Dave Matthews Band
Blockbuster Pavilion, Charlotte, North Carolina
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Boy Wonder
The Stone
Don't Drink The Water
Rhyme & Reason
Lie In Our Graves
Anyone Seen the Bridge?? -->
Too Much
Two Step
Dreaming Tree
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Jimi Thing
Ants Marching
What Would You Say

This had to be one of the best DMB concerts I have ever been to. The band kept the crowd into the music throughout the entire show. Dave played all the old favorites and brought back #40 as the encore. You could tell the band was emotionally into this performance, and held everything together with the heat bearing upon them. I'm still excited and sleepy after a 3 hour drive. The band is off to perform in Raleigh.
This was a cool show despite a pretty obnoxious crowd. The Stone and other tunes from Before These Crowded Streets seemed too slow to really get into the groove (Rapunzel and Pig, too). But the band was having a good time despite the insane hot weather. Carter was the man as always, with some amazing playing especially in Two Step and Dreaming Tree. There seemed to be some problems with Leroi's soprano sax mic, during rapunzel mainly, he was virtually inaudable, and he kept giving looks over to the sound guys like "What is going on?" But speaking of inaudible, the crowd around me was so into singing along and cheering at random times, many of the lyrics and solos were completely impossible to hear. i do understand the urge to sing along, but it was bad during songs like DDTW when dave and everyone in the crowd starts wailing away. It was nice to see Dave bring out his Martin for some tunes (41, Dreaming Tree, LIOG), finally a real acoustic guitar, but he seemed a little bit uncomfortable with it. Other highlights of the show were mainly the awesome 2 Step with two great Carter solos towards the end. I was glad they played a lot of BTCS, that was cool, and #40 was great to hear after so long, despite the people around me who kept yelling at people in front of us to sit down and so the song was totally drowned out. all in all, a good show despite the yelling frat guy problem.
Matt K.
Last night's show at Blockbuster was my fifth DMB show and it was probably the best one yet. The highlights of the show for me were The Stone,Jimi Thing, and mainly #40!!. It was only my second time hearing that song period and the first was off a tape a buddy of mine has. Jimi Thing was almost orgasmic. It was my first time hearing that song live and I believe it is their best song to jam out on. At least 15 min. long. Truly Awesome. The weather was hot, around 99 degrees at showtime and I think Dave and the band were drained, making for the short encore. There was some great davespeak, he was saying something to this dude in the front about his huge green wig. Low points of the show for me were the 5 songs from BTCS. I have heard Pig at my last three shows. All in all I would say this was a great show because of the crowd's energy and the band's great intensity despite the blazing weather.
Nathan C.
Given a bizzarre set of personal circumstances involving a brand new ex girlfriend (the grand irony for the evening was that I used the Zippo lighter she gave me in half of the songs), I had to sell 3 tickets to scaplers and get dropped off for the show. Needless to say it was pretty weird. I felt bad that the ppl next to me paid $60 to get in, but they weren't complaining. About the show - WOW. It was my third, and I had a great feeling about it for a number of reasons. They didn't play the night before so I figured they would have plenty of energy for tonight. Also there were no guests, which is a first for me. While guest shows are a blast, they often tend to upstage the rest of the band. But tonight, the songs were pure DMB magic, and they didn't need any help. Tonight I got to hear my first Stone, Dreaming Tree, Jimi Thing, #40, R&R and WWYS. We got the Stone for an opener, which was amazing to hear for the first time. Usually at blockbuster it takes a couple songs for a band to get going, but I think it's mostly because the sun isn't down and ppl are still finding their seats. I went nuts during #41, not that it was different from other #41s but it's quite possibly my all time favorite tune of theirs. Boyd was ripping through LIOG, I had to go into the aisle becaue the girl next to me screams like crazy for Boyd. Definately an early highlight. Carter was AMAZING in Two Step, and Stefan also got to play slide guitar for the intro - and I've never heard of him doing that before - go stefan! DREAMING TREE! I thought they might play it since they finally dug it up for the last few shows and wow. It was too bad that most of the crowd thought this song was a restroom break song. The flute was beautiful and Carter again stole the end of the song - a prime example of Carter's role in the band at intensifying the music. Jimi Thing was incredible - the best performances are when every band member gets to show off - and Dave got a nice solo for the end. I hope this is the beginning of a breakthrough for him because it would sure be nice if he could get over his fear of soloing so he could do it as much as the rest of the band gets to. Ants was perfect for a closer. We got #40 for the encore and I wasn't that suprised but happy to hear it - and I probably won't ever get to hear him do it again since he'll probably put it back in the shoebox after this tour. WWYS was the perfect second encore song to end the show, and very refreshing to hear it w/out John Popper because Boyd got to do alot more. Overall, amazing performances by all five members and as close to an ideal setlist as I could ask for. If there was a drawback, it was the crowd. I NEVER get to hear the beginning of a Boyd solo because he always gets drowned out. People, cheer at the END of a solo if you want to show your appreciation! But other than that everything was perfect for me. If you complain about this one you've been calloused by seeing way too many shows.
Lee T.
the band comes out about 8:20 to the applause of the overanxious fans...we did the opener game...well, it was stone...a classic song and one that i wanted to hear, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SET...it sucks as an opener...it was slow, and the music was not loud at all where we were sitting(a problem i think they half-adjusted later in the show)...it was definitely better with just dave and tim...i danced regardless, even with the slow beat, just to keep the mood hyped for the first-timer girls i was with...then ddtw...again, disappointment streaked across my face, but i tried to give it a chance...it was your typical ddtw with animated dave vocals...no one was singing or dancing in my section, so i felt it necessary to overcompensate with my singing and dancing...next was r&r, which is not my favorite song, and he really didn't get into like i have heard him get into it before( i think they were just burned-out)...i would have been more excited about it if i hadn't already heard it in raleigh(last year) AND charleston(this year)...THEN, #41...now you know i went buck wild on this one, and it was a doozy of a version for it just being the boys and no guests...roi took a LONG LONG solo that rocked my world and everyone else's there too...they delivered again with liog...it was also a kickin' version, and i was so hyped from dancing on #41 that i went crazy up in my "laid-back" section...i guess you could say that after #41 there were no inhibitions about anything i was doing...the only problem was, it was HOT as balls...i was literally as sweaty as i would have been after running about 3-4 miles...anyways, back to the set...too much kept up the livened mood, and was a crowd pleaser, but you know that i have heard that way too many times live to really appreciate it(like EVERY time i think)...nonetheless, i kept dancing...however, they did open it with anyone seen the bridge, which just rocks more than any bridge i have ever heard...then, when boyd broke out the first few notes of pig, i went hog-wild(pardon the pun)...you'd be surprised how many people didn't know it...i sang my heart out, and surprisingly, as little as people knew it, the mood did not die just yet...just when you thought everyone was going to finally sit down and start making out for the rest of the show, they started two step...i literally jumped higher than i think i have ever jumped before...it was a decent version for the amount that they play it, and dave tried a solo at the end like he did in charleston(he needs to stick to rhythm)...then came THE DREAMING TREE...the dreaming tree you say...stone, pig, and dreaming tree in one show, could it be...they had a very mellow and somber take on the song, which i enjoyed, and also welcomed the dancing break...it nestled perfectly into its position in the setlist lineup(unlike stone, which should have been played after rapunzel if you ask me)...it was a long long version,! and i welcomed the length...it was beautifully done and the boys were together...however, it did take the bite out of the crowd...many sat down...then pantaga-->rapunzel...a good opener/ first few songs number, but not good where it was in this setlist...after already hearing #41, liog, too much, and twostep, it just didn't have the punch...it just sounded kind of gay...the girls had stopped dancing at dreaming tree and this was not sufficient to revitalize them...i think this song and the wwys closer epitomized the lack of energy the boys had...they just seemed tired and it showed...then came jimi thing...the crowd got back into it, but it was not a long version, not very many jams, and as i mentioned earlier, lacked the energy i have seen before...then came ants...i don't know what came over me, cause i have heard it a lot before, but it is just AWESOME late in a show...i went the craziest of the evening and almost knocked some people down...it was a good version(in my opinion, it is hard NOT to put energy into that song)...there were quality jams and it ended strong...then the encore...OH, the encore...they came out and started it up, and i was going through the library of all the dave songs in my head, and then it hit me like the announcement of the birth of my first grandson, #40!!!...tears approached my eyes and chills ran down my spine...i had told the girls that the boys hadn't played any love songs(check the setlist, no say goodbye, lover, crash, crush or anything---a bit odd), and i turned to them and said, THIS is the love song for the evening...it was fantastic to hear...and pretty long too, i would say about 3-5 minutes..the thing is, you can tell it is not fully worked out bc he justs stops the song abruptly...well, after that, i was thinking maybe a 3-song encore, maybe a little angel from montgomery or a bowa and then a watchtower closer... NOPE, didn't get that, we got wwys, another great song that i personally have never heard live and wanted to hear last night, but again, it was not in its niche in the setlist...it sucked as a closer...it was short, without sufficient jamming, and unenergized for being the last song...dont get me wrong, it had punch, but not the typical punch of a dmb closing song...we cleaned up my wet shirts and gathered the gear, i found a taper about 15 rows from the front of the stage, and we jetted... all in all a good show, good crowd(in places), but i just caught them too late in the tour...dave has been touring for about a year and a half straight with about a month break and there is no way anyone can keep up that routine...nothing but love here for dave and the boys.
Mark L.
#40, #40, #40!!! This song made the show. Dave was into it the whole night. A very upbeat show with only two slow songs (dreaming tree, #40)...everything else was very crazy, including #41 and Pig. An opener with Stone got the crowd going early which was followed by Don't Drink the Water and Rhyme and Reason respectively. Over all a great show on a lovely cool night. Thanks Dave!
Kris P.
Great show. The opening band lacked a little, but the DMB show was great. A song I'd never heard before was played, as well as What Would You Say. That was a treat. UGA!
Matt D.
This was my my first DMB concert and i have to say it was a phenomenal show and a great setlist. they started out pretty cool and calm with the stone to get the crowd on its feet and cheering. after that they went on to DDTW which kicked major ass and dave was doing his infamous dabce all over the stage. Rhyme and reason was a surprise and got the crowd singing along. #41 dave brought out his martin D-28 and played the best version i've ever heard of it. lie in our graves had an extra long jam to stretch about 10 or 15 minutes. after that dave went around and talk to stefan and carter and it seemed like something big was coming. anyone seen the bridge!!! i've never heard it before but it was great!!!!!! that lasted a minute or two and they went straight to too much which got everybody in the pavilion grooving!!!!! Pig was cool, i didn't expect it but i wanted to hear it live. two step came along after that and was the longest and best jam where leroi and boyd had lengthy solo and stefan brought out a slide guitar. dreaming tree was cool and calmed the crowd down a little but not for long. pantala naga pampa...i wish that song could be longer and of course went straight into rapunzel which sounded a bit different and had a different tempo but was kick ass!! jimi thing...cool and sounding regular and had numerous solos between boyd and leroi. ants marching was a sign of that the show was coming near the end. i always wanted to hear ants and i did and i was screaming out the lyrics with the other 19,000 people. the band went off stage and everybody in the crowd broke out their lighters and started chanting "dave" "dave"!!!!!!! he finally came out on stage and played the first verse of #40 which was the sweetest song i ever heard. i was hoping for watchtower but instead got WWYS which was just as good. for my first dave concert, it was the best!!!!!! hope to see them again next year.