Dave Matthews Band
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Roots

onstage 8:21pm
Donít Drink the Water
When The World Ends
Grey Street
Recently (Pretty Girl, Take Me to the River)
So Much To Say -->
Anyone Seen the Bridge? -->
Two Step
Rhyme & Reason
Help Myself
I Did It
Where Are You Going
True Reflections
Ants Marching
offstage 10:26pm
onstage 10:33pm
Long Black Veil
offstage 10:49pm

entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Ok today only marked show 15 for me however Oh My Goodness!! I am nearly speachless! First of all getting the "traffic alert" from the WH cracked me up yet after last year appreciated the heads up... Hats off to Coors Amp...it was pretty well set up traffic wise and the people tailgating appeared to have had a wonderful afternoon! Last year at Coors was my favorite and tonight topped it. It's a great venue...Nice to have seen so many of you all and I love you dearly... I am not going to be able to do this justice and those of you who know me realize this is a stretch yet my first "review" must mean something...(and no I am still not a Nancie) yet if you could feel my smile.... Holy Shit! I had a wonderful feeling about tonight after LA Sunday and well...I was blown away. Best show I have EVER been lucky enough to see! I won't touch Spoon...yet OMG! Recently?! Yikes and pretty girl in the middle was smokin hot! Dave was smiling the entire show and seemed very playful...Stephan was in "best mode"...so cute! Glad to see Leroi and hope he was feeling better....Boyd's True Ref. was fun and Dave appeared to be just diggin it. EVERY song had something new for me...amazing! I loved seeing Dave SILLY shaking his ass at the crowd and laughing as he looked down at the bra thrown on stage... Appeared to have an energy drawn from somewhere and well...like I said I can't do the evening justice.....Ok I am beat goign to sleep...sure you will get mo-better in a bit, sorry if this is joe-silly I am just too smiling for words....xo all..L
Sheila S.
And what the hell?!! From my experience, the band always has something up their sleave when they come to Coors. Besides the fact that the section I was in sat down during most of the songs, I was amazed with this concert. My highlights: Recently with Take me to the River and On Broadway. And here is the most amazing part, they play So Much to Say which I was already excited to hear, but instead of going into Too Much (like I was guessing)...the boys went into SPOON!!! I went nuts and no one else around me understood why. I never thought I would hear this in concert. This reminds me of the 2000 Coors show where the boys did a verse or two of Little Thing and then went right into Ants Marching. Spoon sounded amazing in concert and I was so happy. Two Step had a great jam, longer than the one at the Home Depot Center, and Butch really stepped it up on this one. I thought my ears were deceiving me when I heard the erratic guitar and drumbeats of none other than Help Myself!! I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when Dave would do "dangerous hours" part, he really jazzed it up. Again, no one around me recognized it and I just looked like the crazy, dancing, screaming fool. But it's okay right? LBV was gorgeous as usual, nice and haunting. I would have been better off without the "Stay" encore as I had just heard it as an encore in L.A. But all I had to do was think about all the wonderful songs I had just heard in concert that were indeed a treat. Another good night with lots of surprises. I look forward to the next tour where I will be living in WI. Take care ya'll!
Andy T.
SPOON!! Last Spoon was 3-25-99, and I was lucky enough to witness it tonight. I drove down from LA this afternoon to go to my 8th show, and it was definitely worth it.. Firsts for me were Spoon, Help Myself, full band Long Black Veil, and True Reflections, which was better than I thought it'd be... 6 repeats from Sunday, but didnt mind that. With Spoon in the setlist, the guys could have played the entire Everyday album, and it would have been a great show. Recently was awesome. Hadnt heard Pretty Girl / Take Me To The River outro before. I called the opener.. DDTW is always a good way to kick the show off.. But Spoon definitely was the highlight tonight. Even if I was the only one in my section who knew what I was witnessing, It still was a special night for everyone. See you on '04!
Heather C.
Oh yeah! Back for my third helping of DMB this summer in the lovely Chulajuana. Definitely one of my fave local venues. First off, I was happy to see Roi back on stage, looking alive and well...it is just not the same without him! Tonight's show was the perfect combination of Sat. & Sun. with a few additions. The prelude to the opening song was dark & mysterious, so we thought we were going to hear Last Stop or Dreaming Tree, but it turned out to be DDTW. Highlights included: A rockin' Grey Street jam, Recently with "pretty, pretty girl" & "take me to the river lyrics," an exciting jam during Crush with a Stefan/Boyd face off, & Too Much-->ASTB-->What? Spoon! So slow and soft and so good to hear for the first time. The boys also pulled off a long, energy-filled Two Step with all five members smiling and appearing to be having some fun. Towards the end of the jam, Roi disappeared for a while and I got a little worried again. Then he returned, put his finishing touches on the song, & continued to play the rest of the show. Another highlight was Help Myself - the sharpest, cleanest version I've ever heard with Dave looking & sounding more wicked than ever. Disappointments: People talking during When the World Ends, Help Myself, & Long Black Veil. Just because the song's slow or you don't know the words to sing along, doesn't mean that it's time to talk to your neighbors. Overall, a great show with perfect weather, comfortable atmosphere, & good company. Until next year, Peace, Love, & God bless - Heather =)
Jeff F.
Another amazing show, but would you expect any less? It got off to a bit of a slow start, but picked up some steam with Recently, and then surged with Crush. I don't think I'll ever get tired of that song. Then came a bit of a surprise. After ASTB, I was expecting Too Much, but we got Spoon, which was awesome to hear. Also great to hear Help Myself, and of course it's always great to hear Two Step and Ants Marching. My only gripe was with the encore. Long Black Veil was fine, but I would have preferred a closer that rocks out a little more. But I swear they piped in the Lovely Ladies' voices. Not something I'd expect from the boys, but oh well. Still a great show. Can't wait for the Shoreline shows this weekend. Somehow I'm sure they'll find a way to top last night's performance, though it will be hard.
SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! Dave really let us have it tonight... been a good 4+ years since we've heard that dear song... Otherwise great show as well, lots of energy, good stuff. Help myself was a nice treat and all the classics were well played. It was a great welcome back to LeRoi, this show really made me understand his value to the band... I had a great time, see ya all at Shoreline...
Well, I am only going to leave one review just to summarize the past three shows (2 in LA and this one) that I went to since with the exception of about 3 songs they were the same concert for all three damn days. They close with the set with Ants and the encore with Stay, 2 out of the three nights. Sure I give them a little slack since Sunday show in LA was played without Roi but lets be real. I mean I met so many people that were going to all three shows and then why the f**k would the band play all the same songs three nights in a row. Again with the exception of Recently and Spoon which were a treat to hear, Recently being the full version and Spoon I don't even know when the last time they played that live with the full band. But they played Two Step twice, Warehouse twice, SMTS two or maybe three times, I will stop there, you can look at the setlists. I will just note some glaring omissions: Bartender, Big Eyed Fish, Lie In Our Graves, Seek Up, The Last Stop, Typical Situation, Minarets, Best of What's of What Around, So Right, Busted Stuff, need I go on. I mean I went to 4 shows in a row (Phoenix, LA, and San Diego) and not one time was any one of these songs played. Ok, I am going to stop here before I say something really bad, but if the band, road crew, or anyone associated with the band reads this please here my plea, STOP trying to kill us with I Did It, Where are you Going, Help Myself, Two Step, SMTS -> ASTB, Rapunzel. Hey, WE ARE SICK OF THESE SONGS. PLAY SOMETHING ELSE. I am tired of spending my hard earned money and fighting the traffic and crowds to go see the same damn concert 4 nights in a row. So here is my review, this concert SUCKED!!!!! So did both LA shows, and don't even get me started on that horrible venue in LA. The Phoenix show rocked and you can read my review as a testament to that on that shows page. As for me, I am done. I am done going to shows until they start playing more variety and cramming these damn songs down our necks. I like the songs, don't get me wrong, I just choose not to want to here them 2 and 3 shows in a row anymore. Thanks for wasting my time and money guys, you suck!!!
...To start off I had a 5hr. drive to get to Chula Vista ,Secondly my friend that was supposed to go with me bailed at the last minute, leaving me no choice but to drive alone. I mean I'm not about to miss a dave show! I got lost three times, and missed the first 3 songs, which is absolutely unacceptable. I showed up at around 'recently', and stood by a food stand where it was so close to the stage it was insane, and just watched. I finally found my seats, and OH MY GOD! Was this concert friggin amazing or what here? The crowd was heavy into it, and you could tell the band was vibing off of the crowd,.. Were they filming the show?? There was talk of helicopters. hmm...'SPOON'????????????????????!!!!!!!! I swear I may have pissed my pants. I really am in shock over the whole ordeal. 'Two Step' is always amazing, 'rhyme & reason' had a lot of energy. 'HELP MYSELF'?? Wow nice to finally hear this one. Then came 'I did it'.....need i say more about this one? :( Then we got 'warehouse'. Boyd rocked the house with 'true reflections', I usually hate this song but Dave said before it something like " Y'all know Boyds got this new album out" And it made me appriciate it more. Leroi was back on the sax..I thought I saw him leave for awhile, perhaps it was just my imagination. Great to find him feeling healthy again!The show the other night wasn't the same without him! ...I could barely hear Dave sing during Ants, the crowd was SO LOUD. IT WAS AMAZING! 'Long black Veil'..wow..then closing with STAY, and dear god did I ever want to stay. A 5 hr. drive home by myself, and my last Dave show for this tour, but a kick ass way to end it!And well worth the troubles indeed!!!Looking forward to next year! Peace...
Nick S.
After the horrible traffic getting to the amphitheater, the struggle to get in the gates and people who didn't think lines mattered when getting a beer, I thought the show was great. Missed the opening band but noticed one thing; I just moved to San Diego after the shows at Alpine and the Target Center. While Coors is a great place to see a show it seemed like more people were there to be seen rather than enjoy the music. Certainly different from Alpine Valley. Anyways the show was great, better than I expected. Always love Grey Street, Two Step, Warehouse, Crush. He bridged into Spoon, which is unique, and while there were no some people do's at the beginning of recently he did jam out with pretty girl lyrics in the middle. Personally that was the highlight of my evening. I have accepted the fact that he's gonna play Ants whenever I am at a show and most likely I'm sitting around people who only know this song. Don't get me wrong the song is great but I've heard it so many times that I wish it would have been played mid set. Long Black Veil was great at the end. The whole band joined rather than Dave solo, never heard that before. He didn't play Crash, which made the two girls that I was with pretty heated. All in all a really great time at my 20th show. Next time I just have to remember that the lines for everything are better on the far side. I wish I could remember more to tell.
Lindsey B.
WOW! what a pleasent treat for my 35th show...Spoon! I have to say the boys have been on fire this tour. Another great setlist from a venue that has produced most of my favorite shows. Great setlist...I really enjoyed the rendition of Two Step...kick-ass solo by butch. nice job boys!
killer show!! was nice to here spoon its been a long time. An ants martching with the full intro was very nice and boyd totaly went off on the solo. solid versions of every song they played and leroi seemed a hell of alot better after seeing him walk off stage sunday in l.a. cant wait till shoreline!! see ya all there
This was my third show in four days so i was still riding the party high from the weekend. It would have taken a lot to ruin my mood. Traffic was a bastardso i missed part of the first song. No worries. Here we go: DDTW-missed it, but sounded great from outside the venue. WTWE- Great version, hadnt heard it yet and was glad to hear it. Grey Street- One of My favorites, although i like the lillywhite lyrics better. Recently- i was using the bathroom when they played it in LA so i was jazzed to hear it here. Pretty girl outro with Broadway mixed in gave me bootleg memories. Crush- love hearing this one, although it seems like they slow it down a bit to keep up with the crowd singing. SMTS- another classic. Did anyone not see the bridge coming??? but then into SPOON! i have never heard it live. amazing. I was praying for dreaming tree after that one, maybe at the gorge. Two Step- this has got to be the boys favorite song to play live, they just go to town. Rhyme and Reason- one of my favorites. Help Myself- another dark one, always a pleasure though. I did it- cant say i like this song at all, but the boys pull it off well. Warehouse- My all time favorite song. the crowd was playing off it well especially in the intro. Stefan was all into the crowd. WAYG- great one. True Reflections- I hate to say it but i love this song live. Ants Marching- Fun way to end the night. Encore Break. Long Black Veil- beautiful song. Some chick in the first row threw her bra at dave, it landed by his feet. God Bless her. Stay- i need the lovely ladies for this one. I must say that without the traffic this is one of the best venues to see dave at. this was my third time here and i love it each time. Now after 3 concerts in four days i have a nice little break then its on Portland and the Gorge. if you are looking for a good time at the gorge meet me there, the party never stops. Thanks boys. Peace, love, happiness, and DMB.
Michael A.
Well this show finished my four show run for the tour. Kind of dissapointed it finished and on a more average show really. The band came out with a good amount of energy. After seeing SMTS two of the last three nights I could've done without it again. Although into SPOON? That was amazing. First time in how long sense they've played that song? I thought Spoon coupled with Two Step and Warehouse were the biggest highlights of the show. Too many repeats from the previous few shows however. Nevertheless, another fun tour filled with plenty of highlights and nice surprises.
Jeremiah B.
Greetings from San Diego. Last night's show at Coors Ampitheatre was my fourth show, and my girlfriend's first. I had high hopes for this show, for many reasons, but left the show let-down and confused. The set list was slow, though SPOON was a nice alternative to CRASH INTO ME. But the band stopped between every song for at least one minute, Dave thanking the crowd between songs more than usual. The band never seemed to get their chemistry together on stage like it had all the other times I had seen them, and the crowd seemed out of it too. But, it was great to see GREY STREET.
Jay T.
ok the drive sucked .. but the cold ass beer made up for that. seeing The Roots , twice, made it ok for me to drink in the parking lot ... ok enough of that ,,. the first thing i noticed about Coors Amp. was the LACK OF BATHROOMS OR LACK OF PORTA-JONS.. the second thing i noticed were guys peeing in the bushes and on the wall .. so do you think there is a problem here? 4 count them 4 extra porta-jons for the lawn .. i choose to wait in line for about 5 minutes, while dave played, then something called to me ... ohh yeah the bush... the peoples shadows on the wall made me invisible as i stood there taking a piss... dear coors .. sorry about the mess ,.. but you had it coming... or should i say "peeing" as for dave ..well i think they played wonderful. but i would have rather heard a different setlist from the previous nights. SAT and SUN , chula vista setlist was almost the Best Of Sat and Sun with 4 different songs.. but dont get me wrong they rocked my dancin ass all over the place ..there was a guy dancing near the bathrooms jumping over a blanket almost every time Carter hit is symbols. it was fun to watch while waiting for the porta-jon,,.. anyway lisa and amanda what happened to you guys ... hope you had fun on the ? ... you know.. welp that wrapped up my 10th show review .. till next year ... or i hope sooner .. listen to music ,,,,, eye dew... Yaj aka Jay aka dmbfan aka d4m1b aka hash holder aka 10th show aka number 2 fan cuz i keep trying... lol ...peace .love and carter , boyd, leroi ( glad to see and hear you back), stephan, and dave ...oh did i forget butch ...didnt mean to.. lol Yaj
Adam C.
Tonight, the band demonstrated the tale of two sets. The beginning intro into DDTW was evil, lots of energy, and the contrasting upbeat tempo of When the World Ends followed nicely. Grey Street was strong as always and Recently improved from the first LA show due to a Broadway chorus. Crush was excellent and SMTS--ASTB--into ...into... um... Spoon? Excellent. Two Step, rhyme and Reason and Help Myself also did wonderous things as a seemingly unforgettable set list kept on rolling. Then, suddenly, IDI, Warehouse with the "Woo" that just messes up the silence in those breaks, followed by an absolute downfall of WAYG? True Reflections and Ants. All sounding kind of canned. The encore wasn't that great either, and what had started out as such an excellent show kinda declined. Until...
Wow what a show!! All I have to say is...SSSSSSPPPPPPPPOOOOONNNNNNN!!!What an amazing transition; from SMTS to Spoon. Just to hear that made it special, and the anticipation for the next song. Obviously, only DMB could pull that off; going from a hard song like SMTS to Spoon and then to Two Step. Simply marvalous. Only downer was people behind us talking THE ENTIRE SHOW!!! If you're gonna come listen & enjoy. Don't BS and brag about buying tix to sell for a profit and then show up to talk all night about that and how close you sat to other shows. Other than that, DMB from L.A. to S.D. was awesome. Oh yeah, the tailgating in S.D. was better than in L.A. (Hey, if you girls that were tossing a football near the back parking lot next to the water park are out there...it's me- the one in the Hawaiian shirt that sat in the section behind you!)DMB for ever...'till next time-"...celebrate we will, cuz life is sort but sweet for certain..."