Dave Matthews Band
Alltel Arena, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Red West

Ants Marching
Help Myself
Rhyme & Reason
Too Much
Seek Up
Grey Street
Crash Into Me
Fool To Think
Dancing Nancies -->
Digging a Ditch
So Much To Say
The Stone
Where Are You Going
Tripping Billies
The Maker
Two Step

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Mike C.
Great Show.. 5th Row Center.. Dave was funny tonight! He made a little joke about arks chewing tabacco. Ants to start off was great! Tripping Billies to close! The set was pretty standard, but expected cause this is the first time here in Arkansas. The band was laughing at somebody in the first row, and carter ended up giving his sticks to the two! HELP MYSELF was the show high.. but there was not enough improv, except with the hour long two step at the end. See ya in OKC.
Carter is a freak, how can one man make that much sound? The highlite of my night was the awesome version of Seek Up. Great to hear Nancies, and my jaw dropped when they opened the show with Ants. At the end of Billies I, once again, found myself saying "it's already over". Thanks for making us part of the tour this year, I really hope it comes back our way next summer.
James F.
The great city of Little Rock welcomed the Dave Matthews Band with open arms and open ears. Having never played in Little Rock, the guys put on the most powerful, energetic show i have been to. The crowd was amazing--everyone was singing and dancing, and the band was feeding off the energy. I think the band wanted to test the waters with the Arkansas fans, and played a pretty standard set of songs, all of which were absoulutly amazing. I was pleased to hear the set open up with Ants, this was a rarity indeed. Help Myself was next, and though I don't really care for the song, it was good to hear how it has evolved over the years. The only real jamming tonight came during Seek Up, which seemed to last forever and was wonderful. Dave mentioned the bands first appearence in Little Rock during the Nancies intro, causing the crowd to go wild. Nancies seguing into Warehouse was my favorite moment of the show. The band gave it all they had to give, and Carter and Boyd were kicking major ass. The best overall thing about the show was probably getting to hear Ants, Tripping Billies, and Two Step all in one show. Totally unexpected. I do hope the band keeps Little Rock as a stop on their tours from now on. It's nice no having to drive to another state to hear the best band in the world.
Well, this was my 3rd straight show of the summer and 7th overall. Went to 7/10, and 7/12 before this one. What can you say for Dave's first trip to Arkansas finally?? The show was awesome from beginning to end. Amazing CROWD ENERGY!!!! Us Arkansas fans can get pretty loud. Being as I was on the 7th row that always helps out. The boys played a solid show from beginning to end with a nice Seek Up, my first time live. Awful lot of radio tunes but Alltell Arena is so small that every song was f#cking great and loud. My last show until Atlanta in Sep. See ya'll at THE LAST STOP!!!!
Jason C.
Great to have DMB in The Rock! Never thought I'd be able to wake up at home and drive 10 miles to a show and be back in my own bed the same day. Crowd was pretty typical of all the shows I've been to. Unfortunately that means I'm getting old. Good level of energy all night. Was pleased with the setlist although a little less standardized would have been good too. Help Myself and Seek Up were a little bit of surprises (good surprises!). Seek Up was awesome! Played out jazzy version with Carter showing off a little. Boyd had the crowd wrapped around his finger all night and the band seemed to go with it. First time I'd heard The Maker live (treat). Also, this way my 10th show going back 9+ years and it made the 10th time I heard Tripping Billies (can you believe that or what? LOL). Was a little worried about how Little Rock might be percieved but anyone who was there and was a fan at all should've been pleased. Only gripe with Alltel Arena is that the concessions are SLOW! Not to mention that they ran out of beer halfway through the show. Look forward to getting back outdoors in Nashville in Sept. See ya'll there.
Dan K.
Drove from Dallas to see this one. Nice arena, and the sound was awesome. Maybe it was just where I was sitting though. Opening with Ants was very cool, and then to get a Help Myself right after was very, very cool. Lots of energy tonight...Boyd was all over the place. Grey Street just kicks so much butt every time I hear it, I never want it to end. Different intro to Crash which made it really "new-like". I saw a couple tapers on either side of me, but with the girl behind shrieking her lungs out...I won't want a copy of this show. I don't understand the high-pitched woo's. Calm down. I refrained from slapping her, but I lost a little sleep over the couple in first row that decided to leave during the beginning of Two Step. Are you kidding me?. Anyways, the show was powerful...mainly due to the setlist. Seek Up was awesome.
Matt L.
What a show. Second one this tour and it was twice as good as the first. Lots of energy from the crowd and from the band. Dave did a lot of talking and laughing tonight. Started off with Ants. Kinda standard but really got the crowd going with lots ofenergy from everyone. No one knew Help Myself but lots of people enjoyed it and hard core DMB fans were loving it. R&R was the best I've ever heard it. Seems like fans are coming around on this one as well. Too Much was funky as hell as always. Does it get any better than Dave dancing? Seek Up came next and was very solid. Long intro, long outro. Everyone played it well. Grey Street was really good but I think Dave may have missed a verse. Crash was amazing and a crowd pleaser as always. We got the Dixie Chicken line and dave went off at the end. FTT was pretty standard and met the Everyday quota for the show. Then Nancies. It was amazing. Sweet intro with the "thats not my house, thats not my wife. How did I get here" Boyd went off and everyone was loving it. Went straight into Warehouse and by this point everyone was pulled in. Dave slowed it down with DAD and people didn't really seem to care about this one. Lots of people taking bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, ect. I thought it was a great change of pace though. Fans taking to long missed out on SMTS. Just a fun song that gets everyone dancing again. The Stone was awesome as always although the outro wasn't as strong as usual. WAYG was excepted well. A good song but the crowd seemed to really be into it. Tripping Billies ended the set and was just amazing. I had chills. Everyone was rocking, Dave was dancing, Carter was all over his drum set and Boyd was walking all over the stage rocking out. A great way to close the set. Tried to call the Hogs before the encore but couldn't get everyone into it. Dave came back and played The Maker which I think is a great song but the majority of the crowd seemed to disagree. But when Two Step started everyone was back into it again. After the verses Dave walked all the way to the back of the stage and just let Butch, Carter and LeRoi go off. The song just kept jamming and jamming. Must have been at least 35 minutes. A great closer. Everyone loved Dave and I hope Dmb will be back here real soon. Off to OK City. Peace.
Todd C.
After being a fan for 6 years (and a Nancie for 1.5) my very first show! Great set, but the sound levels were way off. Dave's voice had a bad echo, and I couldn't hear LeRoi all night. And the crowd was LOUD. For the show ANTS-pretty unexpected. Hasn't opened in three years I think. Had the direct intro, which was a little disappointing. HELP MYSELF-Dave was mumbling at the beginning that I didn't make out (Something about the devil?). I couldn't understand the vocals, but it seemed like there was an extra verse in there. I wouldn't be surprised if this is on the solo album with the play it's gotten lately. RHYME AND REASON-Dave had an orgasm and started shaking at the climax of the song, got the crowd into it. LeRoi grabs the bari, and they go into TOO MUCH. Pretty standard version, although there were more fuck's in it than I recall having ever heard. Afterward, Dave has his fingers in position for SEEK UP for about 2 minutes, but couldn't hear if he was playing until he came back and faced the crowd. Lasted 20 minutes or so, with a solid Red-Rocks type jam at the end. I'll have to get the tape for this one because I couldn't hear it, especially LeRoi's solo. GREY STREET is still missing a verse, but I kinda like it like that. Dave and the crowd had another orgasm at the "bold and bright part". It was about this time that Carter started having trouble with his set. CRASH INTO ME- I couldn't hear it until he started singing. Standard version, with Dixie Chciken. FOOL TO THINK-definitely the lowlight of the show. Before the last verse, Carter said fuck it and sped up about 10 beats/min. The was a cool drum jam at the end I hadn't heard before. NANCIES-great play. Dave played the new intro, what I could make out was reminiscent of Help Myself. Boyd rocked this one out hard. Dave switched guitars and went straight into WAREHOUSE, complete with Wooo's. A cool play, but Boyd really got off-beat before the first verse. Dave switched again, and announced he was gonna play a quiet one: DIGGING A DITCH. I loved this one. They put some bite into it on the last chorus part. Leroi grabs the bari again, only so many songs he can play with that, so a predictable SO MUCH TO SAY-no bridge. Always a standard but cool play. THE STONE-My favorite song ever, glad I to hear it. Both Boyd and LeRoi had some cool licks in this one. The band went down to nothing before the loud outro. Only thing that would have made this one better is a Wise Men outro. WAYG-I coulda sworn this was Grace. It was a really short play. TRIPPING BILLIES-even with all the other great songs played, this was the highlight. The crowd went ballistic, I thought he had just beaten Texas or som'n. Ladies and gentlemen, Boyd Tinsley on the violin. I glad he's gotten over the TR flop. We started calling the Hogs during the encore break, but most people either didn't know it or didn't get the 'Pig' connection. Dave comes out and startes fingering the Minarets intro, but I couldn't hear if he was playing. THE MAKER-eh. Decent song, a pretty good play. There are about 50 others I'd like to hear instead though. Stefan had a weird distorted solo. TWO STEP-got the crowd, newbies and o'fuggas alike, dancing. A really weird jam at the end. Butch did his thing that he's played for the past year or so, then Dave switched guitars (I was hoping for Bowa, but it was not so) and had a solo, then a drum solo that sounded like the #36 intro, and back into the standard ending. A good 20 minutes. Great set. Great plays. If the tapes turned out okay despite the crowd noise and sound problem, this tape is must-have. Cheers.
Opening band, The Red West was superb. Their lead singer brought back the dead by sounding like the late Jeff Buckley. Definitely buying their CD when it comes out. DMB brought their game faces with them for this show! It was my third DMB show, and I have to say, it was the best of the three. The performance of Tripping Billies was the best I have ever seen of any song, ever. The crowd represented, and we look forward to seeing Dave next year!
Great 1st show ever in AR! We had 10th row for it - our 7th DMB show. There was something for everyone - well known stuff for mainstream DMB fans & classics for diehards. It was so cool to open w/ Ants - don't think that happens a lot. Rhyme was especially energetic, although Dave looks almost possessed when he's singing his heart out like he did on this one. Seek Up was great, nice laid back break in the middle. The crowd loved Grey Street (fab live) & Crash. Even if you're sick of Crash & have heard it 1000 times, you can't help but smile when Dave sings, "I'll be your dixie chicken if you'll be my Tennessee lamb. We'll take a walk together down in Dixieland..." - quite appropriate considering our location. Nancies leading into Warehouse was awesome, but it would be nice if the crowd would drop the WOOs during the intro to WH, but Stefan was loving it so I guess it's around for a while at least. Great closer w/ Tripping Billies, very energetic. Glad to finally hear The Maker live - pretty low key, but still great. Two Step was long - about 20 minutes - but they have such fun playing it - Boyd & Carter especially. Carter doesn't get many chances to show off his amazing skills, so go Carter. Was disappointed not to hear some favorites, but what can you do only in one night. We drove over from Memphis, hoping next year DMB will come back to us (after 5 years). LOVE DMB AS ALWAYS!
Great show tonight - expected one of two things. Either a radio friendly show or classic set list, and the latter came through with flying colors. Ants opening was badass, then Help Myself was a nice change. My first time to hear that in 12 shows attended. To go the whole night and only play ONE song from Everyday was a very nice treat. Nancies ----> Warehouse (ala Red Rocks) was one of the highlights, especially with Fonzie leading the crowd in the Warehouse Woos. Shortened Grey Street sounded a'ight and pretty standard Crash. The Stone was a definite highlight and the Billies closer was hot. Not many knew what the Maker was, but the llllllooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg Two Step left everyone exhausted. Overall a badass show. Maybe the best I've seen.
Slade W.
Dave comes out, the crowd roars. Dave says, "is this thing on?" the crowd roars. This is pretty much what happens all night long, the band does something, the crowd roars. The audience was into everything, ANTS MARCHING as an opener, blew the place open, Dave and Boyd going face to face, and I mean face to face, in a word, holyshitman. HELP MYSELF sort of brough tthings down a bit as I don't everyone really knew the song, but it was still solidly done. R&R the song is growing on me and hearing it live sends chills up my spine, watch dave's vein pop out of his neck during "SIX FEET UNDER GROUND", yeah wow. TOO MUCH really was amazing, they exploded with everything and really really blew me away with this one. SEEK UP one of my favorite songs, crowd really didn't get into at first, then when they started jamming, boom, everyone was on their feet. GREY STREET - saw Dave pick up the 12-string and got myself ready, he skipped my favorite verse, but the song still rocked. CRASH INTO ME - WITH DIXIE CHICKEN. . .yeah that was amazing. FOOL TO THINK - definitely the low point of the show, it was still great, but it seemed more of an effort to cool the band down after ripping things apart with the previous songs. DANCING NANCIES. . .well I really don't know wha tot say, the intro was great, the song was brilliantly done, much like the version on Red Rocks. WAREHOUSE quite possibly the best version of this song I've ever heard live, with the crowd getting into it like they did. I can't exactly remember which song it was, but somwhere Boyd blasted out a solo where he went face to face with every member of the band excet Leroi Moore and just brought the entire arena into a mass frenzy. DID - standardly done, not much of a jam, but still a nice song to hear. SO MUCH TO SAY- I wasn't really expecting this at all, it is a song I often forget about, but I do really really like to hear it live, wonderfully done tonight, Dave was growling, nice to have him here in the Rock. THE STONE!!!!!!!!!!one of my favorite DMB songs ever. . .and they did not disappoint, with a slow melodic finish into a BLASTING conclusion. Carter was in typical form tonight, unbelievable. WHERE ARE YOU GOING - It's a sweet sweet song, I was prepped for Grace is Gone, not too bad at all, though. TRIPPING BILLIES - where in the world they came up with the energy for this I will never know, Boyd tore it apart, Dave tore it apart, Carter. . .Leroi. . .they were all into the music as much as I have ever heard. THE MAKER - at this point, I tell my sister, they'll come out and play something soft then play something fierce to finish, she was hoping and praying for Two Step, but first came The Maker, the crowd was sort of just sitting around during this, but I must say that hearing this song, doesn't get old. TWO STEP - well. . .they played this song forever and every minute of it was worth it. Butch Taylor's solo on keys was progressively better and better, Dave's solo was brilliant, CARTER just completely astounded me during this song, wow. . .wow. Tonight I have to say that Boyd seemed to be the more into what he was doing than I have seen in a while, soloing, playing face to face with Dave, with Carter, with Stefan. He was truly amazing. And no Dave, thank YOU very much.
As I planned to attend this show, I was hoping to see some unexpected things. Although it leaned a bit more toward a radio show, the band did not disappoint. Ants was pretty standard, but Help Myself let me know the show was going to be great. It was especially funny to see how no one, I mean NO one, knew it. Dave seemed to be very intense on R&R. Too Much and Seek up were quite normal, and Grey Street would have been, except for the fact that Dave seemed to have forgotten the third verse. Was still great though. Fool To Think was as fun as always in concert. Nancies-->Warehouse: I loved it. I've always loved these two together since Red Rocks, and it was fantastic to hear it live. Gorgeous. Tripping Billies...wow. It was absolutely incredible. The most energy I've heard from the band on this song, and Boyd was spectacular. This is by far the best version I've ever heard/seen. The crowd was absolutely insane as the boys left. It was nice to hear The Maker as they came back, and Two Step was strong as always. Overall, great show.
this was the mos amazing show ever. i got the setlist and they were suppost to end with watchtower but some group of fool kept yelling two step throughout the whole thing so he ended with two step. dont get me wrong two step is a great jam but watchtower? anyways they were also suppost to play last stop but they played where are you going instead. not much of a trade off but oh well i'll see it tomorrow. lata
Jay T.
This was my first indoor venue, wasn't sure waht to expect. As i walked in the stage was gorgeous and really close for side seeting. As Red West left the stage i knew the energy was amazing and we were in for a good treat. Ants to open was pure craziness as it jump started the audience. Help Myself was great, but noone knew it, made me feel like a true fan singing the words in my section making others look silly. R&R, possibly the greatest tune i've heard live. Too Much was standard with a bit more funk. Seek Up was beautiful and longer than i expected. Grey street met its match in poularity when crash followed. Fool to think was a beer getter as usual, not for me of course. Sorta a crowd duller as half of 108 sat down, those losers. Dancing->Warehouse was exceptional and the crowd was back in full force. DAD was suprisingly a crowd pleaser, last year not so much, but anything would have pleased this state in their first show. SMTS i thought would lead to the closer (minarets or rapunzel) but i was wrong. Followed by The STone, always lovely and WAYG, another shocking crowd pleaser. Billies ending was more than i could handle as i could barely stand from shock of the show's lentgh. Very long and Very loud encore break (way to go Little Rock). The Maker was quiet and gorgeous, just what we needed to settle down before the extra long TWO STEP closer. Overall best show ive been to, one of the best crowds, although not to hard to do this year, c'mon guys lets pick it up a little. See ya in my home state Tuesday, OKLAHOMA!