Dave Matthews Band
UMB Bank Pavilion, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Donít Drink the Water
One Sweet World
If I Had It All
When The World Ends -->
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Best of Whats Around
Ants Marching
Help Myself
Say Goodbye
Rhyme & Reason
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
True Reflections
Too Much
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Wow....could anyone ask for anything more??? Looking at the setlist, one may imagine that the show tonight wasn't anything out of the ordinary, when in fact, it was definitely one of the greatest live performances I've seen the band play in my 5 years as an avid concert goer.... First of all...You'll notice "Help Myself" and "minarets" on the setlist. . . and played so well might I add. Carter was into the music more than I have ever seen before; Dave looked as if he was having a great time; Steffan was bouncing around like there was no tomorrow; Boyde looked as if he would rather be playing his own concert, but for True Reflections, he put down a great(great) solo; And Leroi of course really didn't have a facial expression at all, but played very well. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't one dragged out jam to set itself apart from the rest of the concert, but every song was the perfect length. (Nothing exceeding 8-9 min that I know of). But was I ever happy not to see Dave pick up the electric guitar tonight. (he didn't even grab the 12 string). Played with such energy, I would be surprised to hear any true DMB fan talk badly about this show. Loving Wings exceeded the normal timelength into the 7 minute region ending with Carter going crazy on the drums. Ants Marching..wow...great version although didn't start with the intro.just straight into the verses. . . a little disturbing but hey, I'm not going to complain. Carter loved Minarets..he lived for Minarets tonight.the Say Goodbye into was much more enthusiastic than last year, and a good version like always. SMTS -->PNP-->Rapunzel????????? WTF! I know it has been done before, and I knew that Too Much was already played, so I was wondering what would happen at the end up SMTS, and was even more confused during the "Anyone Seen the Bridge" jam, but it just sounded so good when it happened. Judging by how into Rapunzel the band was during the show, I actually believed there might have been a double encore (very unlikely) but it was that good. (I Think..)During the encore, someone threw a Christmas hat up on stage, (some kind of hat) and Dave put it on for a moment. I thought we may have gotten a "Christmas song" tease..but it didn't happen. Over all..This show would receive probably a 9 out of 10. I can't complain, I just wished for some improve. P.S.--->Hats off to Robert Randolph and the family band.......wow....that version of Purple Haze would have made Hendrix himself stunned.
DDTW - good opener. decent amounts of energer. Crush - solid. One Sweet World - man this sounded so good tonight. they were all over this one! IIHIA - eh. it wasn't too bad at all. actually had a good amount of energy towards the end of the song. WTWE - this song gets better and better everytime i hear it. -->Crash - good stuff, unexpected, and it pleased the crowd. BOWA - wow.wow.wow. i mean i was numb. this sounded sooo good. i'm not really sure if this was on the setlist or not because Roi's people brought him out a standing mic for his flute (i think) and he didn't use it. also, dave talked to carter for a bit before this one. Ants - huuuuge amounts of energy and everyone completely was into it. it almost felt like they started the show over! Minarets - ya know, i never really had much interest for this song, but tonight it was awesome. dave was singing something over the intro to minarets (it wasn't scat) and then at the end he went nuts. holy crap. y'all are gonna love the tape! Help Myself - no one in the crowd really knew this one, but they all got into it Say Goodbye - niiiiiiiice. very sexy, very solid. Rhyme & Reason - damn, everyone got into this one like it was Ants or something. it seemd like everyone knew this one! Loving Wings --> Dave had lots of fun with this one. It seemed sort of standard though. WAYG - i had to pee really bad, so i went. it seemed to sound good from the stall. True Reflections - "I've got a good friend. His name is Boyd Tinsley and he's got a new cd that's out." Damn. Boyd was all over this one! Too Much - Lots of energy----great closer! ---- So Much to Say - what more can you say about this song other than it's fun as hell to sing to ASTB - when dave was doing his vocal improv, i don't think he knew what he was doing. he grabbed the mic and just started his verbal diarrhea. then he turned around to Carter and was like "hell if i know..." PNP-->smooooooth transition! RAPUNZEL - they almost fubarred this one really bad. i think leroi and someone else were off, but when dave got ready to go into the second chorus, it was just a LOT of music. like i said i think leroi and maybe butch (?) were planning on going back to the verse. dave waited it out until they got situated and then finished the verse. and then an explosion of energy came out from everyone. carter beat the hell out of this one! what a great great night! i highly recommend getting this tape! not a ton of jamming, but an insane amount of energy. the only other thing wierd about this night was leroi seemed a bit off. his flute playing in the Say Goodbye intro was off. he played some wrong notes and they he was off time for another song, but i can't remember what it was.
Wow, that was an amazing show!! I was so excited to finally hear Crash into me live! This is my fourth show and this is tied with the best. There was a great mix of old and new stuff including Boyds True Reflections. Don't Drink the Water was a great way to start off then going to Crush, it is the third time I have heard it and it was by far the best, One Sweet world was great along with If I had it all. It was by far a great show with a lot of energy. The only dissapointment was that the band didn't play a lot of solos and long musical segments, even though LeRoi was rocking out the sax last night. I hope everyone else had a good time, Take care and Have a nice day!
Laura O.
Great show -- my 21st. There was a weird, but good, vibe going on from start to finish. I had lower pavilion seats, which I haven't had for awhile, so that may have been part of it. When the band came out, you could tell that they were ready to play a great show. DDTW and Crush were a good beginning, and then OSW rocked my world. It wouldn't be the same without the instrumental intro, and the first notes always send some kind of chill through me. The song was solid, and Dave did some funky improv at the end. It's my favorite song by far. If I Had it All, WTWE and Crash kind of lagged a little, served as the low point of the show for me, if there was one. Then BOWA came out of nowhere and sounded awesome. They played it a little slower than usual, which made it more of a groove. Totally loved it. Ants came and went in the middle of the set. Boyd was especially into this one, playing the hell out of his violin. Okay, now to the highlight of the show, which was worth the ticket price alone: Minarets, Help Myself and Say Goodbye. Oh. My. God. Minarets blew my f-ing mind. I don't even know if I can describe it in words. The end was amazing, Dave screaming and the lights freaking out and Carter banging on his drums and Stefan abusing his bass and LeRoi wailing on his sax. It almost felt like some kind of tribal thing. Unreal. Help Myself is just a great song, and I've been able to hear it twice this tour. Lucky me. It's just so different from everything else, and I love it when they play it because everyone in front of me gets up to get a beer and I can finally see. They don't know what they're missing, though. Say Goodbye -- hadn't heard it forever. Love that song so much, makes me want to spin in circles. Not much room to do that in the pavilion, is there? R&R kept the good vibe going, and I love Loving Wings, but can't they play it just once without WAYG attached? True Reflections was okay, and then Too Much closed out the set in a really energetic way. When they came back for the encore, I was so surprised to hear them start with SMTS-->ASTB. It had me so excited, because they had already done Too Much, so the next song would be a total surprise. And it was -- PNP-->Rapunzel. I love this as a closer. I don't know what it is, but it's just the right thing to hear before you leave the show and have to sit in traffic for an hour and a half like I did. Dave was dancing all around, and they all looked like they were having a blast. Dave did lots and lots of improv throughout the show, and he and Boyd got face-to-face a lot. Stefan was bouncing around all night, and they all just looked energized and loving what they were doing. That's a great feeling for the fans. I had an awesome time, and this show made me realize why I keep going back for more every summer. Hope you all have a great time at the rest of the shows! You're in for something good...
Brandon M.
On July 10th, I attended what was my 4th DMB concert. I had seen them twice last year in Maryland Hieghts, and once in nashville. This set list was by far one of the best. He started out with a bang bringing in songs from what I would say is his best album BTCS with Dont drink the water and crush. Then he allowed the softcore fans some fun with crash. Then slowing things down a bit with Minarets. The encore however, was AMAZING. He put all three songs together beautifully. Something Dave could only do. in woulda been nice to mabey hear a satelite or a Seek Up but other than that. I would have to say that this show was alot better than both of his from last year. I can't wait till' next years.
This was my 2nd Dave show that i've seen, both of which have been at the UMB Bank Pavillion. I must say this was an awesome show, my knees felt weak as they played all my favorite old songs. "Crash" what more can you say, i've been wanting to hear it all my life live and finally did! i brought several friends for their first time and i must say they saw this show and were in awe. I was wondering too about the drum intro by carter for Ants Marching, it wasn't there, but oh well the element of surprise kept me guessing which songs could be next. I've always been a fan of "one sweet world", "WTWE", and "true reflections" was a great song to hear. The concert last night was almost a repeat setlist of the Listener Supported set ("ALMOST") but i kept thinking to myself they should have been recording this show to DVD or something, it was an amazing set and crowd atmosphere and i'm looking forward to Saturday's show.
Philip M.
What an amazing show the boys put on tonight. Full of energy and the band fed off the crowd all night. DON'T DRINK THE WATER: Good opener, figured they were going to open w/ this one. Tons of energy CRUSH: slowed things down at the start, but the crowd really got into it. ONE SWEET WORLD: knew they would play it tonight, great as always. It got everyone dancing! IF I HAD IT ALL: good Everyday tune. Nothing too special, but still a good song. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS: nothing too special, good live song. CRASH INTO ME: giant sing-along for the women; already saw them play it at Alpine earlier in the week. THE BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND: HELL YEAH!! nice placement, surprised the hell out of me. Great song and the first time I have seen it performed live!!!! ANTS MARCHING: I like it being thrown in the middle of the set; tons of energy-got the crowd really going. MINARETS: TWICE IN ONE WEEK!! The crowd was lost on this one. Dave and Carter just tear it up! HELP MYSELF: Carter's drumming is amazing, I love hearing this one live. SAY GOODBYE: SURPRISE OF THE EVENING! I have not seen it since '99 and the crowd soaked it up. Amazing version, Leroi and Carter stole the song!! RHYME & REASON: nice long intro, great song to hear live. LOVING WINGS: could not hear the lyrics, crowd was busy talking during this one. Not as good as previous versions. WHERE ARE YOU GOING?: standard song, nothing special. TRUE REFLECTIONS: HELL YEAH!!! First time I have seen it live and it did not disappoint. Way to go Boyd! TOO MUCH: Good closer to the set, packed w/ energy. Left the crowd wanting a lively encore. SO MUCH TO SAY: Picked up the crowd where it left off. Another great sing-along; got the crowd dancing. PNP/RAPUNZEL: First time hearing this one since 2000. Great song to close out the evening. Tons of energy-better encore selections then second night at Alpine! Great show, tons of energy-wish it would of been a 2 night stop in St. Louis!
Michael H.
A truly amazing night in StL w/ DMB: an 18 song setlist with tonight being the first time I've seen 8 of them live - a real treat! **DDtW** opened up nice and loud - Carter's drums thumped all hard all night, so that kept our feet moving. **CRUSH** was nice. **ONE SWEET WORLD** with the extended intro and a scat outro from Dave was pleasant as well. Next, a couple of Everyday titles, **IF I HAD IT ALL** and **WtWE**, fit fine with me in the early stages of this developing setlist. **CRASH** was sweet, but after this marker, the show turned NUTS. I could not believe my ears as the next 6 songs steamrolled over the stunned crowd. **BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND** was awesome. Then **ANTS** elated the crowd. **MINARETS** (which I had been hoping for since I heard it's shown up in a couple recent setlists) excited me (not many of the StL crowd though, but it's not exactly that widely known of a tune. The absolute stunner of the night was **HELP MYSELF**. I could not help myself (pun intended) from freaking out. This really excited me. Afterwards Carter played a wicked beat drum solo, and I felt **SAY GOODBYE** approaching. What a sweet song. The trip back to "old school" (as Stefan apparently remarked onstage) ended with **RHYME AND REASON**. it was quite a round back in time as all these oldies and rarities came out. But the setlist continued. **LOVING WINGS** --> **WHERE ARE YOU GOING**, then **TRUE REFLECTIONS** (to help Boyd out and to help us "find some inspiration"). They closed out with **TOO MUCH**, which very much pleased the StL crowd. Immediately, everyone began screaming a clapping and pounding on the chairs for more music, more music! 8 minutes later we were treated to continuous funk for the next 15. **SMTS** --> **ASTB** --> **PNP** --> **RAPUNZEL**. Talk about a crazy closing! This setlist was absolutely historical. I'd like to hear other reviews or opinions about my remarks. I thought the last show i saw in StL was awesome, but this show blew the 8.26.2002 show out of the water! Some silly venue traffic problems and a 5 hour drive home (once we got out of the parking lot - an hour later) made for a long day. Grace is NOT gone...that show was a blessing!
Nick R.
The energy of the band tonight was amazing tonight. Minerets, Best of Whats Around, and True Reflections are so rare lately and they rocked all three. Boyd was great on that song. Ants Marching, the 6th song played, was basically an encore.... The crowd was going crazy! Say Goodbye changing the words to roll thrill its the best pill. And the encore was the best these guys have ever sounded to my ears. Unreal encore!
ok, thank you so much elizabeth for getting me up close, it was awesome. last year in st louis i was 6th row, and that was the closest i had ever been until last night when i was 4th. this show was great, this was my tenth overall with the full band, and i loved it. there were lots of firsts for me tonight (even though last stop wasn't one of them). MINARETS!!!!! wow that was tight, there was so much energy. ants in the middle of the set was nice. say goodbye, finally i got to see it. and what a sweet version of true reflections, WE LOVE YOU BOYD!! there were lots of old stuff which was great. i cant wait until nashville, then atlanta, only two months to go. thanks guys for a great past couple of weeks in the midwest. come back soon.
J.P. .
All I have to say is "True Reflections" was awsome. The energy on that song was amazing. Boyd was amazing as well. I also enjoyed the solos from Leroi, is he the best or what! Can't forget about Daves little dances, man he was grooving lastnight. Good show, lots of oldies..which is always nice. Looking forward to 7/12 next.
WOW!! Actaully my first DMB show and I couldn't have asked for anything more. The crowd was marginal. They didn't repspect songs like Minarets and Loving Wings. I could hardly hear Minarets in the end. Anyway, what an awesome show!!! BOWA made my night, and a midset ants!!! Wow! I was blown away. I was a little dissapointed with Loving Wings-->WAYG, but the crowd really sings along with WAYG and its great. Crash was actually realyl good. It's not one of my all tiem favorites, but I loved singing along and I loved Dixie Chicken! Say Goodbye was awesome, carter is a god. Also, Help Myself surprised me, even though I knew it had been played a lot on this tour. Good song, never realyl liked it until I heard it live. Awesome version. Too Much to close was good becuase allt he drunks finally started paying attention becuase there was a song they knew. At one point, this jerk in front of me screamed "No one likes you, Dave!" I wanted to punch him, but he was bigger than me. The encore break was fun, I knew they were gojng to do something big, but this encore had so much intensity. SMTS-->ASTB-->PNP-->Rapunzel blew me away. I was jumping up and down like an idiot by the end. My only complaint was the crowd. There were some really direspectful people there. Oh well, with a show this good, you realyl can't complain. It made BOWA and Arpunzel my new favortie songs!
Dave played an amazing concert from start to finish with a crap-load of surprises. I think this hwas the best set this tour. Mineretes was amazing and was so powerful. Help Myself was great even though not to many fans no that one.(I guess there not really fans then) Anyway. Alot of radio songs. Ants was great because he skipped the intro and just busted into it halfway throught he concert (which no one saw coming.) The crowd was energetic and into it throughout the night. The only extended jams were crush and loving wings. Alot of scat on the night. The encore was amazing. I thought it was going to be another What You Are but he came out with SMTS with an amazing scat on ASTB into PNP to a breathtaking Rapunzel. Hell yes. Rapunzel.
Andrew W.
Good show, had intense moments and some good jams. I like starting a show with DDTW, it's intense and its lyrics can be interpreted as being very pertinent. Crush is wonderful, as always. WTWE->Crash got a good reaction from the crowd and was well done; dixie chicken pleased everyone. Next 5 songs were crazy, the past couple of years we wouldn't have seen this. BOWA, Ants, wicked intense Minarets, Help Myself, and Carter solo->Say Goodbye. Pretty incredible stretch. Rest of the set went well, but the encore was impressive with SMTS->ASTB->PNP->Rapunzel. High energy, crowd friendly nightcap. Carter was on fire tonight, tearing it up even when it wasn't by design. The band seemed to enjoy themselves and a good show came through.
Tom S.
One of the top three shows I've been to so far. I think that the highlight of the night had to be Ants Marching. Boyd was crazy as always. The crowd was really into it which is a rareity for almost all St. Louis shows. I'm very glad True Reflections was played it was a first for me. Good encore as well i thought after Too Much was played earlier in the night all hope was lost for So Much To Say but DMB is always full of suprizes. Anyone Seen The Bridge into Rapunzel was great. I've never seen that before. Dave didn't dance much though which was a dissapointment. Overall it was a great evening. Thanks Dave.
Daniel S.
Tonight's show was AMAZING!!! This was my second Dave Matthew's Band show and they keep getting better each year I attend. The night started off great with Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Dave came out and started with Don't Drink the Water, which was very powerful. Crush was awesome. Boyd got the crowd really excited during his violin solo. One Sweet World and If I Had It All were played very well. My favorite part of the concert came when Dave played When the World Ends and then went right into Crash. That moment was worth every penny I paid for tickets. It was nice to hear Best of What's Around and Ants Marching was phenomenal. Minarets sounded very good and I liked the way they changed up the song. Help Myself is a great new song. Say Goodbye was nice to hear since it didn't get played much last year. Rhyme and Reason was full of energy. Loving Wings was a nice slow-paced song that was a good seque into Where Are You Going. I was happy and surprised to hear Boyd sing True Reflections. The jam was very good too. The band ended with Too Much, a very energetic way to end a concert. The encore was a real big surprise for me. I was thinking they would play What You Are or Two Step. However, So Much to Say into Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel was awesome. I don't think any one member stole the show. I think they all had their own great solo moments and played really well. There was a lot of chemistry with the band's members tonight and Dave was full of energy, doing his crazy dances during some of the faster songs. All in all, an amazing night. Dave and his band continue entertain and amaze me every show.
Without even looking at the setlist, just having Dave come on stage pick up his 6 string acoustic guitar and never switch guitars througout the entire show, you know it has to be a great evening. It was my seventh show, and I got seven songs I'd never heard before. Tonight was incredible. Dave and the boys opened up nicely, seemingly warming up for what was to come, and then they just broke it all open. Crash, BOWA, Minarets, and incredible Say Goodbye, inspired Rhyme and Reason, and a really nice True Reflections were the highlights. Interesting end to the set and opening to the encore Too Much, then SMTS. The crowd was great singing at the top of their lungs for most of the night. Everyone seemed to leave satisfied. I was in awe, as usual. A beautiful night and a beautiful show, DMB continues to treat us all well.