Dave Matthews Band
Pepsi Center Arena, Denver, Colorado
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule

So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
What Would You Say
Two Step
If I Had It All
Help Myself
When The World Ends
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
True Reflections
Grey Street
Song That Jane Likes
One Sweet World
The Stone
Rhyme & Reason
All Along the Watchtower
The Maker
What You Are

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

wowee wow wow wow. That was a good concert. There were a few extreemely high points, yet some depressing lows. First off, kudos on the SMTS jam, it was beautiful. Also, thank god for a beautifully extended two step. Loving Wings was great, and I was surprised to see Help Myself, though i don't like it much, except for the chorus. I need to know the name of that song they played in the middle of the concert. It starts out with Dave playing solo, then just repeats over and over again with the entire band, like a continuous jam. Its amazing. No words. I have it on one live CD that claims its from a show at trax in '91. The setlist doesnt show the song. Well anyway that was a great song. The stone wasnt follwed by fools rush in, which pissed me off. Crush was fantastic, so much energy. Watchtower was probably the highlight of the show, it kicked ass. After the encore break, it was really long, Dave explained that someone threw a hunting knife down at the stage. Not very nice. After a nice booing of the culprit, some lady threw her bra onstage, and this excited dave. Then they went into the maker, beautifully played, i might add. Then the final song was What you are, and im sorry but i dont really like that song all that much, I really would have liked a seek up ending, or 41, or typical situation. That would have rocked. But all in all, it was a great show. And some 40 year old guy behind me got a handj*b from his wife during the show. It was sick, but hey, its definitely on my "to do in my lifetime" list.
Michael G.
The show tonight was pretty awesome. This was my fourth show and my second at the Pepsi Center. Although it was better than last years, I was a little disappointed. Sound quality wasn't spectacular and some dumb mother fu%^er threw a hunting knife on the stage where it landed in between boyd and dave. This was after they played an amazing version of Watchtower. I bet the set would have gone a few more songs had it not been for that dumb ass. Otherwise, good show. Stone was the highlight along with Watchtower, Crush, and Two Step, which was full of energy. Carter was really on tonight; he had some amazing drum solos that blew everyone away. Good, but could have been better. See ya all at the Gorge!
Dave F.
It's tough to be original every single time you review a show, especially when you've forgot how many times you've seen the DMB in Colorado. Yet tonight's show, crowd, and vibes had me wanting to jump back into a time machine, and see if this is truly where DMB would have wanted to be, say five years ago. The material is still solid. The crowd is for the most part still enthusiastic. But things have changed - for instance the band delayed their encore for a good 15 minutes waiting for security to make sure the stage was safe after a "fan" had thrown a knife onto the stage at the end of the set. My entire section (116 if you were sitting there) sat most of the show. People were steamed because "41" wasn't played. Or "Everyday" wasn't played. The escalator ride out was an adventure of people bad-mouthing what I had found to be a very energetic, optimistic, love-filled set of enjoyable music. "The Song That Jane Likes" wasn't nearly as appreciated as I remembered it being back on the Rocks. Leroi seemed to not be cheered as loudly as he used to be, and really he had little time to shine. Dave still has things to say, but huge crowds drown him out after "thank you very much." Butch Taylor's keys are delightful, but he's more and more "professional" in his rehearsing and playing with the band after multiple tours. And playing indoors on a night with temperatures in the 80s is a sin only modern concert promoters could make. The pomp and circumstance at DMB shows are so great - light shows, t-shirts, posters, 7-dollar beer, I'm left wondering if the band yearns for the days before "best concert awards" in music magazines. Maybe they go backstage and wish their audience was still college-aged frat boys who shelled out 25 bucks a show, rather than middle-class parents and their children who pay 60 plus dollars to sit behind the stage. Dave gets to play at the Fox Theater in a couple of weeks in Boulder. A nice solo gig that will have tickets being scalped for ridiculous amounts. Boyd will start a tour in the fall, promising a similar environment. It will be anti-DMB. Small crowd, no "hit song demands." It will be simple. Man and guitar. It will be the return to roots rock for a men who started a band based on roots-rock. Oh how complicated the concept has become.
Brent W.
Best show I have ever seen...I can't believe the songs that the da boys pulled out....IT was amazing to hear songs such as the Song that Jane likes, the stone, ryhme and reason. ALthough there has been bad reviews on Everyday songs...I love them!!! It was awesome to hear What you are as a closer....Great Job the sound and the crowd was amazing!!! I have been to my fair share of shows...this ranks as the BEST!!!!
Wow what a show. DMB comes on stages, after an amazing set by Warren and Gov't Mule, and blasts into SMTS, which sets the mood for a very jammy night. At the end of the song, Carter goes strait into ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE then into WWYS. then a somewhat long break and into TWO STEP very early into the set. then IF I HAD IT ALL, one of the few everyday songs played tonight. Then possibly the best song of the night HELP MYSELF, the band has givin new life to that song in this tour. then a pretty standard WTWE and into an amazingly beautiful LOVING WINGS and strait into WAYG. then Dave introduces Boyd and they put out TRUE REFLECTIONS which was great, I have never seen that one live before. then a very standard GREY STREET. then Dave says "I have a little sister named Jane, and this is THE SONG THAT JANE LIKES." man that was another highlight of the evning. then into an amazing jam before OSW, they played that jam last year also. I dig it alot. I bet it will turn into a song. then THE STONE. always good live. then a pretty standard CRUSH and RHYME AND REASON. then the bass intro into AATW. then a very long intermission cause some Idiot threw a knife on stage. Dave says "Leave your knife at home and bring your LOVE!", Carter comes out with a hard hat on :) and they Blast through the Maker (skipped a few verses) and then into a tease during the intro of WYA. I dont know what it was. but it sounded like an amazing song. then the show closes with WYA. Great Show. didnt pull out the bari untill the end so KUDOS TO DAVE peace+love
Colin M.
all i can think to say is WOW!! what an amazing show!! the pre-show festivities were a BLAST! the warehouse tailgate party was bustling with quality people all having a good time. ok, now to talk about the show itself! i was with my new good friend antoinette and we had a killer time! so our seats were in section 122, row AA and that is technically on the floor. so, as soon as the lights went out, we went nuts just like everyone else, but we also moved closer and more towards the middle. we moved into section EEE, row 5. so we were about 35 rows back and perfectly lined up with dave. it was amazing. also, i crotched my camera so i was able to take some sweet pictures. the opening was by far the most amazing opening i have EVER seen. SMTS-->ASTB-->WWYS!!!!!! holy sweet jesus!! then, just when you think it couldnt get any more energetic, they pull out TWO STEP!!! i swear i've never heard anything so loud. i never could have even dreamed of an opening like that. IF I HAD IT ALL was nice because it was a first for me. i always like to hear new songs live. so that was pretty cool. then, as if they knew i liked to hear songs for the first time, they played HELP MYSELF! it was really cool to hear this song and know what it was when everyone else was sitting down and not really getting into it. next was WTWE...always fun to hear live! and the greatest surprise treat of the evening for me was LOVING WINGS! ever since i heard this song, i wanted to hear it live sooooo badly. so this being my first time hearing it live, i loved it! it would have been nice if the crowd was a little quieter so i could hear dave sing this beautifully quiet song, but it was still a treat. WAYG is a great song and beautiful live. i went to meet boyd when he did his cd signing here in colorado and how did he top that you ask?? by playing TRUE REFLECTIONS!! wow!! such a cool song to hear live and they ALL put a lot into it for boyd! i love GREY STREET live. it has so much energy and it always makes me do a little jig there at my seat. even though they skipped the last verse, i still enjoyed it! as soon as i heard dave say "i have a sister named jane" i went nuts because SONG THAT JANE LIKES is another song i had yet to hear live. so it was cool to hear yet another new song! it frustrates me when people sit down at the show and it happened during the instrumental intro to ONE SWEET WORLD. antoinette and i were rocking it during the "instro" and all threw the song too. it is such a sweet song and i always enjoy hearing it live. THE STONE is another one of those songs that is always fun to hear live. when i saw the spotlight hit stefan and he started doing a little jam, i knew it was going to be CRUSH. this was one of the better versions i've ever heard, so it was fun. plus the crowd was really into it! i figured i had already heard 4 songs i had never heard live before and i wasnt going to get anymore. but that changed with RHYME AND REASON. there was pretty good energy for this song too considering it was an older, not as popular song. i loved it though! next came easily my favorite part of the set...WATCHTOWER! it was without a doubt the best version i have ever heard! dave put 150% into that song and it completely blew me away. of course i was jammin and rockin out during the whole song! what a great way to close before the encore. then there had to be some idiot who threw a knife on stage that stuck between boyd and dave. i had no idea about it till they all came back out and dave said something like ".someone, for a very unknown reason, threw a hunting knife down here and stuck in the stage and we just thought if anybody knows who it was that threw the knife down in the stage if you could , if you could. .we're just here having a good time, we just want to have a good time. so leave your knife at home and bring your love" everyone cheered like crazy after that. it was awesome! oh, and to see carter come out wearing a hard hat for the encore was absolutely hilarious! then they just started playing THE MAKER. i still think i like the dave and tim version i heard in the spring better, but it was still cool to hear the whole band do it. WHAT YOU ARE as an encore is so perfect because its a really high energy song, especially with the wailing outro thing dave does now. i love it!
Richard L.
The show was pretty good. The intro was awesome (SMTS-->ASTB-->WWYS then they did Two Step). For most shows that would be considered a closer. Other highlights of the show were True Reflections and Watchtower. Then there was the knife incident. Some idiot threw a knife onstage. There was a LONG (15-20 min.) encore break and that's not normal. Dave came out and asked the crowd to quiet down while he informed the audience about the loser who threw the knife. Everyone was shocked. Carter's yellow hard hat and Dave's comment about it lightened the mood. Dave said, "Leave the knife at home and bring the LOVE." The crowd went crazy then they went into The Maker. I'm so glad they came back out to play. Most bands would have left and said screw this, but they stayed. It's understandable we got WYA instead of Stay as the encore closer. If somebody threw a knife at me it wouldn't make me wanna stay either. Great show, except for what happened at the end. No more shows for me until next summer:(
Dude...this show was sick...really sick...until I "boo'ed" for the first time ever at a Dave show. I was stoked to hear watchtower cause its my all-time fav...but the next thing i hear is Dave explaining that someone throws a freakin hunting knife at a band they paid $50 bucks to see? I am honestly ashamed to admit I'm a denver fan now...like he's really ever gonna wanna come back here now. For Pete's sake man...what the hell has this world come to?
Ash H.
So I had been looking forward to this Dave show for months although it was not what I expected . I had really good seats , like 7 rows to the side of Boyd . However this show just sucked , the set list was nothing special which was pretty disapointing considering the quality of this years sets . Highlights would have to be a good version of Rhyme and Reason , Watchtower and Grey Steet . The low would have to be the knife incident which occured just before the end of the show , I mean what type of person would throw a knife at the stage , terible show ..