Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George , Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
Tripping Billies
Rhyme & Reason
Help Myself
Proudest Monkey -->
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
The Stone
The Dreaming Tree
Lie In Our Graves
Say Goodbye
The Song That Jane Likes
Warehouse (cut) -->
Ants Marching
All Along The Watchtower

Heidi N.
I have to say that the two Gorge shows complimented each other perfectly. If Friday night was for jamming and dancing, Saturday was the night to sit back in absolute awe at the talent of these five incredible musicians. The shows started off with a bit of Davespeak: "The sunlight on your face makes you look so beautiful. It makes me want to take you home and make love to you." There were just so many moments during the concert that were so beautiful it was almost surreal. Between Billies and R&R Dave pointed above our heads saying, "Now that's a light show," and we turned around to see a rainbow. Proudest Monkey . . . all I can say is that I will never forget the sight of the band playing with the sunset and river as a backdrop behind them, wind blowing against them, and Dave with his eyes closed, barely moving to the slow groove of the song, and completely wrapped up in the music. It was the perfect visiual image of the incredible passion the band brings to their music. #41 was gorgeous and had SO much emotion in it. Boyd was amazing during Stone--although it was my third time hearing this song in concert I have never seen him play it with so much intensity. Dreaming Tree . . . wow. I never would have expected to hear this. Beautiful. I heard LIOG at the Portland show Thursday, but the Gorge version was ten times better. Boyd went wild, hat off, hair flying, dancing all over the stage. STJL . . . wahoo!!! This came out of nowhere. All of a sudden Dave stepped up to the microphone: "I have a sister named Jane . . . " If you were in Section A, yes, that was me screaming. The people in front of me didn't know the song and I'm sure they thought I had lost it. The energy started to pick up here as the band slammed into a great (if shortened) version of Warehouse. The lighting to the stop-time intro was great, crowd screaming, and Boyd tore up his bow. Dave sang the first verse, then they started on the jam and headed straight into one of the most amazing Ants I have ever heard. Long intro, the 1-2-3 jam at the end, and at the point where Boyd takes his solo Dave was jamming right along with him. While we waited for the band to come back for the encore there was a row of people up on the lawn with sparklers. The encore was pefect. Beautiful version of #40, I wish I could have written the lyrics down fast enough, the acoustics were amazing. Granny: LOVE! BABY! I couldn't stop smiling through the whole song. This was the usual Dave/Carter/Stefan version with Boyd singing along for the jam. Watchtower . . . wow, wow, wow. This was shorter than a lot of versions that I have heard, but one of the best. The entire band was just going nuts. Perfect ending to a 3-show road trip. "No reason to get excited"??? Not after this weekend. Thank you, DMB, for three incredible nights!
I couldn't have imagined a better show for my last DMB show of the summer. Along with Arco, the two best of the 7 this summer and that was without a Two Step or a Long Black Veil! 8th row dead center seats helped but it wouldn't have mattered. This was definitely NOT the show for the radio fan and the crowd was dead quiet at times, telling me that most of the people there were in fact that radio breed. Billies got the crowd going. Help Myself is a great tune although everyone was asking "what album is this one" and I had to remind them Scream 2. Anyway, Monkey to Satellite was nice then the show just took off. #41 was incredible and Dave's new, deeper "crash into me" at the end has really grown on me. The Stone is a great tune that is under appreciated. THE DREAMING TREE! Not expecting this one and it was my first DT ever---better in concert than on the album and a great concert song. LIOG is always solid and Say Goodbye has gotten much better over the years with carter's drum intro. The Song That Jane Likes reminded me of the Gorge in 97 when I heard it there and Dave' first song (okay, tune) will never disappoint. Knew I would hear Ants but glad to get half of warehouse along with it. The Encore was amazing. #41 AND GRANNY!! Unreal and Granny was my first since my first Dave show. A great tune with the crowd once again dead silent. Watchtower was a good finisher but would have preferred a repeat of Two Step or Long Black Veil (from the night before). With Leroi and Boyd coming out late for Granny, at first I thought we had a Christmas Song comin but it was not to be unfortunately. However, Granny was almost as good. A great show to end my dave run for the summer. Looking forward to the studio album being put together this fall and hopefully catching Dave and Tim...Enjoy the rest of the shows this summer y'all, I've had my fun. Peace...