro.CE(crazyeasy) will need some getting used to and WT was its usual fine closer with a cool intro(Stefan).The encore was good with CRASH n EVERYDAY but was a little weak.Plus the rain held off for a great nite. But those who only know 2 songs(radioheads) and sit down and whine the whole time need to not buy tickets away from those who go to enjoy the whole experience.Carter had his wrist all wrapped up but it didnt affect him at all.Everyone put on a great show.The solos were insane from Dave to Butch and everyone in between. See what tomorrow brings-hopefully no rain.
So, this was probably my 30th DMB show (not including Dave & Tim and Dave & Friends). It was great as usual. There was a great set list and to end with All Along the Watchtower was awesome. I can never really complain about a DMB show besides the fact that there was a couple behind me with their hands down each other’s pants (who by the way were cheered as they left) and the 2 boys in front of me who where insisting I was a “radio fan” because my favorite song is Crush and I wanted Dave to play it. I’m sorry can you only like the songs they don’t play on the radio to be a DMB fan? Crush is my all time favorite song even though the radio played it so much that they could make you hate it. I can’t help it. Maybe it's a personal reason. Another cool thing was we saw the band’s tour bus as we were leaving. I only saw Carter who was waving to all the fans. I am not sure if the whole band was on the bus. And to the two who were calling me a radio fan – why don’t you meet me in San Francisco boys?
Well this was my 6th Dave Matthews Band show, which I was proud for my "under the age" age. All my concerts have been at the tweeter so here goes my review! I'll keep this simple. The 5 new songs were all good. I especially loved hello again, sugar will, and crazy easy. DMB opened with Granny, OSW, and Pig. I was pumped during these 3 songs, a great way to open the night. I really do not have much to complain about. The encore was somewhat of a disappointment cause the crowd definitely did not want to hear Everyday. (people were cheering two step as he left after the finale). I liked how he performed Everyday, it is such a fun and loving song so i did not mind but i would prefer ants marching, two step, or even stay! So anyway my only other complaint is this show was almost like "DMB GREATEST HITS VOL 1". I am glad i didnt have to hear WWYS for the 6th time, but many other songs (ie too much, so much to say) are not always the songs you want to hear when every single concert it is what you get. The point I am getting at is some variety would be nice. However, I loved the show. not the best, not the worst at all. Watchtower was amazing as usual...GREAT NIGHT!!
Mark Y.
An overall mediocre show. Setlist was so-so and the encore was pretty bad. The beggining of the show Granny, OSW, Pig on the surface looks like a great way to start the show but all three just seemed uninspired. The setlist was filled with heavily played songs that I just don't like as much - Rhyme and Reason, Satelite, Too Much. Not to sound like too much of a downer, the new songs sound real good and are progressing nicely and LIOG was great as usual.
This was my 8th DMB show. I've seem them just about every year since 1998. I thought the show was great. I thought "Granny" was a fantastic opener..."Hello how are you feeling today?" That was followed by "One Sweet World" which is one of my all-time favorite songs. The five new songs they played were outstanding. I especially liked "Hello Again." Thought it was great. The tailgating was fun, as usual, in the old Tweeter Center parking lot. I thought the encore wasn't nearly as good. But overall a great day and great night for a very good show. I'm a little older now, (I'm 30) and am not into the heavy partying I used to do. I felt a little old hanging out in the parking lot, but it was still a grand time. Was hoping to hear more solo stuff from Carter, but I can't complain too much about the set list or the crowd. Overall, it was a great concert.