Dave Matthews Band
Sound Advice Ampitheater, West Palm Beach, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Daniel Lanois

The Stone
So Much To Say (ASTB) -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Sugar Will
Don't Drink The Water
Hello Again
If I Had It All
Drive In, Drive Out
Help Myself
Jimi Thing
Joy Ride
Where Are You Going?
Dancing Nancies
All Along The Watchtower

Alyce B.
It never ceases to amaze me, this Band. They are my favorite thing to do, almost. I was there both nights, Saturday was a little 'quieter' than Sunday, the new songs are nice,the 'hello' song is pretty touching but nothing compared to the Vintage stuff they busted out Sunday. Watchtower was epic, along with Jimi Thing and Dangerous Hours, hadn't heard that one in awhile. Met a bunch of cool guys from Orlando, and I won a bet that they would do Watch for the encore. It's always good to see the guys play together, even better when they come to my town. It was also cool of Dave to come out and do The Maker with the opening Band. Despite the rain both nights, it was, as always, phenomenal.
Jeff M.
Night #2 in West Palm Beach. Show #3 for the tour, and #29 overall. I was really pumped for tonight's show after the madness and electricity that was last night's set. It rained all day for tailgaiting, but just before the show started, the rain stopped. like it was a sign or something. Turned out to be clear and cool. What made the day/night even more special was tailgating and sitting next to some big big DMB fans. Always better to enjoy a show that way. Onto the set, I'll keep it short. THE STONE - always a nice opener. Not the best for crowd excitement, but great nonetheless. SMTS - Only wanted to hear this song in order for it to jam right into RAPUNZEL, which it did. I absolutely love this song, and it's been 4 long years since I have heard it live. Welcome back to the family sweet Rapunzel. Jammed out very nicely at the end. SUGAR WILL - trippy trippy trippy. kind of lost the crowd, but who cares, i love this song. RECENTLY - heck yeah is all i have to say. haven't heard this much in my 29 shows, so enjoyed the hell out of it. Nice "Pretty Pretty" girl jam at the end. DDTW - very intense song, followed by a song with just as much intensity, HELLO AGAIN. High energy back to back run in the middle of the set. Crowd loved it. IF I HAD IT ALL - didn't want to hear it, but not too badly played. Gotta give props where props are due. CRUSH - one of the girls I was tailgating with wanted to hear this song above all others, so I'm glad they played it. This song is just classic DMB. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT - not one of the best versions I've heard, probably could have gone without it. HELP MYSELF - another fairly rare song. Very tightly played, probably the best version of this song I've heard. JIMI THING - got my dancing shoes on for this. crazy crazy jam towards the end with Leroi, and just before that, Boyd tore s^@* up like he always does. Dave's solo was interesting to say the least, but when he said something like "fuck this six string" and started playing air guitar while scatting his brains out, that was pretty darn cool. WAYG - why? DANCING NANCIES - very unexpected. they haven't played this song a lot this tour, but I'm glad West Palm was lucky enough to get it. Boyd tore it up, but not as much as he usually does on Nancies. STAY - always a great set closer, high energy, a lot of crowd enthusiasm. I was resigned to the fact that after this, the encore would only be one song because it was already 11:00pm and the set was just ending. That being said, the crowd had been chanting Two Step throughout the night and into the encore break, so I was hoping that they'd come out and play that as the one encore song. But they didn't. WATCHTOWER is great closer with a lot of intensity, but I've heard it as an encore closer in 1/4 of my shows (7 out of 29) and was really hoping not to hear it tonight. All in all, great show from the greatest band in the world. Not as a spectacular as night one, but it would have been hard to top that. Have fun the rest of the tour y'all. See you on the road next year. Peace.
Michael W.
I've seen Dave perform over 15 times (with the Band, with Tim, and with "Friends") and this was definitely my favorite of the shows I attended. The only bad thing was that it had been pouring rain the whole day and the lawn seemed to be not AS full as it had been the night before. However, I thought the energy of the band and the audience was fantastic. It was definitely the highlight of my vacation to see this show. Definitely more fun than the last time I saw them back home in Ohio. Oh, and did I mention that the opening act was awesome as well? No, well he was!