Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink the Water
Don't Burn the Pig
One Sweet World
Crazy Easy
Joy Ride
Lie In Our Graves
When the World Ends
Drive In, Drive Out
The Stone
Hello Again
Jimi Thing
So Much To Say
Sugar Will
Too Much
All Along The Watchtower

Jay M.
Not overly impressed with the show tonight. Dave was having a problem with his voice hitting his high range, but that's not his fault, and he improvised and had pretty good energy. The set list left something to be desired. I was glad to hear a few songs I haven't heard in a while, like LIOG, Jimi Thing, and The Stone. My first hearing of the new songs was pretty good, they played well live. Watchtower as the only encore sort of disappointed me. I was hoping they would go straight to Ants off of that, but they ended it there. All in all a good show I guess, just seemed to be missing something.
This was my 7th DMB show. I've been to two of the last three in Charlotte and the band has not let us down there. They seem to be at their best in Charlotte. It's a great venue, the band was pumped and the crowd was crazy. This was probably my favorite show since I started going to see them in 1999. The setlist was great and highlights were LIOG and Jimi Thing. Boyd went off during LIOG (he did the same thing two years ago). Dave did his scat during JT and even got Butch in on it. Towards the end of the song Dave got the crowd to lead "Stop hey what's that sound everybody look what's going down" for what seemed like a couple of minutes. Carter had a great solo during Hello Again (I believe...great song btw). Lassard tore it up on the All Along the Watchtower solo. Just some of the greatness of the night in Charlotte. I hope to go back next year!
Charlotte was great! The whole band really seemed to be excited about playing-interacting with each other, dancing, joking with the audience. They were just "on" all night. Every song was jammed out as much as possible. No short cuts. The new songs were fun to hear live. This was my ninth show and I have never seen them use so many lights and graphics-Sugar Will was like dancing in the Matrix! LIOG was awesome and 1 Sweet World is a personal fav. Watchtower was spectacular -the best one I have seen but I am ready for another closer. LOL Definately one of my favorite shows musically though. Not the friendliest crowd there.. Lots of folks around us were simply not catching the groove and the groove was definately happening!!
This was my sixth DMB show and I was definitly let down. I traveled from Montgomery, AL to see the first of three shows on the tour and it just seemed like things never really got pumped up and stayed on a high at any point in the show. It was good to hear some of the old stuff like Jimi Thing, LIOG, OSW but they never really jammed out to anything for any long period of time. I found out later that Dave had a frog in his throat so it limited his capabilites, which says a lot that he even put on the show. Overall, it was aight. The new songs had some good rythem and beat to them which I liked. The one song encore was a definite let down but all in all it was a nother DMB performance whcih can never be beat.
Great show! Loved hearing The Stone. DDTW was a nice opening! The crowd was great and the energy from the band pumped everyone up. A little disappointed in the encore. I like Watchtower but would have preferred one of DMB's own songs. One Sweet World is always a treat! Overall awesome show!
Jamie M.
Hmm, well this one certainly does not stand close to the preformance the guys put on here last year. The energy was just not there tonight. They did play some good songs but they just seemed really eager to hurry up and get the show over with. The woos! during warehouse even seemed pretty weak. This was by far my least favorite show that I have caught here in Charlotte. I hope Atlanta will make up for this one.
Cameron G.
This was my second Dave Matthews concert and it was everything I could have expected and more. The atmosphere was excellent and you can't beat the Charolette venue. The Band really played all out on some of their keystone songs; jimi thing, LIOG, and Warehouse were all breath taking. Hearin the Band play the new songs was great and they even jammed on a couple of them! Sugar will was excellent, but Warehouse was definitley the crowd pleaser of the evening. Even though Watchtower is the Band's goto song for the encore it was nothing less than spectacular. Just wish they had played Two Step. Otherwise it was a stunning performance.