Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
The Dreaming Tree tease -->
What Would You Say
One Sweet World
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Help Myself
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Cry Freedom
Jimi Thing
Tripping Billies
The Stone
Warehouse (stop time intro) -->
Ants Marching
Angel From Montgomery
All Along The Watchtower

Matt W.
This was a special KFOG private concert with Dave solo held at the new broadcast room at the KFOG studios in SF. Dave started at about 1:10 with an amazing version of 'The Stone" withe the "Can't Help Falling In Love" segue that he used on the Dave/Tim tour. Then Dave was asked questions from Fogheads and he rambled on about different things. Then he played a beautiful version of "Bartender" (new song) with some different lyrics than on the acosutic tour (I think) and then he segued that into a very passionate "Don't Drink The Water", just like on the acoustic tour. The only thing I noticed was that Dave sounded exhausted and that his voice soudned alittle rough and he didn;t really hit any high notes, but it was a great performance anyway.
Matt T.
Pretty mellow actually really mellow show all in all. I'm long time fan from back east and it seemed to me that DMB was just lacking some energy or maybe they decided to just chill out. The main highlight was the funked-out Jimmy Thing; Leroi solo-ed as did Dave after him, very cool. Other highs included a pretty solid Crash (done nicely because of the mood) and the Warehouse into Ants finale before the encore. Not a bad concert (with DMB there never is) just unlike any I had seen before or was expecting.
Ethan S.
I left this show speechless, I just got back to my hometown in Arizona after seeing DMB 7.06, 7.08, 7.09, 7.10 and 7.11. I did not think, I would see another DMB show that would top the energy I felt at the Phoenix show, but this show was by far the most perfect DMB show I have ever experienced! The crowd was into this show from the begining to close.. There was magical energy in the air. I heard Dave say "Its magic tonight" I did not see anyone sitting down... I left this show speechless... Everysong was on.. I can not really give you a detailed feeling of each song other than each song was performed beyond what I could ever imagine.. The band and the crowd was into the show so deeply, that I felt like I was at a U2 show of old.... Just unbelievable chemistry... The setlist DMB played was amazing.. It had phenominal energy... The encore was perfect #40 complete and beautiful, the sound was completely clear, I could hear the words which were amazing. Then to hear Angel From Montgomery- Boyd and Dave singing together is just a unbelievably incrediable to experience. "It is magical" And to close with Watchtower.. It was beyond words to describe- To hear Stephan's bass line intro in to Watchtower was incrediable.. Watchtower was longer than I have normally heard and seen, with Dave, Stephan and Leroi playing solo's througout the song.. It was breathtaking.. This was the most complete, perfect and musically extrodinar DMB show I have experienced to date. In the future if you ever get a chance to see DMB at the Shoreline Amp in Moutain View, California.. I would highly recommend the travel, for it is a unbelievable venue sitting off the bay and a really awesome beachtown!
Jared O.
Wow, what a show! This was my 5th full band show and it was again incredible. The band came out looking very colorful. Boyd with his red leather pants, and Carter and Stefan with orange shirts. The whole band also came out looking ready to put on a great show, and they did. WWYS was a great opener and got everyone dancing right away. Next was OSW with the outstanding intrumental intro. Rapunzel was nice and funky. Crash was not on my wishlist to see, but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I finally heard Dixie Chicken, and Dave used A LOT of passion for the ending during "Crash into me, crash into me". Help Myself was a nice one to hear. SMTS -> ASTB -> Too Much, very powerful and energetic. A new sounding jam from Roi during ASTB. Cry Freedom! This was a nice rare song to listen to while swaying in the nice San Francisco air. It's not the most danceable song, but I was still standing. Jimi Thing! Definately THE jam song of the night! Billies was energetic as usual. The Stone - probably my new favorite live song. The ending to this song live in incredible! Warehouse - yet another powerful jam which had the most bad-ass segue into Ants. Nice to hear after not hearing for 3 years! This is still in my opinion the best way to end a show. The only way to follow it is the most incredible 3-song encore! To start off, #40! Which seemed extremely close to the original version. Then Angel From Montgomery! Boyd took the first verse then Dave took over so Boyd could jam out. This song has the most amazing feel live when the whole band joins in. And to close out the show, another cover. This was my 4th time hearing Watchtower as an encore, and every time I hear it, it gets better! This was an absolutely amazing show!
Adam G.
Well no one can accuse the boys of not switching up their setlists. The only songs they played tonight that they also played last night were: The Stone, PNP --> Rapunzel, Angel... and Help Myself. Boyd was in rare form tonight with his tight red pants, Kangol hat, and shades. He went through about half-a-dozen bows rocking-out on his fiddle. Dave seemed happy, again...and he shoul have been: the crowd was excellent. Except for a few moments in Help Myself and Cry Freedom, the packed stadium stood and sang for the entire show. Neither LeRoi nor Carter had many chances to show off on this one...no Say Goodbye intro, etc. Still, the boys were tight, very tight. The beautiful layering of their instruments showed through in Rapunzel, The Stone, Jimi Thing, Watchtower and Warehouse (Boyd's picking was incredible!). Highlights: (1) Warehouse stop time outro (yes, outro) bridged into Carter's whole notes on the snare for Ants; (2) Help Myself (two nights in a row); (3) #40 (finally heard it live..gorgeous); (5) Boyd; (6) absolutely incredible Angel From Montgomery (this should acquire Watchtower status in Dave's repotoire (sp?) of covers! Lowlights: (1) CrashInto Me...has to appease the twelve-year-old radio audience, I guess (at least he gave us Dixie Chicken); (2) misplaced Cry Freedom...love the song just thought it fell in the wrong place in the setlist; (3) no "Fools Rush In" interlude on The Stone (the crowd asked for it, too).
Overall, my 11th Dave show was a solid performance from Dave and the Boys that didn't disappoint. Great opener with WWYS, hadn't heard it for a couple years. Crash was a crowd pleaser but Dave made it better by singing "crash into me" in a deeper voice. Help Myself good once again as I heard it before at Alpine. Dave almost screwed up Too Much by singing "suck it up" too early but caught himself right away. I was psyched to hear The Stone then Dave messed it up by starting it out "oh unholy day" and then sang the opening verse later. Unfortunately, it got the band off track a little bit and the messed up the chorus later. Still a great tune but better with Dave and Tim. Great to hear the entire Warehouse and hear Ants before the encore. #40 was great and the only huge disappoinment was no Two Step. Maybe tonight at Concord. See you there then on to Arco. Peace...
Adam B.
Very uneven. I felt like the boys were hanging out more than playing a near sold-out show. The 'What Would...' opener was a nice change of pace from 'Pampa->Rupunzel' that seemed almost a given during the last DMB tour. Other than that, I would say a pretty lackluster outing. Even 'Jimi' never really seemed to take off. The venue might have been partly to blame- lots of drunk idiots and low volume never help. The encore was better than the rest of the show combined. Sweet '#40', a pause and then Boyd steps to the mike for a damn near perfect 'Angel'. The boys regrouped for a by-the-numbers, but good, 'Watchtower'.
Matthew W.
Overall, I was blown away. Dave and the boys rocked. The instrumental intros to One sweet world and Pantala Naga Pampa were amazingly sweet. Dave seemed perfectly content to jam all night long. Highlights: Crash-- An unbelieveable vocal performance by Dave... If you love this song this is a tape trader's must. Cry Freedom-- Although I rarely enjoy this song live, I was blown away by the clarity of Dave's voice. The best I have ever heard him do. Jimi Thing-- A twenty minute jam, not just the song. Everyone got in on the jam except Stefan who made up for it with a blazing intro to Watchtower. I had been hoping and praying for #40 and at the beginning of the Encore, Dave came out and did it by himself... An extrodinary treat. The lyrics seem to have changed dramatically from earlier versions.. hopefully Dave's working on preparing it for a new album. Watchtower-- Stefan steals the show with an amazing intro, and the rest of the band follows suit. This show is a taper's must, and I did see numerous mic stands in the crowd, so there should be no shortage of recordings. See you all in Concord tonight.
Brian D.
Hey everyone. Well, this was truley an amazing show....one of the best out of the 10+ i've been to. Shoreline is truely a great venue and as Dave said at his private concert on KFOG - "Theres no place to play like the bay area" - Well, the energy was definately there. The band jammed...and jammed...and jammed. What Would You Say, a great opener, would've been pleased with Two Step as well. One Sweet World - very nice soft version (a little slow too) - Rapunzel, very good. Crash, your typical crash with a good dixie chicken..nothin out of the ordinary, but a very good cloud pleaser. Help Myself, a nice version that not many people around me knew. Dave pointed to us as we were holding our 5 foot SOUTH AFRICAN Flag (by the way, thanks warehouse for the 7th row seats =) As we were waving around our flag with a flashlight - dave saw it. He went over to carter and boyd...they had a little private meeting. Carter looked up and saw the flag, then started smiling. He gave dave a nod and then they dave breaks out with the song i really wanted to hear. CRY FREEDOM! A very nice version, very appropriate with the flag....and a great song just to listen the the marvel of dave. Well, i'll end the reviewing here, except for #40. In my south african flag, i had outlined in glow sticks "#40" Dave came out with the band...carter bowed to dave...and then dave saw the flag glowing. He then broke into #40 with me and a few die-hard fans around us going wild. A truly amazing night. Sorry for writing so much. I know I left a few parts out though. Thanks for everyone behind us not getting mad about our huge flag. =) A must for tape-traders.
Tim S.
Hello all, well Dave and the boys rocked Shoreline once again. The definite highlights of the show were Boyd in his tight, red leather pants, and a nice hat to go along with it. Boyd also sung on Angel with Dave. My favorite of the night was when they played Help Myself, I really wanted to hear this one live. Slower Rapunzel was played, don't know if I liked it better or not. Another great show, hope to see you all at Arco.
Nancy M.
After the band's very "different" show in Irvine (different as in unusual but great mix of songs, kind of low/mellow energy), we were treated to a night full of passion and high energy at the Shoreline in Mountain View. One Sweet World, with a long, tasty guitar/sax intro, was a sweet surprise after the powerful opening WWYS. A slow but cool Rapunzel, a sweet Crash, a wicked Help Myself, and a tight SMTS built up to an extremely fiery and HOT to the touch Too Much - it was sizzling! Cry Freedom was beautiful and gave us a chance to catch our breath. Dave actually took a guitar solo (!) on Jimi Thing (Go Dave!); started slow and worked his way into a rhythmic frenzy. I hope he solos more. The fire continued up to a very intense Ants - the most intense I have ever heard. Great 3 song encore: we got our #40 (very sweet and heartfelt), Angel (go Boyd!) and cool Stephan solo into a freaky Watchtower. Overall, the band's sounding very tight... Dave seems to be going for stretching his vocal range rather than using falsetto for the high notes (I like it - so full of emotion) - & his guitar is right in the pocket; Carter is amazing as always - chewing that gum and sounding just EVIL! Boyd keeps sawing away - full of great energy, Stephan is solid (nice to hear him solo), and I think Roi is at his best on the bari sax licks and tenor solos. See ya'll in Portland!
Erin L.
Just when I thought the band couldn't be any more awe-inspiring . . . they were!!!! The setlist is the perfect reflection of the energy and excitment that was felt at the show. When the show closed with #40, Angel from Montgomery, and an all out Watchtower, I knew I had just been at one of the greatest shows I had ever seen or heard. The boys just rocked tonight!
Josh L.
I have just one word about this show: AMAZING!!! I have seen DMB 4 times now and this was by far the best that I have ever seen. I will go over the highlight songs and give reviews and then give a couple of comments I have about the show. OSW- Very good intro, not too many people knew the song. Pretty sad about that. Great version though. Help Myself- I was very surprised to hear this song and barely anyone knew the song. The crowd did however seem appreciative after the song was played. Hopefully some of them will get into it now. Jimi Thing- This was by far the best version of Jimi Thing that I have ever heard...and i have many bootlegs. Unbelievable solos by Boyd and LeRoi. But what I was most surprised about was the solo by Dave himself. He had a great acoustic solo. The best song of the concert. Warehouse-Seems like the solos were neverending there were so many. Dave and Boyd and LeRoi seemed generally really excited jamming with each other. Very exciting. The encore: This was awesome!!! I had seen that Dave had been playing #40 and Angel lately and this was one of the things that i was hoping for. While most of the crowd didn't really know the songs very well, they were really getting into it...especially when Boyd was singing in Angel. They then ended with their new signiture ending song...Watchtower...great version with some great jams. A great way to end a great concert. Additional Comments: I didn't really like that 8,000 or so couples holding each other during Crash (aww...how sweet). I really appreciated all the Boyd and LeRoi jams at this show considering the lack of them at the last show i was at (Madison, WI 12/11/98). Lastly, before The Stone...Dave gave a little, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo." I thought that was really cool.
Scotty C.
Nice show; Cry Freedom was beautiful. The entire set was pretty standard. Crash was different - no Falsetto "craaash into me" at the end. he sings it straight and sounds very cool. It was trippy to hear number 40 and watchtower kicked ass. See y'all at concord.
Paul T.
The show was great (notice the lack of the terms "excellent", "outstanding" or "insane"). The energy Dave and the band brought with them was fun and corwd-pleasing. This being my 6th show, I have yet to see a better performance of Ants Marching, even though I was not really looking forward to it, they tore it up and sounded as tight and, when appropriate, free-spirited as ever. What can I say abouth the encore? Creative and definitely memorable. Boyd singing on Angel from Montgomery was killer. Everyone knew whatchtower was coming, and Dave and crew delivered in a big way. It left a wonderfull vibration in the crowd that more than likely stayed with everyone thoughout the rst of the night. My reason for abstaining from calling the show incredible is the lack of overall creativity in the setlist. Sure he threw in Cry Freedom and #40 (of course practically 90% of the crowd talked the whole way through these songs, killing the dramatic effect they could have had), but jimi thing, crash, and tripping billies are old standards that should be used more sparingly. it would have been nice to hear typical situation, rhyme and reason, say goodbye ( among others) instead.
Justin D.
This was a great show, barring the usual annoyance provided by dave's faithful and yet everso irritating following of 15 year old girls. No matter how hard i hoped and wished, they didn't stop singing along and clapping for the duration of the show. I've seemed to become pretty good at simply tuning them out by now and focusing on losing myself in the music, which was exceptional. Jimmy Cliff provided some tight raggae beats for the opener, pleasing many of the fans, despite a vast difference in musical taste between them and his usual audience. WWYS was a great opener which got everyone off their seats. This was my first time hearing the intros to OSW and PNP, which i found to be exquisite. Always love the Dixie Chicken outro to crash, and then what a surprise to hear help myself. As in earlier reviews, I too was surpised to see the widespread recognition of the song, always a favorite. All 5 members seemed high energy, dave, boyd and stefan were jumping around as usual, despite carter and leroi's relaxedness, but they were all into the show, with some great, drawn-out jams. jimi thing had an incredible jam session at the end, always guaranteed to please, and then right into nature. extended warehouse was phat as well with some great jamming. The encore speaks for itself. This was my first #40, as i assume it was for many people, which has always been a favorite of mine, then angel (who's gonna sing? boyd!), followed by watchtower with an INCREDIBLE bass intro. High energy, great show!
Shyam T.
It was my first DMB show, overall it was very exciting. People stood the whole time, the energy level in the crowd was great. Jimmy Cliff was mildly entertaining, but most people in the crowd weren't interested in hearing a reggae meister. DMB was in fine form and the songs were great. Jimi Thing was interesting and had some great instrumentation, it was one of the highlights of the show. Too Much was great, the energy really got the crowd moving even more. The encores were interesting, and people loved it when Boyd started singing, but hardly anyone had heard the songs before (except for All Along the Watchtower). That song is the perfect encore/showstopper, and it is 10 times better than the Hendrix version. Overall, one of my favorite bands played a very satisfying show.