Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
One Sweet World (instrumental intro. Swim Naked outro)
Don't Drink The Water
Typical Situation
Two Step
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Long Black Veil
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Jimi Thing
Drive In Drive Out
Angel From Montgomery
What Would You Say

Lorrie_D .
This was my fourth show and it was fairly good. The Gorge is definitely the best amphitheater out there. The setting is gorgeous, and Dave even mentioned how he'd prefer to play turned around so he could check out the view. I was slightly disappointed in the setlist (unlike at Shoreline), though, with no Dancing Nancies (no "look up at the sky"!), #41, #40, Ants Marching, or Tripping Billies. Nevertheless, the energy was there. It's amazing how the band can tour so hard yet remain fresh. Nothing too spectacular except Pig and a nice, quiet Long Black Veil. The band had a cool groovy jam with Jimi Thing. I'm so glad to see Boyd singing Angel From Montgomery and getting a bit more of the spotlight. Overall, I've got no complaints except a lame security "supervisor" who was scaring the crap out of everyone...Jimmy Cliff is crazy! Peace.
Wilsonsp@hotmail.com .
Tonight's show was a lot more mellow than last nights jam in Portland. One Sweet World set the tone for a slow night, but a good night to sit above the Columbia River and listen to the greatest band alive! DDTW was good, but it was a little slow and lacking the energy I heard last night. Warehouse got the crowed pumped and the lights were incredible. Typical Situation was a "everybody sit down" song. Two step got the crowd back on their feet and up to this point, the best song of the night. Crush was average. Recently was nice to hear. Pig was beutiful. The Gorge is a great venue to hear this song. Rapunzel, got the crowd going a little bit, but nobody was completely into it. Long Black Veil was alright for the first time I heard it. So Much to Say followed by Too much were real crowd pleasers. Too Much was better than the Portland version. Jimi Thing was good but needed to lose about 7 or 8 minutes of solo's. Drive was good. When Dave back out for the encore and I heard Angel start to play for the second night in a row, I was the happiest man in the Gorge and about the only one around me who was singing. WWYS was a good closer. Man, there were a lot of people there! We are a happy fan base!
Bonnie B.
It was a clear and sultry night at the Gorge amphitheater in George, WA. Dave carroused on stage and wished everyone a pleasant evening and remarked, "I wish I was facing the other way at this beautiful venue" he turned his back and began glancing at the crisp Columbia River and the vacant scenery. This is when the crowd applauded and began feeling how lovely the night was going to turn out to be! Rasta Man Jimmy Cliff had showed us all the meaning of love in his set which seemed to go by so fast. After Jimmy got off stage, just a few minutes of checking the equitment and the Dave Matthews Band came on! I have to say it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life! The crowd was absoultly great, welcoming the DMB and singing along to most of all the songs. My fav. song would have to be Typical Situation, it was so magical! All in all, it was a tremendous show! I think the boys loved it in the Gorge! "Celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain"
Nancy M.
This show ROCKED The Gorge, which is a very unusual, beautiful concert venue in the middle of a very desolate area between Seattle and Spokane (and 5 hours from Portland, for those who are wondering). Dave's vocals/guitar/dancing - great as always. Also enjoyed Dave's humble & heartfelt intro to Jimmy Cliff (great performance too). As in Portland, Roi was again very hot, providing sizzling sax solos especially on Warehouse, Typical (also a jamming flute solo during the interlude in 7), Rapunzel, Jimi Thing and WWYS. Funk/intensity was the name of the game - Carter was crazy on Two Step into Crush, and then the hottest Recently I've ever heard! And then PIG! What a great tune, and what a cool, LONG jam/pedal point at the end! Then the funkiest So Much to Say into Too Much; Dave with his evil rhythm guitar all the way through. More highlights - this was a night of highlights - Jimi Thing: Carter triplets/very soulful Roi/Dave solo, and an extremely fast and intense DIDO. Encore was sweet (Angel) and rippin' (WWYS). To the band: thanks for an incredible, wicked show! Yeah, it was worth that crazy drive from Portland... : )
Heidi N.
CELEBRATE WE WILL!!! Wow! I don't think I have ever danced harder in my life. This was an incredible concert, more than worth the six hour road trip. The energy level was amazing, from both the band and the crowd. Highlights, highlights, highlights: pretty much everything. OSW was the perfect opener for the venue: "So let us sleep outside tonight, lay down in our mother's arms." Dave commented that he wished has was facing the same way as the crowd, overlooking the river. An amazing version of Warehouse gave us a clue of the jamming that was to come. Typical Situation had that great little jam they're throwing in there. Dave sang the "too many voices" line a couple times. Two Step had the long Stefan intro that I love, I am always in awe of the sounds he creates. Now up to this point the concert was amazing--the energy building up--then they just blew it open. Crush started off with Stefan hitting those first couple notes on his bass, then stopping while the crowd went nuts. He teased it a couple times before they started into the song. At Boyd's solo all hell broke loose . . . 20,000+ people dancing their feet off. Recently was next, and wow, what a song! I was thinking it would maybe be the shorter version, but nope, at the "stopping point" Dave yelled "Yeah! Yeah!" and they jammed it out, including the 1-2-3-4 jam. Very happy to hear Pig. The lyrics fit so well with the location: "Look here are we, on this starry night staring into space, and I must say I feel as small as dust lying down here." PNP began with the long Leroi solo and Rapunzel was more dancing, dancing, dancing. Boyd was going nuts. LBV provided a good rest for the crowd; Dave solo on the first verse, then the rest of the band joining in with Boyd singing back-up. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much: I have to say, I don't care HOW many times this combination is played, it's still incredibly fun. At this point I couldn't figure out how they could possibly keep the energy and jamming going, but they pulled out Jimi Thing. Boyd, Boyd, Boyd, and solos from everybody. "Sometimes I walk there, yes God knows sometimes I take a taxi." They finished up the set with a solid version of Drive In Drive Out. While I wouldn't normally be happy with WWYS as the closer, on this night the band could do no wrong and everyone jammed one last time. It's impossible to describe the vibe that was present throughout the whole show: I just have to say that this experience was why we go to see DMB and was everything you could ask for from a concert.
Alone, this was a solid show. But together with the show the following night, this made for the best "show" I've ever been to---32 songs without a repeat. Unbelievable. Dave loves the Gorge and who wouldn't!?! An amazing venue that has been rated the #1 amphitheatre in America 4 years running and if you've been there, you know why (yes, voted #1 ahead of Red Rocks). It was great to hear a complete Warehouse early in the setlist followed by a great version of Typical. Two Step, as always, was incredibly tight with Carter going nuts on the drums once again. He cleraly holds the band together. Recently and Pig were a great combo that I was not expecting. Long Black Veil is a great tune and Dave does a great job with this song. I hope to hear it many more times in the future. WWYS was the only real disappointment of the night but a great show that set up 7.16 really well.