Dave Matthews Band
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Rhyme & Reason
Tripping Billies
Drive In Drive Out
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Jimi Thing
Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Two Step
All Along the Watchtower

Joseph C.
Third show I've been to and the best so far. Incredible setlist (with the exception of Crash) and great venue. The sunset was beautiful as the band came out and wooed the crowd with the mellow intro of One Sweet World. I had never heard that intro with the entire band. It was awesome. 41 had a nice jam, R&R, Jimi, and Drive In were pretty standard. Pay for What You Get was a pleasant surprise, pretty standard. It would have been cool to hear crush instead of Crash, but who am I to complain. Carter sorta kept the crew going on Two Step by throwing in a little something different. When he usually does the triple bass drum kick, Carter sorta just went into "beat the shit out of the drums" world and delivered an awesome little solo. Then everyone got back on track and finished the song with an attitude. That was the highlight (in my opinion). Dave did an acoutic solo when the band came back out for a solo. Sad to admit, but I did't know it. I had never heard All Along before live, and tonight my hopes were answered. What a great show. Hope I get to hear Warehouse and Ants tomorrow.
Michelle H.
This was my fifth show and probably the best. Best venue, anyway. DIDO was outstanding, best version I've ever heard. Dave changed some of the words...it was just so good. Dave had what I guess was a solo during the Jimi jam, he did well, I'm proud of him. I waited two years to hear Seek Up, it did not disappoint, Matthews got some awesome wailings in there and LeRoi threw in a few notes from that circus theme song thingy, whatever, it was cool. During the jam at the end of Rapunzel Dave broke a string, but he kept playing til the end of the song with it. Two Step was classic, you can't say anything bad about it. Took their sweet time for the encore, but he went straight into #40. Sweet song. Bit short. Finally, Watchtower was awesome. By the end, Dave was screaming. As was everyone else. One question, why spend time and money at a show, when all you do is get so high and/or drunk that you make an ass of yourself, take away from the experiences of the people around you, and quite possibly, not even remember it the next day ? ? ? Oh, and one quick comment to the fans in general: Quit whining! David Matthews will play whatever he damn well pleases. He's the one on stage.
Ryan C.
This was a show unlike any I've seen. Dave and the band pieced together a unique setlist, each song a surprise, and each featuring extended jam sessions. Show highlights: One Sweet World Instrumental opening, awesome Pay for What you Get, and my favorite two rarities songs of the night.....Pig and the famous #40. Thank you Dave for the three verse, completely new lyric #40....I've been dying to see it live for the first time. Unforgettable.
Erick M.
Incredible show!! The band was full of energy and the set was great, IMO. Some highlights were PFWYG, OSW, Jimi Thing w/Dave solo; really long version too. Seek Up was great, which went into this little jam and then straight to PNP and Rapunzel. Recently was also a nice treat, full song and jam. The encore was incredible. Dave played the entire song (#40)!! It was incredible!!! Alos a nice, but short, Watchtower!
Tim D.
In terms of setlist alone, this was one of he best DMB shows I have attended. A great mix of songs from all of the albums. #41 was a pleasant surprise, since Dave had already played it the night before in Arizona. Not as good as last year's version from Irvine, but still a strong version of one of my favorite Dave songs. Pay For What You Get is a song that Dave doesnt play enough, so to hear it was another bonus. Jimi Thing was everything it could be. I am grateful that he has played that at every Dave show I have been to. When I left for the show, I said to my friend, "I would really like to hear a "Seek Up". For once, my wish came true and this version did not dissapoint. Two Step was an excellent choice as the set closer. Thanks Dave for a fun show!
Jeff P.
The band looked like they were having fun. May have been because of the break they had. Boyd was into it, and eventhough the setlist was not really impressive, the band played the hell out of just about every song. Highlights of the show were definitely "Two Step", "Jimi Thing" and #40. I enjoyed all of the twists that they put on the songs. I can't wait to see what they have for the rest of the tour.
Jame S.
Okay, this was the first Dave concert I have ever been to and it blew me away! All the little extras and changes he put in (the intro of Two Step and near the end of Watchtower where the music cuts when he screams out "The wind began to howl"). Plus, hey, he put in a Beatles reference! How much better can it get? After he played my favorite song (#41) it just got better from there. This was the first time I have ever heard #40 and it was well worth the wait. The only thing I could have wished would have been an "On Brodway" intro to Recently, but then I'd just be too spoiled. Great concert! I can't wait to see him next time the band is in town!
Nicholas J.
This show in comparison to the last two DMB shows I have attended was the best. It showed heart and true band enthusiasm.The night got started perfect, Jimmy Clfff,beautiful weather,women and venue. The band took the stage at 8:25. Dave sporting the cargo's and Boyd in a lavish gold costume with black kangol hat.My mission was to hear 3 songs:Recently,Seek Up, #40. Got em all Thanks Dave. OSW was a great opener that was preceded by a very beautiful,concentrated, instumental jam. The next three songs 41,Rhyme,Billies rocked the house.Much more energy than the 6/11/99 show in which Dave 's ribs were freshly broken.Best Billies I've heard.Damn Boyd is good.Drive In Drive kept the richter scale tipped with a longer more jammy outro.Splendid vocal terror by David.Boyd then left the stage, I think to be miked again. The crew was on stage alot during the show(dave broke 2 strings and boyd 2 bows}During this akward no Boyd time the band covered with a great version of PFWYG.Trippy lights.I left for Crash,sorry.Jimi was powerful with a new dave pluck jam at the end.Oh yeah i called that one .I love Pig,great energy.Then the block of songs that had me bouncing like I had ants in my pants.Seek Up-Roi Jam-PNP-Rapunzel-Recently-Two Step. Seek Up reached new heights with the highest sailing vocal solos I have ever heard Dave sing. He just didn't stop.Roi's little jam before pantala kicked ass go roi! Pretty standard Rapunzel extended jam. Recently.Old School Jam!"Ooh Darlin', don't go away"Two Step,called it, great as always, Very long jam at the end. Maybe a 10 minute 2 step.Encore:OK I kind of had an idea that 40 was coming, but I wasn't sure how much of it.About three minutes I'd say,some Dave mumbling,but a solid chorus(different than the 5/10/95 version). Dave yodeling at the end.Watchtower had lots of energy and instead of Boyd plucking like on the 98' tour he bowed the house down epic style during the middle jam. Out of nine shows this is the best hands down.This show flushed all my doubts about the band's ability to vary setlists and jam harder and longer down the drain. Lots of Davedance at one point he actually triple jumped over to Boyd. See yall in Irvine tommorow night.