Dave Matthews Band
Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas
Don't Drink The Water
The Stone
Drive In Drive Out
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing
Cry Freedom
The Song That Jane Likes
What Would You Say
Long Black Veil
Two Step
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
All Along The Watchtower

Laura D.
This show did not begin until Jimi Thing. The first five songs were played at concerts at Alpine, and they were all newer songs. Up until Jimi Thing I was very disappointed. Jimi was a good jam, but somewhat similar to 6/26 at Alpine. Cry Freedom was totally unexpected and the first non-repeat of the evening. The highlight of the evening was back to back RTT songs: Recently and Jane. I came to hear Recently, and was basically ready to leave after that, and I heard "I have a sister named Jane" and could not believe it. He played it Saturday, and I thought he wouldn't play it again. The rest of the concert was all radio and newer except for Long Black Veil. It really makes me mad that much of the crowd loses interest if they don't know the song (This song being a prime example.) The encore was good, but the same as Saturday minus Angel from Montgomery. Watchtower was really the best way to end the show. I think it was a good concert despite its slow start.
Mark H.
Mediocre show with a pathetic setlist, given the last two nights. Only two songs that hadn't been played. Jimi Thing and Recently were both good, but the only real bright spot for me was this particular #40. The lyrics were absolutely gorgeous. The spoke of how the fans backed the band even through "the melancholy years," and how Dave can look back and laugh at the times when he cried.
Allison H.
Well my third show in a row and possibly my last of the Millenium, so I didn't really care what the band played, because I know I'd miss hearing even Crash after tonight. I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed the Iguanas, they're a great little band, and have a lot of catchy little tunes. It was pouring all through there set and ended about 10mins before the infamous "Brickhouse" tune came on. It was really hard to adjust from the majesty of Alpine to Marcus. I couldn't believe that I could actually see the top of the venue, and let alone the smallest lawn section I'd ever seen (about 14 yards wide) Alpine was home for two days full of close family so to speak. Pig was a suprising opener, and kind of made it hard to get into. The entire crowd was pretty low key and very radio orientated. Not a lot of dancing or cheering, but then again I just came from 2 sweet days in East Troy. Biggest thrills were CRY FREEDOM, which if you heard 6 screams it came from section 5 row h, were my friends and I went crazy. I don't love this song, but its actually really good in concert and anything new is great to hear. Then came Recently, that was the one tune I had yet to hear in concert and I was blessed my final night. Song that followed it, and I was shocked to see such various tunes get dished out. Pantala/Rapunzel had to have been the best I'd ever heard in concert. I turned to my friend during it and said look "They're all jamming and smiling" the guys just went crazy on this one, probably because it was they're last for a week. Dave came out for the encore walking like he was going surfining or something, very adorable. #40 was a suprise as always, and the lyrics changed a bit, it seemed smoother and Dave looked more confident going into it. I think the demand for it has increased so much he's getting the point, that its a loved song. I can never get sick of watchtower, and he really blew his voice on this one. I missed the "HA HA, HA HA" that was so loud at Alpine, but the crowd jammed pretty well to it. The setlist was really mixed up, possibly because of the House of Blues broadcast that night, and the final night in WI. Dave danced more, so I'm guessing the ribs are mending. Three dave shows in a row, let the withdrawl set in...
Jeff E.
I went to all three shows in Wisconsin this year and this was my ninth over all. I have to say they are my favorite band by far, but I find there concerts starting to lack a lack from what they use to be. This was the best concert out of the three however it still was not all that great. Dave is no loinger able to talk without 40,000 people screaming. The setlists have become repetetive and you couldn't tell the difference between a cd and a live show because there are no jams anymore. I'll admit Rapunzel and Watchtower were the highlights of the show however they were still very lacking. I hate to say it but the way Dave is playing right now almost makes me want to become a PHISH fan just for the concerts. Come on now Dave lets put a little more effort in to the real fans and get rid of the "Crush, Satelite, Crash" fans.
Willie C.
This concert was much better than the one from Saturday @ Alpine. From a music standpoint, the setlist was great. It was the first time I have ever heard Cry Freedom or Recently live (besides bootlegs and stuff). Boyd was fargin amazing as he stole the show with great solos in Crush and Jimi Thing. But I think that the solos should be more spaced out so that more of the music can be heard. Plus, It was great to see Dave doing some soloing, something I've never really seen him do. It's good to see that Dave didn't "forget" #40. Watchtower was fabulous. DDTW was great. Pig could have been better, But you won't hear me complaining
Matt B.
This show was the best of the last three. Alpine is a much better place to see one but sitting at Alpine this year was like listening to a CD outside. The originality of the band is almost gone, I think they have run themselves into the ground. Had great seats so I could see everything. The begining of the show was pretty standard and the repeats from the last two were very dissapointing. It seemed that with two step though they became more energized and this is my favorite so it is the only one i don't mind hearing twice. the last songs really had some good jamming and even though i have close to 60 tapes and have seen 12 shows i still didn't recognize some of the stuff they were throwing in which really made me appreciate the money i had shelled out. the last four songs vindicated the show and i was happy to see them actually having some fun. they should tour less and write more. all in all it was a good show and the weekend was a lot of fun, long live dmb
A.J. .
The show started out a little slow with pig but picked up speed toward the end. Dave seemed a little more energetic and in to it than he has through out the tour. He talked more to the crowd and consistently showed off his pattend dance a little like the "Charleston." It was the greatest rendition of Jimi Thing I have ever heard both live and on tapings, and 40 was a welcomed surprise. Rapunzel and Watchtower packed an unbelievable sound that ended the night on a high note. I was a little dissapointed with the first couple of songs. Would of liked to hear, Lie in our graves, Say Goodbye, Best of Whats Around, or even Seek up. All in all, it was a great show. The band earned their week off.
Joe D.
Thank god for the scalpers. I had bleacher uncovered seats for this show and I was able to sell them to a scalper plus $20 extra a ticket to get dead center under covering. And god did it rain...but Dave came out with the Iguanas and thanked the crowd for staying even in the horrible rain. What a great guy. First of all, the Iguanas sucked. They were from New Orleans, a Mardi Gras band, and since ive never been to mardi gras, i didnt really appreciate them. But soon after they left, the band came on...heres what i thought: Pig- A very creative way for Dave to open the show...i wasnt expecting this but thought it sounded really great tonight, despite what many people in the audience were thinking.