Dave Matthews Band
Concord Pavilion, Concord, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
Don't Drink The Water
Two Step
Rhyme & Reason
Proudest Monkey -->
The Last Stop (Reprise Outro)
Lie In Our Graves
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Jimi Thing
Drive In Drive Out
Warehouse (cut) -->
Ants Marching

Matt T.
A little more energy than last night's show at Shoreline, but again a more funked out and solo-driven show. More highlights to talk of this time with Carter ripping some serious solos in the beginning of the show, especially on Two Step. Last Stop was clearly the best performed song of the night, the lighting was fabulous and the boys we're real tight on it. Boyd stole the spotlight on Lie in Our Graves. And Jimmy Thing was again funked out like at Shoreline, but the blues timing started earlier. Drive in, Drive out was an excellent closer, better if they had saved it for the encore.
Rogel C.
OK, so alot of these reviews I think are pretty whack cause everyone always starts out with the classic line, "This was the best Dave show ever!" Well, this was my 5th DMB show, and unfortunately, i myself am going to lay out and use that tired cliche as well...THIS WAS MY BEST DAVE SHOW EVER!..that done and out of the way, it was classic for a number of reasons. First of all, there were these cops, err...cowboys on horses making sure everyone wasn't throwing up all over themselves at the concert, and when Dave got onstage, the warm California sun was just setting in the background and the cops on horses were against that background so they're shapes were siloueted behind the crowd. Dave noticed them and said, "Hey man, you guys look pretty cool up there with your cowboys hats and all." Carter immediately started a lil drum beat and Dave followed along on the guitar with something straight outta Hee Haw, while at the same time shaking his backside to and fro. Secondly, if you took a good look at the setlist, i hafta admit, it was a bit slow at first, but right after Satellite, the show took off from there. It was Boyd's night definitely..Lie in our Graves was classic, and from then on, the audience participation was tremendous, you could really feel the energy in the crowd. Either that, or the marijuana was really taking its effect. All kidding aside though, it was a show that extruded much energy from the boys which really transended into the crowd. I flew out from Colorado just to attend this, and it was worth every penny i spent. I'm not quite sure what to expect at Mile High next week, it being a stadium show, but hopefully it will still be good. I was at Red Rocks last year, and the Concord show even out rocked that one.
A_j@ix.netcom.com .
Wow! Definitely the most energy-filled show in CA so far this tour. #41 served as a beautiful, if predictable, opener. No "This Land" interlude in DDTW....guess they leave that to Timmy and Dave. The Last Stop blew me away with the most impressive repriseoutro I've heard. LIOG...wow. Boyd rocked this one. Standard song, but always good...Dave approached the mic to give us a "till we dance away," but, I guess, had second thoughts. The crowd was a bit bewildered by Ryhme and Reason, but it fit perfectly into the evening's list. Plus, it gave Dave a unique opportunity to show off his vocal range (perhaps only Halloween does a better job). Jimi Thing was incredible, though even the new jams seem a bit played-out at this point....whatever happened to improvisation? Dave stoo-out on this one with a Hendrix-ish solo...amazing!
Cory S.
Of course, nothing bad can be said about a DMB concert, so don't look here. I expected a Seek Up opener and was pleasantly suprised with 41. They had recently opened with that and I didn't think we would see it again this soon. All the boys seemed fairly mellow tonight (must have been the heat) except Boyd. He was as animated as I have ever seen him. His solo during LIOG was the best I have heard. Jimi was nice with everyone taking a solo, including Dave. I knew the encore would be short because they didn't come back on stage until 10:50 and Concord Pavilion shuts down at 11. They teased Warehouse and went directly into Ants. Again, Boyd was a crazy man. Was hoping for Nancies, 40, Angel, or True Reflections; we'll see how we do in Sacramento.
Brian A.
Awesome follow up to Shoreline. Only three repeat songs, but each definitely worth it. Tonight definitely belonged to Carter. Last night was Boyd's night, tonight was Carter's. He tore it up in just about every song. Two Step was a major highlight as was Boyd's solo in Lie In Our Graves. Encore tripped me out. Dave played the opening to Warehouse and then Carter started the drums for a second before hitting the all too familiar snare for the Ants opening. It was actually pretty awesome. Anyway, awesome show, and like I said a great follow up to Shoreline. Can't wait to see what they pull out at Arco. See you all there....
Adam B.
This is a good example of why people go to bands like DMB on successive nights. After a somewhat dismal performance on Saturday, the boys went off on Sunday. Hoping for a more racous opener, '#41' was kind of a let-down but sweet nonetheless. 'Don't Drink' got the crowd on their feet. The audience was energetic and seemed to be much more engaged in the show than at Shoreline the night before. 'Rhyme & Reason' was a stand-out, as was the 'Proudest->Satellite'. 'Drive In' was a great way to end the set. 'Ants' was a cheesy encore for such a fat show, but fun anyway. Best I've seen since Greek Theatre in '95. Seriously considering driving up to Sac!
My 12th show was a nice complement to Shoreline with a mix of different songs but alone, this show was not one of the better ones with ONLY 13 COMPLETE SONGS! They haven't played a setlist this short in a long time. Getting on late didn't help. It seems as though these shows on the back end of 3 straight nights are wearing on the band a bit. Anyway, #41 was a solid opener and Two Step, as always, was great. Carter once again showed his talents in a long drawn out outro that didn't seem to end. The highlight of the night for me besides Two Step was The Last Stop (a surprise) and Lie In Our Graves with Boyd going nuts. Was really hoping to hear Granny, Song That Jane Likes, Recently, Best of What's Around, or something older but it wasn't to be. I hope the band has a good day off and has a lot of energy for Arco Tuesday night. See you on the floor...
Matt F.
Overall I think this was a disapointing show, but there were a few highlights. Boyd was fantastic on "Lie in Our Graves" and again on "Ants Marching". However, it seemed as though the band was tired from the start. Many songs were played slower than usual, including "Satellite" and "Rapunzel". The Encore was especially a letdown when they cut off Warehouse and went into "Ants Marching" after only a few bars, and then they were off. Perhaps Dave was feeling ill or his voice was going out, but I expected more than the one song Encore and fairly short and uninspiring setlist. "#41" was, though, a good opener, and I enjoyed "Two Step" as well. Dave said that he's having a lot of fun playing those two songs lately. But, on the whole, I've definitely seen the band have better nights.
Joshua S.
This show was a strong return from the lackluster performane at shoreline. Dave showed up in a great mood, sang with more energy, and somehow his voice came back. It almost seemed like he was screaming unnecessarily (a good thing) during Rhyme and Reason. Dave sang a very beautiful intro to Last Stop. Carter and Tinsley were especially on, and Boyd was simply amazing during Lie in our Graves. Except for Proudest Monkey, this concert was a nonstop dance party, with the crowd in uncontrollable frenzy at times. Band looked like they were really having fun (made up for last night). Wherehouse cut to Ants was a very cool encore, but I think we got screwed out of a song because of curfew (concert got started late). Overall, a fabulous perfomance. On to Sac.
Scotty C.
WHAT A SHOW!! Concord was far superior to Shoreline from the night before. First off, the set had no repeats until 10 songs into last night - a definite plus. The band was so into the show - having a great time and playing their asses off. Dave was talking about teh cops on horses and started playing a little country jam about them. Pretty standard show until the Last Stop which absolutely rocked...what a transition to the reprise. Then, THEN BOYD TINSLEY lit up the place in LIOG. Amazing. He was incredible. One other thing that helped last night over the 10th was lighting...Concord pavillion is closed in more, adn fenton's lights take much more effect. And to top it all off, carter threw his sticks to the crowd. see y'all in sacramento.