Dave Matthews Band
Griffiss Air Force Base, Rome, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Two Step
Too Much
Rhyme & Reason
Don't Drink The Water
Tripping Billies
All Along The Watchtower
Ants Marching

Brian M.
I didn't expect much from this showing because I just thought DMB was going to play all radio songs but they mixed it up a little and it turned out to be a good showing. The crow went crazy when they when on and it took them a while to bust into #41, but it was worth it. A great opener to get things moving. Two Step was great aslo. I very good song to get things groving. So far two great songs to start out with and I was a little suprised. Dave had a lot of energy and was very talkitive. Too Much and Rhyme and Reason were two songs I expected them to play. I was hoping for an intro to either one but there wasn't one. I could have done without DDTW but you knew they had to play it. The intro to Watchtower was awesome. Stefan was banging on the bass and then Dave starting playing the notes to Watchtower. This was the most solid song the whole show, lots of energy. Ants was a dissapointing closer but thats what i expected. This was a decent set. #41, Two Step and Watchtower were all great and had a ton of energy, but the rest of the setlist wasn't that great. The guys did have a lot of energy on stage and that helped a ton.
Phil B.
I sat through all of the bands yesterday on Pay Per View, and I must say, Dave and the boys put on the best show out there. My friends and I tried to call the opener (We were betting on One Sweet World, in the spirit of Woodstock), but we got #41. What a great song. They were jamming really well on this tune. I called the next one as Two Step, and I was right. Stefan had a cool intro, and the new outro sounds great! Next was a very energized Too Much, with Dave saying "I don't know, fuck it, maybe your dreaming". Great song. Rhyme and Reason followed. Cool song, not my favorite, but had alot of energy. Don't Drink the Water was called right as Dave detuned his guitar. Another great song, they were still full of energy which made me wonder if we were going to get a crappy closer. Well, Tripping Billies followed DDTW, and the energy was still rising at this point. My friend made the comment "I never thought after the 98 tour that DMB could play a set this cool, but look at this!! When Billies ended after Boyd had torn the hell out of his violin bow, Stefan started screwing around on his bass, and another of my friends screamed "WATCHTOWER!" We knew it had to be played some time, possibly as a tribute to Hendrix, but instead he did his own version. Stefan's solo was incredible, I saw alot of really talented bassists during the day, but Stefan put them all to shame. The rest of the song was pretty crazy, with the occasional camera view of a topless girl or the mosh in the front 10 rows. At the end, I said outloud "Wow, it can't get any better than that!" But it did. They broke right into Ants, and jammed like I've never seen before. Dave added a cool bluesy lick into the violin solo, if you ever hear it, it sounds like Timmy. All in all, an incredible show, with Dave dancing in every song, even Don't Drink the Water. I hope they're this energizesd when the come to Hartford in 12 days...(not like I'm counting down or anything)
Christopher J.
Dave Matthews simply rocked Woodstock. Every song was jammed out differently than I have heard in the past four years. They obviously wanted to go all out and pulled out all the stops. The highlight had to be Carter's crazy drum jam at the end of Two Step. They were improving everything and it was flawless. Dave didn't rely on any corny, "Wave your hands in the air and wave em' like you just don't care", sayings to get the crowd going. They just rocked. Boyd did some awesome sawing at the end of Watchtower as well. In my opinion this is how Dave should be everynite. Just the 5 of them, (no Santana or Alanis Morissete), no special guests who only a few people appreciate, just DMB going nutz. It was truly awesome to hear standard songs played in new faster crazier ways. Dave and Boyd were all over the stage the whole time. They received the best intro and outro cheers and deservingly so, as they played the best set of the day, and the best set I've heard in the past 4 years.
Jesse T.
woostock was absolutely insane! Tons of amazing bands, and special moments. As far as Dave went, it was pretty much what I expected. Lots of radio songs, and not much jamming. I think they really impressed everyone there though. Highlights for me were #41 (which time I was fifth row getting thrown in all directions), a great rhyme and reason and tripping billies (when I was trying to keep myself from passing out after i crowd surfed over the front rail to get out of that mess) and then the watchtower, ants duo which was just amazing. Everyone loved watchtower because of the hendrix spirit still alive in it. All in all a rough, amazing time, but everything was worth it to see Dave rock!
Jake S.
First off, Woodstock was spectacular. I left right before Sunday night's riots - i am pissed off about the riots. a couple hundred jerks ruined the end of an otherwise peaceful, perfect event. Anyways, back to the DMB show, they were great. Opening with #41 was as great as it could be without the Flecktones. Two Step, Too Much and Rhyme & Reason were great. I expected them to do DDTW because it fits with the whole Woodstock environmentalist ideas. Tripping Billies was great. After this, Stefan started an amazing solo. I was thinking that it could be something new because I hadnt heard this bass intro before on any dmb song. I was very surprised when they busted into Watchtower. It was an encredible version. I predicted before the show that they would close with Ants and they did. Dancing around the front of a crowd at least 150 thousand people strong to the Dave Matthews Band doing Ants Marching was possible the most exciting experience of my life. For a very short set, this was definately a great high-energy show.
Patrick R.
Well, I must be perfectly honest, I wasn't actually *at* the show. A buddy of mine taped it from the Pay-Per-View showing. There was nothing particularly exceptional about the performance other than the fact that it was the Dave Matthews Band and they rock. There were your typical DMB jams (#41, Two Step, Watchtower) and they were all excellent. I actually got what I expected out of what I knew wouldn't be a full set. I did enjoy the fact that we got to see Carter up close doing his stuff. Man, that guy can play. I also paid close attention to Dave playing some of the tunes and had a lot of questions answered about how he plays them. That was cool for me. I'd actually like to hear from someone who was at the festival. Personally, the idea of having "3 more days of peace and music" was a good one but in no way was it promoted. I mean, having Metallica up there singing songs like, "Fight Fire With Fire" and "Seek and Destroy" was dumb. It defeated the purpose. Oh yeah, and that riot. Gee how peaceful. Woodstock '69 was cool. But it was 30 years ago. Don't do it anymore. This one was so far away from the original intent that it was stupid to put it on. I guess whoever said money talks was right. But I'll tell you what, the bullshit sure did walk. Dave rocked. Woodstock sucked. There's the review.