Dave Matthews Band
Six Flags Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
onstage 8:20pm
Don't Drink the Water
Don't Burn The Pig
One Sweet World
Hello Again
Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
Too Much
Rhyme & Reason
The Space Between
Crazy Easy
What Would You Say?
Joy Ride
Ants Marching
Tripping Billies
offstage 10:48pm

What a great show tons of energy from start to finish. As soon as i saw the lights go red i knew they were gonna open with DDTW. Great way to open, lots of energy, and the crowd got right into it. DBTP was awesome, I was hoping to hear it, and the guys didn't disapoint. OSW- same as in toronto but still good to hear. Hello Again- one of the highlights, Dave had tons of energy on this one, and Carter's drum solo was out of this world. Crush- awesome as usual. STJL- everytime i hear this song i like it more and more. Sugar Will- this one is getting better but still kinda dragged at the end. Too Much- awesome extended jam at the end. Recently- nice surprise; pretty girl jam added a lot to the song. Thing- cool song, kinda mellow, but i like it none the less. TSB- only Everyday song, when i saw him pull out the baritone i was hoping it was this and not I Did It. Crazy/Easy- lots of energy; cool lyrics too. Warhouse- totally surprised me; but what a great song live, Fonzi leadin the crowd in the 'woos'. WWYS- awesome the crowd was totally into this singing along to the whole song. Joy Ride- this is gonna be a great song, so much energy and then they went right into Ants, and the place went nuts. Ants was so sweet with the snare intro and the bass runs by Dave and Fonzi. Dave broke a string during the second verse, but didnt miss a beat and quickly switched guitars. Billies- when he started this i knew it would be the only song of the encore, but it was a great way to end a great show; the nature intro was cool to hear with the band. Overall an awesome show, and a better crowd than last year.
Shauny B.
This overall was a really good show. It was a very mellow show in my opinion. That and I was kind of disappointed in how messed up people were and that got rather annoying. My seats were in the lawn and I had a pretty good view of the stage and all, but for some reason the people around me weren't feeling the show at all. Oh well, I had an awesome time. DDTW, PIG, and OSW were an amazing trifecta to start the night off with. I enjoyed the new songs HELLO AGAIN, SUGAR WILL, THING, CRAZY-EASY, and JOY RIDE. CRUSH, TSTJL, TOO MUCH, RECENTLY, AND R & R were wonderful as always and a pleasure to hear. SPACE BETWEEN was, in my opinion, was good but way too mellow for the night. Ending the night off with WAREHOUSE WWYS, and ANTS was sweetness. TRIPPING BILLIES was a good encore but I was very disappointed in only hearing 1 encore...the first time in 22 shows. Overall, I had a great time and it was an amazing show. Definitely up in the top 10 list. But great show boys, see you next tour around!
I enjoyed the show very much. The atmosphere was great everyone was into the music. The sound was good, and the set list was decent. The encore trippin billies was great, but i was dissapointed that it was only a one song encore. Over all the concert was great, and I wouldn't miss it for the world
ohh ya this was a solid performance right from the get go ! lets forget about the venue problems - because there's plenty - but just focus on the show - which so often gets tainted by the negaitives of a venue..but the show - my god the show ! Last night i decided last minute to get my arse in the car and drive 3 hours cross border by myself w/ no ticket & i was not dissapointed in the least w/ my lost count # of shows..i gave up countin around 30...im wondering if i'll get bored with this band - will the shows become same'ol'same 'ol..but alas - they never dissapoint...i mean never ! Im really enjoying DDTW as an opener,,dave is really coming into that song as you can tell with his passion at the end screamin at us about god & howlin like only he can - awsome ! and then into PIG - are you freakin kiddin me ! fantastic - i dont hear that enough live - its such an awsome happy song about life! dont burn it away people !! We got recently, too much, wwys, warehouse, ryme & reason my god !, we got the awsome ending to crush with his great solo guitar and howling - love the new end to crush - gets me off !! ants with a finisher of a billies that i cant ever remeber being so energenetic - the boyz were full steam ahead last night ! i had a guy complain about only a 1 song encore - and i was like BUDDY !! are you kidding me ! did ya hear that encore - just an awsome closer ! I am just lovin the new stuff all of it ! THING is gonna become a classic for sure, i knew it when i was lucky enough to hear it for the first time at bonaroo, JOYRIDE - ohh ya i love the solo action in there.. sorry for the ramble if your still reading but ya got me started :) solid show boyz & girls, much better than i saw in toronto a few weeks earlier, these boyz are just gettin warmed up ! were in for a great year - hope ya can catch more than just last nights show.
This was an amazing show! It was my 20th DMB show and def ranks among the top 3 I've been to. The energy never stopped flowing the whole night. Being a longtime fan it was great to have a show that consisted of almost all old songs with the exception of the songs for the new cd, which also rock. During Ants Dave must of broke a string on his guitar because a stage tech came out mid-verse to give him a new one.. def a unique experience. It was also my first show with a one song encore and I'd always thought it be a disappointment but tripping billies was a great, energetic song that ended the show on a perfect upbeat note.