Dave Matthews Band
Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Alanis Morrisette
Two Step
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Carter & Butch Jam -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Don't Drink The Water *
Long Black Veil **
True Reflections **
The Stone
Jimi Thing
Stay **
Granny **
Ants Marching

* with Alanis Morrisette
** with Tawatha Agee, Cindy Myzell, Brenda White King
Butch Taylor guested on entire set except for Granny

Ash H.
This was my first ever Dave Matthews show and man was it blast . I did not know a lot of the songs played but there was not a bad song in the set . Two Step was a pefect way to open the set and the crowd were feeling the energy . Next was #41 and this just got the crowd all pumped up ever more . Highlights of the show had to be Boyd's solo during Lie In Our Graves , Stay and Ants Marching , I was hoping for Satelite and Watchtower but that was ok , overall a wonderfull experiance for my first Dave show
Mike J.
Great concert! Dave was full of energy. You could tell he was having a good time, with his dancing and comedic antics at the microphone. Carter was all smiles on the drums, goofing around, chewing bubble gum. (I even caught him blowing a bubble or two while playing) He broke his stick during Jimi Thing, I saw it fly over his left shoulder, but had enough left to keep playing with it. Boyd Tinsley just went mad with a solo on Lie in Our Graves. He walked from one end of the stage to the other then out in front of the big Jumbotron screen as the spotlight and cameras followed him. Alanis did a fine job on Don't Drink the Water. I was a little disappointed when they didn't do Spoon. I thought for sure they would do that one. I don't know who guested as the keyboardest for the band that night, I never did catch his name, but his rendition of the Solo/Charlie Brown theme with Carter was pretty sweet. The crowd really loved it. He also did a fine job threw the rest of the concert. Three black female backup singers where present to sing in a few songs like Granny, Stay, and the Long Black Veil. All in all, a great concert even though they didn't play my favorite song, #36!! Of course, they havn't played that song since 08/09/98 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, Indiana. Oh, well.
Scotty C.
To start, BHTATM played a solid set. Alanis followed, and I have to say that i was impressed. I give her mad props on her outfit... Dave and the boys started out rockin'. It's nice how they can transform a venue the size of Mile High and make it much more intimate. It obviously lacked the close feeling of a smaller place, but the band did a great job reaching the crowd. They were energized and having a great time on stage - Boyd smilin, Davey dancin, Carter chewin gum... Butch Taylor was in for the night and added to the set. Boyd was on fire all night - his LIOG solo was incredible. Alanis came out for DDTW, and I can definitely say it was the best version I've ever heard live; the end really gave me chills - she adds a lot. The "lovely ladies" as Dave calls them also added to Long Black Veil and True Reflections. The end of the show was somewhat ordinary - I, like the other 74,999 people at the stadium was absolutely APALLED that Spoon was not played...if not now, WHen?? But the show was good. I've figured that we can learn to expect hoardes of guests at stadium shows. one last note: "The Maker" was played over the sound system as the crew packed it up...Kelly says hi...i'll see y'all in Atlanta!
Amit S.
Once again DMB proves to everyone why they are the premier live act. Beginning the show with an excellent Two Step, they continued to flaunt their musical arsenal all night including lead vocals by Boyd Tinsley on his original, True Reflections. Carter was God on the drums while Leroi was perfect. Guest appearance by Alanis was a disappointment adding nothing to DDTW and bypassing Spoon. LIOG and Jimi both broke into great jam sessions. Overall, Denver was on a High note with DMB in town.
Jamie S.
While I was skepitcal about the band leaving the traditional Red Rocks show and moving to Mile High Stadium, I must say that I was deeply impressed with the boys tonigh! DMB production was killer with the screens and the giant banners that dropped when they hit the stage. TWO STEP:15 min jam, Stefan rocked. #41:Leroi kicks brass LIOG:extremely long jam in the middle, Butch Taylor filled the gaps nicely!PNP/DDTW:Couldn't understand Alanis and didn't like her cookiness, but the boys jamed this one.TRUE REFLECTIONS:This one rocks, Boyd is the man STONE:My personal fave, the bands timing on this on was phenominal. STAY:backup singers OK, Dave crazy legs jamming on this one.A little dissappointed that they took their time coming back on stage for encore, and no Dave solo,but that is all the complaining for me. Of the three shows I've seen this month, this one was the best. I'll miss seeing these guys for awaile. Hey Nick and Qwi, figure out who has the tickets BEFORE we go!!
Chris M.
Dave Matthews Band rocked the stadium that is usually best known as having the best football fans in the country, on this night Mile High was known as the best DMB fans. 50,000 plus crammed the place as Dave cranked out the premiere show of the summer. My friends and I were reluctant about what the sound quality at Mile High might be like since Dave and the boys has likely seen the last of the 9,000 seat Red Rocks, however the sound last night was epic. Two Step and #41 were ideal openers, with Too Much as a niiiiice chaser. LIOG was incredible, Boyd was in lock-down with his fiddle. DMB took us back to Trax and jammed One Sweet World. Some other highlights were seeing Butch pound the keys on Rapunzel, and even a refreshing Lucy and Linus jam with Carter. Alanis came out to complement on DDTW, unfortunetely the mike, thankfully, appeared to be turned down low, her voice was absent under the tune. DMB rounded the evening with True Reflections, The Stone, and knew Denver was in the mood for a little Jimi. Stay was uplifting, and in impressive fashion sent us home with Granny, and Ants. Well, so much for the nights at the Fox Theater in Boulder.
Joe M.
Awesome show, even if the people in my section were the worst fans I have ever seen! Come on people when you go to a DMB show don't fight, don't drink so much you fall down the stairs, and last but not least don't bring your 7 year old little brothers and sisters. Other than that the show rocked. Two Step was a great opener. Stefan was amazing with the slide. Too Much got the crowd really dancing and is always fun to see, into one of my favorite live songs LIOG. OSW was also a treat to see even if the people around me sat down, this just gave me a better view. DDTW was a little more of a treat with Alanis, I was hoping for Spoon too, but didn't get it. LBV was aweome to hear, once again alot of people sat down, but this song is awesome. Then True Reflections, this is my first time seeing this song live, and it left me speachless. I wanted to slap the people around me who sat down and said who is this guy, he isn't Dave. The three backup singers also added alot to this song. Stone also a treat to see live, I wanted to hear wise men but didn't get it, still a great song. The Jimmi Thing/ Stay closer was amazing. Jimmi Thing had great energy, which it always does. Stay was a nice way to close the show. The encore started out great with Granny, I love to see this song live. Then like more often than not it seems Ants to end it. Boyds solo was awesome. Great show over all, wanted a 3 song encore but if thats all I have to complain about then I guess I am just spoiled.
This show was so sweet in my opinion. First you had Big Head Todd, I couldn't believe how many people weren't there to see em, they were great. Alanis was ok, at least she played mostly her old stuff. Then DMB with Butch on the keyboards, came out. Join the band Butch, you rock. A great two step to start off with and jimi thing later on was GREAT, especially daves little solo. Anyway during the encore it looked and sounded (at least from where I was} that they were waiting for someone, so i thought maybe spoon, then dave went around and talked to everyone on stage and they busted out Ants. Also where I was sitting, the crowd was GREAT! No high pitched shrieks, just cheering and they really only sat down for the stone. But what an awesome show. Oh yeah and LBV and True Reflections, my only complaint they ended with Stay before the encore, not a song I wanted to end with there.
Dave F.
The great thing about this web page has always been that honest comments get posted... so I'll hope that continues with the submission of this review. There won't be a song by song account, but there is going to be more than one paragraph... just because my sentences need to make some sort of sense. So Tuesday night was my 8th time seeing Dave Matthews band and it was the biggest disappointment. It's not that the show was poor - they musicianship was still the best of any band I've ever seen live. And after a perfect 55 minutes, I was very happy. Crash into Me doesn't bother me as a song... really doesn't. But from that moment on, I thought the concert lulled. Big time lull. It didn't find it's way back to a typcial dave show until The Stone and Jimi at the end. Background singers don't make a show bigger. All it does is lose the focus of the song. This was going to be a great show because everybody in the house thought Spoon would be played. It wasn't. Alanis Morrisette stood their and danced during Don' Drink the Water - and when she sang, it sounded more like howling behind Dave than the background vocals she contributed to the album version. At some point and time, the guest and the band need to be a cohesive unit. That didn't happen on Tuesday night. Probably better that they didn't play Spoon. What was most irritating was the fact that Dave Matthews contributed to a story on the DMB and Colorado's role in increasing their popularity seven years ago. But the night's show didn't seem to make Colorado - or the fans in Colorado - feel any sense of being unique. There was no rare songs (unless you include True Reflections and Granny, and I would argue that just because a song isn't on an album doesn't make it rare.) And the encore was fairly short - Granny and Ants just doesn't compare to the four song encores that have been played at other venues across the country. The stadium show atmosphere isn't a bad one. Sure, some things suffer. But video screens and better lights makes it fun in a different way. Unfortunately Tuesday night, it didn't have that fun, Colorado show in a stadium vibe. It's too bad, because DMB fans here have seen, and deserve, better.
Levi T.
Getting to this show was an experience in itself, my friend's dad has a small company plane that holds eight people so he convinced his dad to fly us over to Denver from Salt Lake City to see the show. We met around three o'clock and drove to a local airport and boarded the plane to Denver's Centennial airport. All went well and soon enough we were in the rental car on our way to the concert, while all the way hearing from the radio of all the traffic jams and snarls caused throughout Denver by the DMB/Alanis/Big Head Todd concert. The traffic, indeed was snarled around the stadium with traffic backed up well into the freeway onramp. We got into our seats at around 7:15 at what I assume was close to the start of Alanis' set. Her band put on an okay show, loud and lots of wailing and moaning. She seemed to play all of her hits as I not being a fan recognized almost all the songs. They came out for a one song encore much to my chagrin but I heard the Monsters put on a good set before her. Dave and the boys came on around 8:45 and started into TWO STEP. They all looked good and happy up there with Carter's big smile still glued to his faced three months into touring. Boyd had on red leather pants and just a sleeveless black leather jacket type thing left unzipped showing his six pack. He also had sunglasses on almost the whole time and the leather jacket had a hood that he wore for the first part and then later in the show put on a black hat instead of the hood. This started out as the typical Two Step with the poem at the beginning and everything going as it usually does until the end when there wasn't much of a Dave solo type thing like on some of the earlier '99 shows, on this one Carter just kept going off and they would quiet down and then just explode, it was a real great and long Two Step despite not having the little Dave midtro that I like. Next quickly came #41, it seemed like an okay 41, pretty normal. I really loved the parts where Dave just wails on the certain parts and the crowd did too. The jam consisted of the normal Roi flute, then Boyd, then Roi sax jam with Roi on the sax jam bringing it to several peaks where the crowd and band were just filled with energy, or something, you know those moments where the band feeds off the crowd and vice versa. Next up came TOO MUCH, it was kind of nice not having to have the SMTS > ASTB before although I like the jam it was just having Too Much. The crowd really got into this one as expected, really singing along to the opening lines and everything. But, what can you expect from TM, Dave threw in some f*ck it ups at the end and that was that. Next up was LIE IN OUR GRAVES. This graves had the typical beginning parts but when the jam came up for Boyd he really gave the crowd a show walking up to the tip of the stage and over in front of the video screens so it was sort of feeding back with video or whatever you want to call it making like eight Boyds on the screen with the real one right in front of you, real nice jam and LIOG. After Boyd's long solo and they did that little bring it down groove and there was quite a long break, Dave took a drink before coming back in with the 'I can't believe...'. After the energetic LIOG came the instrumental intro to ONE SWEET WORLD, there was some nice flowing here and some Roi as usual, great little intro tune. As they were playing the intro I told my buddy it was One Sweet World cause he asked and some fine girl near me says no, it's Help Myself from the Scream 2 soundtrack. Being a fine lady and all I didn't want to argue with her so I just said something like, I think it's OSW. Well she quickly found out she was wrong and 'felt dumb' as she said, so I tried to console her a bit and she said she had met Dave three times and this was her seventh show of the tour cause she gets tickets from somebody that works with the band (a rodie? sounded like she said super or something.) Anyway, she was fine and we chatted and it was one of those Little Thing things, back to the show. One Sweet World was fine as usual, not anything different just sounded nice and no Swim Naked at the end just some Dave mumble. Next came CRASH INTO ME with the Dixie Chicken at the end, not a bad tune in concert, sounded okay and the crowd dug it of course. Next Carter and Butch started doing a little jam and Butch broke into Linus and Lucy and they jammed with that a little then took a short break to laugh and point and give credit to each other and then went into PANTALA NAGA PAMPA > RAPUNZEL. Seemed like a good Rapunzel with a good jam tacked on to the end, and Dave changing the lyrics around a tiny bit. After that Dave said we're going to bring out a special friend or something and said 'Alanis Morissette everybody'. This 'Don't Drink...' really slammed, I love how they just smash right into it at the start and Dave really gets into it. Alanis just stood there uncomfortably for the song dancing a bit and then when the end came she started doing her part with the wailing or whatever she does, anyway she did that for a bit and sounded okay, and then all of the sudden you couldn't hear her, it was like Bagby didn't like how she sounded and just decided to cut her off completely. It was sort of a waste having her up there at all for the tiny part she did. After that Dave brought out the Stay singers from BTCS and said their names and introduced them and proceeded to play a haunting version of LONG BLACK VEIL. I think he might of forgot the words or something cause he just kind of mumbled a part of it. It sounded really good and the singers weren't too overpowering, they just kind of hung back. At the end of the song after Roi had a little solo each of the singers had their own little part of saying 'Nobody knows' three times then they each said 'Nobody sees' three times, etc, it was a real nice version. Next Boyd stepped up to the mic and busted out TRUE REFLECTIONS with 'the Lovely Ladies' as Dave called them. It was a real inspiring version of the tune, Boyd was doing some hand motions and really getting into it, the girl next to me said to her friend about Boyd's voice, "this sounds like Widespread Panic," and added, "Boyd's a bad ass." He certainly is with the glasses, hat, and leather he was wearing. Up next came THE STONE. It was a pretty regular version of the tune, I really like Roi on this. At the end Dave sang the usual 'let it all fall out, let 'em fall out" or something like that. JIMI THING was next and it satisfied the crowd big time. It had the Boyd solo, then Roi had a little solo (he didn't seem too into it) then Dave had his little solo over the groove Stefan and Carter were laying down. Dave's solo didn't sound as good as some of his others I have heard, but I'm no guitar expert or nothing so don't take my word for it, but it was a good Jimi. After that they brought out the lovely ladies once again for STAY. It wasn't too bad, the crowd got into it and I think the ladies added something to it, unlike how on BTCS they overwhelm I think. After a long encore break out came Carter, Stefan, Dave, and the lovely ladies once again. I was hoping this was going to be GRANNY and was happy to hear it. Half way trough the song Boyd and Roi came out to sing background vocals, couldn't hear Roi very well but he was singing a little. After Granny ended the lovely ladies exited to much applause and Carter started directing the boys about what to do next it looked like. They started into ANTS MARCHING shortly after that and a stunning version it was, but Dave didn't have the crowd sing 'people in every direction' part, unfortunately. It would have sounded cool in a stadium. Well Ants ended and Dave thanked us for comin' out and chilling with them tonight and they left the stage and the lights started coming on. All in all it was a really solid show and I really enjoyed myself, but it didn't seem like Roi was very into the show tonight, didn't take the spotlight when he could of, just kind of chilled. One of my buddies saw him off to the side of the whole stage setup on the grassy part before the show and got a nod from him after he said 'LeRoi!' It would have been nice to hear Spoon with Alanis, but I don't know how it would have sounded without Timmy and Bela, and I wonder if she would know her part still. I guess she could have learned it again, right. Sorry I didn't get to meet any of you all, but I didn't get there early enough. As the lights came on and people started to leave Bagby or somebody started playing 'The Maker' over the speakers. It wasn't Dave singing on the tune so I assume it was Daniel Lanois' version, it sounded pretty good. The crowd was good, there was a lot of beer and people smoking up, but it really wasn't a problem. No distractions from the drunks and no barfing that I saw. The crowd didn't look very young from where I sat, from like upper teens like 17 all the way to married middle aged couples around us. Not many 'I love you Dave' yells that I heard, lots of folding chair passing though just like at the other stadium shows as people have said. Somebody had a 'Carter Rocks' sign on the front row that Dave pointed out to Carter. After about True Reflections I never saw that cute Help Myself girl again, she was tall, wearing a black tank top with Mossimo in white on it in about the fifth/six row in A3 seat ~10 are you out there in DMB land somewhere, all right sorry about that. Saw many tapers there, around twelve stands I counted. Some cool hippie guy by me on the fifth row close to center was running 480's. The show went from 8:45-11:15 and we made our way back to the rental car, to the airport and flew home and was in Salt Lake City and in bed by 3:00AM. Thanks for reading this far and sorry about the length. Email me if you have any questions or know the black tank top girl. Just _one_ big paragraph, no?
David R.
I had been counting down each day to see the best group around. I was studying all the setlists (haha) to see if I could predict anything they would play. After I did that I thought that I knew exactly what they were gonna play but I was totally wrong. Like always, they make colorado a different show. They play Angel From Montgomer and #40 throughout the whole tour and what do they play here? True Reflections and Granny. Not a bad combo but its still not #40 or Angel. It was a fun night, huge crowd. A lot of people wanted to hear Watchtower but there was no such luck. Long Black Veil is an awesome song. When they started playing it I was the only person around my section who had any clue what it was so everyone else sat down. I got pissed off, but then they broke into one of my fav's, True Reflections, and I was happy once again. I had never heard it with "the lovely ladies" so it was a nice treat. 41 is always awesome to hear and Granny was great. I thought the encore should've had one more but all in all an awesome show.