Dave Matthews Band
ctnow.com Meadows Music Centre, Hartford, CT
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So Much To Say
Rhyme & Reason
Good Good Time
Joy Ride
Grey Street
Help Myself
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Hello Again
Sugar Will
I Did It
Too Much
Jimi Thing
Fool To Think
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

All Along the Watchtower

I did not expect this show to be a bad one, seeing that the one from the previous night wasnt bad, but was sorta let down... the origianl songs were awesome as usual (expecially Jimi Thing -when he scatted at the end!-) but the addition of the new songs into the mix wasnt doin for me. Most of all, I was hoping that he would save the night and play something awesome for the encore like two step or something but i have to agree with others when i say that was let down when he *for the second time of the weekend* played Crazy Easy!! I mean come on, its not that the new songs arent good but i doubt many people wanted to leave the concert to that... And to top things off, throught the night, the concert was ruined bit by bit by the young alcoholic children who seem to infest the concerts now-a-days. They are all over the place and seem to be getting younger as the years go on. Do us a favor and stay the hell home from no on... we are there to enjoy the music and the band and ourselves but to a certain extent...grow up would ya? (oh...and way to go you rioters for giving the band a bad name)
Mike T.
This was BY FAR the most dissappointing show i have been to. NOT due to dave or the song choice. Its the fans. I was out in the field for this show. I usually love the field, the crowd, the energy, is always better in the filed. However, recently it seems like to lawn is filled with more and more immature 10 year olds, who would rather get smashed and make out in the crowd. Trust me I love watching two girls makeout more than the next guy, and it was entertaining. This show however had an unexpected twist. About five songs in to the night some JACKAZ decided it would be fun to take the heavy glass flsk like bottle of bacardi he snuck in and trow it across the lawn into the crowd. It hit my friend in the head splitting his head wide open. Blood everyewhere we managed to make our way (all 6 of us) to the medic. Once there they treated his head like we were an inconvience, and asked us to quickly get out of their way while still covered in blood to move so the drunks unconcious could be wheeled by. We all missed the show due to the ignorant actions of one of the many immature freshman F's who decided to do something stupid. Kind of sucks when the vibe at a dave show used to be get a buzz (pick your poison) and chill and listen to some great music. It has now become and underage hangout for morons to get so drunk and so high and get out of hand. If i want to hang out with highschoolers acting like an AZ, Ill go the local mall or underage bar with a fake ID. I have been to well over 30 shows over the past few years and have watched it get worse and worse. It's a shame may be better off just waitin til the DVD comes out and watc it from the safety of my own home. FU Hartford. never be back.
WOW this was a great show. I've been to 5 shows and this has to be the best one yet. There was so much energy coming from the crowd that it just fueled the guys. Highlights were crash and warehouse, both of which I've never heard live. It was the first time I've ever had pavillion seats, and my god, it makes a HUGE difference. When they played I Did It, I noticed that the normally dancing lower pavillion section was just standing there. Its obviously not a fav. Hope everyone who went had a great time. By the way, NERD was a great opener. Cheers
Not my number 1 dave show but it was great cause i heard some songs i hadent heard before in concert. So much to say was a great way to kick things off. It instanlly got the crowd going. Next with rhyme and reason was good too. Then he hit a new song and the crowd lost some energy. Then he roared back with warehouse that was just amazing. He went into crash which was not one of his best renditions but amazing none the less. The middle of the concert was good but got slow at times. He jammed a new song for like 10 min which wasent bad but kinda got the mood pretty slowed down. That all changed when he played ants. My first time hearing it in concert so i was loveing it. Of course everyone was singing along when he played I did it, but that was a song I could have gone without hearing...again. Then he broke into Too Much, Jimi Thing, Fool to think, and rapunzel. WHAT A WAY TO WRAP UP THE SHOW. He leadt to huge applause and came back and opened the encore with a new song. Bad Call! people in the lawn were getting pissed. I was hopeing he would redeem himself and play Two Step or Tripping Billies. He shocked us all and played All Along The Watchtower. YES FOLKS THATS RIGHT.....first time this summer he played it. It was awsome! Stefan had a nice solo in the beggining too. It was an amazing song to end an amazing concert.
Jason S.
Great show tonight...alot of energy..I had great seats in the 500's right in the center..The band came on at 815 and opened with a great SMTS...I thought they'd go into too much but didn't...They did R&R which was standard...then they went into THING...nice new song...Then they did WAREHOUSE...crowd went nuts...alot of WOOO's...Next they did CRASH which was awesome...mellow song...Loved it...then JOY RIDE was next...good song...I really like this one...then was GREY STREET...i knew they were gonna play it when Dave switched to the 12 string...One of my favorite songs from the band...HELP MYSELF was next...standard...then to a surprise they busted out ANTS...crowd went nuts as well as I did..crowd got to sing "people in every direction" which was awesome...then they did CRY FREEDOM..awesome song to play...HELLO AGAIN AND SUGAR WILL were next...good songs...looking forward to seeing them on an album soon..I DID IT was next...standard...TOO MUCH was next...awesome song...crowd went nuts...they did an extended jam at the end which rocked...JIMI was next...awesome song...Dave did another long awesome outro...loved it..FOOL TO THINK was next...nice song...then they ended the first set with RAPUNZEL...i figured they would...good song...they came back on for the encore and did CRAZY-EASY which I called...after that I thought they were going to do TWO STEP but all of a sudden we saw Stefan start to play alone and we all knew WATCHTOWER was coming! awesome version...First one of the tour! great way to end the concert...getting out of CT is another story..traffic was bad but o well...i recommend getting this show...I know I will!
I was a little (only a little) disappointed after Tweeter Center last week. I wasn't feeling the DMB vibe during the 7/6 show. But this show renewed all my faith in the band. It was hot from start to finish! Easily the best version of both Ants and Jimi Thing I've ever seen. I brought a friend to her first show and she was blown away. The new songs sounded tight and get better every time they're played. Sugar Will is my current funky favorite. Unfortunately, my feelings about the venue are not as positive. As always, The Meadows is a disgusting pit and inspires people to behave like they belong in one. Maybe a "One Sweet World" would've encouraged people to pick up their trash and not urinate all over the lawn? It's unfortunate that such amazing musicians have to perform in venues like this one.
Justin S.
Tonight's concert got off to a good start for me: I received bracelets granting me and my guest access to the preferred lawn section for Warehouse members only. Unfortunately they had to do away with this enclosure because the fence used metal posts and a thuderstorm was lurking in the area. I was willing to sacrifice the feeling of privilege and superiority for the reduced risk of getting fried by a lightning bolt. On to the show...So Much to Say was a solid opener, while Rhyme & Reason seemed fairly standard but good nonetheless. I remember having enjoyed Hmmm/Good Good Time, though for the life of me I can't recall the melody or a single lyric. The Warehouse intro with its concomitant "wooh"'s from the crowd got the place pumped up - by this time it had gotten sufficiently dark and the atmosphere took on that magical air. Crash was beautiful as always, as was the image of hundreds of concertgoers waving their lighters in the sky during the song. Joy Ride's main beat sounds like a reworked version of Rapunzel. Yet it's clearly more lively, upbeat, and carefree in it's tone, sort of in the spirit of Sweet Up and Down. The difference is that this song rocked- it's just plain infectious and I wouldn't be shocked to see it emerge as a single in the future. People went nuts for Grey Street; personally, I was more excited about Help Myself, which had a very full sound and was simply incredible. Ants Maching marked another highpoint in terms of crowd energy and engagement with the band. But Cry Freedom was the treat of the night for me. This song was played with real weight and passion - the delivery was just raw and pure and powerful. I think this song has been brought back because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the increased relevance of its lyrics and themes in these strange times. When Hello Again kicked off, I was somewhat skeptical. It seemed like a throwaway country tune, but became increasingly grinding and blaring as the song progressed. Definitely another amazing new addition to the band's catalogue. Sugar Will might be one of the worst songs I have heard by this band (excluding some of the Everyday clunkers). It never went anywhere, and had that bad wedding music/airport cocktail lounge feel to it. Bleh. Dave did an extened scat at the end of Jimi Thing which was hilarious. Every now and then a breeze would sweep this odor of death into the venue, and during the scat Dave just commented on the smell of the distant shit. Fool to Think sounded great, and I was surprised by how many people seemed really into this song. As for the encore, Crazy/Easy was not particularly memorable but I'm confident I will appreciate it with multiple listenings. Despite loud and constant cries for Two Step, the band finished with Watchtower, as great a closer to a show as there ever was. All in all a very good show with a varied setlist which demonstrates this protean band's mastery of so many styles and genres of music.
Patrick P.
Dave Matthews Band rocked the foundation of the Meadows Music Centre tonight as he finishes he stay in Hartford. The audience certainly created the energy that drove the band tonight. From the So Much To Say opener followed by Rhyme and Reason, the crowd created an environment that just allowed Dave and the band to groove all night long. The crowd wooed during Warehouse and the crowd added woos to Joyride, which followed. The new songs are really receiving a warm welcome from crowds this summer. Ants Marching made sure that everyone was out of their seats and dancing. Boyd was one with his violin as he punched out his solos. The set ended with the classic duo of Pantala Naga Pampa and Rapunzel. A real highlight of the night was All Along the Watchtower. A classic choice for an encore, the song returns for the first time all tour to close tonight’s set. Tonight the words to remember is audience and energy. The combination of the two really created a night to remember as Dave closes his stand in Connecticut
The show was awesome!!! Alot of energy. Grey Street was a definate crowd pleaser (even though Dave left out a verse!) One of my highlights was Jimi Thing. It sounded great. The crowd also liked Crash and Warehouse. It was definately one of my favs.
This was my 5th show this tour and I was in the field. Dave sounded great, the field was alive. But, there has been this overwhelming feeling during recent shows of absolute immaturity. Whether its highschoolers decideng to get so bent they passout and are carted out of the show, of 15 yr old girls gettin twisted and making out with eachother and all guys around them. Now i like to see girls making out as much as the next guy, but to sit and watch a make out session between 4 guys and 2 girls for 3 hours is not that enjoyable unless its on SkinaMax late night. Although annoying i can deal with this, however, saturday nights events put it over the edge for me. I will never attend the lawn section again, or the meadows for that matter. During Grey Street which was rocking, I guess some Moron high up in the field decided to spice things up, so a flsk like empty glass bottle of Bacardi was hurled into the crowd. It split my friends head open and we had to rush him to the medic. He was covered in blood and the medic at Hartford acted as if we were pestering them. After tossing us some gauze and peroxide, they ased us to please move aside so intoxided individuals could be wheeled by. My fiends shirt was soaked in blood, so i asked the medic if they had any kind of t-shirt we could give him, he repled, theres a vendor over there, go buy one. At that i will never step foot in the meadows. All 6 of us had to leave the show after about 5 songs and drive an hour and a half home after sitting in the emergency room waiting for him to get 5 staples and a catscan, yes a catscan. He had a mild concusion. So with this i say i still love the DMB, but am really starting to hate the little freshman "I love you Dave!!!" Fans. If i want to be surrounded by immaturity, Ill hang out at my local mall on a friday night.
Hartford has always been my favorite venue (aside from Alpine,but I'm talking close to home) and so this year I was so excited to see that everyone was so pumped. After 24 shows I have to say that this was the best crowd I've been in other than Central Park. The band played a relly strong set, R&R early really got me going! I absolutley love Joy Ride. It freakin rocks. Rapunzel rocked me so much more in Hartford than it did in Tweeter and Watchtower as the encore was great as well. I do however have to say that I am starting to feel really old at shows these days. What happened to the days of REALLY tailgating and selling your goods to fellow fans? When I saw a girl around 17 in really tight jeans,sexy halter top and 3 inch stiletto heels walking around, I wanted to ask her what she was doing there. I am 28 years old, have been following this band for nearly 9 years and still have to fight to get a good seat. Why? Why do these kids come if they are going to get so wrecked that they pass out after making themselves look like fools? I mean, I'm surely not saying that I walk in the venue stone cold sober, but why must I be on the lookout for tumbling frat boys and drunk, obnoxious girls? I look at them as children. If you aren't coming to enjoy the show and really get into the band, you are coming for the wrong reasons and should stay at home and act retarded. I'm sick (and I'msure I aint the only one) of fighting for good tickets with people who aren't even going to remember the show the next day. I just hope that there is a better,more mature,and fan-based crowd in San Francisco. If this happens to me at any more shows, I may simply be forced to retire......