Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center Chicago, Tinley Park, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Iguanas

Donít Burn The Pig
Fool To Think
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood)
Drive In Drive Out
You Never Know
Where Are You Going
Too Much
Dreaming Tree
Tripping Billies
Crash Into Me
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Blue Water (half song) -->
Typical Situation
Intro -->
What You Are

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

This was an awsome show I have been to five and this is up at the top. I have been dreaming of the day I would see Pay For What you Get, and tonight it was so awsome. Have nothing bad to say about the band they rocking it out especialy Dave and BT dancing to Billies. Blue Water was more than a tease because Dave played the whole first verse. All in all an awsome show.
he y'all just got home from chicago and i got a coupleof things on my mind about tonights show. first off the playlist was very solid i had no complaints my highlights were DIDO,TB,DT,and 41 but i noticed something about tonight hat i noticed the last time i wa in chicago for a show(12-13-02)the crowd has no f*cking energy,sure everybody knows the words but if u just si there its kind of pointless i especially was pssed at all the frat boy lookin people that just get wasted and come to hear WWYS not bashig te song but what really pisses me off is whenthey just sit there and talk about nothing to do with the show and yell nonesennse. shit if you guys want to have a good time sit in your frat house and listen to listener supported.thats it im out see y'all at Alpine Valley 7/5
Jason A.
The crowd seemed ready to go as DMB took the stage @ 8:15 p.m. and the band seemed to feed off of it most the night, especially late. The setlist had a nice variety, but I'm sick of seeing Fool To Think ever time I go to a show. It was the first time I have ever seen Dreaming Tree and PFWYG and I was very pleased to hear both of them. The placement of DIDO, Too Much and Billes, was suprising. Too Much would have been better if it was preceded by The Bridge. #41 and Bartender were well strung out, always fun to see both of these songs. The ending of the show was sweet as the boys really rocked the house and went nuts during Rapunzel.The encore could have been so much better if the would have closed it all with Watchtower. It would have been perfect after a lengthy and well played Typical Situation. The highlight of the night would have to be Blue Water. I was hoping they might actually play the whole song, but they didn't. I am still in awe that I actually got to see them play a partial part of this song. The intro to What You Are was good. I am wondering if that could part of a song off Dave's solo album??? Was it just me or were Butch and Fonzi playing parts of the Star Spangled Banner during the opening of Bartender? Over all it was a good, fun and energetic show...Blue Water, need I say more...Looking forward to this weekend @ Alpine!! Catch ya there:-)
goood show. alot of energy. some old favorites. a good mix of songs from all the albums. weak encore but there is not much more that Dave coulda played on top of what he did in the main program. i cant put to words the greatness of this show.
this show was great. this was my ninth with the full band and it was fun, just look at the setlist, it speaks for itself. i was hoping to hear last stop, but blue water and typical situation made up for it, especially since it was in the encore and they kept going a ton. anyway, awesome energy at the show, #41 #41 #41, cant go wrong, bartender was great, dreaming tree, second time i heard that this summer i cant get tired of it, and rapunzel was great, they jammed a lot and it was crazy. what a great show and i love going to all these shows. see yall at riverport next week.
Jordan B.
Quick review: This was my 9th DMB show, and I heard a lot of songs I have never heard before. FTT with acoustic was good, I've heard this before, but with acoustic it's better. I like when Dave never uses the electric. PFWYG was so sweet, I love this, but the crowd was so bad that people were sitting. DIDO was great. Welcome back, the jam was great, with Boyd, Roi, and Carter ripping it up. YNK and #41 are always amazing, during 41 Boyd was great and Roi was spectacular- he really shined tonight. Too Much was great as usual, and Dreaming Tree was just so cool. I told my friend that I felt like we were at a 1998 concert. Tripping Billies was fantastic, Crash minus Dixie Chicken was good, PNP-->Rapunzel was a highlight of the night. Blue water tease- cool, play this in full DMB! Typical :) It was amazing. and finally WYA was just as energetic as always. See y'all at Alpine.
The Dave Matthews show was amazing. Any show that starts out with Pig is going to be. This was my first DMB concert but it will not be the last. The setlist was amzing. Many rare songs like Dreaming Tree and Pay For What You Get, but there was still the well-known songs. The encore was awesmome with a long Typical Situation and then a powerful What You Are. Overall, I couldn't of picked a better setlist or a better turn out. It was awesome!!!
Brad K.
Bottom line: I can't believe they played the Dreaming Tree. I nearly soiled my pants when they did. Overall solid show, with a lot of energy. Boyd really stepped it up with some intense work in both #41 (great version) and Tripping Billies, among others. He definitely brought his best stuff. Other highlights include the encore, with a verse or two of Blue Water before a perfect segue into Typical Situation, which had a nice extended jam segment. An awesome setlist, well thought out and the tempo moved from slow to fast in a smooth manner. Can't wait for Alpine. "The Dreaming Tree has died..."
Ryan Z.
Holy crap i dont know where to begin. Tonight was definetly the shit. It was the greatest night of my life. I was sitting in section 102 row 10. it was so dope Dave Lerio and Stefan all kept looking down at me, also getting Boyd's autograph and having this guy call and tell me he just got a picture of Stefan's tour bus getting pulled over. Pig as an opener def. rocks saw that last Alpine. Totally got the crowd going. Granny was good to here, FTT heard enough of it during the winter tour. OSW always is sweet. and then PFWYG holy crap never heard that in' 9 shows i've been, that's was amazing to hear. DIDO for the first time this summer rocked and Bartender sweet jamming as always. Dave kind of just watched on Boyd's side of the stage for the ending i think he was pretty drunk or stoned. YNK and WAYG good songs to hear, #41 got the crowd goign and bouncing. Too much was good to hear. Dreaming Tree totally kicked ass. Haven't heard that in 9 shows either and it was simply amazing. Tripping billies towards the end of the set was awesome, i was expecting that to be the last song but it was sweet to go straight into crash. all the girls like that song. PNP--Rapunzel was sweet. I've never heard that as ending but it was really good, i liked it. Then an encore for a Blue Water tease hell yeah and the Typical Situation, which in the middle of the song they just totally jammed out to it. Very cool. WYA was a cool ending, Dave did his normal screaming. Well i'll see everyone at Alpine Valley.
Joe L.
All in all I think this was a very good show, the setlist was very solid. As for the venue, well it only took me three hours to get there and the sounds wasn't as bad in the lawn as I thought it was going to be. I guess when your pretty damn close to the front and right in front of the speaker it helps alot thought to. On to the set..Pig- quality opener, really enjoy hearing this song ; Granny- yes, yes, yes, finally heard this song live as it is one of my fav's and the boys did not disapoint me ; Fool to Think- very good acoustic version ; One Sweet World- really enjoy this song live, roi just tore the hell outof this one, everyone joining along and singing ; Pay For What You Get- very solid version, you could tell not many people even knew this song at all, as they all just looked around and started talking ; Drive in Drive out- first time this tour and the boys tore it up, great outro that just went on ; Bartender- always enjoy hearing this song live as you know a sweet jam is coming, you could hear Stefan playing the Star Spangled Banner in the intro ; You Never Know, Where are You Going- very standard, seems like everyone was singing WAYG ; #41- always a treat to hear this one live, roi again tore it up ; Too Much- pretty normal, but again good, everyone into it ; Dreaming Tree- first time hearing this song live and it was a real treat, again it didnt seem like anyone in my area knew this song except for some of the older people behind us, the teeny-boppers sure didnt know it, I dont think they really knew any song xcept WAYG ; Tripping Billies- great set closer and a killer jam with Dave and Boyd dancing all around, gotta love the Dave dance...Encore: Blue Water- really thought they were going to play this whole song but some is better than none, just Dave and the crowd, many who didnt seem like they knew the song, maybe we'll hear a full version at Alpine ; Typical Situation- They jammed on this song and tore it up, everyone was going nuts and the whole crowd was singing ; What You Are- was expecting something different but will settle for this, this is one song that is way better live than on the studio cd, with the "fuck the world" and the outro "get down on your knees and pray motherfucker" , all in all this was a great concert. Now off to Alpine where I hope to hear BOWA, just once fellas just once. Peace.
this was an amazing playlist--it definitely killed the winter tour show last december...PIG was an amazing opener, and to follow up that granny was just unbelievable...fool to think was quite a crowd killer, and not a big fan of anything off of everyday myself...OSW kicked ass, always a favorite...PFWYG was interesting to hear...would have never expected that one but could have done without it...drive in drive out was absolutely awesome, the energy of the song was great and the band rocked the house...this is where it started gettin good...bartender and YNK were amazing and WAYG sounded great too...then #41 made my night...and the end of the show couldn't have been any better...goin to too much, tripping billies, crash, PNP-->rapunzel...trippin was quite possibly the best DMB performance of a song i've ever seen...Boyd and Dave tore it up...the encore was a bit disappointing...blue water into typical situation was awesome...but although what you are is a high energy song, somethin like watchtower would have really put a stamp on an unbelievable night...well i'm off...cya at alpine 7/5
Shawn E.
What an excellent show. I was in the second row center and had the opportunity to witness one of my top five shows (out of over 30). Highlights included a high energy Pig opener, followed by another high energy Granny. Additionally Pay for What You Get and Dreaming Tree were remarkable. One of the highest points in the night was closing the set with Rapunzel. The band (especially Dave, Boyd, and Butch) jammed it out very intensely. At one point, Boyd was jamming so hard that his sunglasses fell off. After the song he threw them into the crowd and I luckily came up with them. A nice souvenier! The crowd was floored when Dave played a couple minutes of Blue Water before Typical Situation, then a couple minutes of Some Devil before the final song, What You Are. Overall a great night! See you at Alpine!
Absolutely Unbelievable. Starting off with pig was unreal. Threw out my voice after screaming "the best is yet to come"...and that was true. Granny was special. Fool to think, i've heard it, good drumming. OSW was sweet, PFWYG was cool, but i don't enjoy that song, not live anyway. Here's where it became the best show imaginable. DIDO, first time this tour, absolutely amazing. Bartender, best live song you could ask for. You Never Know, 2nd best song on Busted Stuff (bartender is 1)...Didn't need where are you going but it rested Dave's Voice up for #41(called by my bro), one of my fav. songs, first time i've heard it in 4 shows. Too Much was the coolest thing ever. Dreaming was money, no one understood how unreal that song was, made me sick seeing people walking around. Seeing Dave and Boyd dance during tripping was a dream come true. Crash is for the girls and the couples. Biggest surprise of the night, RAPUNZEL, absolutely amazing. Never seen a guy (dave) dance so much for so long. I was in shock during this song. Encore was the best. Typical was a dream come true as well, sweet intro and sweetest jam out ever. What You Are's energy is money...his screams make me shiver. Best show so far for me out of 4, best set list so far this tour, can't see the show i'm going to at Alpine living up to it, but we'll see. See you all at Alpine 7/5.
Awesome show really blew me away with some of the songs they played. Especially #41, Dreaming Tree, Tripping Billies really amazed me, Bartender was great, Drive in, and Pan-Rapunzel. Keep up the good work cant wait till u guys come back in the winter.
What a great show from start to finish, everything was good, except i think WAYG came out of the middle of no-where, and we heard that like every show last year, but oh well. Lots of energy. Rapunzel was amazing, Dave and Boyd dancing in circles, that was a major highlight! Boyd threw his sunglasses into the crowd after Rapunzel. Opening with Pig came as somewhat of a suprise, but a nice suprise, i was thinking more WWYS or SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much. I think that dave was playing the chord for a full band gravedigger, i don't remember which song. Blue Water would have been amazing, but Typical is just as beauftiful. Overall one of the best shows i have been to
Very, very tight show. This was the best of the one's I've seen yet. The beginning was VERY mellow yet kept the energy. I mean, Don't Burn The Pig, Granny, Fool To Think acoustic, One Sweet World, and Pay For What You Get were just relaxing in a sense, yet completely solid. It seemed like everytime they'd kick it up (DIDO/TB), they'd follow it with a slower song (Bartender/Crash). BUT the energy was there. However, the finish to this show was incredible. #41 was very upbeat--dave and fonzi were groovin. DT was the one song I was dying to hear, but the crowd barely reacted at all. This is my one HUGE complaint about the show. As others have already commented, the crowd was dead (at least in the lawn). People were sitting down and striking up conversations right when it got into a jam! It was absolutely rediculous. That's why I was so surprised that the band was so in to it. Dave and Boyd were doin some huge dancin---even Butch was dancin at one point! I'd have to say the highlight of the show for me was Blue Water--->the best Typical Situation I've EVER heard. LeRoi was totally on fire and Carter was just layin down this kick ass groove---it was totally intense, and worth the 40 bucks just for that. Great show all around--I'd def. recommend it. SEE Y'ALL AT ALPINE 7/6!
Pat R.
Wow what a show. Pig opener was nice and really got the crowd going and singin quick. Granny was a great follow up. Love Baby! Fool to think on acoustic was the shit. This song has some potential to get jammed at the sax. solo. OSW was standard but such a nice song. Loved it. PFWYG was wanted and recieved. Just love this song. Norwregian Wood was also cool to hear. DIDO was a nice debut with an extended outro. Very nicely done. Bartender and YNK were again standard but crowd pleasers. WAYG=sinalong. still love that song though. 41 was spectacular. the band was really jamming tonight. Nice to see. Too Much got the crowd really goin. Then we got Dreaming Tree. They teased us with it last year. It was unbelievable. Still cant believe i saw it. Tripping Billies was nice as well with the acoustic intro. Thought that might have been it for the set but no. We get a Crash w/o dixie chicken and a sweet PNP>Rapunzel. Now for the encore. I wanted TS. Almost shit my drawers when Dave starts playin BLUE WATER. This was more than a tease. Boyd and Carter both did a few things. Awesome to hear. Then the segue into Typical. Amazing. love this years jam. Then of course they close it with WYA with the devil intro which was really cool and the motherfucker outro. All in all an extremely good show. Boyd was on fire all night. The rest of the band was so tight and the sound was really good as well. See y'all there next year.
Laura F.
Oh my dear Lord! Thank you to the Dave Matthews Band and the crowd that made that evening possible! My first show ever was there, back in the good ole days of the World Music Theatre, and what a treat to see them play The Dreaming Tree there after 5 years of never seeing it before! I was amazed! They tured off the big screen so all you could do was concentrate on the band, amazing! Then I felt like the only one who caught it, but Dave sang two lines from Norweigan Wood by The Beatles. OOh my God! When Dave sings lines written by Lennon/McCartney, does it really get any better? What a show! Thanks again to the crowd who rocked out and to the band, thanks always!
Peter J.
Don't Burn The Pig - First time hearing this and it was a feel good song. Lot of energy for an opener and I was singing along with this song. (Well I did sing alone to all of em) Granny - I heard this song many times in the concerts before, but I still enjoy it with the jams and "Love/Baby!" parts. Fool To Think - Interesting to see Dave use an acoustic guitar for this song. I can do without it, but it's a decent song and glad to get it out of the way. One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro) - I heard this song 2 times live so I can do without it. However dave started getting into the song and saw him do a few dance steps so that was a treat. Pay For What You Get (Norwegian Wood) - First time hearing this and it was pretty good. Nice to see that he is pulling out some old school stuff. However the "hardcore" Dave fans didnt seem to have an interest it. Drive In Drive Out - OMG!! Last time I heard this was in 2000 and it was such a great upbeat song to get everyone going. I liked the ending jam and it was powerful and got the concert rolling. Bartender - For the record, I love this song, but I've heard it too many times so that's all I am saying. You Never Know - Eh, not a fan of this song, but better this than sleep to dream her or some other snoozer. Where Are You Going - Refer to YNK, but I like this song a little more. #41 - HAHAHA WOW WOW WOW!!! Didn't expect this song and it was the first time I heard it. Dave and Boyd were busting out the jam and then LEROI!! Whoo hoo pretty long and powerful solo. I was impressed and happy to hear this song finally. Too Much - Another upbeat jam that got the crowd rolling, which is again a real treat. Dreaming Tree - A true rarity to hear (even though it's being played more often). I liked to hear it and as for the other fan based, refer to Pay For What You get comments. Tripping Billies - HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!!!! This is the money shot right here for me.... If the venue lost power and cancelled the rest of the show, I could have left a happy guy. My most favorite song and they played it midset and not even a closer!!!! Real upbeat and powerful. Expected more OOMPH! from Boyd, but it was great. THANK YOU GUYZ!! Crash Into Me - This song I heard many times as well and it wasn't too bad. Typical emotion to it, but with out the outro which was interesting to not hear. Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel - Had a gut feeling this was gonna be a closer. I prefer it as an opener, but this time was an exception. The ending jam was long and aweseome. Dave was dancing all over the place and it made me lift my hopes that this is a pretty good closer (although i was expecting ants). Encore Blue Water (half song) --> Typical Situation - At first I thought it was gonna be Gravedigger, but then it sounded so familiar and I was like..."I know this song, but whatever it is, it's not a common song!" Typical Situation is the same treat as Pay For What You Get and Dreaming True. The ending jam was unexpected cuz it was from slow kinda mellow, but then it came back as an upbeat fast tempo which was pretty kewl. Nice treat to have. Intro --> What You Are - As soon as I saw the bari guitar, I knew it was gonna be What You Are. Some people might not like it as a closer, but I do. However I heard it before so I could have done without it. The only exception for that statement is the outro and the yelling in the end. Such emotion! And the real treat of this song was the intro. I have no idea what it was but it was eerie, but soooo cool to hear. I hope it becomes a song in itself. All in all, I was satisfied with the show. I came in with low expectations cuz this venue has some bad rep, but Dave made up with a pretty good (but not phenomenal) setlist. Out of 10, I give this show an 8. Thanx again to the band for coming back and hope to see you again at All State or Soldier Field!!