Dave Matthews Band
HiFi Buys Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Too Much
I Did It
Hello Again
Sugar Will
When The World Ends
Drive In Drive Out
One Sweet World
Joy Ride
Crazy Easy
Two Step

Good Good Time
Don't Drink the Water
Too Much (reprise)

Michael B.
Wow! Intense is the only word to describe the show - having seen Dave & Tim at the Ryman in Nashvegas as well as seven other shows, this ranks right at the top! "Too Much" to start surprised me, but you knew from the beginning that it was going to be some night when Dave began the "YEAHA!" piece multiple times in the song. The first of the new songs - "Hello Again" very, very nice (can't wait for the new CD). Captain was so smooth, then the next new one "Sugar Will" - again, very nice. The next four - "Warehouse, WTWE, Bartender and then DIDO - so much intensity in the last two givin' me chills right now. The the mood smooths back out again with OSW and "Crush" - such a nice intro into "Crush" - then two more new ones really really love "Crazy Easy". Then TWO STEP!!! What can you say. The encore of "Good Good Time" sweet...and personally would have liked to seen a cover of JTR but DDTW was and is always awesome - then everyone thinks the show is over and Dave picks up the guitar and does the Outro with "Too Much". Two words - tooooo much!!! A couple of last few highlights - the boys jammed - Carter right off with IDI and throughout and believe it or not, Leroi took his glasses off! My eleven year-old's first DMB show - hey Patrick and Melissa - ping me. On to Nashvegas next week and The Woodlands in Houston the end of the month. One great show in the A T L!!!
Jeff M.
Show number 28 for me, and I still can't get enough of this band. My expectations were pretty high for the show tonight, and they were definitely met. 16th row always helps too. :)First off, Atlanta is a great place for tailgating before the show, my group had such a good time. Onto the show. I'll make it short and sweet. TOO MUCH - Great high energy opener, really jammed out at the end. Not the last we'd see of this song. I DID IT - eh, not a big fan of this song, but who is. At least we got it out of the way early. HELLO AGAIN - Lord have mercy. This was by far the best of the new songs. Instant DMB classic. Carter's drum solo in the middle is to die for. EVERYDAY - total crowd pleaser. boyd had a nice solo at the end. did anyone ever mention that boyd is jacked. just kidding, y'all knew that. CAPTAIN - where did this come from? nice nice surprise. SUGAR WILL -dude, that blue screen behind the band is trippy as hell. great little jam song, might be the next seek up with a little work. roi goes off on a nice run towards the end. WAREHOUSE - always great to hear this song. new jam at the end with butch. WTWE - eh, again not a fan of this song, but it was short. BARTENDER - unexpected, but as intense as I've seen it played, and i've seen this song a lot. roi had a pennywhistle solo at the end. DIDO - great high energy song. i swear the lyrics to this change every time i hear it. ONE SWEET WORLD- minus the intro, boo, but always a fun rare song to hear live. crowd actually was very into it. CRUSH - my buddy was at his first DMB show, and he wanted to here this song and Two Step. he got both. Crush was great as always. boyd even lost his hat during the ending jam. JOY RIDE - i absolutely love this song. so much joy in the way they play it (like my play on words?). :) CRAZY-EASY - this may be the next big radio hit for DMB (ala Crash Into Me). very tight arrangement. TWO STEP - always great to hear my favorite DMB song in concert. blew the roof off the place as always. Stacey and Leslie, I'm glad you got to hear your favorite song too. :) GOOD GOOD TIME - eh, not a big fan of this yet, maybe in time it will turn into a good song, but kind of lackluster if you ask me. some nice solos by roi, boyd, and butch though. DON'T DRINK THE WATER - encore closer. well almost. the band needs to put this in the encore more, it makes for a great ending song. so intense. dave was screaming louder than i've heard him on this song. TOO MUCH (REPRISE) - as mentioned earlier, we see this song come back again, but only the reprise. Dave was scatting and yelling, and scatting and yelling, and the jam was off the hook. Spectacular ending to the show. very unexpected to hear a reprise as a closer, but i feel honored to be at the first show they did this. anyways, another wonderful show from the best band in the world. can't wait for west palm this weekend. peace y'all.
This was my 3rd show and it was a GREAT SHOW!! The show exploded to a start with TOO MUCH! I thought it was a great opener. The Band and Dave were into from the start. I loved the new songs and can not wait to here them laid down on an album. All of the classics were great as always. Mostly I loved the jamming on the new songs. I love to hear new material and love to have the excitement of not knowing what is coming next. It is good to know that the band is reaching for new heights. The crowd was great and I think the band fed off our energy. The close was awsome and I did not see it coming them clsing with part of TOO MUCH witch was the opener. I t is great to see the band changing things up and breaking old traditions, how long can you expect them to play the same great songs over and over, it is great to hear something new!!! Overall the best show I have seen yet and The last two I saw were great. I am looking forward to the future after being a fan for the last 10 yrs.
Mike D.
GREAT show in the ATL last night! I am writting this review the morening after, cause that venue is a MAJOR PAIN to get out of! I'm gonna spare yall the "Song by song" review, and go with the highlights: TOO MUCH as an opener...I wasen't expecting this...I was thinking Grey street, or Dont drink the water. HELLO AGAIN- I think one of my favorites, if not my fav of the new stuff. CAPITAN!! Are you kidding??! What a treat! Never expected thiis one...first time played this summer I beleive! BARTENDER- Always good...lots of intensity! DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT-Never heard this live, very cool! CRUSH- Probably the highlight of my night...Boyd tore this song up! I have(What I hope to be) a good pic of he and Dave Jammin this out! Just awesome! TWO STEP- my 7th show overall, 6th in Atlanta- and first time hearing it here.(first time, at all, last year Charlotte) I will never get sick of this one live! GOOD GOOD TIME- probably my second fav of the new stuff. Coulda maybe been placed elsewhere, but its all good. DDTW- AWESOME AS ALWAYS! I was by the exit at this point, as my car, and seats were on completly diffrent sides of the venue, but got that and the really cool TOO MUCH OUTRO, standing on the center walk way! Awesome show DMB, from my great seats! Hope Nashville is as ROCKIN as this one! See yall in a week!!
Ben C.
Well, traffic was horrible going to the show, so I got to my seat during Too Much. That was decent, but followed up by standard radio hits in Everyday and I did it. Hello Again is the best new song, and featured a great jam by Carter. Captain was rare but killed the very little energy this lackluster crowd had. Sugar Will, good song but not good with a dead crowd. From then on the show picked with an extended Warehouse jam. Crush was good and Two Step excellent as always. DIDO a fun song live. The encore was different an interesting, but a bit disappointing. Still always great to see the band, as they will almost always put on a good show, but this show was a little too mellow with a very poor crowd.
This show was incredible. It was definitly one of the two best shows out of seven that I have seen. I liked the opening with Too Much and then the Outro at the very end of the encore. Dave was really feeling the crowd and the venue. He always puts together some of his best work in ATL. Good good time was awesome. He was trying really hard to fit those new songs in his setlist but everything turned out great. The whole band was on and the intro to Crush was incredible and then Boyd decided to go off on Two Step with every band member which is always a treat. It was an awesome show as always and another DMB show. Until Antioch, we'll see ya'll later.
5th show this year... going on 40 by the end of summer. definately what i needed. beautiful night... the rain stayed at arms length, until the end. then we were knee deep!! oops, back to the show. changed the mood with captain, bartender & the the too long awaited (for me at least, TWO STEP). will not go into song by song detail (not to discount they were all yummy) ... suffice it to say... i am ready for alpine and the gorge. it's time to recognize that fans go to more than one venue a year. usually dmb does, old school is good to mix in, but not every show. sorry dave. the outro with too much gave it a better feeling. a nice loop... jamming band? they definately jam, but not usually with a wrap around. a good move.
Matthew K.
This was my 7th DMB concert and I must say that the crowd was very into the concert.First off Robert Earl Keen was awsome. Dmb done songs I had not heard before like Hello again and Joyride and more songs.But what I loved most was the Too much outro in which it can be summed up in four words THEY F***ING ROCKED OUT!!!!!!All in all it was a good concert.
Jamie M.
NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!! I went to the Charlotte show on Saturday and my goodness did this one blow it away! It was there tonight, band energy and crowd energy and an awesome setlist. Only thing that sucked was having to pay $20 dollars to park 10 minutes away. If Dancing Nacies would have been on the setlist, this would have have had a shot as one of the best shows ever. The new songs sounded great! GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!