Dave Matthews Band
Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey, PA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
The Stone
The Space Between
Lie In Our Graves
Hello Again
Rhyme & Reason
Grey Street
What Would You Say
Crazy Easy
When The World Ends
Jimi Thing
Where Are You Going
Joy Ride
Ants Marching

James D.
WOW! the band has certainly picked up where they left off last year and then some. Hershey 04 had large shoes to fill to compare with last years 9/11 show, and this year certainly stacked up. The energy never stopped for the amazing 2 hour and 50 minute show. So many highlights! Lie in our graves, and the greatest Jimi Thing i have ever heard, daves scat/rap went on forever, it was truly incredible. There were just so many high energy songs, hershey just couldnt get enough. As for the 5 new songs, i cant believe how tight they sound for being so new. This is going to be a great year..See you all tommorow at Nissan!!
Hey, this was my fourth DMB show and it was awesome. Not as good as last year's Hershey show but not to many DMB show's will match that one. Warehouse was a great opener and got the crowd going early. OSW was cool but standard. This was the first time I heard STJL live, I loved it. Sugar Will is my least favorite of the new songs, but it wasn't to bad. The Stone was next, this song is great live and I enjoyed hearing it. The Space Between was standard but it's a good song, could've been worse. LIOG was terrific, nice jammming on this one. Hello Again was intense! Terrific song to hear live. R&R was standard, nice old school DMB. Hmm? was ok, they had a nice jam at the end. Grey Street is one of my favs, even without the missing verse. WWYS was awesome, the crowd really got into this one. Crazy Easy is alright, I prefer Hello Again and Joyride to this one though. There were no suprises with WTWE, don't mind the song, it was ok. Jimi Thing was amazing, Dave scatted and they had the Buffalo Springfield outro. The band had a lot of energy the whole night, but especially on Jimi Thing. WAYG is a fine song, but after that version of Jimi Thing, it just killed some of the energy. Joyride is my 2nd favorite new song, sounded great. Rapunzel was unbelieveable, played with a lot of energy, just like the rest of the show. Ants was the only song in the encore due to the curfew at Hershey, but no one was disappointed. The crowd was really into it and I couldn't hear Dave over all the people singing along. Despite what people have previously wrote, the crowd was into it and the band really fed of the energy. DMB put on another great show and I can't wait to see what surprises they have left for the rest of the tour.
What an amazing show. This was my 13th show and the boys did not disappoint. Two songs I have been dying to hear again were LIOG and Rapunzel and both versions were amazing, best outro jam I'd heard on Rapunzel. The new songs were great but my favorite was hands down Hello Again, that song kicks major ass, just unbelievable and the energy throughout the song is amazing, just awesome. Was hoping to hear Long Black Veil and Billies but was pumped with LIOG and Rapunzel. Best show I had seen since the RFK show in 2000 not only because of the setlist but the energy the whole band brought to the show, they just acted like they couldn't get enough of playing and looked like they were just having a blast. They just keep getting better. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matty F.
This show was great. Nothing better than to open with warehouse to get the crowd pumped...although it didnt seem like the crowd was feeling it too much. They were pretty weak espically during the encore. But the band played an amazing show. Jimi thing was perhaps the best thing i have ever seen in my entire life. Dave skatted for like 10 minutes and then they went into the 'Stop, hey whats that sound' version ending. It was so sweet. I was too far away to tell but it looked like dave was sipping a beer all night. He kept saying "Hello" throughout the concert even at the end. It was a real fun concert and the band i dont think has ever been better.
AMAZING! i had heard the new songs recorded before but not in concert. crazy easy and sugar will arent very good concert songs but hello again and joy ride steal the show. also i forget exactly where they were but dave greeted us about seven times during the concert. "thank you hello." warehouse is always a good choice for an opener. it got the crowd into it right away. most people sat down for sugar will...sorry dave. the stone picked it back up though. i was disappointed that the moon was covered up by cloud for the space between...nothing wrong with the song itself though. lie in our graves got the stoners going. hello again was awesome! i hope to see that one every show i go to. back to another energizing classic with rhyme and reason. then we sit again for whatever that was after it. a stealthy switch to the 12-string and we get grey street less the last verse. keeping the energy going with what would you say and my voice was starting to go. thats ok though cause it got a nice rest during crazy easy. things stayed pretty calm for when the world ends. then jimi thing comes out of left field and makes the entire concert worthwhile. dave scatted afterwards for three or four minutes straight. carter was laughing on the big screen as if to say "dave what the hell are you doing?" somewhere in there he said something like "i wont lie but i like the way your butt looks" i dont even remember it all i know is that was the loudest i heard the crowd that night. he ended the scat by declaring that "the most important thing in the world is LOVE!" i could have died right there...but there was still concert left in the band. everyone chilled out a bit for where are you going...it ws a good chill out...probably much needed. joy ride is up there on concert songs...id put it up near rapunzel and the space between on the list of songs id like to hear. "give me some guns and gasoline and ill save the world"...awesome line dave. pnp-rapunzel was a great classic set ender..."thank you...hello bye bye." after several failed chants from the audience they returned. they played a little tease before going into ants. instead of talking during the intro dave said "hello" with a laugh. i was kinda disappointed with the one song encore but i think in hershey theyre only allowed to play till 11 and ants ended at 1105. id like to thank dave and the gang for giving me a concert that was worth $200 when i only paid 60.
Dave B.
What an awesome night. Galatic did a great job opening. Everyone was getting impatient about 20 minutes after Galatic ended. Then Dave walked on stage, and I knew it would be an awesome night. WAREHOUSE was a great opener, and really set the mood. OSW was jazzed up, but i liked it a lot. TSTJL was great. SUGAR WILL was just alright. THE STONE sounded awesome, and Boyd and Dave were dancing all around the stage. TSB was great, and everyone whipped out their lighters. I really wanted to hear LIOG, but i didn't think they would play it. It sounded great, and Butch had a good solo during the middle part. HELLO AGAIN was good. R&R was awesome, but i didn't like THING. GREY STREET sounded great on the 12-string, and WWYS was incredible, and LeRoi had a great solo during the jam. CRAZY EASY was just alright. Dave did a picking intro to WTWE, and it sounded awesome. The highlight of the night was Jimi Thing. Dave did an awesome scat thing and had an awesome solo along with Carter. It lasted for 15 minutes, and he did the "Stop baby what's that sound, everybody look what's going down". He was also giving advice like "think before you speak" and "the most important thing is LIFEEEEEE" It was funny, but really good. WAYG and JOY RIDE were good. i was really excited to hear PNP and RAPUNZEL. After about 5 minutes, they came back to do ANTS MARCHING, and it was a great way to end the evening. I would've liked to hear CRUSH and TWO STEP, but all in all a very entertaining awesome experience. See you all at Merriweather!
I came from NJ to see DMB 16th row! They did not disappoint at all! When Dave got on the stage and did a little Hulk Hogan impression I knew it would be a fun night. Warehouse was a really good opening song, sounded good the WOO's were fun. OSW was standart, i liked the scat outro. I wanted "swim naked." TSTJL was really energetic and fun. It was my 1st time hearing it live. Next was Sugar Will... yikes... not one of the best, didnt like it at all.. (sorry DMB). Moving along... The Stone is when the night really started getting good, Daves facial expressions were awesome, a really powerful version. TSB suprised me it was really good tonight, the lighters were a good touch. LIOG!! 1st one of the tour, AMAZING Boyd was on fire. Now to my personal fav. of the new songs HELLO AGAIN ROCKED SOOOO HARD! That song is going to be a classic closer. Im not really a fan of R&R, but tonight it was sweet. "Hmm?" was really enjoyable, the lyrics were touching, i really liked it. Grey Street was rocking. I wish they wouldnt skip a verse though. WWYS was good. Crazy-Easy was really good too, sounded really good. Should be a good one. WTWE, okay. Highlight #2 JIMI THING was unbelievable!!!! The scatting and the dancing and the jamming.. just WOW! WAYG good way to slow things down. Joy Ride, also very good. PNP-->Rapunzel rocked.. Dave ripped it up. When Boyd came out w/o his hat on i knew he was going to go buck wild for the encore. And he did.. ANTS MARCHING was ridic.! soooo good. The entire band ripped it up tonight, they seemd to have alot of fun, I know I did. Ill see you in Camden 7/21. Thank you HELLO! PS: Galactic was awful.
great show...my first one of the year...i went with my girlfriend...they opened with warehouse...awesome song to get the crowd going...I really enjoy the new songs...highlights were an amazing lie in our graves and an awesome jimi thing...Dave did this really long outro talking about love it rocked...the crowd was going nuts...they closed the first set with Rapunzel..they came back on and closed with Ants...I was hoping they'd end with it...my favorite song...see you all soon