Dave Matthews Band
Merriweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
Graph of songs performed, by album
Grey Street
When The World Ends
Hello Again
Rhyme & Reason
The Stone
Sugar Will
One Sweet World
Don't Drink the Water
Crazy Easy
I Did It
Where Are You Going?
Lie In Our Graves
Too Much
What Would You Say?
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

A very nice setlist. Not quite sure when the "whoo" thing happened on Warehouse, but if the band likes it, who am I to question. This was show number 19 for me, and while it doesn't compare to the Hershey 7/10 show in terms of setlist, I've never had a better time at a show. Started with my favorite song, ended with another favorite, and even with an insufferable I Did It in the middle, the whole show was magical, and not just because I got to spend it dancing with the love of my life. So thanks to Dave and the boys for providing the soundtrack!
Dr. D.
Tonights setlist was great. I was happy to hear Crash. I was also dying to hear Lie in Our Graves which they played at the end. It kicked. This venue is much more intimate then Nissan. The band did not disappoint. I hope to see them again soon.
Ben R.
I just got back from it like an hour ago. It started out mediocre, most of the songs I had either already heard many times (opener: grey street) or they were somewhat weak and common place (WTWE, IDI, WAYG). But he snuck a few total gems in there. i finally got to see the stone AT LAST, which was so good. especially the end, they waited like a good 10 seconds before doing the 6 beat ending thing and suprised a lot of people. crash i had never heard and a lot of people werent siked but i liked hearing it. the last 5 songs were unbelievable. warehouse i heard for the 2nd time but it is amazing live. then too much, ive heard 3 times now i think but was good. encore was WWYS one of my faves, then RAPUNZEL! he started pantala and a lot of the "semi-fans" didnt know what it was but i was yelling "yes hes going to do rapunzel" as it started and of course rapunzel was mind blowing. the high light for me was probably lie in our graves which i think was the one before too much, which was the set closer. LIOG has always been one of my faves and drew me into the band fully and i had never heard it so when he dropped that opening D chord with the awesome riff following it i really was feeling good. good show. not the best ive been to but no disappointments...but then again, how could you ever be disappointed at a dave show?
I’ve been waiting for the boys to come to Merriweather for years. It was nice to leave my apartment at 7:00 and be home by 11:15. I will also say that I liked the “smaller” crowd (compared to others). I was also expecting the acoustics to be far worse than they were. Overall, I was not disappointed. That said, if I had traveled hundreds of miles to go this concert, I would have been. The boys sounded tight and even though they played a “Best of DMB” concert (Too Much, Crash, What Would You Say, etc.), I still had a great time.
James D.
Man, what an intimate venue! parking at the mall across the street and getting out at the end of the show was a breeze, they need to play here more often instead of dealing with the trecherous parking at nissan pavilion,(or as i would like to call it, satans asshole) On to the show...Man the boys rocked hard yet again! they havent let me down at all this year, theyre blowing away my expectations. Crash was a welcomed song tonight, i really wanted to hear it. Sugar will is getting even better, dont drink the water was a MONSTER, and lie in our graves was boyd tinsley at his absolute greatest, wow! I Did It and WAYG was a nice little intermission so i could piss. SO happy to see a brand new outro on Too Much, its completely insane. WWYS PNP Rapunzel was an amazing encore and for my 3rd of 6 shows this year, i left energized, excited and happy. See you all for both nights at Camden...!!!
Terrance P.
An even dozen shows. DMB has come to Maryland!!! The vibe from the crowd was electric; reminiscent of the rain show at RFK,'00. The whole entire lawn was lighting up! The venue- "we seek meager accomodations!" The 6 screens were never in unison and the sound was empty at times. The boys came ready to play, once again! Galactic-thank God it was the last of the tour! The intimate setting overshadowed all of the negatives. This show belonged to Boyd and Leroi! The list: Grey Street-great opener-please oh please bring back the THIRD VERSE! WTWE-time to put this one on ice for a while! Crash-wow! Always great live! Hello Again-awesome, crowd was definitely feelin' it. R&R and Hmm changed the vibe of the show. AHHHH the Stone-wanted to hear it-loved it. Carter's wrist must've been aching during this one. Sugar Will-sugar won't! OSW-lotsa crowd singing, great pick-me-up. DDTW-great energy break out the nugs! Warehouse-always a crowd pleaser-woo's were deafening! Crazy Easy, IDI, WAYG, bathroom break! Joy Ride-better than Nissan-did anyone hear the woo's in that song too? Too much of Too Much! LIOG-quite simply-the best version yet! BOYD, BOYD, BOYD soloed to everyone in the band! He must've gone on for 10 minutes-truly amazing! Butch rocked as well and even got ear-to-ear smiles from Carter. great closer! WWYS- short but good. PNP--> Rapunzel was a great cap to a greatest hits-type show. The entire band was playing at max volume at the end of this one and it couldnt've sounded better. Thank you so much for a terrfic show. How 'bout, dkip Nissan and play two at Merriweather. The crowd here was incredible!
Dave B.
Wow! Tonight was an awesome night. I didn't catch Galatic, but I'm sure they were good, since i saw them at Hershey. Grey Street was a good opener, and Dave played it on the 12-string. WTWE was average, but i was really siked to hear Crash Into Me, since I've never seen it live. Hello Again had a really nice solo from Carter. Dave butchered the lyrics on R&R, but the audience nor I seemed to care. HMM? was good, and I was glad to hearTHE STONE again. SUGAR WILL and OSW were awesome, but DDTW blew my mind. The crowd wasn't really feeling WAREHOUSE, but it still sounded good. CRAZY-EASY was good, but i wasn't happy with I DID IT. Not my favorite tune, but it sounded alright. WAYG and JOY RIDE were great. LIOG was definatley the best song played. Butch had an awesome solo during the jam. TOO MUCH included solos by Leroi and Boyd, and I could tell that they were having a good time. WWYS had a good solo by Leroi, and PNP and RAPUNZEL were awesome. I would've liked to hear a little variation in the setlist from past shows this tour, but it was still a good show. Merriweather is an awesome veunue, and I will definatley come back for more shows. Thanks for a great show guys!