Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Selma, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Doyle Bramhall

Rhyme & Reason
What Would You Say
So Right
Help Myself
Sleep To Dream Her
I Did It
Crash Into Me
Jimi Thing
Grey Street
Two Step
Digging a Ditch
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

J. M.
Just got back from the show, and every year since 2001 that DMB has stopped in San Antonio it has gotten better. Satellite was unexpected opening, but people seemed to enjoy it. The show was good all up until #41, which absolutely blew the roof off the place. I can't tell you how many people were going to the show and praying to hear that song. The outro was very cool, same as the Woodlands, where the Everday part used to be. When "Everyday" would usually be sang, the crowd did woo's like in the Warehouse intro. Other highlights were Bartender, which was absolutely great. Dave really really got into it and Butch had a nice solo. I absolutely loved this version. Jimi Thing was intense. Boyd, Roi, and Dave all had solos as per usual, and it was absolutely outstanding. The Two STep was solid as expected, it got a huge pop from the crowd. The encore was solid. I never expected a three song encore, and it was great. Dave let the crowd do the concluding part of the So Much To Say lyrics, so it was at that point that you absolutely knew the Bridge was coming. All in all, a solid show, and one I can't wait to get a copy of.
Just got back from the Selma show. Let me just say, before I get to the songs, that I wish Dave just stopped playing in San Antonio, and added either an extra date at The Woodlands or a show at The Backyard outside of Austin...The seats we had were soooooo far away, Dave looked tiny, and the lack of energy that came from most (not all, just most) of the crowd kind of dampens a bit of the show. now, ONTO THE SONGS.....Satellte was a nice opener...Rhyme and Reason was intense, but I saw it Wed. at the Woodlands...same with WWYS and #41, all strong songs, that were fun, just felt like the same show for a while, until...SO RIGHT!!! I really love this song, and Dave really loves singing it...then came GRANNY!!! i'd never heard this one live--it was amazing...then he played Help Myself, which inspired everyone in the audience to sit down (boooo)...Bartender is always nice to hear...I Did It (fine...this was definitely a radio-friendly show)...then came the run of songs i may never forget--you can see it on the setlist, but let me just say, from Stay til the end, I was very, very happy. OVERALL, lots of songs from the Wed. show, but always great to hear cause they are all great songs. LEROIIIIIIII!!! He was just tearing it up all night long. of all the guys in the band, he probably rocked the most..but they all do. always do, guys!!!!! thanks!!!
Wow! There's not a word grand enough to describe this show. The energy from the crowd was reflected in the performance of the band. This show was just jam packed with powerful and emotional songs. My boyfriend and I both agree that this was the best we had ever heard the band. Hearing #41 made my night. WWYS,Bartender, Stay, JT, and GS were all amazing. Carter, Boyd, Stefan and Leroi were all on fire the whole night. The best song of the night had to be Two Step. I thought I was literally going to fall over from all of the energy I was feeling from the band. And the encoure was a perfect ending to the perfect show. The guys tried to calm the crowd with DAD and then went right into a slamin' trio with SMTS and PNP--> Rapunzel. By the end of the night I think Dave and the band got everyone on their feet and dancing. Overall there was a good, enthusiastic crowd and that seemed to get the band going strong. You could tell the band was loving every minute of the performance. Carter just couldn't stop smiling and Dave gave the crowd an appreciative grin a few times. I think we made the band feel right at home in Texas. Good job Selma! See everyone at the next show.
John W.
Hello everyone! I would just like to say that the Selma concert was amazing. This concert had so much energy. Satellite to #41 really started off the concert well, and it mellowed from So Right to Sleep to Dream Her, but from Bartender until the end of show was awesome. I have never seen the band so on fire as they were last night, especially from bartender on. Every person was grooving, jamming, getting the crowd going. My fiancee and I are were dancing the entire time. Dave ended the show dancing his usual dance, but more exaggerated, it was great. Carter gave his drum sticks away at the end of the show. Without a doubt, this concert kicked some major ass, the best concert I have ever seen.
A HOME RUN!! What a difference 3 days makes! The band was on tonight in all phases of their performance, starting with a great set list and an enthusiastic crowd that seemed to keep the band fired up through the entire set. Dave was extremely animated, and the other members were definately enjoying themselves, prodding each other during solos to take it up one more notch. It was great to watch! Show number 11 for me was a keeper for sure. As mentioned, the set list was excellent. A great mix of songs, including the always-welcomed Granny and Help Myself (first time I've heard that one). Dave was unbelievable on Bartender-you could really feel the emotion of the song from him. Boyd went nuts on JT, which, when they play that one, you know he's going to be on for the rest of the night. 41 and TS had a great jams at the end, with everyone getting into the act. The encore was unbelievable, with a great rendition of DAD and then SMTS, PNP and Rapunzel, where they jammed like madmen at the end, with Dave dancing for what seemed like 5 minutes at the end. A definate keeper and, without a doubt, a top-2 show for me. It's a show like this one that explains our love for this band.
Its the day after the concert and im just sittin back thinkin how fucking bad ass that shit was. That was the shit right there. This was my fourth concert I have been to and it was undoubtidly Dave's best concert. He opened with Satelite and that was some ill ass shit and in the last verse he did the "laugh about this weather MAN" adjustment and it was great. What Would You Say was awesome as was #41. The rest of the concert weas jam packed with little Dave things that made this night the best. The energy was plentifull and the entire crowd stood the entire way. At the end of one of his songs Dave jammed out forever, starting and stopping at the end. It was great. He also left the stage during a jam and let the band have the stage to themselves. He closed the main set with Two Step which was awesome and Dave went crazy on it. He came back from the encore pumped and ready to finsish off the show. He started with Diggin Your Ditch which was so bad ass, then went into So Much To Say and went off with the Dave Dancing during the jam; at the end of the song he let the crowd yell the last " open up my head and let me out! A little Baby" but most of the crowd missed it and Dave laughed it off and it seemed to fuel the band to light it up with Anyone Seen The Bridge, Papa Naga Paumpa, and Repunzel. Before this trio of closing songs someone threw a bag on stage which Dave playfully disgarded but which started a movement of throwing stuff on stage. All in all it was the best concert he has done in SA Town and thank god too, hopefully now everyone will shut up about John Mayer and acknowledge how bad ass Dave Matthews Band is!
Richard K.
This show to me was the best of the three Texas shows. It was a good way to follow the dissapointment of Dallas. Not to many repeat songs and the ones that they did repeat were good (grey st., Rapunzel, ect.). Satellite was an unexpected opener but was a very nice way to start off the show. The band and the crowd really started to pick up at "What would you say". During Leroi's solo, he wasn't really jamming and playing to the best of his ability so Dave kept looking at him and would not go on with the song until he started to jam. That was a good move by the man. Highlights from the night: Jimi thing, Help Myself, Bartender, and the 4 song encore. Dave was really into this show. Plenty of Daveadancin. Good show, Good Crowd.
One word: ENCORE!!! wow what an amazing ending to a good show.I have never heard ASTB into PNP like they did it was great. Everyone was expecting Too Much, then they ended it with Rapunzel which got the crowd really into it. Highlights of show were an extended Jam on Jimi thing with a Charlie Brown tease from Butch, a nice Help My Self and Granny were thrown into the mix. Disapointments: The fight that broke out right next to me in the grass, the crazy techno dancers infront of me, and crash into me (I think the radio has ruined that song for me, but the teenie boppers enjoyed it.) Overall, Lots of Acoustic guitar :) with lots of good old classics from the guys.
Justin C.
HOLY CRAP this show rocked!!! This was my 6th show to see the greatest band on earth, and this one blew me away. first off, they bring out satellite far a mellow opener. They not only played my favorite-#41, but they jammed for at least 15 minutes, and that goes for most every song tonight!! Bartender...WOW!! Best version i've ever seen or heard. it had its usual Boyd and Leroi solos, but when butch took over with the keyboards, i almost cried!!! Then we were blessed with stay, followed by a heartfelt Crash Into Me. The whole crowed sang along to Dixie Chicken like a nursery rhyme. And then...the greatest, longest Jimi Thing EVER!!! They jammed for 20 minutes...tears my friends, tears of joy after that one. Two Step and So Much To Say, I thought, ended the greatest concert I had ever seen, but they weren't done... Hear me now, I've seen this band a lot, but never with the energy they had on Rapunzel. It was PERFECTION!! Dave danced like I've never seen before, and the joy brought to me by this song and the entire concert CAN NOT BE DESCRIBED. My friend said to me, "this band is in their prime." All I could say was, "They've been in their prime for 12 years." Thanks you guy, and remember, keep dreaming! D M B rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael L.
This show was the first time in awhile (hasn't happened all summer) where Dave played 41, Two Step, and Jimi Thing. Personally they are my three favorites so I was extremely pleased. I was suprised that Satellite began the show. Granny was a little unexpected. All-in-all the setlist was great...it had a good mixture of songs from every album (many of the set lists from this summer have seemed heavy on Everyday/Busted Stuff songs and I prefer the old stuff so this seemed to be a much better set list). The Encore was great. Dave has been entirely doing 2-song encores, but this night they played 3 (4 if you count Pantala Naga Pamapa as a song). Altogether this was a great show. The only thing that I can complain about is that the crowd didn't seem in to it as much as I would like. There were actually people behind me who told me to sit down...pretty ridiculous.
Aaron W.
I may not be the greatest authority on DMB, but this show is BY FAR the best show I've seen. For some reason the energy from the crowd in San Antonio always gets me pumped. They opened with satellite, which was excellent, I always liked that song, then right into rhyme and reason, and WWYS, which is a nice blast from the past. Then the moment I've been waiting for for about 4 years of DMB shows happened when they kicked into #41. Honestly, this moment was greater than the moment when I finally came out of the closet. After that I didn't care what they played, but they didn't dissapoint. Even the songs off of Everyday were good (Ok they played I Did It, but I was too pumped up to care). Bartender was probably the strongest song of the set, but Two Step came pretty close. The encore started off nice and mellow, grooving up with SMTS, and then Rapunzel blew my socks off. Honestly I've never really been that big a fan of the song, but I saw it in a new light after the show, Dave was really into it, scooting and jigging all over the stage, and left me with a great taste in my mouth as I made the drive back to Austin. AWESOME show guys.
Ginger M.
I should qualify and say that this show is both my 14th DMB show, but also my 3rd show in 4 days, having seen the Houston and Dallas shows. That said, I can't feel disappointed by a DMB show, but it seemed like the band was holding back the whole night. Whole verses were cut out of crowd favorites like "Grey Street" and "Two Step". For me, a hallmark of a great DMB show is when you don't leave your seat for fear of missing anything. The "Help Myself" followed by "Sleep to Dream Her" emptied out the stands more than I've ever seen before. I've enjoyed some of the deep cuts the band has brought back for this tour, but at the same time I miss the out of control jams I've seen in the past. The bottom line is that I'll see DMB wherever they play, and I'll be happy with whatever they play, but perhaps the die hard fans should prepare themselves for an evolution of the DMB show.
This was an amazing show, I was at the 2nd night at alpine Valley and the Show in Tinley Park Illinois, and this show blew both out of the water Opening with Satellite was amazing, help myself was great since it hasn't been played much up to this tour, #41 seemed like it was being played forever, and Two Step to close the show was unbelieveable I don't think that I did it was needed to be played but oh well. The encore was great, although DAD wasn't great SMTS -> ASTB -> PNP -> Rapunzel was unbelievable, it just seemed like it went on forever, the longest encore i've seen at a dave show. What a great show!