Dave Matthews Band
Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli
The Stone
Too Much
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Two Step
Dreaming Tree
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
Say Goodbye
Don't Drink The Water
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Angel From Montgomery
Ants Marching
Long Black Veil
All Along The Watchtower

Bret P.
This show ruled. As always I was very pleased with the show. We were yelling "Stir it up" alot and Stefan teezed us by playing his intro to it but then they went right into watchtower which was still incredible. The little song they did before One Sweet World was really cool and the slow but sweet jam before Pantala Naga Pamba was also very cool. Carter did an extra long say goodbye intro and Jimi Thing was the cool jam it always is.
Fred L.
From the beginning strains of #41, I thought the guys would be in a laid-back mood. I was right. They really seemed to be in a slow groove, and that worked well with the sweltering summer heat. It wasn't until the 3rd song that the tempo picked up with Too Much and then they followed with the gentle One Sweet World. If you look at the set-list and imagine long slow jams through Jimi Thing and Say Bye and couple that with the treats of Dreaming Tree and Angel From Montgomery and you will realize that a very special night was enjoyed by me and 22,000 of my closest friends.
BaileyThomas P.
Outstanding - maybe the best show I have ever seen. Began solidly, with 41, kind of a laid back version of Stone, Too Much and some OSW also very laid back with the sweet intro. Two Step speeded things up a bit (and I must admit I was very impresssed with both Stephan's slide solo during the intro and Dave's bluesy solo for the outro - Timmy must be teaching Dave a thing or two!) Dreaming Tree was awesome - first time I have heard it in concert. I had almost forgotten how beautiful it is. Crash was staple. Jimi Thing was groovin' as usual - a nice solo from Boyd. Say Goodbye was great, though not really because of the band. Two girls a row behind us took of their tops and got on their boyfrind's shoulders. When Dave saw it he nearly had to stop playing he was laughing so hard. DDTW, PNP-Repunzel were all full of energy. Then Angel - what can I say, beautiful harmony from the boys and that Boyd can sing. Ants Marching as the last song of the set made me believe a huge encore was about to be unveiled and I was right. Long Black Vail was beautiful - everyone really knows their part now as opposed to when I saw them in Charleston and Watchtower, well, Watchtower is Watchtower. Exciting, passionate and the ultimate crowd pleaser. All in all a remarkable show.
Wes B.
Best dave show Ive ever heard, best setlist, unrivaled energy, my libido still hasnt come down yet! On to the highlights: dave, boyd and carter all came out and jammed with the opening band for part of a song, was really cool. my friend and I had row 26 tickets, but we ended up finding empties in the 3rd row, was unreal! #41 as an opener was amazing, the new two step jams, yes jams, as in there was 2 or 3 new parts, were amazing, angel from montgomery was unbelievably beautiful, a true treat, dreaming tree wasa cool mellow addition, and the encore was unreal! if you havent heard long black veil yet youre missing out, very beautiful, and a stefan bass solo into watchtower ended the show in a mad fury, best dave show ive ever seen (my second ;) ) i'll see everyone in charlotte and raleigh, no more after that howeverm as i have to manage the 14 hour drive back home, its all worth it tho, peace