Dave Matthews Band
Portland Meadows, Portland, Oregon
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Help Myself
What Would You Say
Lie In Our Graves
The Best of What's Around
Don't Drink The Water
The Stone
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Too Much
Warehouse (cut) -->
Ants Marching
Angel From Montgomery
All Along The Watchtower

Tim J.
everything was really laid back tonight. most of the songs were done slower than usual, and the band seemed very relaxed and casual. fucking sweet show, though. although it was slightly subdued, the band was as tight as ever. dave kept doing an impersonation of boomhauer (sp?) from king of the hill. funny shit. i'm excited for the next two days at the gorge. dmb seems to be alot more spontaneous than when they toured in support of their last album. as one of my friends put it, "i think i'm ready to accept carter beauford as my personal lord and savior."
Heidi, A.
Solid show, but nothing exceptional. It seemed a little uneven throughout. There were several delays while they messed around with Carter's drum set. There wasn't much jamming: #41, LIOG and Crush were the only songs that included any extended jams. Love the instrumental intro to OSW. #41 and LIOG were beautiful. Boyd had a gorgeous solo during LIOG which seemed to go on forever. It sounded like they were going to end the song at least twice when they slowed way down and got very quiet, but they'd pick it back up again and keep going. During the ending jam on Crush Dave walked over to the spot where Boyd usually stands, stood at the back of the stage with his back to the audience and proceeded to do this funky little dance. Stone included a very sudden, frenzied jam at the end which we had never heard before. Good to hear Help Myself, #40 and Angel From Montgomery, but we could have done without Crash and Satellite, especially right together. The show went from a great start, started to drag from DDTW to Satellite, then the energy level came back with Too Much and the Warehouse tease into Ants. Boyd tore up his bow on the last two. Good combination of songs in the encore. Watchtower was amazing, we knew it was coming when Dave switched guitars. Stefan's intro was incredible. The show included a little Davespeak, including a comment about how "We're all enjoying the cool breeze this evening but I'm really glad the breeze is blowing TOWARD the Port-A-Pottys and not AWAY from them." All in all a pretty average show, looking forward to the Gorge. See everyone there!
Steve W.
This was a great show. It was very full of energy and I loved watching every minute of it from my 7th row center seat. It was definatly a show for Boyd to shine. Tripping: great opener, it lacked a little energy from when I heard it last November in Tacoma, but it got people singing and moving around. One Sweet World: such a pretty song. we were all lucky to hear it. #41: another great song with great energy. Help Myself: not too many people knew this song, but fortunatly, I was surrounded by other warehouse members who know their stuff. Carter was really getting going by this song. What Would you Say: A jammin song that everybody knew. Lie in our Graves: I was beginning to wonder if this concert could get any better. There was tons of engergy, on the stage and in the crowd. Great solos in this song. Best of What's Around: It was a happy song. Crush: Steffan was really getting into this one. Don't Drink the Water: This one is so much better when Tim plays with them, but it rocked anyway. Stone: The sun was setting and it was time to mellow a little bit after all of that energy. It was a good song to rest and just listen to. Crash: such a pretty song, hard to hear over everybody singing, but thats okey. It gave me chills. Satellite: It is a "can't go wrong" song. Too Much: this song is so awesome live. Leroi was blasting his barritone. The energy was so high. Ants Marching: I was pumped to hear warehouse take off and almost a little dissapointed when he went into Ants, but then I thought, "right on!" Everbody liked this one. Encores: #40: A very nicely done song. Dave has such a good voice. Angel from Montgomery: I missed the Cash show, so this was a first for me. I can't wait to hear it again. Boyd has a great voice. Watchtower: The crowd was wanting Nancies or #36, and frankly so was I, but this is the best I have heard him play Watchtower. It is always a good way to end a show.
Dave G.
This show was pretty standard actually, nothing tremendously out of the ordinary. The guys were into it tonight, #41, LIOG, and Watchtower all had good jams. Help Myself, and Angel were pleasant surprises, with Dave being into Angel especially. He seems to really enjoy that song. It's great to hear it live again. Tripping, One Sweet, WWYS, and Too Much were all energy-ridden, but there was little jamming. Satellite, DDTW, Crash, and Crush paid the bills and kept the teeny-boppers happy. But DMB, as usual, remembered the old fans and played a great encore, including a shorter version of #40. One of the hidden gems of this show was the beautiful ending jam on Stone. I haven't heard it played so sweet since the night before the Roanoke show last spring at sound check. Keep it up boys!
Nancy M.
Dave and the boys gave a great, rather mellow show at Portland, waiting until the encore to really rock out. One of the many great things about this band is that these musicians always have fun and produce great quality shows, whether they are in a high, low or medium energy kind of mood. Overall, the Portland show was medium to low energy, in my opinion, but it was still a night of awesome, jammin' music. Tonight it seemed Roi and Boyd switched roles - Roi's solos were soulful and hot while Boyd's were perhaps a little more sedate than usual, but still snakin'. Dave had a lot of energy (as I feel he always does onstage) - he was happy and dancing all night long. I also want to take this opportunity to comment on how incredible a vocalist Dave is - he can do so much with his voice, and he never seems to get tired or wear out - and all the while he is dancing and playing the most unusual jammin' rhythm guitar I have ever heard. Thanks again, band for another great show (props too, to the Warehouse for my incredible 2nd row seats)!
Nathan A.
First off 6th show, and jimmy cliff was the best opening band I have seen before the boys...they were entertaing! Anyway the venue sucked..acoustics were terrible and the crowd was very young and didn't get into the show until somebody put viagra in the beer garden, or was it when they played crash? Anyway Billies was a good opener, it was obvious boyd and carter were into it. I had called OSW as the opener, but second song was alright. the lady in front of me turned during this song and said to me, this must not be one of there best songs? whatever...my first 341 since my first show in '97, its my favorite and I think I may have bene the only one who new this song, as nobody cheered much, except for me! WWYS, was cool, first tiem I ever heard it live, and this got some of the crowd into it! helpMyself, 3 words: Carter, Carter, Carter! LIOG, got the audience going as well, boyd is just a bow breaking fool!BOWA, hey its a great song to sing along with, and leroi had a great solo! Crush, was cool its kind of nice to here it without timmy sometimes, it gets a better full band feel....ddtw, I like this song, so it was cool with me, also dave's howlling is just to cool, stone was nice, and like #41 I think the crowd was puzzled.Crash, viagra in the beer garden...everyone sang a long until dixie chicken,oh well, maybe they know now...satellite, nothing special, but Carter is what i watch on this one, if he ain't the best drummer in the world who is? too much, real funky, I love this song, the crowd really got into it! warehouse tease--Ants...I so wanted warehouse, and then right after stop-time intro, the drum hits for ants, ants was great, and I swear I thought Dave was going to break into WWYS in the middle of it! Encore: #40, pretty song, crowd got quiet, this is nice after the break. AFM this was very cool, I love hearing Boyd sing "I was an old woman". Some of the older audience ws singing along on this one...watchtower, the best watchtower to date! This was just flat out awsome, boyd and LeRoi and Dave's screamimg! this was even better than the one I saw with timmy last fall! Well off to the Gorge!
My 5th show of the summer and not anything incredible except for hearing 17 songs! A real surprise considering the poor venue (the middle of a racetrack). Even Dave commented "Thanks for coming out and standing in a field tonight." I'd saw DMB their last time at Portland Meadows (7/10/97) so I knew what to expect. The best song of the night was Best of What's Around, which would be my only BOWA of the summer even with 7 shows. #40 was good once again as was The Stone. Other than that, your basic show for a diehard fan without too many surprises...
Matt B.
Great high energy show filled with mostly older songs! The first three songs (Billies, OSW, and 41 are all great, and were good to hear) Then I was blown away to hear Help Myself, defenately an unexpected treat. WWYS was a crowd pleaser. LIOG was a great long jam where Boyd went off. I was happy to hear BOWA. Finally Dave broke down and played a song from BTCS, but Crush is defenately a good song from that cd. DDTW followed, and a good version. That was followed by the Stone, and after that Dave was done with BTCS songs, which was a good thing. Crash was annoying, but expected. Satellite continued the string of teenybopper pleasing songs. Too Much sounded good. Warehouse tease dissapointed me (wanted the full version) and Ants was another crowd pleaser. The Encore, however, was amazing!!!!! Hearing #40 was such a great feeling. I was so pumped after that, and then I was again blown away by hearing Angel From Montgomery. Boyd's voice sounded great (he needs to sing more songs) Finally the encore was finshed by a great version of Watchtower, mellow at the beginning, and High energy at the end. Leroi played excellent on this song!