Dave Matthews Band
ARCO Arena, Sacramento, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Jimmy Cliff
Seek Up
Say Goodbye
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
The Stone
Help Myself
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Recently (Some People Do)
Tripping Billies
Long Black Veil
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Angel From Montgomery
Two Step

Cory S.
Well, a good alternative to the Sunday show in Concord. Only three songs were repeated. Very nice showing of good, old, songs. I called the Seek Up opener. OSW was outstanding with a very long instrumental intro. Great Recently, full jam version. Very excited when Boyd sauntered up to the mike and belted out a great Angel and Two Step was sweet. Just a note, I know DMB music is to be loved and shared, but some moron was on the radio for the "after party" and announced to the world that they played "at least 6 new songs that are going to be off the new album." I thought that oppitomized the ultimate definition of a "Crashhead," especially since there wasn't a single unknown song that hadn't been played before. You know who you are. Turn off the radio and try a tape.
Matthew W.
The show was without a doubt the best I have seen... Even beter that the two previous. The setlist was flawless. (Any time One Sweet World is the down spot in a set, Dav'e doing well) The highlights... An incredible Seek up.. Another blistering Jimi Thing... and Long Black Veil... I've been waiting to hear it for months. An excellent choice for the band to cover. Dave seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.. I have never seen him dance so much, or so wildly... He actually did a 540 spin while playing. Sidenote: Whoever it was down on the floor who lifted up your skirt during Crash Into Me... I think the security guards were a little too harsh.. Dave would have seen you soon enough. Angel From Mongomery is sounding better every time. Hope to see you soon at another show.
Ross D.
Wow. Seek Up a great opener. One Sweet World was a pleasant surprise. Crush was just average and seemed a little slower than usual without anything real special. Jimi Thing was huge! Dave and Boyd absolutely went off on this one with a huge jam. Crash was salvaged by the Dixie Chicken outro. Recently was fantastic with the R2T jam at the end of it. Tripping Billies was also huge. Long Black Veil was great. Anyone Seen the Bridge? was great and so was Too Much. Hearing Boyd on Angel was a treat and Two Step made for a great end. Dave was a dancing fool, Boyd was all over the stage, LeRoi was really solid with plenty of great solos (and that bari sax! i.e. The Stone!!), and Carter and Stefan were their usual insanely great selves. The energy was incredible and they really appeared to be enjoying themselves on stage. I think that Dave's voice was close to leaving him though. This was especially noticable on Crash but didn't affect any of the other songs. Great show with tons of life in it and a really diverse set list. Go Dave!
Christina C.
I think this concert was all about the "old fans". He introduced a couple new songs that really got the crowd quiet trying to deciepher them. I was blown away by Jimi Thing which had Dave jumping and spinning around with his guitar. Most of the people sitting (YOU DON'T SIT AT A DMB CONCERT!) around me didn't know many of the songs that he played, which was nice because that made me seem like a bigger freak jumping up and down. He didn't play his usual Ants, AATW,DDTW and Satllite which suprised most people. I like the new songs that Dave has (Help Myself, Long Black Veil and Angel) they really toned down the concert and made it more mellow. With these songs there isn't much of a chance to JAM and that can give some people a breather. What I really wanted to hear and got to hear was great ENTHUSIASTIC performances of Stone, Jimi Thing, Recently and Tripping Billies. I'd have to admit the ending wasn't exactly a crowd pleaser, most people were waiting for Ants or AATW. THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS CONCERT WAS THAT DAVE WAS INTO IS AS MUCH AS THE FANS. SEEING HIM JUMP UP AND DOWN AND SMILE LIKE THAT MAKES A CONCERT BETTER BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT HE IS NOT TIRED. I think doing 3 shows in a row must tire someone out, and thanks to his rest of two days we got a GREAT concert. It seems like this is the beginning of everything because my concert last year started in Two Step and this year it ended it. Out of the 5 concerts I've seen, I'd say this one was high up there, but not as good as my third row seats at Deer Creek in Indy this past month :-)
Scotty C.
A great indoor show. Jimmy cliff put on his best performance thus far to start off. The Seek Up opener was beautiful, and Carter went absolutely wild before Say Goodbye. Overall, the band was very tight and deep with their sound. THe crowd was very much into the show. Long Black Veil was intimate and a real treat. To me, though, the show kinda hit a speed bump right after Jimi THing...there was all this energy building and building and building, then a wall of plainness. and it wasnt just the popular stuff. maybe the lack of jam towards the end. Miss Judy Lai said this show was better than concord, but I don't know. In any case, the boys were sounding great and the show was longer than the two previous ngihts. See y'all at Mile High.
Scott S.
My first full DMB show, and I was not dissapointed. Boyd came out in the Kangol hat, so I knew I was in for a treat. Seek Up treated us very well as the opener. Carter had a huge solo leading into Say Goodbye, and even though I knew this is how he would open up the song the whole 99 tour, I thought just for a second (mostly hoped) that it was #36. Great song though, very impressive. I thought one of the best parts of the show, was seeing the boys smile at not only each other after a huge solo, but at themselves as well. There was a blur as Carter hit the drums. Hearing what he does is not comparable to watching him do it. I think after the first few slower songs, everyone was ready to get up and dance. You would think Help Myself would get everyone going, but since no one knew it, I was about the only one singing along. Jimi Thing was a huge jam, with Dave getting his solo thrown in there. I think him touring with Tim has really improved his ability to play guitar. "Some people do" intro'd us into Recently, and "some people like to smoke a fat one." This is one of my favorite DMB songs, and I have seen reviews of people complaing how "standard" it has been at the shows, but the boys jammed it out for us. Then the boys went into a little huddle, to come back out with Tripping Billies. Boyd was all over the stage with his violen, and you could see how much fun everyone was having. Not just us watching, but the group as well. I thought that would have been the closer, but Dave slowly put us into Long Black Veil. I think this was less well known than Help Myself, because hardly anyone was standing or singing along. They closed the set with So Much->ASTB?->Too Much. I think this might be a standard way to close, but so much energy is put into it, no one was sitting down. The encore was a treat, with Boyd singing the first verse of Angel, and then everyone coming back alive for Two Step. I saw 3 or 4 microphones out there, so give it a few weeks, and it should be out there!
This show absolutely blew away the shows at Shoreline and Concord. Seek Up, One Sweet World, Help Myself, and Recently all in one show in 1999!! We only needed Song That Jane Likes and Granny for a trip down memory lane. 5th row seats helped but it wouldn't have mattered where I was. Like my buddy said, the boys were incredibly tight all night long and Dave was as into it as he has been in awhile. Seek Up was an incredible opener and made my night immediately. I'd only heard it with Dave and Tim and this 15 minute version was a great surprise. Say Goodbye was yet another song I hadn't heard 7/10 or 7/11. OSW was good yet again as was Crush. The Stone was a much better version that at Shoreline with Dave not messing up this time except for a couple words at the end of the first verse. Help Myself for the third time this summer was killer although the radio crowd sat down for this one. Recently!!! Amazing and I was not expecting this along with Some People Do for the intro. Billies is always a solid song and this was no different. Long Black Veil was great (my first all summer) and much better without Emmylou Harris singing along with Dave (no offense Ms. Harris). SMTS--->Too Much was standard and I've heard this so much, a little disappointing but the boys were full of energy. Angel is okay bit not a great encore song but Two Step in my opinion should be the closer much more often. In my opinion, DMB's BEST CONCERT SONG HANDS DOWN. Carter is amazing and this song showcases his talents. A great way to end the night and I hope I get the same in Portland. Overall, this show ended up being lucky #13 for me and one of the top 3 easy. See you in Portland and then at the Gorge y'alll...
This is my third concert and I have to say that I was disappointed. Were it not for the fact that I was sitting in third row center, I think I would have really disliked this show. There were a couple highlights though, including Carter literally tearing up his sticks (pieces of his drumsticks were flying all over the place) during a couple of his solos and Boyd (finally) doing quite an impressive, energetic solo during Tripping Billies. I've heard that the band really dislikes the Sacramento venue because of the heat (Boyd was even in...::gasp:: KHAKIS!) and you could really hear it in the beginning of their show. Everything was slow and laggish. Not even the crowd up front was getting into it. Thank God that it (sort of) picked up near the end of the show.