Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Best of What's Around
The Stone
Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
Rhyme & Reason
I Did It
Hello Again
Where Are You Going?
Help Myself
Fool To Think
Jimi Thing
Crazy Easy
Tripping Billies
Joy Ride
What Would You Say?

Ricky N.
This was another great show by a great band! Their sound this year is tighter than I've ever heard it. Tonight as usual, the band was full of energy and it showed in their new songs. Hello Again rocked, lead by Carter's awesome drumming. Joy Ride in the encore was very good as well. Older songs like Best of What's Around and The Song that Jane likes were also good to hear. The band continues to play very well and please a lot of people who come out to see them.
This having been my 13th or so DMB show, I'd have to say this was easily the most disappointing performance I've seen. A very lackluster setlist, peppered with dull, uninspired new songs, left me heading to my car early. When you throw together the string of I Did It, Hello Again, Where Are You Going, Help Myself, and Fool To Think, it makes for a very long half hour. Even the better songs like Warehouse and Song Jane Likes were completely ordinary. Thank goodness I missed the Joy Ride encore. With the stuff coming out of the last few albums, my summer ritual of seeing the boys may be coming to an unfortunate end.
Alyssa D.
All I have to say is "My milkshake is better than yours" . That was probably the silliest thing I have ever heard the man say. I thought I would die. I never thought I would laugh harder than I did in CP but that took the cake for me.Cant wait to get my shows on disc so I can hear it again. And after 23 shows can Billies get any better? by far the best one I have EVER heard. Boyd tore that Mo-Fo up. Fantastic evening. Cant wait for SF. Can it top CP? We shall see.....
Patrick P.
What has become a summer tradition continues tonight. Dave Matthews Band returns to the Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts for another two nights of music, fun, and excitement. Tonight?s set was opened with the mellow sounds of One Sweet World, followed by more upbeat sounds of Best of What?s Around. The set continued with Stone, with all of its power and emotion of Dave?s mesmerizing guitar riffs and vocals. The Song That Jane Likes has made a return to the rotation in recent tours and was welcomed by the crowd. Dave then proceeded to mix in a couple of new songs making a debut on this tour, including Sugar Will, Hello Again, and Crazy Easy. Tonight there was a debut of a new tune as well as a tease of a new tune during the encore. Jimi Thing and Tripping Billies were jam-packed as usual; Jimi Thing included an intense scat with lyrics from The Milkshake Song. After the new song tease, another new tune (Joy Ride) was performed during the encore. The show closed with a crowd pleasing rendition of What Would You Say. DMB continues to bring the fans what they want with a show of new material as well as old classics.
This was show numbah 5 for me. I got there ASS early because I'm paranoid about these kinds of things. I guess if i ever missed a second of playing i COULD have been at Id kill myself....no i really would. Anyway so I was there pretty early...walking around like a doofus with my warehouse ticket lookin to get som upgrading action (didnt find out untill the second night they sold out both shows so they wouldnt be upgrading anyone). Anyway our seats were the first row of uncovered. For those of you who have been to the Tweeter Center know what Im talking about...for those of you who dont, that means there was about a 3 foot dropoff after a railing. So views remained unobstructed. Which was nice. (plus you can watch drunk chicks walking back and forth and back and forth, each time with a different guy) So yeah. the Nappy Roots came on. Ehhh. I think about three people thought they were cool. Just the wrong crowd. I humbly thank our beloved bass player, Mr. Lessard, for bringing in new opening acts...but the Nappy Roots did not impress. One song...show me where your heads at...that one DID make me chuckle a bit...but thats where it ended. ON to the show...One Sweet World was the opener...i had noticed that for NEARLY the entire first part of the tour...they tried not to repeat any openers at all...so I wasn't expecting anything...but this was still a little suprise. It actually doesn't work as badly as one might think as an opener. Don't get me wrong. DDTW will always be #1, but it really is an upbeat song that gets people dancin...im not sure why its portrayed so much as a mellow boring song. i was pleased. since it was my 5th show, it meant I had never had a repeat opener. Best of Whats Around....WHATSUP....OSW and BWA....this is like old school 92 style. Anyone who didnt know one sweet world certainly knew best of whats around...i think this is where the concert really got started for a lot of people. The Stone was pretty tight and intense...I had seen it before and heard it on hundreds of bootlegs...so the sleeper ending was no suprise to me...but i think it jumped a couple people. It's so heavy at the end...i would even go as far as to say that was the first climax of the show. the song that jane likes was ok...i like the song...dont really know what its about...but it was another RTT songs that most people didnt know. but thats ok...its a good short fun song. The fist new song of the night followed...sugar will. I was very impressed...i had heard it before...but it really does have a nice easy groove and when Roi was jammin it out at the end...personally i think it was some of his best playing since the early days...he got away from noodling around and was making pretty bold statements. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that he was playing without his sunglasses...(he has stage fright. and often wears sunglasses and plays with his eyes closed) but i think hes making a consious effort to break out...and it shows. I heart Roi. Anyway after that I was convinced it would be my favorite new song. From one mellow jam into another...fonzi did a little playing around before hand but nothing too extensive...i wasnt sure if it was going to be a new song since i knew a couple had bass intos....but it went into the good old crush. mmmmmmmm crush. never get tired of it. everytime dave walks off stage and boyd steps up and OWNS it...it really is earth shattering. EARTH SHATTERING i tell you! I knew a rhyme and reason was comming sooner rather than later...theyd been playing it a lot. pretty standard...i love that song...esp. the symbol work at the end with dave screaming/moaning about seeing heaven. Good Good Night followed. Myyyy oh my. I think this one is something special. not only IS it a mellow song, its about BEING mellow. nice soothing guitar line....nice soothing lyrics. it really is a gem (i was now torn between Sugar Will and Good Good Night as my favorite new songs) after a mellow song noone knows....they kind of had to recapture the audience...people are too turned off by new songs. they dont give them a chance. But i think just about anyone will give Warehouse a chance. They even did that salsa twostep-feeling bit at the end. i really really was looking for that and was euphoric when it happened. I was hoping for a Warehouse>Dancing Nancies...the old switcheroo that must have made at least a few people chuckle. But after the high powered warehouse he got out that black ELECTRIC thing...I Did It...which you know im not going to bash...people are so vhemently opposed to anything everyday. it really is a good song...id rather hear something else...but i made the most of it and enjoyed it non the less. new song numbah 3! Hello Again...i didnt realize at the time its really about killing his girlfriend...i dunno if that made it more appealing or less appealing when i heard...but either way...its now one of my favorite songs....(now i wasnt sure if Sugar Will, Good Good Night, or Hello Again Was my favorite) again people got kinda restless with a new song, so he brought out Where Are You Going.....yes yes very sweet. its a good song, i think people get a LITTLE too excited over it though. Help Myself was a little of a suprise...they dont play it that much but i had heard it twice before so i wasnt expecting another one. it has a lot of energy...but again...if the crowd doesnt know it, it takes a lot of energy away. (i, for the record, was singing and dancing to it) Fool to Think...seemed too much like they forgot to do everyday songs so they stuck it near the end. its one of my favorites from everyday...daves voice is so powerful. Then comes the monster. the BEAST...the jimi thing. this thing was the most jammed out, craziest jam id ever seen or heard. and yes yes i know hes been scatting everytime theyve played it. but it really was SO much fun to watch him go crazy. and he WAS going crazy too. almost to the point where i thought he might be unstable....but that made it just that much more awesome. crazy easy was nice...hes had been switching the lyrics every show...so i think i was paying too much attention trying to hear what he was saying rather than just absorbing. (after that i wasnt sure if my favorite new song was Sugar Will, Good Good Night, Hello Again, or Crazy-easy) the closer was Tripping Billies which, I dont care what you think, is the best set closer ever. its a showcase for the band as a whole. and their many facets. the first encore song was yet another new song...joy ride. this is the one that had me singin for the next month. my naaame is clean if you scrub it good....guns and gasoline we could change the world...nothings obscene if we just close our eyes...boys and girls welcome to your joy ride *dobedobedo....dobedobedobeeedoooo* for the millionth time that night i was annoyed at the crowds unacceptance of new songs. (after that i wasnt sure if my favorite new song was Sugar Will, Good Good Night, Hello Again, Crazy-easy or Joy Ride) what would you say IMO is about par as far as closers go. its obviously an upbeat rockin song that every knows and can sing along to, but it doesnt have the umf some others do like stay. but you cant be dissapointed....if theyre playing, im enjoying myself. overall it was a very good show, very tight with nice jams. its hard to compair to my other shows since there was so many new songs that were givens as to what the setlist was going to be like. Def. a ton of energy and a great night. thanks a ton boys.