Dave Matthews Band
Ford Ampitheatre, Tampa, FL
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Joy Ride
Donít Drink the Water
When the World Ends
The Song That Jane Likes
Hello Again
Sugar Will
So Much To Say
Too Much
Where Are You Going
Rhyme & Reason
Crazy Easy
Jimi Thing

The Stone

Grayson N.
The first in a series of three consectutive shows for me this summer, Dave started off with a very enjoyable setlist, smoothly mixing some old with new. The show started really strong with ONE SWEET WORLD followed by GREY STREET, two of my personal favorites. Next he played JOYRIDE, one of my favorite new songs which is great live w/ tons of energy. The next two songs were easily one of the highlights when Dave played DDTW followed by #41, DDTW has tons of energy and got dave going crazy, and #41 was a mellow pleasant surprise, an old favorite which I hadn't gotten to see live in over four years. Next was WTWE followed by SONG THAT JANE LIKES, a classic in my eyes which was very cool to hear. Next was my favorite new song HELLO AGAIN, with Carter having a tremendous Drum solo and then right back into the chorus, the crowd that didn't even know the song still got really into it. Next was SUGAR WILL, which was avg to say the least. The next was SMTS-->>TOO MUCH. Dave jammed so hard in Too much that he broke his guitar string and had to get it fixed, when he stopped the crowd continued to sing one of the verses, and Dave just stood by the Mic and listened to us and waited til we finished before he sang it on his own...the crowd loved every second of it. He finished up the regular set list with WAYG, RHYME AND REASON, CRAZY EASY(my least favorite of the new songs), followed by JIMI THING, one of the highlights of the night where he jammed for at least 15 minutes with a cool rap at the end as well,g reat way to finish the regular setlist. The encore was very unusual for Dave, but it was a great mixture of two great live songs, CRUSH and THE STONE. STONE is one of my all time favorites, so I was excited to finish the show with that. All in all, it was a good show, not the best I have seen, but definately a good show...on to West Palm for 2 more shows this weekend...thanks.