Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Donít Drink the Water
Rhyme & Reason
Fool To Think
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Song That Jane Likes
Crash Into Me
Too Much
Dancing Nancies
Grace Is Gone *
Help Myself
So Much To Say -->
Digging a Ditch
Intro -->
What You Are

* Stefan on Steel Guitar intro
entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Shawn E.
Tonight's show at Alpine was very fun. Although the setlist was not as great as the previous night, the show still rocked on (with no rain!) Highlights included a spectacular Minarets as well as the rare Help Myself. The Alpine crowd was spectacular and really into Nancies, Warehouse, and Stay. Personally I was disappointed in the encore, as were many fans. Dave did, however, play several minutes of "Some Devil" leading into What You Are (even more than he did at Chicago three days ago). Overall a great two nights at Alpine. See you at the Target Center!
Before this show even started I was in good spirits because we got great grass seats, and Robert Randolph opened things nicely. Opening with Don't Drink the Water is always energetic but I have seen that as an opener before. Dave went nuts on Rhyme & Reason as he packed tons of emotion and expression into it. Fool to Think slightly improved with acoustic, but was probably the weakest song of the evening. One Sweet World bounced happily along with the crowd as usual, as did the Song That Jane Likes. Then the big surprise for me came hearing Crash Into Me. Although it's DMB's biggest hit, I had yet to hear it live in the five shows I had been to. Unlike the previous shows of this tour, he included the dixie chicken ending. For the remainder of the first set, they continuously played one great song after another. Bartender's jam glowed with energy and enthusiasm, and Butch even chimed in with a solo of his own. Too Much and So Much To Say were surprisingly played separately without being connected by the ASTB jam. Dancing Nancies and Warehouse provided the audience with two great jams from their early days, and Dave beautifully serenaded the 40,000 person crowd filled with lighters as usual. I'm not a big fan of Minarets but they made it hard to deny at Alpine. Finally, Stay was the highlight of the night, especially being another first for me. The jam at the end kept me dancing and singing for the whole thing. Butch's fills for the ladies also came in handy. For the encore Dave once again disappointed me by closing one of his top performances with the song What You Are. The song did have lots of energy, but it comes down to it being a poor choice as an encore. He also ended the first night at Alpine the year before with this song. But the awesome set made up for the poor encore, and made for one spectacular performance.
Ben S.
I had few expectations for this show. I saw them plenty last year and didn't know what they were playing this year. They started off strong with Don't Drink the Water. Crowd was happy for the show to start after a long, rainy day and a few scattered "mud people." One Sweet World was nice with the Nature intro. The lighting was very cool the whole night with a few added touches of color to bring out a bit more in each song. Not many new songs from Everyday or Busted Stuff but they did play Bartender. The crowd really responds to this now and they should---a spirited version with a long outro by Butch on the keys and LeRoi on the pennywhistle. First huge highlight of the night was Dancing Nancies---Boyd just layed it down on this one as Dave looked on with amazement. Cool Grace is Gone with Stefan on the actual slide guitar a la Robert Randolph as the intro. Help Myself was a treat for me because I had never heard it live....Minarets was superb all the way. Cool intro with just Dave singing and then the whole band. The lawn people just about forgot who they were seeing until the red and yellow lights punctiated the last part of this song as the band lit up in fury..."Screaming from the Minarets." Stay ended the set in pure crowd-pleasing fashion and it was great all the way through. The encore was alright with Diggin a Ditch and What You Are. Before WYA Dave started playing a new song but played it very softly...we'll see what this may turn into. Overall, there were a few highlights and a consistent performance from a great band.
Jason C.
this show was even greater than last night. it was a lot faster which was cool although i do like the slow stuff too. but minarets?!?! i never thought i would hear that live. anyways i loved that and i love the intro they have made for what you are. its awesome o just hear that and feel what they are building up to! the lawn was great the show was great and the weather was great! couldnt have asked for a better time! See ya in st louis
Holy cow - MINARETS! WHat else needs to be said? This was a really strong show.. As the guys always do when they come to Alpine Valley, they pulled out some stops last night and gave us a great experience. Everything was solid - the setlist, the crowd (who even from the very back of the pavillion where I was sitting stood and went crazy the entire night!), even the weather held out for us. My highlights from the show...
All I can say is this concert was crazy!!!!!! Alpine was packed to the max. Dave did not let the people down. DDTW was a great opener. One Sweet World was not the best I have heard them play it. DN was awesome, everbody was singing to it. Minerats was played great. HM was nice but it seemed nobody was into the song. I thought the encore was not the best. DD is too slow and WYA is bad a everyday song. Overall the concert is still GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Cya in Minneapolis
This show was good, but nothing more. I was quite disappointed in the lack of energy from the band. There were times when it seemed like they were kicking it up, and then the energy would just die. DDTW was a solid opener, but many of the songs to follow were just like they've been all tour (this is my biggest pet peeve of this tour so far, night in and night out, the songs are almost exactly alike). But then came one of the highlighs of my evening, STJL - a very solid performance, and I was glad to hear it for the first time. Other high points were Nancies and Warehouse back to back (although they did this last December in Chicago), Help Myself, and Minarets. I really feel that night one's setlist was stronger, and that this show just didn't live up to it. Probably the worst part about the night was the Encore, very weak non-energetic performances of DAD and then WYA (IMO, this is just not a good closer). Overall, this show was decent, and fun to be at, but didn't even compare to Tweeter Center on the 3rd (something I would have NEVER expected). Take care everybody.
Not a bad show, pulled out more of the obscure songs for the previous night. With all the rain before the show and the threat during most the show, thought they might go to their bag and pull out JTR (great rain reference), but instead opened with DON'T DRINK THE WATER. Good energy, always a good opening song. RHYME & REASON-first time I have gotten to hear this song since 1999. Always a good song to hear live. FOOL TO THINK-one of my favorite Everyday songs and now that he does it on the acoustic it sounds even better. ONE SWEET WORLD-figured they were going to play this one tonight. Really got the crowd on their feet and dancing. He kept it going old school by throwing in SONG THAT JANE LIKES. Probably got the biggest reception of the night only second to CRASH. Knew since they threw in CRUSH the night before this one was coming. Giant sing along for the ladies. First time I have seen it live since 2001. BARTENDER-always great live. Didn't have as much intensity as previous shows, but still great to hear. TOO MUCH-got the crowd back on their feet...always tons of energy and another great sing-a-long. NANCIES/WAREHOUSE-thank god!!! Boyd tearing it up as usual. Loved getting to hear them back to back. Stefan was on the slide, knew GRACE was coming. Love hearing this one live, got all the lighters out and going. Nice jam on the end. Then came highlight #1...HELP MYSELF. FINALLY I GOT TO HEAR THIS ONE! Lost the crowd a little, but I was all about it! Nice drumming by Carter on this one. SO MUCH TO SAY-another good one to hear, knew they couldn't be going into TOO MUCH so what would we pull out this late in the set. MINARETS!!! Highlight #2. This one completely lost the crowd, but an amazingly beautiful song. The band was really tight on this one and Carter again stole the song. STAY-was hoping they would play this since I had not heard it in a couple years. Butch and Carter do a great job on the vocals. Long jam at the end on this one. Was hoping for TYPICAL SITUATION but heard the opening chords for DIGGING A DITCH-nice mellow song, wished they opted for something else. WHAT YOU ARE-nice long into w/ Dave adding lyrics to the beginning. Full of energy and the light show was amazing as always. See ya guys in St. Louis!
Kimmie K.
This show was amazing!! wow. dancing nancies...dave and boyd dueling it out! it was crazy! hearing minartes was awesome. that is my favortie song and i was going crazy when i heard it. As usual, SMTS and Too Much were awesome. Daves vocals blew me away, and Boyd's violin!! ahh! the energy of the crod was awesome and the set list was amazing! I couldn't have picked a better one!
[Name R.
What can i say about this show? All in all, it was a energetic show, we got to hear Minarets and Help Myself. I really do not like What you are as an ending. i mean it's a good song and all but i just don't like it at the closing. Does anyone know what happend to Watchtower? DDTW was a sweet opener, it got everyone going. RR was sweet jamming same with FTT. OSW is always awesome to hear with the instrumental intro. STJL is a sweet song and when he introduces saying i have a sister named Jane. It totally rocks. Crash is always a crowd pleaser and everyone knew the words. Sitting in Pavillion sec 203 row PP was just amazing because for some of the songs the crowd singing drowned out dave. Bartender was a sweet jamming same with Too much. Dancing Nancies is always the greatest song. He said some where lost in Paris tonight, instead of Alpine or Chicago like last year. He lead right into with Warehouse with a stop intro and the crowd yelling and fist pumping. GIG is always good to hear, Stefan had a sweet intro. Help myself, first time hearing that song, it was amazing, i think i was the only one in my section that knew the words. SMTS --- Minarets, how cool is that. SMTS just totally rocks and then to minarets. The boys ended with stay, just like all of last summers shows but it was good to hear again. Encore the full band played diggin a ditch, its a great song but not a great encore. Then they ended with What you are. The boys are really mixing up the sets this summer. Compared to last winter tour when they played like idetical sets at United Center and Champaigne, this summer is not that case. Encores, he's throwing everyone off with a full band encore, it's just the greatest summer ever, they are on fire right now. Rock on!
All I have to say is that show was AMAZING! it was my first Dave concert and it definately wont be the last. I couldn't have asked for a better setlist..ever! Dont drink the water was an awesome way to open the concert and get the crowd going..it sounded great! Rhyme and reason was really good..great to be able to hear! wasnt a big fan of Fool to think..but it was still good. One sweet world was amazing with the long intro! I was glad to hear The song that jane likes..it sounded really good! Crash into me..i love that song and so did the whole crowd! Bartnder they really hit it! it was awesome. Too much was so upbeat and got the whole crowd going i love that song! DANCING NANCIES!!!!!!!! holy shit! that was amazing! Dave and Boyd playing..omg definately the highlight of the show! warehouse was great, as well as grace is gone! i was excited to hear both of those! help myself..i dont know what he was thinking..but thats ok..they played it well no one knew the song! so much to say and minarets! wow..so much to say was sooo good..and minarets a rare treat! wow that was good to hear! Stay was awesome! my favorite song and i was soo happy to hear it.they played it great! umm the encore..definately could have been better. i wanted to hear two step but it was played the night before. encore sounded good but i didnt like the choice in songs..all in all it was an absolutely amazing show. setlist was great and DANCING NANCIES made the show!!!!
Made it to both Alpine shows along with the Chicago Tweeter show on Thursday -- shows 32-34 for me. Thursday night was pretty much an average show. My friend and I had seats on the back left half of the pavillion and had a lot of trouble hearing Dave sing. The music was okay, but it wasn't much fun hearing the people around me sing louder than Dave. Dreaming Tree and Pay For What You Get were nice to see. Typical Situation had a funky ending that was fun to see. Had good seats at Alpine Saturday -- a nice deal after sitting in the parking lot for five hours hanging out in the sun. Got to see Dave's twins and two women who I would guess were his wife and sister. They were off to the side of the stage dancing with the kids for the first few songs. Say Goodbye was great to hear again. Ants was one of the bigger surprises ever because of the placement. There was a long jam to Jimi Thing that sounded new that I really found cool. Sunday we had lawn seats after waiting out the rain and standing in line for a while. Help Myself and Minarets made the show. Fonzie's intro to Grace was cool as hell. Only complaint from the show was the stupid What You Are closer. The boys played it last on Thursday and seem to be in love with the idea. I don't like ending a three-night stand with a song from Everyday. Overall, a very fun time and well worth the money and travel.
3:00pm - Torrential downpour. That's how Day 2 at Alpine started off. Slowly, things dried and normalcy returned. Well, I expected more magic from the boys again tonight at Alpine. Although the show had its moments, it left me wanting more. Although I truly appreciate being able to see them at such a spectacular venue, this show wasn't as good as last night. DDTW has quickly become one of my favorites and got things moving. However, 5 out of the next 7 songs were repeats from Tweeter. I don't mind a few here and there, but the majority were in the exact same spots or one off. Tell me there isn't another song that can replace FTT or OSW?? After they got done covering the Tweeter show, the band finally let loose with some classics. Nancies->Warehouse was excellent. Carter slowly kept the cymbals going and then came Dave in on the guitar. As this was unfolding, you could see the cracks of lighting in the southern sky and it seemed to be in perfect sync with the music. Kind of creepy but totally cool. Nice to hear my first Help Myself, although it's unfortunate that a lot of the younger fans spoil some songs by being idiots when it's not Crash or IDI. SMTS->Minarets and Stay were some great songs to put together to close the set. The fog began to roll in during Minarets and this totally set the mood for this enchanting song. Stay was really amazing without the lovely ladies. They really pumped up the energy by extending the end with some great jamming. The encore was not what I expected. I was looking for a lasting moment for the final show at Alpine this year, but all I got was the horrible WYA. As I said in my Tweeter review, that song should not close a show. It's only good b/c Dave yells and screams. All it did was give me the chance to beat the masses out of the parking lot and make my way home without the 2 hour wait in the lots. They could have given me more, but I'm thankful for the Tweeter/Alpine leg of the tour b/c I got to hear the majority of what I hoped for. Can't wait for Dave's solo tour and the next DMB tour. See you all next time. Late!!!
Dana D.
This show was by far the best DMB show I've ever been to. After a slow start on Saturday, the boys got it together and gave us an unforgettable show. The only disappointment was end of So Much to Say-we all hoped for some wild Dave action-but none the less-I had goosebumps through entire show. Thanks Guys!!!
Christopher K.
Night 2 at Alpine was performed very well, but I was not a fan of the setlist. Stefan got something from someone in the audience before the show (note maybe) and he was really energetic the entire time. He was jumping constantly during "Rhyme and Reason," for instance. Great dueling between Dave and Boyd during "Dancing Nancies;" they were literally inches apart. But the lack of "The Dreaming Tree," a song that was expected to be played, was a disappointment. I don't like "What You Are" as an encore because once he picks up the electric, you automatically know what is coming. So not a great setlist, but great lights and lots of energy.
Pat K.
What Up Dave Fans. My favorite concert because warehouse hooked me up with front row tix. This setlist was the shiznit. My favorite was Nancies by far. I dressed up as a pig and dave looked at me and started laughing but he did not play my song. Front row was tight. Dave stares at you and he gave me a few occasional smiles and dank looks. You never really realize so much until your up front. In the middle of the show Dave pointed to his wife and kids who stood off to stage right and i thought it was so tight of him. A camera man took a picture of me for warehouse so if you see me i am pig man. Another camera man felt bad for me because he didnt play pig so he gave me dave's setlist from next to his mic. Tight setlists and tight show, DMB you are the best, Pigman
Mike L.
This was an all around good concert when put in consideration with the whole weekend at Alpine. The first night was amazing and going the 2nd night and seeing a complete new setlist with no repeats really makes it great. Robert Randolf and the Family Band were a great opener with tons of energy to get the croud going. When DMB came out everyone was off the walls. I feel that the band might not have lived up the crowds expectency, considering the pervious night but after talking to people who only went the 2nd night, there was no lacking of greatness. The encore could have been better with a better, more energetic closer but all in all, this was a great night to finnish of a great weekend of dave and the boys.
First off I'd like to say, what an amazing weekend. Sunday just topped it off great. Opening with DDTW was awesome, giving off a lot of energy from the start. It just got better from there. Warehouse was great, especially the intro. So much to say into Minarets? WOW! Then to finish it off with Stay really got everbody going. I think the boys could've finished off the night a little better than Digging a Ditch and What you are, but it was still an amazing show and weekend. Thanks for the great weekend DMB. See everybody next year.
First, I must mention the rain made the second night at Alpine interesting. A friend of mine heard up to 12 people (including 2 DMB crew) were indirectly struck by lightning prior to the venue opening. Staff told me they were okay and recovering well. My prayers are definitely with them now!! Now on to the show - everyone says it at some point, but what an excellent show. My favorite DMB show to date (#5). DMB did not disappoint with Day 2 at Alpine. DDTW was a KILLER opening, high energy in the band and the crowd. My group knew it would be solid with that opener. Highlights - STJL, DN->WH (especially when Stefan and Carter threw their arms up in the air during the WH "woo"!), HM, Minarets (I've been dying to hear this - Roi rocks!!), Stay (Carter and Butch's harmony), and a passionate WYA closer. My friends (Nicole on show #24) and I were disappointed we didn't hear Watchtower, but it was still wonderful. You can tell Dave loves WYA, especially after Tinley and Alpine #2. It's awesome to see the Dave/Boyd facing jam turn into a CRAZY circular docey-doe. The best show in the past three (7/3, 7/5, 7/6) by far. The band is at its best musically and energy-wise. My first post, my 5th show, I can't wait for more. Hoping for a DMB+Tim Winter tour. See you at Target Center this Wednesday!! :)
Scott D.
Since nobody else has reviewed this show as of yet. I'm gonna try to give it the press it deserves. This show was phenominal from start to finish. Don't Drink the water was full of energy and dave added a little verse at the end. rhyme and reason was full of energy. Fool to think was...well...fool to think...moving on...Dave flubbed the verses on one sweet world but it was still awsome. Song that jane likes had great energy. This is my fifth dave show and first time seeing crash, i really enjoyed that song...Dave let loose on bartender and screamed his head off, could be the best version i've ever heard. boyd's solo in nancies was a highlight...he went crazy as him and dave circled eachother on stage. warehouse was great. Stephan's slide gituar solo at the beginning of grace is gone was incredible and unexpected. minarets was angrey and full of energy. diggin a ditch brought the whole crowd togehter and brought all the lighters out. The intro to what you are was incredible. I will never get sick of hearing that song live. The screaming outro at the end was full of soul. Great show...right up there with saturday night as two of the best shows i've ever seen.
Great show. If you didn't have lawn seats, you missed half of the fun. I was covered in mud by the end of the show. The group I went with, were going head first down the muddy hill. The show was great though, I liked hearing One Sweet World, Minarets and The Song That Jane Likes. Dancing Nancies was probably the highlight, I always love Dave's intro to that song. I thought What You Are as the last song of the night was a mistake. The last song needs to be a classic, which is pretty much any song that isn't on the Everyday album. Overall, a great show.
Well the weather tried to make the day bad but the show made up for everyhting. They opened with DDTW. Nancies then Warehouse. I love it! Minerats!!! 1st time I have ever heard this and it was awesome. Stay as a set closer was awesome and everyone cheered when they sang the clouds rolled in and it began to rain! The only think I could say negative about teh show was the encore. Digging a Ditch into What You Are. I love What you are but it was the same encore as INDY. But I won't bitch because the last two nights were AWESOME!!!!!!!! I can't wait until next year.
For my 5th and last show of the tour, (until i break down and buy more tickets) it was a great one! Although Dave started out by messing up the words to 3 out of the first 4 songs, it was still great, he is allowed to do that! I was really impressed by the overall tempo of the show, not too many slow songs, which kept the electric crowd into it! Thanks for all the good shows dave (5 shows, 59 DIFFERENT songs) Only one rant though, What You are for an encore closer, wouldn't usually be bad, but this is the 3rd time in 5 shows, ouch...
Michael K.
Well where to start. After countless tornado threats to Alpine and near my house i finally got in my car and went up to Alpine in hopes of hearing a truly great Dave Matthews Band show. I figured maybe that would happen considering what most people would have to drive through to get up to Alpine that day. Ok, so i finally get there and the show starts. "Dont Drink the Water", pretty typical opener but still I enjoyed it. I just wanted to see where hed take the energy that comes with this song now. And this is where things go wrong: "Rhyme and Reason", bad selection for here, didnt flow, not too good. Then he goes into "Fool to Think" which i also thought was sub par. Things continued with little enrgy for quite sometime until he finally played "Too Much", "Nancies", and "Warehouse". These were without a doubt the highlight of the show. Too much brought the energy up, nancies rocked (enough said), and Warehouse is always a croud pleaser. And then, things start to go down again...Startng with "Grace Is Gone" and ending with "Minarets" this segment of the show was just not good. No energy, crowd had many side conversations, and basically just killed great momentum from before. He then finally ended with Staywhich was actally quite good and bult up my anticipation for a rocking encore. Dave then got on stage for the encore and busted out, "Diggin A Ditch"? Why this? Bad selection that really bored me and most of the people surrounding me on the lawn. Once that ended i figured hed at least play a crowd pleaser to make everyone happy, but sadly he grabs the elcetric and plays "What You Are". hmmm, bad choice. Good energy, bad song. Enough said there. Overall this show really lacked. Weak selection of songs (specifically their placement in the set) and mediocre energy most of the night. After the trouble i had to go though to get there, i was really hoping for more.
Dave S.
Tonights show was unbelievable! When Dave came on and personaly introduced Robert Randolph and the Family Band, the crowd was already pumped. I wasn't able to make the Saturday show, but my friends told me tonight's was much better. DDTW was a fantastic opener. Warehouse suprised me, such a great song. Bartender and Crash were good. Excellent encore of Digging and What You Are, man Dave can play that electric great. Overall 10/10, couldn't have asked for much more. Cya next year at Alpine!
Man, 7/6/03 at Alpine was about the closest thing you can get to an old school DMB show without the use of a time machine. With the exception of What You Are as a closer, this was one damn fine show. Highights were (in no particular order): Minarets, Help Myself, Nancies, Warehouse, Rhyme, Jane, OSW and Bartender. I don't hate on those who like songs like Crash, Diggin a Ditch, So Much to Say and Too Much. Although they aren't my personal favorites. The patrons generally get their bodies moving when they are played which is always needed at recent DMB shows. Very cool crowd here nonetheless, at least where I was sitting. Met a cool chick who was there with her Mom and both were having a blast. Reminded me of the old days of DMB a little bit. The band is as tight as I have ever heard them. I went with a couple of hard core Phish fans (who generally scoff at the musical legitimacy of DMB) and even they were noticably impressed. No one was really showcased but they were nonetheless spectacular as a unit. Carter was the man as always. After so many questionable faces that this band has exposed over the past few years, one fact remains; when it wants to, it can give you one hell of an experience.
OK - so I never thought in a million years I would submit a review for any DMB show (even though I check out this site on a regular basis). After Sunday's show at Alpine, I could not resist.I was joking with my wife about not even going to this show after seeing the majesty of the first show in East Troy - I didn't think that Dave and the boys could come back after Saturday with anything more satisfying. Holy shit was I wrong. Take one look at the friggin set list from Sunday and you should agree. I would think that Dave satisfied EVERYONE in the crowd, from the classic rendition of radio-friendly CRASH, to the un-friggin-believable playing of MINARETS. Would have been nice to see Watchtower for a closer or encore - but STAY and WYA were the best versions I have ever seen the band play (10 shows since '96). Long live DMB - thanks guys and we'll catch you next year.
I just want to say a little about the encores that the Dave Matthews Band has been choosing lately. They started off the tour by being very inventive with their encores, but for some reason, a few shows in, they began to fall into their same old routine with encores. First of all, the encore doesn't always have to consist of a slow song, i.e. GIG, DAD, Typ. Sit., The Maker. It can be just one song (although it has to be a kick-ass song then), or it can be up to three songs. Almost every show this tour, they have played on slow song, then a rocker. Then we come to the final song of the night. In the last 10 shows, their encore has consistented of 1 Rapunzel, 2 Stays, 2 Two Steps, and 5 What Your Ares. Out of all of the songs to finish with in half of your shows, What You Are is definately not it. It's simply a bad song, let along a song that will be the last that many fans remember of you for a whole year. The Dave Matthews Band must get out of the mindset that they only have 5 songs to choose from for an encore. WWYS, DN, Warehouse, AM, JT, SMTS, Two Step, TM, LIOG, TB, Rapunzel, Stay, Everyday, GS, Bartender, and Watchtower would all be great closes to any show. And even if a fan doesn't like some of these, I'm sure they would much prefer them to a poor excuse for a song as What You Are, which is a song that is also too obvious because you know it's coming every time he gets his electric. The Dave Matthews Band has a foundation of improvisation. When a band does the same encore every other night, it's difficult to give them credit as being one of the great improvisational bands in the world. It's also tough to give them credit as just one of the greatest bands in the world. Am I the only one who as a bone to pick with this?
I would like to take a minute to let everyone know what happened to my girlfriend and I at the DMB show , 2nd night at Alpine, ya the one where the setlist was not quite as great as the first night at Tinley, or last night for that matter. First of all let me just tell everyone that i'm from chicago, but live in Tucson arizona now.. we flew all the way from AZ for this 3 show run with dave. When me and my girlfriend came out to our car after the show, our trunk was sitting wide open. Maybe i had pressed the trunk button while i was fumbling around in my pockets on the way back to the car, or was it on the way into the show? Everything was still there,, or so we thought. My camera bag was GONE. I had snuck my canon elura 40 Mc digital camcorder into the previous 2 shows... with no problem. But tonight they somehow knew we had it stashed in my girls purse. Needless to say we had to make 2 long ass trips back to the car (we were parked in 7 Blue two rows past the poll going away from the venue) and ended up stashing the camera inside the car among other things. But when we returned after the show, some son of a bitch had opened our trunk and taken the camera bag.. WITHOUT THE CAMERA IN IT!! but shit, i would of rather they take that,, i've got a warranty ya know.. oh no.. they took my charger, a weeks worth of personal video footage, about 5 grams of some homegrown from Arizona, personal photos, my fav pair of sunglasses, along with my ticket stub from Tinley. Why would someone do this? They probably snatched the bag out from our trunk.. opened it up.. saw there was no camera.. and probably dropped it on the ground... that just breaks my heart.. and who ever took it.. you know who you are. Or maybe you're not reading this.. because a TRUE dave matthews fan wouldn't do this to another. I'm sure it was one of you lame ass Frat boys.. who worries more about what you're going to wear to the show, then what the opening song might be. It kills me because it was our last day before flying back to Phoenix to catch the July 7th Phish show. (which was amazing, and much needed after what happened) ya know? what a sour way to end the week, plus all the footage i had taken INSTEAD of dancing, was gone now. I am willing to give a reward, or whatever it takes if ANYONE knows or saw something that could help me get those tapes back. We were driving a red Pontiac Grand Am, with Temporary IL Plates (Rental) and like i said we were parked way the hell out in 7 Blue 2 rows past the poll. I figured if i shared this with all of you (my family) it would stir up enough loathing and disgust that you can pass this story around, and maybe we can prevent something like this from happening again. The footage i got of dave on July 6th was amazing, our seats were superb, so the sound quality on the tape is too. The only way to view the tapes that were stolen is with my camcorder, and very few people have my exact model. I know this isn't a review of the show, which i thought was great, especially when warehouse, and nancies came into my ears, but i thought that i could voice my frustration and loss to all of you, to all of us true fans who go to see the music flow from the stage, not waiting for I did it.. or WWYS. Feel free to Email me at bluedrumm@aol.com, if you have any info, or just wanna drop a line to say hello. This was my 18th dave matthews show, i can't wait to catch em again next summer.. hopefully D and T will have another solo tour.. maybe out west this time?? who knows.. anyway.. THANK YOU all for taking the time to read this... it means alot.. maybe with your help.. i can get some of our lost memories back from the heartless bastards, who shouldn't of been with us at this show to begin with. Sincerley....Justin
We got to dave at around 5:30 and it was amazing how packed it was for how early it was although we got pretty great lawn seats around some amazing people that we met. Seeing as how the past 2 shows before ours had amazing set lists we had our hopes up. Although the set list was pretty good, we were still hoping for some Tripping Billies,what would you say, everyday, where are you going, and many more. But i guess we cant ask for everything. We were lucky it only rained for about 10 min, and then as soon as Dave hit the stage the rain stopped and the sky was amazing. an absolute AMAZING!! night, cant wait till next summer when its gonna be a road trip devoted to dave concerts
Ok, I haven't really been keeping track of my shows, but both nights at Alpine made it about 19-20. Anyway, this particular show was great for 3 reasons: Bartender, Minarets, and Dancing Nancies. The show opened with DDTW, which is always good to hear live and always a good opener. Once the band busted out Rhyme and Reason, I got pretty excited. FTT, eh, decent song, should have stepped away from it at a Venue like Alpine. STJL got me going again. (I was more pumped for this show than last night, because of last night's phenomenal performance, top 2 I've been to). Crash, I can never complain, I still love that song. Good Dixie Chicken version, a lot of feeling from Dave. Then, Boyd's violin started, I felt Bartender, it was dusk outside, the band needed a long song to play so that at the end, it became dark. BY FAR the best Bartender I've ever heard. I lost my voice just from screaming so much. SO MUCH feeling from Dave on that song, it was insane. I swear, I couldn't feel my insides while the song was playing. Too Much, good version. Nancies. OH MY GOD! Talk about Dave and Boyd feeling it. They were literally inches apart and going around in a circle, just happy to be playing with each other. It showed. Awesome, awesome version. Warehouse was good. Crowd "wooing" and pumping their fists. GIG, sweet song, love hearing it. Then they pull out Help Myself. Out of 20 shows, I was yet to see this live. Good song, but it being such a rarity before, this got me going. SMTS was standard, no outro jam, but the band still jammed hard during the song. Then, my other highlight came. MINARETS! WOW! I couldn't believe it. My friends and I starting going NUTS! When the crowd starting yelling with Dave "what you see, what you SEE, what YOU SEE, WHAT YOU SEE IS HUMAN!!!!" it sent chills up my spine. God I love that song. Stay, typical closer, good solid version. Then the encore came. Could have done a little work there. DAD is a good song, but not as your slow encore opener. What You Are, great song, even a good closer, but not as an encore. Especially at a venue like Alpine, where it is filled with hardcore DMB fans and also the bands favorite place to play. At least he did a long "Some Devil" intro, which was nice. And he did get going during what you are. Screaming at "WHAAAAAAAT you are!" during the slower part of the song. All in all, the show was still spectacular. Alpine never disappoints. It's the greatest venue east of the Gorge, and the greatest large venue in the country (Gorge only seats about 20k). Both nights at Alpine were great, night 1 was a tid-bit better, but I'm not complaining. I left extremely happy. What you see, what you SEE, what YOU SEE, WHAT YOU SEE IS HUMAN!!!!