Dave Matthews Band
Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Marysville, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots

Best of Whats Around
Warehouse (Stop-time Intro)
Rhyme & Reason
Dont Burn The Pig
Kit Kat Jam (with lyrics)
Sleep To Dream Her
What Would You Say
Jimi Thing
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Stefan Intro on steel guitar -->
Grace Is Gone
Dreaming Tree
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Digging a Ditch
Stefan Intro -->
All Along the Watchtower

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Kevin W.
I just got back from this awesome show! What a night to remember. Incredible rare setlist that true fans would appreciate. The energy started off great with TBOWA (I couldn't believe it!) and continued with through Warehouse. R&R was great too...haven't heard it in a while. Spoon was another awesome treat with a sweet ass ending. Pig another of my favorites did not disappoint. Kit Kat Jam with lyrics got me dancing like a mad man. Sleep To Dream Her was standard..yet sweet. WWYS had tons of energy. Jimi Thing had an awesome scat solo by dave as well as some great dancing between dave and boyd. Crash Into Me was standard..but good to hear. Minarets!!!!!! Just awesome! Grace Is Gone had a neat intro with stephan on slide. The Dreaming Tree made me orgasm. So Much To Say ASTB? PNP Rapunzel was a great line of songs. With good dave dancing and energy. Digging a Ditch and Stefan solo Watchtower was a great way to end the show. I think dave was really feeding off the crowd today. It was pretty good. I noticed the box seat people were all sitting through the whole show. Their loss. There were also some loud ass chicks behind me that howled like wolves through EVERY song and break. It was annoying...and I wanted to tell them to STFU. GREAT NIGHT....shoreline is next for me...my 9th and 10th show!.... Peace, Love and DMB!
Sarah T.
I have never written a review of a show before, but there is a first time for everything, and this show deserved it, without a doubt. This was my first time to Marysville, aka BFE, my first show of the tour and I travelled all the way from Florida for it. The weather tonight was gorgeous - car thermostat read 80 when we pulled into the venue parking lot with a sweet breeze blowing. Unfortunately, we were a little late... missed the Roots. I hate missing the opening bands, but I guess I'll catch them at Shoreline. So we're booking it to the gates and I hear music "What is it?" we're all asking eachother. I scream "BOWA, they're playing BOWA!!!" Yeah, I don't run for many things, but I made it across half a parking lot and to my chair before the song was over! I don't really need to go into detail about the setlist. It was phenomenal. It felt like a good, solid, classic show... the kind of show every real fan wants. I honestly never thought I'd hear Spoon live, but I'm happy I got to... Dave did a funny little jam at the end of Jimi Thing, too... not sure what that was. Minarets rocked the house. I love it when Dave howls, it gives me chills. Dreaming Tree was sweet as sweet can be. Little change up from ASTB into PNP into Rapunzel, I appreciate the elements of suprise they're going for this tour. Watchtower was amazing... it's one of my favorites as a closer. Sure there were some lulls, but I just choose to focus on the good, and there was much more good than anything else tonight! The crowd was average... some people danced and some people didn't. Me? I dance and I like to know that people are into it, but nothing is going to ruin my time. What makes it great for me is when the band is into it, and they were SO into it tonight. I don't think Dave stood still at all. It was unlike anything I've seen before, in my limited concert experience. The band's energy was unreal. It's great to be able to see it when they're doing what they love. I'm blessed to be a part of that. I took my 14 year old cousin with me to the show tonight - a birthday present for her and her first ever concert. I kept trying to impress on her the idea that she was witnessing some truly remarkable stuff. She may never understand that, but I know she had a great time and I did as well. I am as excited as a girl can be for the rest of the shows I have coming up. See y'all at Shoreline (and the Gorge and ATLANTA!).
Five songs off of UTTAD. Five songs off of BTCS. Nothing else needs to be said. Minarets was probably the biggest surprise, while the funky Jimi Thing was also amazing. I generally don't put much stock in using phrases like "Greatest Concert Ever", but when "The Best of What's Around", "Warehouse", "Rhyme and Reason", "Spoon", and "Pig" are the first five songs of your concert, it's hard to call it the best ever. Fantastic show. Didn't lull at all. Stayed pretty mellow.
Adam C.
Holy Moses. By far the best of the California shows, Marysville tonight was beyond belief. I'm not even sure people knew what they were seeing. Good solid opener with BOWA, and Warehouse, despite the now pre-requisite "wooing" was good. Rhyme and Reason, as it has the past few nights, carried a lot of energy. Then Spoon, second time of the tour, both within the last two shows. Pig was great and I thought the luck wasn't going to get any better when they played Kit Kat Jam. Sleep to Dream Her filled the Everyday quota, WWYS? was standard energy and Jimi Thing, with everyone getting a solo, was great. Crash had me worried about another crash a la Chula Vista, but the band stepped in and played a crushing Minartets, a very solid Grace is Gone followed by, thank heaven, DREAMING TREE. Let me say here that Dreaming Tree is far and away my favorite DMB song. I saw it my first show on Halloween in '98, and have seen 18 shows in two states at 8 different venues before finally seeing it here again tonight at my 19th. So sweet. After having seen Spoon, Pig, Kit Kat and Minarets, Dreaming Tree seemed like some near impossible feat. SMTS--ASTB again was so amazingly surprising because they once more brought it into a new song by bringing out PNP-Rapunzel. Digging a Ditch was a little slow for the encore, and Watchtower, a cover that is played almost more than any other DMB song was very good, but still a cover. All in all, the energy, the set, the jams, everything, this was easily the best show of the CA shows, and quite possibly the best show I have seen. Period.
Talk about the weather? Yes, lets get that out of the way. After days of blazing heat, we finally get a delta breeze and cool things down in time for the show. The show? Ya, ranked number 2 for rarity to date. From the 2nd ROW section 2 it may be the capper, NUMBER ONE or my BEST SHOW. YES, THE SECOND ROW. Great crowd. Dave and the band were VERY into the crowd and their performance. Dave even was shaking hands with the boys and girls in the front row at one point. Leroi was back in full horn tonight jamming out songs like BOWA, WWYS,AND RAPUNZEL. Ya, they opened with BOWA. I haven't heard that one since 2000. Highlights - SPOON TO PIG THEN KIT KAT JAM. Ya, my first SPOON. JIMI THING - maybe the best version I've heard. Complete with all the jams (even DJM). MINARETS?!! Yes, finally. It has been since 1996 for me to get this song again. Thanks. GIG was supper due to the fact that Dave is so into this song. He did this little country thing around the stage toward the end of the song. Big smiles!! SO MUCH into RAPUNZEL was a first for me and it was pulled off nicely by the band tonight. A strong encore with DITCH AND WATCHTOWER. A solid show from start to finish. One can always wish for cetain songs. This show was a wish list. SLEEP TO DREAM HER may be the only lowlight to this show but, it gave the crowd a time to re-group. It is a great thing when the band is really into the show because no matter what songs they play everything is so tight and played with so much energy. I have been a fan since 1995 and going to shows since 1996 and this band never ceases to amaze me with their talent, perseverence, and a love for the music they have made and play live for others. For me, it is a very fuctional relationship. It works, me and the DMB. Please don't ever stop doing what you love because I love to hear, see and feel you do it. Oh - sniff, sniff. This 2003 tour is during out to be historical in terms of song list and arrangements. See you at the next show, ya'll. P.S. Shout out to Brian, Julie and Craig (his first show). How'd ya'll love the show? FULL ON, I WOULD GUESS.. Keep Smiling - Later, Wieb
Another great show for the sacramento fans...two years in a row of dmb playing one of the top ten setlists of the tour at sleeptrain....85 and clear to start the show, it was truly an amazing night. bowa was a great way to start the show and brought back memories of 1998 the last time i heard it live. minerets and dreaming tree were awesome with a very strong and energetic watchtower to close things out. it was refreshing to see dave stay away from the electric guitar all night long and dance from one end of the stage to the other. this is my 13th show and falls no lower than number 2 on my all time favorite list and sets the stage brillantly for two nights at shoreline and the gorge. looking forward to friday night...yeahhhhhh daaaavvvvve
Jackie H.
This was my 7 show and so far the best I have ever saw. The energy was just amazing from the band and the crowd, especially during Jimi Thing...WOW!! The best surprise for me was Spoon. Always love that song and to hear it live was a great joy....best concert and I still have the Gorge to go to..can it get any better? I sure hope so.