Dave Matthews Band
Desert Sky Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
What Would You Say
Don't Drink The Water
The Stone
Help Myself
Lie In Our Graves
Proudest Monkey -->
Two Step
Long Black Veil
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
#40 *
Angel From Montgomery **
Warehouse (stop time intro, cut version) -->
Ants Marching

* Dave solo
** Dave & Boyd

Michael A.
I don't know if it was the fact that they had time off since their last show in Milwaukee but the band had good energy tonight. It was almost the Boyd Tinsley Band at times! The setlist was truly fantastic. I was hoping for #41 but to have Proudest Monkey, #40 and Angel? Unreal. The crowd seamed to be totally into it but my 3rd row dead center seats helped sway that decision! I was a little dissapointed in WWYS as the opener. And DDTW while the usual passionate version by Dave was pretty standard. I think the show really got rolling with LIOG. But to have Rapunzel towards the end of the show and then the SMTS (ASTB)-> Too Much following is a lot of jamming! Very fun. The total diversity of the setlist (crash 5, btcs 4, crash 3) was amazing in itself the but encore was unreal. I thought #40 might happen but then to hear Angel with a Dave & Boyd duet coupled with a nice Warehouse medlied into Ants was awesome. Four encores by Dave! The crowd was pretty good where I was at. The two guys to my right were totally into Dave and by my better judgements alcohol. The couple to our left drove in from New Mexico and had to leave to get back home right after the show so they could get an hour sleep before work! Well, undoubtedly the best of the 3 band shows I've been to and probably the best concert I've ever attended as well. Hope y'all enjoy the band when they come to your town!
Bryan D.
All I can say is WOW!!!! This was at Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion, it was raining (in Phoenix? yeah in Phoenix...) when Jimmy Cliff was on stage. This was such an amazing show. Even the opener (Dave came out and introduced him) was great. He was a raggae artist, Jimmy Cliff. HE had some pretty cool music. Well...to the concert. A 3 hour concert, nice and long just the way it should be. Thank you Warehouse first off. 3rd row seats, dead center. It was great! OK. The boys started off with WWYS, which is kinda weird. I don't have a concert when they do that. They went into DDTW, which I knew because of his tuning. The Stone, AWESOME! Nice and loud. #41. One of the highlights of the night. Nice, long solos, about 10 minutes. Great version. Help Myself. I was not surprised to hear this on on there. But it was great to hear it. Lie In Our Graves. Again, AWESOME! Nice and long just the way it should be. Boyd was walking about leaning into the crowd smiling and fooling with them. Dave was plucking away while Carter was doing some quiet stuff for about 2 or 3 minutes towards the end. They just stopped and Dave strolled up to the mic and the lights went crazy. Another highlight of the concert. Crush. What can I say about Crush. Dave was into it. Stefan was into it. Just a fav by the whole audience. Proudest Monkey --> Satellite. Nice to hear. I have never heard it live by the Band doing this. Two Step. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I was glad that they played this. Long Black Veil. Everyone except for 5 or 6 people were singing along to this one. It was great to hear it with the band. Carter could have done some more but it was still great. PNP --> Rapunzel. Another fav by the audience. Nice long opening solo by Roi. Rapunzel was another highlight of the night. So Much To Say, Anyone Seen the Bridge, Too Much. Dave's string broke off his wood Chet so he played his black one for a few minutes. ASTB is great. Stefan was into it and Roi was and Carter. Too Much. One word. Lights. The lights were crazy. OK. For the encore. I told a friend that it would be #40, Warehouse (stop time intro) --> Ants. I was correct except for the Angel From Montgomery. Dave walked out alone and I said it's either #40 or I'll Back You Up. He started playing it and we went wild. Of course only the DMB fans that have known about it knew what it is. And all the girls were clapping which sucked. If you don't even know the song, don't clap. For Angel, Boyd walked out and I thought it would be True Reflections. That would have been great. But Angel was great too. Then Roi, Carter, and Stefan walked out. Dave started playing Warehouse, nice and slow. They went off on this one! I wanted to hear this from the beginning. The lights were bright and Carter almost broke is drums. It was great. Then they started jamming and went right into Ants. The crowd went WILD. It was great to hear this as an encore. Boyd again was getting into it big time. He was over with the crowd and we all went crazy. At the end, Carter was going off on the drums for 30 seconds, which seemed like an eternity. I wish in that moment that time had stopped. It was such a perfect moment. Dave was standing there watching him and he looked at us smiled and turned back. It was great. Maybe a Tripping Billies, but Ants was still great. A great show over all, the band was really into it since they came back from there long deserved break. I can't wait until I see them up in Denver. I give it a 10. Great setting, great venue, great setlist, and the band was great!
Justin L.
HOLY CRAP! this is my 4th and final DMB show of the summer and it was the best of the 6 shows i have ever seen. i made the trip from st. louis to phoenix along with a very good friend of mine (the 3 hour flight was worth the show). and we got to BDSP about 2 hours ahead of time, and withstood the huge dust storm that ran through the venue. (we missourians only get tornadoes, what the hell is a dust storm??) so jimmy cliff came on, and it was a pretty good opener. he was a little off the wall with his wild dances and "words of wisdom". then DMB came on, and i was afraid it was going to be a "radio show" when WWYS and DDTW were the first two,but man was i in for a surprise. as the show went on, we met these 2 really nice (nice looking also) girls so that made the show even more fun. so us 4 were talking DMB between songs and trying to call the song by the tuning of dave's chet. and as the first set came to an end, we all had a feeling that the encore just might be watchtower, since stefan was having a pretty good show. then we see the backstage door open and all 5 come out, and i was pretty sure that watchtower was coming, then we see dave kinda wonder into stage and pick up his guitar, i was in shock! i knew what was coming, #40. he played the whole song to a dead silent crowd (those who knew what the song was were almost in tears, those who didnt know just kinda sat down) and then boyd comes out and played one of the best angel ive ever heard. then, to bring one of the best, non-stadium shows to an end, all 5 guys came out and played a conventional ants, which was fine by me, seeing that 40 made my nite!
Aaron R.
Before I get to the show, I wanted to mention that Jimmy Cliff and his band were staying at the same hotel that we were, and I was fortunate enough to meet him. It was truly an honor. We had a few beers at the lounge and shot darts with them. It was amazing. They were the best opener that I have seen thus far. Having front row seats helped too. On to the show. To put it simply, this was the setlist from hell. The only radio songs they did not play were Crash and Stay. They played it very well, though. The jams during Lie in our Graves and #41 were great, as were Two Step and Rapunzel. As I was becoming more and more disappointed with the show, I realized that even though I did not really like the setlist, there is no music out there that can compare with the energy, the talent, or the enthiusiam that they have. Then came the encore, which saved the day. Before the show, I told one of my friends that if I heard #40, Angel, and Ants, that I would be happy. Well, obviously I got what I wanted. It was great. Everyone up front did not know #40 or Angel. I was the only one going nuts and singing along, and it was great. Both in a row. WOW!!! I never really expected to hear them. The bulk of the setlist was for the new fans, and the encore was for the old fans. The encore made it one of the most memorable shows yet for me. See you in Denver.
Aimee B.
This was my 13th show and the first I've seen in Arizona. I almost did not get to this one, but I'm glad I did!! I went with my friend who was a "Dave Virgin" and he was very impressed!! A lot of my favorites were left out of this show (Jimi Thing, Nancies, One Sweet World, Crash *sniffle*), but the boys played fabulously. LIOG was great as always, and I always love Carter on Two Step. Dave was in a great mood...he made everyone laugh..."It's a dry heat...!!". The encore of this show made up for the lack of my songs...this is the first time I'd heard #40 live, and only the second time I'd heard Boyd sing (on Angel...first time was "True Reflections" at the 5-25-98 Red Rocks show)... I'm still smiling about that one. The AZ crowd didn't get nearly as crazy as the midwest shows I've been to, but that was actually nice for a change!! My theory (based on the last 3 shows I've been to) is that Long Black Veil (excellllllent) and Help Myself will be on the next album, ! and I hope I'm not wrong on that because both songs kick ass!! Overall, a very excellent night...
Ethan S.
What a unbelievably amazing show. I have seen DMB 5 times in the last two years and this was the most incrediable show. With a terrible monsoon storm in the afternoon, things cleared up into a cool beatiful evening with a great breeze, perfect for a DMB show. Dave Matthews and the band were into the show from the very first song and there was such a unbelievable energy. The band seemed very well rested and ready to jam. This was such a clean and well peformed show, each song was flawless! I never seen Dave and Boyd dance so much throughout a whole show. Leroi sounded amazing in every song, even the intros were long and full of melody and Carter was just whaling away like it was nobodys business. THE FIRST 4 SONG ENCORE OF THE 99 TOUR. #40, Angel, Warehouse into Ants, was amazing. The crowd was totally into it from where I was sitting and everywhere I looked througout the show.. people were just having a great time. I left the show speechless.. Just a phenominal show by a phenominal band. I have no complaints this was a very clean, flawless live performance with a unbelievable encore.
Ben G.
AMAZING! This show was definitly the most amazing show i have ever seen. I want to first THANK the warehouse for getting me 5th row center seats. When Jimmy Cliff came out the excitement started. It was my first Dave Matthews Band concert, but i have seen dave acoustically. When the show started, it was just so incredible. I was very happy he played "Lie in our Graves" my personaly favorite. Even though the two people on both sides of me and my brother just sat there and didn;t dance or anything, i had fun because the crowd other then them were very excited. Last but not least when he ended the show with 4 ENCORES! Then he played warehouse/ants marching it was just mind-blowing. Even though i was the youngest one there (14 years old). I still had a great job. If you have a chance to see DMB this summer make sure you see him!!