Dave Matthews Band
Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
One Sweet World
Hello Again
Rhyme and Reason
When the World Ends
Sugar Will
Fool to Think
Joy Ride
Crazy Easy
Too Much
Help Myself
Ants Marching

Good Good Time
Tripping Billies

The Raleigh show was my third, and sadly, final show of the tour. I drove from Richmond, Virginia to see the show, which was actually a real last minute decision on my part... one which I am infinately glad I made. My first show this tour was at Nissan Pavilion, which I loved, and then Virginia Beach, which I loathed. Dave's voice was shot, the encore was the worst I've seen, and it just seemed to be a kind of going-through-the-motions type of show. Thank God I have the Raleigh show that I can say is my last of the tour. Here's a song-by-song: The Stone: Only the second time I've heard it live, and it belongs in the opening spot. Perfect, chill, and the bursting energy at the end is a fitting intro to a great show. Satellite: After seeing the VaBeach show and how pitiful Dave's voice was, I thought a Satellite was out of the question. However, Dave hit every high note exactly on this (and actually all night), making this a fantastic rendition of a good song. Granny: It just keeps getting better! I've seen this several times before, but the crowd was so into it tonight, and the band was just feeding off the crowd. Great version. One Sweet World: Third time out of three shows that I heard this song this tour, but I love it. Tonight's version was pretty standard, but well-placed in the set. By now, I'm loving the chill, classic feel to this show. But then, it happended... #41: In all my 18 shows, I had never heard #41 live. So naturally, when it began, I almost passed out in front of my seat. This is by far my favorite song, and this version was perfect, Everyday outro and all. #1 highlight of the night, and the greatest surprise ever! Hello Again: My 2nd favorite new song; I love the country feel to it. It's an incredibly intense song, and I really dig it. You have to see it live to really understand the power of it. Rhyme & Reason: This is a repeat from VaBeach, but I can't complain; this was such an intense, emotional version, it never gets old. When the World Ends: Not my favorite, but they played it well. Again, intensity is the word of the night, and even this song had it. Sugar Will: My least favorite new song, but it gave me the chance to sit, take a drink, chill, and enjoy a beautiful sax/piano solo. I'm really digging those solos. Crush: Tremendous. This song is played a lot, but for a reason: it's one of their best live songs. This is the best version I've heard of Crush, hands down. Fool to Think: I absolutely love this song. It's just great live, and this version seemed pepped up a little and was very beautiful. A small personal highlight for me. Joy Ride: Awesome! Best new song, I love how the chorus is sounding and the bridge with Dave wailing is a spectacle. This was a hot version of Joy Ride. Crazy Easy: Sat for this, but really soaked it in and am appreciating it a lot more now. Great version of this song tonight, it's really improving. Too Much: Who would think that Too Much would be a highlight? Dave was going nuts on this song tonight, VERY VERY intense and the new outro works wonders for this old, overplayed tune. Help Myself: Not my favorite, needs to be replaced by Pig or BOWA, but it is a good summer concert song, and this was a nice version of it. Ants Marching: You can't go wrong with Ants. It's a perfect closer, and you'll always go home happy. Tonight's version was tight as always, loved it. --ENCORE-- Good Good Time: Awesome new song. Chill, but I'm digging it a lot. And the 1st encore slot is perfect placement for it. Tripping Billies: 1st time live for me (out of 18 shows), so I was absolutely stoaked. Magical version, Boyd took down the house on this one. I, needless to say, went home buzzing strong from this one.

This is the best show I've been to, and I've seen 18. First of all, Walnut Creek is an incredible venue, very beautiful, not a bad seat in the house, good parking lots, security is chill, and the crowd is energetic and fun. Couple that with a killer setlist, DMB at the top of their game, and my very first #41 and Billies, and I can't find anything wrong with this show. SO SO SO glad I decided to take the three hour trip down to Raleigh for this show, it was just so tight, and the first 7 songs comprise possibly the strongest start to a DMB show in years. This show basically just made me really happy.
Ben H.
The opening band was pretty good. When Dave came on the croud was hyped. There was a sign in the front row with #41 written on it and I saw Dave walk up and say something to them and he continued to play #41 for the first time this summer I beleive. The croud loved that one. The Setlist was awesome. Tons of great classics and his new songs were awesome. The first Encore song good good time sounded like a freestyle but was a good treat. Had a great time. Look forward to next year in Raleigh.