Dave Matthews Band
Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
Don't Drink The Water
The Stone
Say Goodbye
Help Myself
Proudest Monkey -->
Lie In Our Graves (Always On My Mind interlude)
Long Black Veil
The Song That Jane Likes
Typical Situation
Two Step
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Angel From Montgomery
Too Much tease -->
Ants Marching

Ryan C.
Dave and the Band pulled out a very different selection of songs as he did two nights ago in Chula Vista. Some favorites of the night: Say Goodbye with some great on-the-spot lyrics, Trio of L.I.O.G., Johnny Cash's Long Black Veil, and Crush. Ended strong with Carter drum showcases on Two Step and Rapunzel. To top it all off, Angel from Mongtomery was mystifying. Great scene at Irvine, fun people, beautiful girls, crystal clear sky. I was impressed. Shoreline TOMORROW!!
Adam G.
The warm LA summer evening provided a nice setting for an incredible show. Boyd stole the spotlight, jamming all over the place as usual. Dave definitely wore his dancing shoes. 13th row seats (thank you, Warehouse) gave me a nice view of Dave's face...he was having a good time. Stefan seemed reserved, LeRoi a bit bashful. But Dave, Boyd, and Carter tore it up together. The setlist seemed a bit random at times, though it did cover the rare as well as not-so-rare (radio) songs. It was a plasant surprised to hear that the crowd knew the words to Help Myself. Congrats to the newly engaged couple...the guy in front of me proposed to his girlfriend during Crush. Highlights: (1) Carter's drum intro jam w/ LeRoi's flutework...they must have jammed for about three to four minutes; (2) LIOG: beatiful jams plus the(new?) Willie Nelson ("Always On My Mind") interlude during LIOG'as breakdown...very similar to the way Dave and Tim integrated "Fame" into Too Much on their older tours; (3) nice, long lyric intro to Typical; (4) incredible jamming on Rapunzel; (5) a gorgeous version of Angel...Dave and Boyd's harmonizing was perfect; (5) Too Much --> Ants: they played the first measure of Too Much, then broke into a lively, but standard, version of Ants; (6) no Crash Into Me! Lowlights: (1) Few jamming songs: no Billies, Seek Up, Jimi Thing, Granny, Watchtower, or Warehouse; (2) except for LIOG nothing out of the ordinary (no special bridges, guests, or jams); (3) Satellite: no energy. See you all in Northern CA for the next few shows....
Shawn H.
Wow! Another incredible show by the band. Gets an 8 out of 10 in my book. The set list was almost entirely different from Wednesdays at San Diego, and the band seemed to have a little more gusto to this more upbeat set. Proudest Monkey was great to hear also. Sometimes Leroi seems like he doesnt even want to be there, but the last two shows he has been ON. Carter pretty much showcased the whole night, bringing long intro's and jams to Say Goodbye and PNP. Help Myself, LBV, and Angel of Montgomery kept this exceptionally lame crowd wondering all night why they hadnt heard Crash yet. Had 12 row seats and all the people around me could focus on was their trips to the snack bar. Way to go fans, you should have sat on the lawn if you were gonna be weaksauce. The band played exceptionbally tight, and I mean exceptional. The surprising highlight of the night had to be Typical Situation, a very average average song that was stunning in concert. Also great to hear some of the older stuff such as Song Jane Likes. Two step, PNP, and Rapunzrl were all pretty standard, but Boyd brought his A gmae for LIOG. Good Gravey, it may have been one of the most impressive and energy packed songs that I have seen in my 6 shows with the band. All in all, an exceptional tour so far. Thanks for the shows Dave, they were all that the old school fans could have asked for!
Jeff P.
This was probably the best Dave Matthews Band show to date. The setlist was just totally solid, and the performance of the songs were as good as I've ever seen. #41 was a great opener, and I was very pleased to hear some of the more "less common" stuff like Help Myself, Song that Jane Likes, and Angel from Montgomery. The guys who stepped up to make this show great were Boyd and Carter. Stefan's solo into Two step was awesome. And the little tease of Too much into Ants Marching was insanity. I had never heard a tease like that, and it was quite a treat. The crowd was awesome, what was with all of the balloons? Some guy jumped on stage during Ants Marching, and got his ass tackled by three security guards. Dave just kinda took it in stride, and kept singing. My favorite show so far, definetly worth a listen, tape traders. All around great night.
Patrick R.
Well, I'm finally resting from the busyiest week of the summer thus far. Started out by partying for the 4th of July and then heading down to San Diego for arguably the best DMB show I've ever seen. At least it was right up there with last year's Irvine show w/ Bela and the Flecktones. I can't wait to get my tapes back from that show. Some of the highlights from that show were OSW, #41, Recently, Pig, #40, and Watchtower. None of them I was expecting but I was sporting wood during the tunes. Last night at Irvine - not as good as Chula Vista but still pretty good none the less. My Ruthie was with me and that made it for me, especially since Dave and Co. played Say Goodbye and Crush. Rad drum intro from Carter. Actaully, Carter was in top form last night. He had the spotlight quite a few times. Boyd ripped it up in LIOG too. Maybe I should say that Wednesday was the best because of the setlist. Friday was the best because of my company. I also gotta give a shout out to my buddies, Paul, Tricia, Connie, and Drew, some of my best partners in crime. They rocked out with us. Kelly, I'm very sorry you weren't with us. I definitely missed you.