Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Too Much
Don't Burn The Pig
Sugar Will
When The World Ends
Drive In, Drive Out
Crazy Easy
Grace Is Gone
Grey Street
Hello Again
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Joy Ride
So Much To Say
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

Alyssa D.
well,I loved night two in Mansfield. I thought it was much better than night one. I feel like I can say that since these were my 22nd and 23rd shows. I love the new material,especially "Hello Again"-it totally rocks. I love the way the new stuff has seemed to re-energize the band. I was so excited for Bartender,only because my boyfriend wanted it so badly and he leaves for boot camp tomorrow so he can leave happy now. I'm always happy for Pig, it is one of my faves live. I was annoyed however with "Yankees Suck". Both nights I thought it was unnecessary seeing how we were not in Boston,nor at a ball game.But what can I expect from underagers at DMB? SMTS ASTB Rapunzel was fantastic asd the encore and I surprised even myself having called it early that morning (needless to say my group was pretty floored that I pegged it). All in all,Mansfield was a great weekend. I cant wait for numbers 24 and 25 in Hartford this weekend. Just look for the cute black chick with long dreads....I'll be in celebration mode!!!
C_tietze .
I'll give some personal highlights:

Great opener, Too Much, very strong. Carter seemed to catch the guys and make a correction on the fly with the tempo.

Granny is always appreciated, sounded hot!

I am a really big fan of (Don't Burn the) Pig and it sounded very nice tonight. Dave really went for it in his vocals in all of the songs tonight, but Pig was a vocal highlight.

I noticed that many of the intros and outros to many of tonight's tunes were very similar or the same as from Central Park and the Gorge shows.

DIDO has become a favorite live song to hear and the crowd agreed. Great lighting and intense energy on the part of the band and the audience.

Out of the new material I really love Hello Again. Reminds me of Two Step, I was pulling and praying for Two Step and when I heard the intro to Hello Again I thought I might be in luck. The two songs do sound somewhat similar in their up tempo country feel.

Cry Freedom was amazing, great song to pull out of the catalog Dave! The crowd reciprocated by doing the lighter thing and the moment was quite nice. A sea of white lights on a beautiful summer evening.

Encore-wise SMTS is a good choice and the band's timing throughout the show except for the opener was extremely tight. DMB makes transitions look (crazy?) easy. After SMTS DMB goes into the ASTB outro/jam and that rocked the crowd and then at the end of ASTB DMB transitioned PERFECTLY, I mean PERFECTLY into PNP and closed out with Rapunzel which personally isn't the strongest closer, but it still was appreciated.

Great show, DMB always brings it in Mansfield. (Though Dave gave a shot out to Boston?!) I would have hoped for Two Step or Seek Up but now I'm just getting greedy.

A final note. This actually may be on purpose on the part of the management at Tweeter Center to allow people enough time to sober up, but SERIOUSLY people, is it cool to make folks wait in standing traffic in a parking lot for TWO HOURS after a show? Show ended around 11 and nobody got out of there until 1 am.
This is my 9th show and tonight was straight up sick....Too much for the opener was a good crowd pleaser, Granny was sick, Pig was a good suprise, Sugar Will I heard it the first night and really liked it, its a real chill song , Bartender probaly the best version I've ever heard live , dave just goes nuts at the end of the song, When the world ends such a good tune when ur grilled, Drive In, Drive out was unexpected so glad that I heard it, Crazy Easy is a real good song , Grace is Gone was sick because of Stefan's intro with the slide , he went for a good 3 or 4 minutes , then Recently was sick because it was the first time I've heard it live with the whole band except when I saw it at Dave and Tim(March 20th)...Grey Street was sick , Hello Again is by far the best new song .. the whole band just had a whole a shitload of energy during the song both nights...ANTS was the biggest suprise of the whole show , at first I thought it was the closer , they were jammin' hardcore at the end of this song , Cry Freedom was another suprise of the show but it was good , very chill....Joy Ride was tight, I think it might be the first single off their new cd when it comes out, Everyday(36) was soo good to hear especially with all the people singing "hani hani , come and daaaaaaaance with me" ... then Stay , probaly one of the best closers I've ever seen in my day , the band had so much energy. Then for the encore I called both songs ... SO much to say then into Rapunzal , it was sick ... this show was probaly one of the best shows ive been to energy wise ... basically everyone was lovin it the whole time ... but im out I'll see everyone at The Meadows both nights
So my friend Colin and I took the hike from Dirty Jersey up to Mansfield to catch night 2...the traffic was INSANE, anyways we get there have enough time to kill a few brews and then went in, the boys came out and opened TOO MUCH, very odd opener but rockin, next two songs made my night, GRANNY and PIG, two of my favorites, also DIDO had changed up lyrics" we'll make a new God and a have a Boston tea party" clever guy he is..grey street was changed up in that usually he cuts the second verse but this time he sang the second and cut the third..he forgot the lyrics to stay and rapunzel, pretty funny...cry freedom was beautiful, lighters were up EVERYWHERE, 36/everyday i wasn't feeling it too much i think they need to retire that diddy for a tour or 2 and bring back 36 by itself.. i am not going to go through the whole list(cause honestly i don't even know half the new songs, which i might add, are surprisingly upbeat and good) but i will say this,i believe dave played one verse of for for the beauty of winona, i could be totally wrong though, his one new song had a line that stuck with me the whole ride home, " if you're lost, i got a jesus boggle head to help u save your soul" or something very close to that, pretty funny. :)also dave teased the shit out of watchtower before playing the encore, SMTS->ASTB->PNP->RAPUNZEL...dave was a dancing fool...solid show! number 25 for me..thanks colin!
Patrick P.
The Dave Matthews Band returns to the Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts to finish a two-day stay in Massachusetts. And boy did they deliver. The first triumphant notes of the night were the opening chords of Too Much, a great choice to get the crowd going. The energy was kept on with fan favorites Granny and Pig. Dave then went on with an amazing performance of Sugar Will, one of several new songs for this tour. Itís mellow tune was a good segue into Bartender. Daveís raw emotion in this song just captured the crowd. Hello Again has a bluegrass twang and a catchy beat, another great new song to watch out for this tour. Ants Marching quickly sent the crowd into a frenzy. The highlight of the evening was definitely Everyday. As fans chanted the lyrics to #36, Dave and company proceeded to sing backup to the audience. This gave a new twist to the acoustic masterpiece. Stay ended the set with Butch and Carter stepping up to fill in the void left by the lovely ladies. So Much To Say was a solid encore song, but the Anyone Seen The Bridge jam into Pantala Naga Pampa was truly a joy to hear as it led to the Rapunzel closer. Overall Dave closed the stay in Mansfield with an excellent set.