Dave Matthews Band
Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule

The Stone
When The World Ends
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
If I Had It All
#41 (Everyday)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Help Myself
Fool To Think
Cry Freedom
Where Are You Going
Jimi Thing *
Cortez The Killer *
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa
Long Black Veil
What You Are

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys
* with Warren Haynes on guitar

Wow what another fun performance from the boys. On an extremely hot and sweaty night in Phoenix the band gave us reason to dance. JIMI THING - unreal jam going on with Haynes. I was SO happy to see Cortez for the first time as well. It'd be kinda sweet if they could break that out a time or two more. Nice to see LBV on the tour for I believe the first time? Good mix of older stuff and Everyday songs. Suprisingly only one Busted Stuff song, but a nice show. Seeing Cry Freedom for the first time with the band was an absolute treat as well. Excellent way to start my four show run! See y'all in Carson..
Outstanding. High energy, lots of fun. This was my 3rd show, and it was the best yet. Gov't Mule's last night on tour, and they played Jimi Thing & Cortez the Killer with the band. Really cool. Lots of funny Dave faces, and laughing from Carter.
Robert T.
WOW!!! The best show they have played here in Phoenix in a few years. This show was jam packed with lots of firsts for the 2003 summer tour and rare treats as well. The crowd was live and energetic, singing with Dave to almost every song. The show got of to a regular pace with The Stone and When the World Ends, but good none the less and The Stone is always a crowd favorite. Crush was amazing and Boyd's solo was one of kind as always. #41 was great with the extended Everyday outro which was done for the first time on this tour. Crash Into Me was another crowd favorite but I do love this song and I can't remember when it has ever sounded better. Help Myself was a rare treat to say the least. Not many people recognized this one and it is not one of my personal favorites but anything rare from the Charlottesville days is always welcomed. Cry Freedom sounded great and it was the first time I had seen this performed live since 1996 so another rare treat. Jimi Thing and Cortez the Killer with Warren Haynes was another rare treat and they were amazing. I am not sure how long either song was but it seemed like they jammed forever on those two. Long Black Viel was played with the full band which was another rare treat, hasn't been done with the full band in awhile. I do have to say that What You Are is an excellent song to close the show with. The energy put out for that song was intense. I like it more and more everytime I hear it. Wow, what else can I say, this show had it all, great crowd, great setlist, great venue, energy, suprise guest, and band is sounding absolutlty amazing. See everyone in L.A. and San Diego.
Wow, this was an incredible show! This one blew last year's Phx show out of the water. It was freakin' hot and uncomfortable, but the band still gave 100%. STONE was a great opener. WTWE sounded tight. Then the spotlight went on Stefan, so we knew Crush was next. The boys really had fun on this one, and jammed a while. Then Dave went into the OSW intro and a great version of OSW followed. Sounded beautiful. IIHIA has been a staple this tour, so I wasn't surprised to hear it. Then came #41. The crowd went wild, and Dave really got the audience to participate w/ his expressions and the Everyday outro. Sweet. Crash was great. A lot of momentum, and of course the crowd went wild. Then they came in w/ Help Myself. Nobody knew this song, but everybody enjoyed it. I'm glad they brought it out. FTT was standard, but good. Then things slowed a little w/ CF & WAYG. The crowd was totally into them though. Right after, WAYG, the crew quickly set up another mike and monitor, so we figured they were gonna bring out Warren from Gov't Mule. Jimi Thing w/ Warren was amazing! Best version I've ever heard. The band was going nuts and having a good time, and Dave would get the biggest smile on his face whenever Warren came up w/ a cool lick. Warren stuck around, and after the band talked a little bit, they went into Cortez! Man it was awesome. Warren and Dave split lead vocals. The 2 songs w/ Warren were the highlights from the night. Then came SMTS. This really got the crowd crazy again, and the ASTB interlude kicked ass. I thought they were gonna go into Too Much, 'cause they soundchecked it. But instead, they went into PNP->Rapunzel. Coolest transition I've ever heard. Then for the encore, they pulled out Veil. Fun song, and this was Butch's only solo unfortunately. I would have liked to see him jam more instead of just being in the background the whole time. Then Dave got the electric for the only time in the show, and we knew WYA was next. Short intro, probably 'cause it was freakin' hot and they wanted to get outta there. But it's a great closer, and a treat to hear. Incredible show. Thanks DMB!!!
This was my third show, and least favorite. This show was totally flat from the get go. Maybe it was the idiotic idea of hosting DMB in the middle of July. With the people and the day temp of 108 prior to the show, it was a sticky night. The music was pretty uninspiring. We sat on the lawn, and had fairly good seats. No song stuck out in particular, however we did hear Crush and Crash in the same show, which was kinda cool. All along the watchtower was sweet too. Some new stuff I never heard of kept things on edege, but overall a weak performance. Sorry Dave, but I want my seventy bucks back! And 10 for the parking!
Kyle J.
This show was amazing.Especially the first half. The Stone is an unexpectantly great opener. Crush was insane and Stefan had a little slap bass solo to introduce it. The into to One Sweet World was awesome and so was the rest of the song. The best #41 I've heard. It had the everyday outro and the crowd helped dave chant it. I have never heard Help Myself before tonight and it was awesome. Jimi Thing was absolutely crazy and the Gov't Mule guy had a cool solo. And now, the only downfall.Cortez the Killer was an absolute yawn. I bored the crowd and me, and I'm never bored at a dave show. I think dave knew he lost the crowd cause he gave a little shrug at the end of it. He resurrected us all, though, with So Much To Say and Rapunzel was very energetic. What You Are was the most energetic version I've heard and we left with a good taste in our mouth. The guys were having so much fun and Carter even belly laughed during a few songs.Very good show. Also, everyone should check out Pseudopod. They were on the second stage and were awesome.One more thing. My section of the lawn kept chanting Two Step in between every song. Even though I love that song,Dave can play whatever he wants and I'll be happy,those people seem ungrateful and seem like all they want to hear is that song. Its very annoying and people should let Dave play what he wants.Thats all.