Dave Matthews Band
Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli
What Would You Say
Don't Drink The Water
The Stone
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me
Help Myself
Dreaming Tree
Two Step
Lie In Our Graves
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Rhyme & Reason
Too Much
Angel From Montgomery
All Along The Watchtower

Supah D.
Two words. BO YD. he tore it up tonight. He was just on fire. Don't get me wrong, the other boys did great as well, Carter was tearing some funky stuff. LeRoi and Stefan were kinda quite, and Dave did pretty good also (kinda usual I guess) It is becoming a treat to hear all of Boyd's solos and jams. The Setlist was BAD-ASS; I thoroughly (?) enjoyed it. I was hoping for a #40 since I just got a tease of it at the Foxboro show, but no such luck. Angel From Montgomery was cool as an Encore; Two Step was kickin (I had heard that it had been changed up a bit, but I didn't really notice too much); Crash was cool just because it is a cool song; Anyone Seen the Bridge and Too Much ROCKED OUT. Lie In Our Graves had just about the best Boyd solo I have heard or seen. I was also a little disappointed there was no Ants Marching, but Rhyme and Reason was good. Special props to the people in the front with a South Africa flag, the chick who threw her shirt on stage, my boys Dallas and Bryce, and no props at all to the guy who was pissing on Bryce's Tahoe after the concert. All in all, the concert was just about AWESOME, best one I'd been to.
Chad E.
great show. the crowd was really into him and showed a lot of respect and dignity until the end. he did and extended anyone seen the bridge featuring a DANCE solo done by dave looking like a football player....very sweet. when the band took the stage for the encore, it was wild
Ian D.
well, boys and girls, i have reached zen. lying on my back looking up at the stars listening to the boys jam their way throgh #41, i was blissfully reminded why these guys continue to blow my mind. the show last night was arguably the best show i've seen....i couldn't believe how tight everything sounded. carter was raging, leroi sounded god-like, stephan was cool as always, boyd was boyd, and dave sounded like an angel took over his body. his voice was so perfect that i'm getting goosebumps thinking about it. i was a little bummed to start the night out because i dropped a c-note for a ticket, but it ended up being worth three times that. it's amazing how a few reebs and some dave will awaken one's spirit. WWYS was a great way to start the show, and the crowd was in it from the start. DDTW and stone were next, and at this point i was in shock from how tight they sounded. all the stuff from crowded streets sounded particularly good tonight (particularly Rapunzel). then they played the greatest song ever...jimi thing was . they could've walked off the stage and i would've went home happy. crash was ok, even though i'm not a big fan of that tune. i didn't pay much attention to the next two songs (help myself and dreaming tree) because i was talking to this gorgeous blonde, but once the intro to two step came on, i regained my focus. i sat there dumbfounded after that song ended, and just chilled while they rolled through lie in our graves, rapunzel (great song, daves voice was all over the place and it sounded absolutely perfect) and rhyme & reason. they ended the show with too much, with boyd and dave facing each other deuling for a bit. dave was doing the crazylegs, and boyd was playing the violin like a guitar....so sweet. the encore was short, but impressive. it was the first time i heard angel from montgomery live, and was extremely impressed with boyd's voice. they finished up the night with the best rendition of watchtower that i've ever heard. it started really really slow, then exploded as dave was growling into the mic. carter was making my chest hurt, and boyd was a madman. wow. jimi was looking down last night with a smile on his face wishing he could play that song as good as these guys. we finished the night eating doritos and drinking some kind beers in the parking lot, already looking forward to the next time dave is back around. next show you're at, lay down on the grass, look up at the stars, and thank the musical gods for putting these five guys together. hopefully you'll reach your zen moment like i did.
Kevin B.
Overall, the night was good. Ozomatli had a great rhythmic sound and energized the crowd despite the fact that most people were more interested in getting drunk or getting high. DMB's setlist was fairly good, and the crowd was really into most of the songs though most of them didn't recognize Help Myself or Angel from Montgomery. (Why is it that 'everybody' at a DMB concert maintains that they are so 'into' the band, yet hardly any of them know songs that aren't on UTTAD, Crash, or BTSS?) Anyway, I had a good time, and a small group of us at the front even got Dave to play #41. My only wish is that I could have gotten him to do his Me and Julio cover (has he done this since Trax?) or the cover of Is Chicago.
Jon A.
Wow! WWYS sweet opener! Boyd & Leroi are true greatness. Sweet jam with Stone & Jimi Thing. Dreaming Tree the highlight of my show. Two Step had best jam -- just when you thought it would end, they'd crank it back up. Lie in Our Graves added verse, "Your always on my mind," by James Taylor? I called Rhyme & Reason with cool drum intro. Anyone Seen the Bridge into Too Much -- one of the best endings to a show I've heard. Dave was going nuts and so was the crowd. Hoping for Long Black Veil for encore, but Angel was just as nice -- Boyd rocks! Awesome show as usual!
Greg J.
Well,one word can describe this show,"eh." It wasn't anything special, your typical dmb show, a few highlights, but mostly a chill night. I haven't seen teh band this cold in awhile, must be gettin ready for woodstock or fatigue is finally catching up with them. Either way, I understand. However, Angel was very good tonight as well as The Dreaming Tree, which although mellow, was very pleasing to the ear. See ya at WOODSTOCK!
The S.
my first review, so go easy...my first '99 show, so i didnt know what to expect...the first shocker came when dave picked up another acoustic guitar rather than his traditional(?) black gibson...i havent seen him play in anything else...anyways, onto the show...good opener, got the crowd pumped to a certain extent...jimithing is, was and ever shall be a great jam song and thats what they did...and, to satisfy, the teeny bopper bitches, crash came out...dreaming tree is such a good song, but in concert is something else...i mean, its a little "too" mellow, i dont know...i dont care how many people kill me for saying this, but PNP->Rapunzel JUST HAS TO BE RETIRED...its been overdone, and to tell the truth, i would pay NOT TO hear it...hell, i know dave is singin, but man, put it on the shelf...rhyme and reason was a nice surprise and too much was done with much vigor and excitement...the encore was worth what we paid for the seats (which werent bad by the way)...angel was well done with boyd taking the vocals for the most part...everybody and their mother knew watchtower was comin next, so all were pumped...good, long 10 min. jam on that bad boy...anyways, anyone else who was there, did you see me?