Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

onstage 8:15pm
Grey Street
When The World Ends
Say Goodbye
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
What Would You Say
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Last Stop
The Stone
If I Had It All
Jimi Thing
Two Step
offstage 10:25pm
onstage 10:35pm
The Maker
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
offstage 10:45pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Shawn E.
WOW What a Great Show! The first night of Alpine kicked off nicely. Dave came on to introduce Robert Randolph, and then mentioned again that Alpine was his favorite place to play, and that he doesn't say that about any other venue. Grey Street was a nice energetic opener. The big surprise came with the fourth song, when Carter played a nice drum intro into Say Goodbye. What an intense song, especially at the end when it seemed that Dave never stopped yelling. A mid-set Ants Marching, along with Stone and Two Step put this show down as a great one. It was nice to hear The Maker in the encore, along with an energetic Rapunzel. See you all tomorrow!
Jordan B.
Before I even talk about this show, let me first say as we got to our seats, a WH rep came up to my friend and I, who originally had good seats to begin with, section 201 row SS, and upgraded us to 8th ROW CENTER! It was unbelievable,and we were so close to the band at such an electric venue. As far as the show, as he does every year, Dave made it obvious that his favorite place to play is Alpine, and no wonder, because the venue was rocking. It was incredible. GREY STREET- good opener. Even though I've been to three concerts now where this was the opener, it was still awesome. CRUSH- fantastic as always, Boyd really shined. WTWE- normal version...SAY GOODBYE!!! WOW! So unexpected, and its debut was fabulous. It was a great version that made the Alpine crowd rocking. WINGS-->WAYG ok, Loving Wings was very nice, but WAYG needs to go. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY- sweet! Roi really stepped it up, he was great. Angel- nice, but kinda slow, no ladies, so it was fine to hear. ANTS- What? The concert's not nearly over! Welcome back to the bulk of the set! It was a complete surprise, most energy I've seen from the band on any ants prior to this one. CRY FREEDOM- very nice, beautiful song, kinda let the crowd take a breather. LAST STOP- YES!!! I've waited 10 DMB shows to see this live, and it was phenomenal. What energy, and the reprise outro was really drawn out. Awesome! STONE- please! The set just kept getting better. I love the end where they quiet down and then blast out the ending. HAD IT ALL- pretty good, a good Everyday song in my opinion. Satellite-nice, haven't heard it live in a while, so it was nice to hear. JIMI- perfect. Boyd, Roi, and Dave tore this up. After Boyd and Roi had great solos, Dave surpised me at least with an awesome solo of his own. I'm not surpised it was awesome, it's just that he never takes a solo any more. 2STEP- Carter, Carter, Carter. He was fantastic. MAKER- haven't heard it live- very cool. PNP-->RAPUNZEL- completely peaked the energy. They tore this one up! I loved it! All in all, fabulous show, maybe the best I've seen except for MSG last december. See ya'll tomorrow nite!
Christopher K.
WOW! Tonight was truly a treat. According to security, Dave arrived to the venue late, putting the soundcheck past 5 pm. There were a couple hundred of us mobilized at the top of the lawn, waiting for security to give us the go. They did, and we all sprinted our asses off down the hill, trying to grab the best seats possible. That is how much we love this band. The surprise of the night was definetly "Say Goodbye," and it was awesome. Dave did not hold back on the vocals one bit. Grey Street is not what it used to be since the cuts made in it last December, but it's energizing and served as a good opener. "Ants Marching" was awesome to hear mid set. "Two Step" was a pretty great closer and the encore did not disappoint. "The Maker" is a great cover and "Rapunzel" was excellent. Very, very good show.
Michael V.
The show tonight was amazing! Full of amazing songs and even a re-debut! Grey Street - truncated version, not very good. But it was a strong opener that got the crowd moving. Crush - amazing song, first time hearing it live. When The World Ends - still no extended outro, but good enough to deal with. Say Goodbye - debut of the song on this tour...just amazing! Carter did one hell of an intro. Loving Wings - Carter actually didn't go as nuts on this as I would've liked. Still good song. Where Are You Going - I could've done without this one. What Would You Say - Got the crowd jamming again after Wings-->WAYG. Angel - went to get a drink...horrible song. Ants Marching - surprise mid-set Ants with the direct intro. Cry Freedom - a beautiful song. I loved hearing it live for the first time! The Last Stop - another first for me and it was great seeing it live. A total change of pace from Cry Freedom. The Stone - a really really good version of a BTCS classic. If I Had It All - not as bad as I thought it would be. Good tune. Satellite - Amazing. just great. Jimi Thing - 15 minutes + of an amazing song. The Band really jammed it out. Two Step - not as jammed out as I'd like it to be, but Carter was awesome once again. The Maker - people left to get stuff during this song...I don't know how they can do that. Maker kicked ass tonight. PNP->Rapunzel - great way to end an amazing show! That's all I got time for tonight! Thanks DMB for an unforgettable evening!
This show was INCREDIBLE! The place was JAM PACKED and the crowds were SOOO full of energy and singing along. I'd have to say it was the BEST concert I've been to yet. I was ECSTATIC that he played The Stone, it's my favorite, and Ants Marching because I'd never heard Ants Marching live. Really another GREAT and AMAZING performance for Dave and boys!!!!
this was my tenth show and since i had never written a review before i though the 10th would be a good place to start. i thought tonights show was really good despite the fact that most of it was slow. it was a nice first day here and i think tomorrows show is going to be even better. the being always puts on a good show though. i loved being able to look up at the stars and when i look back down see the dave matthews band playing a beatuiful cry freedom. anyways have a good one until next time!
Stephanie F.
This concert was like a dream come true! I couldn't have asked for a better setlist! I am amazed at how different the concert was from last year's first night at Alpine - which wasn't bad, but lacked a bit in energy. No lacking this time! Dave looked great - slimmer than last year - and sounded incredible! Starting the concert with Graystreet and following it with Crush put everyone in the crowd into high spirits, and there wasn't a low point anywhere! And I couldn't believe it when I heard the onset of Say Goodbye!!!! I could have flipped over backward! The setlist was a perfect combination from all of Dave's music - I loved every minute of it!!!
Matt S.
This was a thrilling show. From start to finish it was a nice blend of slow and faster stuff. Lengthy versions of Grey Street, Ants Marching, and Two Step stole the show. TS and The Stone put chills up my spine. Rapunzel was an okay close, but could have easily been TBOWA or Warehouse. Overall though, it was great.
This show was by far the most upbeat show I have ever been to. The band pleased every person in the 40,000+ crowd tonight. There was plenty of jammin to fill me up until the next show. Jimi Thing was unbelieveable, and everybody in the pavilion was singing along. LS was extremly loud and Dave didn't hold back. Boyd had some sweet solos and I think he amazed himself during TS. Dave went crazy like Elvis-style on the encore, and gave everybody an awesome time. I wish every show could be as good as this one was!
This show was amazing. Starting off with Grey Street was expected but unusually energetic, Dave showed a lot of emotion. Crush was unreal, Carter's drum solo at the end was money, best drummer in the world, hands down. When The World Ends, which i called, was sweet..got the crowd relaxed. The biggest highlight of any dave show i have been to (5), was SAY GOODBYE, i knew it was comin after hearing Carter hit 1 tom tom, I went aboslutely insane. That was the one song i wanted to hear before my Dave tour days were over. It was an absolutely great rendition, magical. LW into WAYG is getting old, i hear it every show. WWYS was expected and well received. The lyrics to angel are sweet, otherwise it got the crowd calmed down which kind of sucks. Ants came out of no where and it got the crowd going insane again. Cry Freedom was a wish granted, one my fav. songs of all time and It was a sweet sweet song to hear. The Last Stop has become one of my tops over the years and one i really wanted to hear, i watched Dave The Entire time and he did not stop singing the whole song. The Stone was absolutely sweet, they all stopped as if they were going to a new song and then they all came back in with the fast verse. The Jam at the end of Jimi Thing was unreal, Carter was unreal, Dave was like a God on the stage. Two Step was the second biggest highlight, this was the best live song i've ever seen. The Drum Solo, the jams, the dynamics, the energy, the placement, the length, it was aboslutely breathtaking. Best song of the night and of the tour. Didn't know what to expect for the encore, dissapointed in "the Maker", don't like that song. I've heard Rapunzel 2 times before tonight's show, but it is still amazing. Alpine will be a memory i never forget, and i hope to return since my name is on the top of the list for backstage. Unreal show, i'll cya next year.
Joe L.
Well up to this point out of all the DMB shows I've been to (7), I thought 7-7-01 at Soldier Field was the best, until now. This show rocked. First time ever at Alpine at it did not dissapoint. The venue is awesome, the run down the hill to the lawn seats, the crazy amount of people packing the place, the energy of the crowd, you can see why this is the fav place of the boys. The setlist rocked, better than 7/03. Opening with Grey Street, called by Dan, was great as usual ; Crush, I always enjoy hearing this song live ; WTWE, standard ; Say Goodbye, wow, didnt expect this one, awesome ; Loving Wings --> WAYG, standard but solid ; WWYS, always good, got the crowd rocking ; Angel, solid ; Ants Marching, the middle of the set, crazy, rocked the place ; Cry Freedom, always a treat to hear this song live, as it isnt played that often until now ; Last Stop, they just rocked this one Dave screaming out the lyrics ; The Stone, just love this song, tore it up ; If I Had it All, pretty solid ; Satellite, very nice ; Jimi Thing, great solos with Dave taking one of his own ; Two Step, dancing around great jam always awesome ; Encore: The Maker, 1st time hearing it live and it was awesome ; PNP -> Rapunzel, great way to end this incredible night. Would of died to hear BOWA, but what you going to do, maybe in AZ on the 24th. Thanks boys for another crazy night.
What can I say about DMB and Alpine that already hasn't been said??? They truly love this place. This show was probably the best one I've ever been to since starting in 1995. The vibe was electric in the place. Grey St. was really good to start with, although Dave messed the lyrics up a bit. Crush was really funky and it seemed like Boyd finally is back in tune. Say Goodbye was quite possibly the coolest thing I've heard happen on a stage. The band just all stood around Carter's kit and watched this magical song appear from his drums. Dave was all over the place on the lyrics but the crowd didn't care as we all were able to catch this rare gem. LW->WAYG was its genuine self. The most amazing part of the evening was the midset Ants. I've never heard a louder crowd in my life. It was louder than any opener or closer I've ever heard. Last Stop was another chance to bring in some great energy and the crowd continued to jam along with the band. Stone and Jimi were excellent. Two Step closer was hot and had everyone jumping. The encore was amazing. The Maker was great, but the PNP->Rapunzel encore close was just amazing. Although I had just heard it 2 nights before, it still was able to shock me again with the energy that I had never thought could be there since I only really thought of it as an opener. Start to finish, probably the best show ever, but certainly the one with the most energy.
Kyle G.
Holy God!! This was my first trip ever to Alpine and it was worth it. The crowd was awesome and so was the setlist. I could not of asked for a better night. Jimmi thing rocked. Last Stop--Unbelivable. Say Goodby OH MY!! Rapunzel as a closure I was skeptical but it rocked. WOW!!!!!!!!!
number 15 did not disappoint, needless to say. i haven't screamed and yelled with such unabashed joy this much since the all state arena shows in 2001. grey street - who doesn't love that song? crush, crush, crush - stefan makes me melt with that intro. holy say goodbye, batman- i thought i was going to go deaf by the crowd response! midset ants marching was AMAZING - so tight, so energetic. the highlight though of the evening was the return of the last stop - that was soooo great to hear - and a knockout, kickdown, going crazy jimi thing - i nearly fell over at dave's amazing solo! he needs to do that more often. great close with pnp--->rapunzel - always a great time. i love alpine valley ($7 beers not withstanding) and i know dave does too, and it really, really shows! thanks again for an amazing night and i'll see ya'll tomorrow nite!