Dave Matthews Band
C.W. Mitchell Pavilion, Woodlands, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Ozomatli
What Would You Say
Don't Drink The Water
Typical Situation
Help Myself
Crash Into Me
Two Step
Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge) -->
Too Much
Ants Marching

Betsy W.
The show was packed with tons of great jamming. Stefan was on fire!! He was grooving and moving while he amazed everyone. The climax of the show came with Too Much, although Crush got every lighter going early on in the show. Ants Marching was saved for the encore and it was a little dissapointing being the only song in it. But my personal favorite moment of the whole show was between the first set and the encore. The entire reserved seats section started banging on the seats like clapping. But then it turned into a rhythm and then Dave emerged. With tons of requests being shouted from the audience, the band stood around and decided on Ants Marching... the song I just happened to be yelling. Coincidence? I think not!!
Barry M.
First and foremost, props to the fan club for hooking us with some sweet seats. That being said, I was rather disappointed with the show last night. Dave appeared to be in a lively mood but definitely sold us short on stage time. For some reason it appears that Dave does not like H-town, even though the crowd was definitely rocking. I am sure he is tired from the Dallas to New York to Austin to Houston trip but he could definitely do better than a one song encore and 14 songs overall. I could have done without What Would You Say as the opener but was very happy when he played an extended version of Crush third. I was extremely pumped when he broke out with Ants after the break but feared the worst, a one song token appearance. The mood was been perfect for #41, which I once again was shut out on. Overall, the setlist was pretty decent, and I felt that Crush and Crash were musically the best songs next to Ants. The best part of the show was at the t-shirt stand afterward when some drunk was complaining about how slow the people were going. The guy received a steady dose of rage after he shouted, "How would Dave feel about this? He is going to be really pissed after losing all these sales." Thank you and goodnight.
Bryan B.
This was a nice show. I figured the band would be tired after the other texas shows and the travel to woodstock, but they didn't show it. I ended up getting ticket upgrades from the warhehouse, so I saw the show from the front row, right in front of dave. that was a first. So DDTW and Crush were just awesome at the beginning of the show. Then help myself, that was a nice surprise. I cheered really loud when they started it and dave looked at me and grinned, that was cool. The show ended with a power set of songs... seek up, rapunzel, smts --> Too Much. The encore was ants, always a classic. So after the show we yelled to the crew and they gave us one of dave's picks and dave and carter's setlists. The energy at this show was really cranked up. Boyd was not totally insane like he sometimes can be, but the band as a whole was pumped. Ozomatli was a really good opener too. They danced out into the lawn after they played adn were all jumping around with fans out there. All in all, this was another first rate dmb show.
Travis M.
What a show!!!! I was amazed the entire time. I think Dave was resting his voice at the end of Seek Up, because he was hardly playing at all and LeRoi would throw in a couple of notes here and there. This got very boring, but then he jammed into Pantala and it began to kick ass again. Plus, Ants!!! I was so happy to hear it. The highlights of the performance for me are as follows. Warehouse- Time stop intro is always very cool. Plus, after a solo, the started jamming and went off onto a tangent that lasted a good 5 minutes, and then they jumped back into the normal tune again. very cool. So Much To say- I really don't know how to put this. During this number, the crowd went nuts. The masses sang the entire song with him. Boyd went nuts, which is greatly appreciated. The band was just really cooking at this point and then knocked us all on our asses with Too much. Too much- isn't that intro just the bomb? Stefan got alot of attention at this performance getting this and Crush. LeRoi got out his english horn and starting wailing, Boyd was nuts as well. The whole crowd went ballistic. People jumping and yelling. Man. Encore- I was concerned when that asshole jumped on stage. Maybe that would prevent Dave from doing the encore, but no. He came in and spent alot of time prepping. They played Ants jumping right into it skipping Carter's preliminary snare beats. What can I say, it was incredible. At the end when Boyd has his solo, Dave would strike his guitar and play and into Boyd's solo. (if you were there you know what I'm talking about) Anyways, wow! I'm still getting over it. No Tripping Billies, or Satellite, and only one Encore, but the whole show kept most of the crowd on its feet and dancing and singing. Definitely find this one on tape! peace
I know that I am late turning this in, but I had to redeem Texas. Only the trendy dave fans submitted reviews, and they missed some of the shows biggest highlights. This show was the perfect ending to a Texas trio that had been similar for many shows in a row. I can't believe no one has comented on a 20 min. Seek up. It was so beautiful to chill after hard rocking (for me and the band over a long weekend). The typical situations was one of the best versions I have ever heard. There was an added jam in the middle which I have never heard before. If it has a name I would love to know it, but it was amazing. Leroi was a power house at the show, playing flute jams twice. i was disapointed by the length, but the added songs that were not too common on the tour so far was nice (help myself, crush, seek up). Also the Baby Jam after SMTS was unbelievable, I almost collapsed from dancing so hard to it. Encore was a buzz kill, a tease for #40 then they stopped and faced each other and went into ants. maybe I am a part of the minority, but kinda of a teenebopper song, although that is all people would talk about. They could have given long time fans one more rarity, if #40 would have come on I would died right there, one of the few songs I have never heard live, but it is one of my favorites. Hope Dave digs Woodlands, because I think he hates Austin. Hopefully we will get three shows again next year, because Texas digs Dave.