Dave Matthews Band
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
Graph of songs performed, by album
So Much To Say (ASTB)-->
Too Much
Crazy Easy
One Sweet World
Sugar Will
Drive In, Drive Out
Hello Again
Where Are You Going?
Jimi Thing
Joy Ride
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Stay (Wasting Time)

Just got back from a road trip to Saratoga. I was only there for the second show, and was greatly dissapointed. This is not so much a complaint about lack of variety in setlists, but rather a critisism about a very, very sub-par show. This was my first show of the tour, and 6th overall. I will NEVER see another concert at SPAC. Although my view on the lawn was just fine, the lack of organization and the ass-backwards way the venue is run, is a major insult to the great state of New York. The overall experience of SPAC was miserable. This being said, I was determined not to let it affect my concert experience. The first songs of the show, up until OSW had the place rocking. At this point, the show took a dive bomb. The set became stagnant and lacking in any real energy(anytime energy seemed to be gone, Dave would simply give a pointless scream into the mic just to make the crowd happy again, especially during the new tunes....isnt that cheap?). There were several times when the boys could have "saved" the show by picking up the tempo a bit, and adding some real energy to their playing, but they failed to do that. Although Bartender was a treat, most of the show was too mellow. Four new songs, in a set with Crash and WAYG wont ever make for a good set. Finally, the encore of Crush and Stay was so fitting for such a downer of a show. Where was Two Step or even Watchtower to come around and save all the head bopping?? (I was unable to actually dance to most of the tunes played after OSW, simply because of the lax way they were performed, therefore resulting in head bopping and swaying to the music). Dont get me wrong, seeing the boys is always a gift. I also understand that individual experience is what really matters at these shows. But I truly feel that this setlist and overall performance was a big disapointment. And there is the end of my rambling. Take it as critisism, not bitching.
this was my third show in a week and what a way to end. spac is an amazing venue, the energy is crazy!! the new songs are quickly becoming favorites, joyride and hello again are off the hook! the setlist was mostly stuff i had seen already, being at the two burgettstown shows, but there were some unheard songs thrown in. bartender was a great surprise. crash was great to hear and see live...as always. rapunzel is one of my favorites and i love to see it live. the encore was sick, i was totally expecting a watchtower, which would have been nice, but crush is such a great song how could i be mad :) stay is always a great way to finish off an amazing night.
Matty F.
This show was sick. everday#36 opener then SMTS->Anyone Seen the Bridge -> Too Much got the crowd going crazy. So much energy was pumping. Warehouse went into this crazy latin jam near the end and all the guys were going nuts. In Jimi Thing, Boyd was playing so hard his hat fell off and dave put it on and danced around the stage with it. During Rapunzel, dave broke a string, and just kept playing while Carter threw out a broken drumstick and grabbed a new one in the middle of the song. Then, during Stay, Dave's guitar broke so bad he had to completely stop playing it but he stayed at the mic singing while they got him a new one and then he just joined back in. It was a crazy show i must say and i am glad i got to see it.
Scotty D.
Well, this was certainly a show of highs and lows. The band played their hearts out, however the set lacked creativity. Opening with Everyday was a good call...it was mellow, but everyone enjoyed it. The 4 new songs need some work, but have potential. Sugar Will, although an amazing song, brought the crowd down so much with the jam that lasted 10 minutes. The following tune, DIDO should have rocked the crowd, but failed. I didn't even recognize the intro to One Sweet World. The whole song was terrible. Highlights were Bartender, Warehouse, and Jimi Thing for sure. Bartender brought out every single lighter on the lawn, which was an amazing sight to say the least. The Warehouse Woooos were loud as can be, and Dave threw on Boyd's hat after it fell off during the Jimi Thing violin solo...hilarious. After a great first Encore of Crush, Dave rushed into Stay like he had to be somewhere, and then tried making up for it with a prolonged jam at the end. I hate Stay as a closer. Why not something classic like Typical Situation? Like I said, Ups and Downs all night...what can ya do?