Dave Matthews Band
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
Note: Benefit for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Too Much
Where Are You Going?
Everyday (#36 Outro) -->
Ants Marching

This Land is Your Land *

* Performed by all artists and candidate at benefit.

Justin P.
DMB played the most songs, at 5. Opened appropriately with Too Much, and changed the ending to "I use too much." Basically no one in the crowd was that into it, and Leroi's mic was way too high at the beginning of the song. Where are you going? was fine. Warehouse sort of surprised me because it was laid back for the crowd and it wasn't a "hit," perse, and I didn't see the connection to the event. But, I think they were testing the waters to see if the crowd would give the "woos," which some did at first and eventually everyone did because it was easy to follow. Everyday also was appropriate, and finally I wasn't the only person standing on the floor. Between song, Dave apologizes to the crowd, saying that this isn't his usual crowd, and he's sorry if they sound scary, but he hopes they sound a little scary, and he hopes they don't sound like hell. Then, the play Ants. Dave starts a clap to go with the drums, and the crowd gets into it. Before I know it, everyone is standing (the only time they did that all night), Dave is smiling, and even Kerry started waving his hands and shaking his headng. It was an awesome finish and all the old timers loved it and everyone got real into it. As a side note, Dave introduced Kerry later off the cuff and it was awesome.