Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots

The Stone
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Recently (Pretty Girl, Take me to the River)
Two Step
When The World Ends
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Song That Jane Likes
Donít Drink the Water
Help Myself
Ants Marching
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
Long Black Veil
Tripping Billies

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

I think I can honestly say this is the best show I have ever been too. The Stone is one of my fav's and live it is just awesome. Coming in I was hoping to hear Satellite and was not disappointed! Two Step is always awesome, Spoon was a real treat. The band had a great energy, as they always seem to at Shoreline. I loved the setlist every song. I never in a million years thought I would hear Long Black Veil live, I was exstatic! Tripping Billies always is a good closer with Boyd and Dave jamming.
The C.
Tonight was unlike any other Dave Matthews Band show I have seen before. This was my fifth show, and it included many suprises. It started off, classically, with The Stone, which was excellent as usual, and then One Sweet World, in which Dave was reluctant to hit the high notes. Satellite was a good song to hear, and Recently was an amazing suprise, which Dave disguised by playing a tricky intro to the song. Two Step, Bartender and WTWE were standard renditions, but wonderful nonetheless. PFWYG was uneblievable and I had been waiting to hear this song live for years. Dave seems to play STJL often while at Shoreline in the past couple years, and DDTW was wonderfully terrifying. Spoon and Help Myself mellowed out the crowd, but were excellent additions that are not heard everyday. Ants Marching was classic, and Loving Wings was a new touch to the show, and suprised many fans. WAYG and Stay were an excellent lead-in to the encore, which was the highlite of the show. Long Black Veil was phenomenal and Boyd and Dave rocked to Tripping Billies like never before. Overall, an excellent show with many nice suprises. See you all tomorrow night.
What an amazing show! This was my second Dave show, and was fortunate enough to have very close seats. The band was full of energy, especially on Dont Drink the Water, which was amazing. After a really long applause session, the band finally came back out and did Long Black Veil, which totally blew me away. They busted out songs like The Song that Jane Likes, Satellite, even Spoon(which was so-so). Definitely a fantastic show, the boys were cookin, and the crowd was amazing. See ya'll next year at Shoreline!
The show...was amazing. Opening with The Stone was out of control. Following it up with One Sweet World was ridiculous. Satellite was a standard, and I was pleased to see nothing from Everyday as of yet. Recently was the song we wanted to hear but didn't know it... awesome. Two Step was by far the best song of the night: thundering, intense, wonderful. Ro tapped me on the arm in the middle of it, and it took a minute for me to un-trance myself. Bartender was mind-boggling as well, like it unfailingly is. When The World Ends brought us back to the reality of shitty mid-career albums, but it wasn't disappointing. Pay For What You Get was the shocker of all shockers. Ro and I looked at each other and said something to the effect of, they play this in concert?! Absolutely fantastic. And then they hit us with The Song That Jane Likes. again, Ro and I are shocked. Don't Drink the Water took on a hardcore life of its own as a very loud, crazy song. Spoon bummed the crowd out as it always does. bah BTCS. We had no idea what Help Myself was when they started playing it, but it grew on us quickly. Ants Marching was the token crowd pleaser, but nothing spectacular. Loving Wings was another "what in the world is this?" beauty of a song. Where Are You Going was the only love song of the night, interestingly enough. Should make for a romantic evening tonight. Stay was a phenomenal closer, and apparently Butch is the newest female backup vocalist. Super traditional encore of Long Black Veil and Tripping Billies; I usually don't like Billies live at all, but Dave rocked it well this time around. Speaking of Dave, he looked good. definitely lost some weight, and he was wearing a sweet striped shirt. He didn't talk much, but he threw in phrases about "lovely ladies" into a couple songs. Leroi was without his signature glasses, and Stefan was beanie-less as well. Boyd disappointed me with his boring black attire, and Carter was Carter, complete with bright orange jersey. Pre-show Roots and tortillas were fun and funny. A very, very good show, albeit unusual in terms of song choices.
Mandy B.
WOW! I finally got to see, smell and feel Shoreline!!! Being from the Northeast, I've always wanted to see DMB there under the tent. It's a great venue without a bad seat in the house. The crowd was fantastic and I really felt like I was back east. Obviously by the set list, it was an amazing show. But after all the shows, I still just can't get over Dave's energy! This show was special to me because I not only met some cool WH peeps around me (sec 202), but the couple next to me (Tim and Laura) got engaged around Recently! Congrats. See you Marshall and Jim tomorrow night in section 103! ROCK ON NANCIES :)
Jeff F.
A somehwat mellow show, IMO, especially compared to the 7-29 Chula Vista show I had the pleasure of witnessing. Lots of repeats from that night, which is OK, but they didn't seem to have quite the same energy. I guess my experience would've been better had I not been stuck with a bunch of talkative people on the lawn (thanks, Warehouse). As for the highlights: The Stone as an opener, which I predicted. I'd never heard it live, so I was excited. Butch's solo on Two Step was the best I've ever heard, and I also really enjoyed Recently, Bartender, and Pay For What You Get. Here's to more surprises tonight!
Adam C.
Well, after 4 shows on the road, it was nice to come home to Shoreline. Apparently, the band felt the same way, opening with a vicious Stone that had a nice long break before the end explosion. One Sweet World was a great follow, with a great vibe circulating, continuing into Satellite and a very energetic Recently. Two Step was SOO TIGHT, and it was nice to hear a new song to CA in Bartender. WTWE was good, but when are they gonna put an outro on there? Pay For What You Get, another one new to Cali, and so well done. Then, I couldn't contain a scream as I hear, "I got a little sister named Jane..." You sure do Dave. DDTW was good as it has been the other couple times. Spoon, again. Definitely. Help Myself always carries the energy and it didn't fail on this night. Ants, ok, but I'm getting a little too used to it, but Loving Wings is sooo awesome. Not as good as the version they played in LA, but still great. And still worth the cost of hearing the pitiful WAYG? LBV and Tripping closed out pretty nicely, and you could tell just from the setlist that they didn't want to explode too much before tomorrow night. 8 hours and counting. Going in, there's still a couple standards CA hasn't heard which we should get tonight...Seek Up, 41, LIOG, to name just a few. I'm also praying for another Dreaming Tree. Cheers.
John S.
The setlist for this show was a real treat for the hard core DMB fans. The band experimented frequently with new angles to many of the songs. The boys always seem to play very unique sets at Shoreline. The Stone was a great opener and really set the tone for the evening. During Recently, Dave seemed to take the Pretty Girl section to a higher level, staying with it for a longer period than usual. Two Step is always on the top ten of any setlist and the boys didn't dissapoint. Pay For What You Get was a very nice treat since they dont play it much these days. Dont Drink The Water had oodles of energy that really got the audience into a mean groove. Spoon was another special selection that doesnt get enough play for the imbedded fans. Stay closed out the regular set, which had the entire 24,000 folks in attendance dancing uninhibited throughout the aisles and lawn areas. Long Black Veil started the encore section and was well received by the polite audience, who kept the extracurricular yapping to a minimum for this delicate tune. This stellar show concluded with the fan pleasing Tripping Billies. Ten shows attended, ten more to go!
Okay first off, The Stone is an awesome song but when the band came on, I thought they played it with very little energy compared to other times. One Sweet World is one of my favorites and i thought that that was performed SO well. Satellite was a great song to go into from one sweet world and i thought they gained alot more energy during that song. Recently was a great one with the pretty girl added in. I haden't heard it before and i thought it was really neat. Two step was amazing! I had been hoping they would play it and they did!It wasen't the best live version I've heard but it was the first time i had seen it live so that was just peachy. bartender was a niftey one also, lots of energy...cant beat LeRoi with that flute eh? I would have been fine if they hadn't played WTWE..Im not a huge fan of the Everyday album but they played it well and i was able to enjoy it anyway. Pay for what you get was a awesome suprise, you don't hear that one often... and oh boy...the song that jane likes...thats gotta be one of my favorites now... They played it SO well! Don't drink the water was also amazing! SO much energy..dave was reluctant to hit some high notes but that made it all the more exciting when he screamed "home" in DDTW. Spoon was okay..need i say more? help myself was fun, i didn't know it but i like it! ants marching was great but yes, it is getting alittle old...but thats okay, loving wings was also one i hadent heard before and i liked it! i would also have been happy with out WAYG but it was nice right before stay which was awesome by the way. Long black veil was SOO nifty and then...tripping billies...great great spiffy song! all together, good show, lacked on energy and convincingish stuff that the band was having a good time but oh well, theres always tomorrow! PEACE!