Dave Matthews Band
Home Depot Center, Los Angeles, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots

Everyday (#36)
Grey Street
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Two Step
If I Had It All
Recently (Pretty Girl, Take me to the River)
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
Ants Marching
All Along the Watchtower
Digging a Ditch

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Myrna A.
This show was a great way to inauguarate the Home Depot Center with its first concert! DMB were outstanding!! They had a lot of energy and it was great seeing the band again. I was happy they began with Everyday/36, I wasn't expecting it as an opener. Grey Street was great as well. They played Granny, One Sweet World and Recently it was my first time I've heard those live. It kinda sucked the crowd wasn't really into those songs. Satellite was great and then my favorites Two Step,Crush, Warehouse, Ants Marching, Digging a Ditch, and Stay were my highlights for the evening. It was my 5th time seeing the band and I had a wonderful time! The band was HOT tonight and I can't wait to see what they have in store for tomorrow night's show. Thank You DMB!
Sheila S.
First of all, before the show I got to talk to Boyd and he is a super friendly, really good guy. I walked into the venue not expecting to have the best time because my seats were horrible. I told my brother to hope that by some miracle we get our seats upgraded through the Warehouse. Literally 2 minutes later, upgrader guy comes along really casually and upgrades us to 10th ROW CENTER!!! Well, thank you Warehouse (they really do this!). This was the first time I watched a show so close. I have been going to shows since '98 and it excited the hell out of me. They started off with Everday and we started off with "Hani Hani come and dance with me" right from the beginning. Dave seemed surprised and at the end we went into it again and he played off of us. It was reminiscent of LARR. The highlights were definitely Two Step, Recently with take me to the river "pretty pretty girl...", Warehouse, Ants, Watchtower. Dave really played around with the timing of the songs when it came to vocals which was fun because the fucker behind me who couldn't sing kept screwing up because Dave changed things up. I also noticed Dave lowering the notes an octave (maybe less) in Satellite on the "winter's cold" part and that his voice seems to be suffering a bit. Overall, the boys played hard and well. They were happy to be there and we were happy to have them. This was not the typical L.A. show and I am so glad because I am used to attending either the Bay Area or the San Diego show. I am such a happy girl and I won't forget this.
Michael A.
Wow talk about a nice setlist. The band seemed alive tonight and pulled out a fun show. Everyday was the perfect beginning to this show. The band pulled out only three repeats from Phoenix and I'll be surprised to see more than two tomorrow night. Watchtower seemed to hit another level tonight. I've seen 15 shows now and this was definitely in the top five. See y'all tomorrow!
Adam C.
First show of this tour, and I must say, not a bad way to start out. The number of Everyday songs was kept to a minimum and they pulled out quite a few jam songs. Grey Street jammed, Two Step was so awesome with a nice Stefan solo. Now, the real stuff...Recently, first time of the tour, and I was a little worried they were gonna blast straight through it when they didn't do an intro. But then, jam out the end, Pretty Girl, and even a little wish to be dropped in the water. Crush went nuts at the end and Loving Wings was soooooo sweet. This wasn't the first I'd heard it, but it was the first I'd heard it live and they made it count. The energy on this was intense, and there's definitely a possible transition into Rapunzel or another song, should they choose to abandon the rather weak WAYG? follow. Warehouse, Ants and an unsurprising Watchtower that once again featured Stefan in some glory. Stay was a good way to close in order to leave something for tomorrow night. One nit...Butch was on for all the songs instead of leaving for certain ones like last year. Does this mean a bid in the band? But, unlike last year, he got only one solo. It was a bit disappointing not to hear him jam on Two Step. Here's keeping fingers crossed for Dreaming Tree sometime in Cali.
Heather C.
Whoooohoooo!!! First show of the tour and what a show it was! I've been looking forward to this all summer long. Years from now it will be great to be able to say that DMB was the first band ever to play at the Home Depot Center. This show seemed to be quite mellow at first and towards the end it finished strong. Throughout the show, tunes like Grey Street, Two Step, Crush, Warehouse, & Ants were full of energy. I love to just look around & listen to the crowd sing along. During Ants, the fans on the upper level of the stands were stomping their feet to create this crazy booming noise - great echo effect heard down on the floor! We heard a shorter than normal Two Step, but Crush jammed. Recently was played slower than I have ever heard before, and I believe I counted 11 or 12 "whooos" during the time stop intro into Warehouse. The peeps sitting around us were fabulous and enjoyed watching us dance around without a care in the world. Going to my first show of the year is like having Christmas in July...back for more good times tomorrow night. Peace, Love, & DMB - Heather
Tricia P.
This was a great show. The band amazes me everytime I see them. This was my fourth show and I will be back at the Home Depot Center tomorrow night for my fifth! The renditions of Recently, Loving Wings Ants Marching and Watchtower were unbelievable. While Stay was being played, all I could think was that I wanted to stay and keep watching them! DMB is definitely the greatest show(s) I have ever seen!
Ohio W.
Last night was an awesome show full of energy and heart. The playing time over all was a bit on the short end, but what they DID play was great. The end of Two-Step built and built with an incredible display of lights and flashing images getting louder and faster... It was great to see them bust out all the old stuff like Recently, One Sweet World, and Granny. Boyd was going mad playing his solos which never sounded better, and Dave, Dave was dancing and grooving and scatting, and oh, just tons of energy. Good job boys! See ya tonight!
Michael V.
Wow, what a show. My 17th show thus far with 6 more to go for this summer tour. Amazing Grey Street as usual with the energy flying high and the band having so much fun. It was a slower evening with some great spunk with Ants, Two Step, Watchtower and then ending with Stay. Satellite, one of my favorite slower songs, is always a great sight to see and hear. The band played well and had a lot of fun. A lot of smiles and hand shakes between the band members. I'm looking forward to more shows soon.
This was one of the best DMB shows I have ever seen in my life. Look at the setlist! He played songs that kept the crowd going from start to finish. Everyday(36) as an opener...come on. Like he didn't want the crowd into this one...and they were. Two Step, Watchtower, Warehouse, Recently, Stay, Ants, Grey Street! All that was needed was Seek Up and people would have started exploding. Dave was dancing his a** off and the crowd was feeding off of his energy. I am still reeling from this show and can not see how on earth he could follow this one. UNBELIEVABLE
Jay T.
Ok The Roots put on a great start to the show.. playing what seemed non-stop set.. they really got the crowd jumping with all the phat beats the were releasing for the crowd. good job Roots ... as for DMB ... what i can i say.. if you were not there you missed one hell of a show. this being my 8th show it will live up to be one of the best shows i have ever seen. thou you cant beat your first show , nor can you beat the shows where you are TRIPPIN at ... this year was the Has Anyone Seen Him ... show. take a close look. you will know what i mean . ok Everyday (#36) my god what a nice way to start ..Greystreet my god ..Granny .. wow there is one that i have not seen in a while .. OSW that is always a treat to hear..Satellite .. ok the pee break song..Two Step.. man you need to see that one live .. is "all i have to say about that." . If i Had it All .... that is a good song off of EVERYDAY.. thank god it wasnt I Did It .. which i dont think they are playing this year .. Recently.. ahh some of the old stuff..bass solo by stephan .. into Crush. wow, wow, wow ,is all i have to say .. Loving Wings .. im going to like that song .. man the sound that band puts out ...eveyone will love it ... then WAYG .. ok wheres Adam Sandler when that song was played..Warehouses... oh yes another oldie ... glad that was played Ants ... what can i say .... Watchtower..what can i say ...Diggin . i would not think that they would have brought this one out for an encore... but it is a great song.. finally Stay ... i think that is a teaser song, makes you want to stay and listen to DMB all night long . welp i really enjoy the concert place Home Depot Center .. sound was great ,, loud ,, sercurity i think they were having fun too ,,, letting fans dance in the isles .. this show what can i say ... oh i guess i can say " if you were not there you missed one hell of a show!" see you guys tomorrow.. please play #41 or big eyed fish --> Bartender..... listen to music everyday .. I DO .. YAJ.. AKA Jay the DMBFAN.. D4M1B ..
Scotty L.
First, let me say, Home Depot Center is a damn pretty place at night. Nice bluish lights all over...very nice. Tonight was my first of five shows this year, and it was a pretty good show to get started with. Here we go.......EVERYDAY - Ah, perfect song to start this particular evening. It was a good precursor to what the rest of the performance would feel like, a bunch of friends relaxing to some good music and just having a good time. The "Hani, Hani's" were there in the audience, but not super loud, from what I could hear from my section. I think most peeps just weren't exactly ready for the participation so soon. But I know some sections were doing it right. GREY STREET - Would someone tell me what the hell happened to the third verse?? I've been hearing Dave doing this since he and Timmy toured. Is it just him messing up, or is the "new" version of the song, or am I just freakin' deaf? I miss the third verse, dammit. GRANNY - I don't think I've ever enjoyed this song as much. Had me shaking the booty. ONE SWEET WORLD - Again, the boys have pulled out these songs time and time again, but I really really enjoyed them tonight more than ever. There was just a better energy than most times. SATELLITE - Always beautiful. Tonight was no exception. TWO STEP - Interesting. They played the short version with no super extended jams, like I'm used to hearing. And except for the very end, could Two Step actually have sounded...relaxing? Yes, it did. Again, even the more upbeat songs had a kick-back feeling to them. But Scotty liked that. Yes, he did. IF I HAD A DOG - Okay, one of the nicer Everyday song, but do you have to play it right after Two Step? You finally play a more upbeat song, then you bring us right back down. You could see a mass sit-down during this song, as well as the mass-heads-turning-to-converse-with-each-other. But I gave the song respect, because it's my dog's favorite song. She wishes Dave had a dog, too. RECENTLY - Back to the oldies, but goodies. And it was damn good. They reached that point in which you wonder, "Will it be the jammed out version, or are they going to cut it off?" They jammed it out, yo. They even added the "Pretty Girl/Take Me To the River" jam before they reached the end. CRUSH - My highlight of the night. I almost had tears in my eyes. And it says something again about the night when one of the slower songs turned out to be the most intense. Tears, I'm telling you, tears!!! But not quite. Almost, I say. But not.....anyway. LOVING WINGS - If the crowd could have piped down, I could've heard this song better. But it was quiet and nice. And here is where we come to the part where this older lady in the row in front of me, who looked very creepily like my mom (scary, I tell you), got busted for taking a hit off a pipe. Lord, how funny was that?? First, that she was hitting the pipe...second, that out of all the peeps smoking the weed around me, an older lady is the one who gets busted! Weird. And the visions of my mom smoking out were also just too weird. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - Wow. Everyone knew the words to this one. And they were all singing along. Who woulda thunk? Haha. WAREHOUSE - But they also all knew the lyrics to this one, so I was happy. It was great to hear Warehouse. Brought the energy back up in a good way. ANTS MARCHING - But not as much as this one. What can you really say about Ants? It's awesome every single time. And it was a great set closer..but, wait....no. They aren't leaving the stage! What might they play next? Oh, it's so exciting! Or maybe not so exciting. Stephan is starting a bass solo. That can only mean...ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - Yeah, it's a great song. But I think I've heard it at so many shows now, the most interesting part is seeing what Stephan is going to play as the intro. The other interesting part is how my feet just refuse to sit still during the damn thing. Sounded great and really had me dancing. ENCORE BREAK - Normally I won't include the Encore Break in here, but I have to comment on how freakin stupidly weird the LA crowd was(Remember, I'm part of it, so there are no insults here. Just comedy). First, while waiting for the band to return, peeps pulled out the lighters. It was very beautiful....then, I noticed that half the lights weren't lighters at all, but people holding their lit-up cell phones in the air!! What the hell? When did this start to happen?? Okay...DIGGING A DITCH - Very pretty. But what the hell were the people up in the stands doing? They started a mass stomp up in the stands, but aren't you supposed to do that during the encore break and NOT during a nice, quiet slow song? Backwards, people, backwards. STAY - Personal preference...I would have liked to have heard something else, but Stay was good. Carter freaks me out with that backing vocal of his. Funny stuff, how he sounds just like a lovely lady. And that was the end. I know they haven't been playing them lately, but I really wanted to hear The Last Stop and The Dreaming Tree. I'll be a little peeved I don't hear them at least once through these five shows after they played them so much at the beginning of the tour. But I understand Dave's voice is also a little strained right now. But, please...just once boys. And quick thanks to my new Dave friends. The best thing abot Warehouse tix is that you're around other Warehousers, no matter where you are. See ya tomorrow, everyone. I love you all!
First of all lets give it up for Dave, through him all things are possible. This show was a true DMB fan's dream!!!! Unbelievable setlist with Dave going back the good ol' stuff! They practically brought down the house before the break with Warehouse-Ants-Watchtower. Two steo was amazing as always. Surprised by the love the LA fans showed; not your typical LA show. WAS disappointed with the fans (even in the first ten rows) who lost interest and sat down during Loving Wings and a great jam that followed. I cannot wait for night #2!
Jen C.
alright my children, this has been one of the best dmb shows ever! i didnt get dreaming tree nor did i get last stop but heck, I GOT RECENTLY.. with the pretty girl jam!!!!!!!!! can we talk about this? the pretty girl jam! i dont think there was a person in the audience who didnt dance during that. and in all honesty, i'd like to seeif a person exists that wasnt drawn to move to music of such wondrous caliber. the warehouse woos have now become of staple of the warehouse and man do i love it. you know what else i love? talkin to a rad couple that was in front of me. you know she loves dave, and we were all members of the warehouse so it was just one big warehouse family. man how i love that. our boys were on fire tonight. it made me proud. i started suffering from dave matthews band withdrawal immediately after the show ended. see ya in chula!