Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Selma, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal

Donít Drink the Water *
So Much To Say *
Granny *
I Did It *
You Never Know *
Crush *
Drive In Drive Out *
Grace Is Gone *
What You Are *
One Sweet World *
Fool To Think *
The Space Between *
Dont Burn The Pig *
Grey Street *
Where Are You Going *
Ants Marching *
Long Black Veil +
All Along the Watchtower *

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ Dave solo

I just got home and WOW, what a show! I had fifth row seats thanks to the DMB auctions and it was well worth it. So much to talk about, I'll try to go over the setlist as best I can. First of all, DDTW was an unbelievable opener, a little unexpected. SMTS was great but was kind of hoping for a bridge to Too Much. "Granny" was also unexpected, really like it alot and never stops to entertain. "You never know" keeps getting better and "Crush" is just as good as it ever has been. Not really a lot of jamming up to this point. I did it was next, glad it was so short. Then it just got crazy. "Drive in Drive out" was killer and Carter went nuts. Dave also did a tea party version of it at the end which was a nice touch "Grace is gone" was a nice change of pace, the crowd really got into it. "What you are", a decent everyday song I guess but still everyday. When OSW came on, everyody went nuts and it was nice to hear. "Fool to think"... damn everyday. The last part of the show was awesome though. PIG rocked! Grey street- one of my favorite Lillywhites. WAYG- good to hear this one. Closer- Ants marching!!!! The band and the crowd had so much intensity it was unbelievable. Everyboyd jammed great on this one, especially Boyd as always. ENCORE- Nice to see "long black veil", I kinda miss it from Listener Supported. For the last song, "All Along the Watchtower", I was hoping and expecting this one, and was not dissappointed. It was the most amazing version I've ever heard. The jam was great and the band was SO into it. Overall, the night was great and the best show in a while. Hopefully, the tour will only get better from here.
Jeremy M.
Just got back from the show, although i see that some people on the boards felt it was too quick it was definitely power packed! DDTW ws outstanding, amazing light show, dave danced like a madman. pig, ants, watchtower were all amazing and watchtowere had some distortion in it thanks to butch, really a very interesting and enrgetic version. san antonio loves boyd tinsley. ants was great, stefan really shined there and during crush as well. dave also used the other lyrics for DIDO, the funky tea party, buy my own island and all that stuff. also, the sound was much better than it was last year, that really took away from the overall effect at last years performance. carter had some amazing solos. Roi had a nice little solo, in either What You Are or Fool to Think, dont really remember which i just remember thinking i was suprised since i didnt remember it on everyday. grey street and YNK were great, definitely a show that should stand out this tour.
Zain Y.
This show was lacking. Im not one to focus on the negative, but it was glaring here. WHERE WAS THE CROWD TONITE? Ive never seen more people in the orchestra section sitting down during songs like One Sweet World or Pig. No one was moving, and the band responded to the crowds lack of energy by cutting a lot of their songs short. Very little jamming. Not until ants and watchtower was the crowd into it, and thats when the band started playing with emotion. The setlist was solid - one sweet world, granny, pig, crush. The encore was excellent, contrasting dave solo on long black veil with energy packed watchtower. Still an amazing show, like all dmb shows, but lacking one critical element - an interested audience.
Tiffany M.
Crush is so amazing. I was truly moved when he played it. I was a little disappointed that he said "The more I want you," instead of, "The more I love you," but other than that, the song was powerful.
Kristen C.
NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING... Last nights show made me remember what it is that makes me love this band. The set list had quite a few radio hits (best Ants Marching I have ever seen... that one will be hard to top), but it also had songs I have been waiting to hear... Granny, Drive in Drive out, Pig... It was one of their shorter set lists, but the energy flowing through the band and the fans was amazing. The last show I saw was last year July 17... Dave was sick, and it just didn't seem like the band was into it. This time around they were all happy, and you could tell that they wanted to be no where other than there. The band had energy, and we all fed off of it. I have seem Watchtower many times, but last nights kicked some major ass. I was sitting 2nd row pit, and the crowd started to rush toward the stage, and it was just one big dancing mess... it was great.Throughout the show they had random jams, and Dave would change things around throw in random lyrics, make stuff up... I think it may be safe to say the old DMB is on its way back in, and they are ready to go! The only thing that I could ask for is no more Space Between... I am going to many more shows during the spring and summer tours, but this one will be hard to top!
Jamie M.
Overall, of course, the Dave Matthews Band has never failed us. They put on an excellent show as usual with amazing energy ON STAGE. This was my 10th show, I have officially hit the double digits. However, I was I on the lawn, and I must say that the crowd sucked. People talking on cell phones, laying down, or just talking to each other very loudly. I just felt as if something was missing and I am sure that it was not on stage. But WOW what a great set! It seems as if every song played took on a whole new meaning, the whole band seemed to be in a great mood. Drive in, Drive Out was awesome! and Crush, Yum! . It was my 1st time to hear Where Are You Going and I can't wait to get some more of that! And Fool to Think, then PIG, YAY! That was definitely one of the best Ants Marching that I have ever heard, that got the crowd going Dave seemed to be in a great mood, along with the rest of the band. This was my first show this tour and it seemed that Butch Taylor really stood out more this year than last. I'll see ya'll at the Woodlands show Sat. Sun, where I am SURE there will be very little uninterested crowd.
Great show tonight! This was my first of this tour, 12th overall and I thought it was very good. Pulling out Ants for the show closer and Watchtower for the encore closer was freaking crazy. As per usual, the place was just going nuts while Boyd went off at the end of Ants. Other highlights definitely included OSW, Crush, Pig, and WAYG. No twostep, warehouse, jimithing, or #41, but I'm going to both Houston shows, and I got a good feeling about those setlists. See ya'll in H-Town!
This was my third Dave concert and it was awesome! I thought the whole thing from start to finish was great. Dave, Boyd and Stefan were all really into the crowd. The version of Watchtower played at the end of the set was the best i've heard. I was just the right length and the right mix, and San Antonio was feelin it. Last year the sound wasn't good and it sounded alot better this year, that was probably why the concert went so much better. But the thing that made the show was the epic version of Watchtower, you could tell the band appreciated the crowd and the crowd apprecated the band. As Stefan was walking off the stage he was pointing his finger at the crowd as to say "you guys rock," which is exactly what South Texas thinks of the Dave Matthews Band.
Dell T.
What can I say other than I am filled with mixed emotions. Probably the strongest setlist of the tour but missing a bit of length. I firmly beleive it was the HORRIBLE fans of San Antonio. I have never before seen so many fans SITTING down during any stop on the tour--this or previous tours. I think the band might have cut some of the jams short because of this. I would have loved to hear this setlist at the opener at the MCI Center in DC with the crowd energy that was there that night! On to the setlist.....DDTW was a GREAT opener followed up by several unexpected jams -->Granny, Crush, DIDO, GIG, 1SW, Pig, Grey Street, and an incredible closer with ANTS!!! Cut very short though at that point--about and hour an a half--probably due to the crowd! ENCORE....LBV was great to hear solo and I can't even describe how incredible and energy packed Watchtower was. I don't know what stood out more with the crowd--them sitting for the majority of the show or them looking at me like "how does he know all these songs". Sounds like a bunch of new DMB fans that jumped on board with Everyday--clue that gave this away is that they only stood up during IDI and TSB. Still a great experience and a setlist that I will never forget! See everybody at the George 9/6-9/8 for the LAST STOP!!!
Aaron B.
Wow. Let me say that OK now the review. The band came out onto the stage quietly, like they usually do, and I heard Dave playing with his guitar in Drop-D tuning, and I called Don't Drink the Water. Nice version. For the second song, I was thinking he might play What Would You Say or So Much To Say. I hoped for Anyone Seen the Bridge ... but, no. Granny was cool. I Did It was pretty much the same, except Boyd added a little violin strumming to the verse part. I was also thinking that would be a pretty good song to sing when your fed up with trying to please impossible people. You Never Know... I heard Carter play on what I think is some kind of woodblock, and I knew this was coming. But he kept playing for about two or three minutes and did a little solo on just this woodblock, and it was pretty cool. I enjoyed it. Ohhhhh Crush. Crush was awesome. The song on the album is itself awesome. But they added this jam onto the end that kicked ass. During transitions, Carter kept the beat going using a lot of dead space. It was really cool. Drive In Drive Out. My sister was very pleased to hear this. This song is just fun. I don't think there is any set lyrics to this. Dave was just making up stuff on the spot, and it was awesome. I love it when he does that. There was a guy who went with us who was a trumpet major and minor in percussions, and he's a big Carter fan. He told me that Carter uses his own technique on this song that he calls drive in drive out. He did the whole body motion and everything. I said well that's cool, because the song is called Drive In Drive Out. I heard that Dave wrote this song because he knew Carter could something cool with the rythmn, but I didn't know that they named the song after one of his techniques. Grace is Gone. Great depressing song (I'm not being sarcastic) One drink to remember/ Another to forget. What You Are. This is probably one of my top three songs on the Everyday album. Hearing it live is so much better. The intro is more drawn out with the eerie distant wailings. The outro was pretty passionate. Dave actually stopped playing, and was pumping his fist out while getting lyrics out that he was making up on the spot. I have never seen him do that before and it was really awesome. (I wonder how many times I've said the words "cool" and "awesome" so far). One Sweet World. The intro to this is really cool. Just a few minutes of soothing jazz. Really nice. Fool to Think. One of the other top three songs on Everyday for me. Good to hear. Pig. I've waited four years to hear this song live. Great. Grey Street. A great song. Where Are You Going. A really sweet song. The song's going to be released this month and I know its going to be big. Probably the next Space Between. Which reminds me, the played that sometime in the evening before in the middle of the night. I was really suprised how much the crowd loved this song. Probably the "crowd favorite" of the evening. The Space Between, that is. Ants Marching. You just can't go wrong with this song. Boyd used some kind of peddle for special effects on his violin that I never seen him use before. The encore. The most amazing thing, I thought, about when Dave played Long Black Veil, was that they turned the T.V. screens off, have the one spotlight on Dave, and you look around and see thousands of people just listening to this one guy on stage, who looks tiny. That concept is just amazing and really powerful. Watchtower. I really like how the band goes --> Stefan Solo --> Stefan and Dave jam --> Watchtower. The song itself, how can you go wrong. Okay now some side stuff. Stefan was awesome throughout the whole show. When he was on the screen, the stuff they should him doing was amazing. The whole band is amazing. But I'll stop there with that. Another thing, guys, don't be assholes to your date at the concert. I saw this couple fighting (mainly just the guy bitching at his girlfriend)and I think he ruined the concert experience for both of them. My drummer/trumpet playing friend actually went up to her and asked her if she wanted to sit with us while he left for a while, and she actually looked back at us a couple of times. I felt bad for her. Well, its just a shitty place and time to get in a fight. He should have just waited until the next day. Couple of more things. What's up with drunk biches cutting me off in line to get a t-shirt. I know your cute and your half-naked, but that doesn't earn the right to get whatever you want (But daddy bought me the ticket and Daddy says I can do whatever I want). One last small thing. Not complaining, but I was suprised how the much security they had at the gate. I got patted down on my butt and everything. Is the Dave Matthews crowd that rowdy of a bunch. Or do that do that for every concert.... could you see a bunch of old people getting patted down, to see Yanni or something. All right later, I'll be back here at the next near Austin show.
You know how they say everything is bigger and better in Texas? Well, this show proves it. There must be something about these boys and Big T, because they rock the house every date they are here. First off, DDTW was just ROCKIN', really got the crowd warmed up. They added some different beats and rhythms to kinda give it that death march sound. Then Dave looked down at his axe and started plucking the notes to SMTS. Everyone was singing along and jammin hard to this one. Was expecting the ASTB->Too Much, but suprprisingly this is the first time i've heard this song without it. Granny was next, very good version, but only the real fans knew this as opposed to the "radio fans" as the guy next to me called them. YNK - Was I the only one who knew what this was? It sounds like Kit Kat Jam in sections, but then again...Grey Street is just an inverted version of Tripping Billies, and SMTS is WWYS with some alterations, so ...whatever. It was really good despite people sitting down everywhere. THEN... They started playing this thing that sounded like the PNP heartbeat. Stefan's image was sequenced on the Daveitron screens with every beat and they went into CRUSH! Dear lord... Whoever said Boyd is lax on this song lately did not see this. He was like "Fuck it, you guys need to get up and start jammin'." DIDO - Kicked ass so much, the lights add a good flare to this one. Grace Is Gone - I had a very close family member die last june, and I got a hold of my Lillywhites right before the 7/15/01 concert at Texas Stadium (BTW, does anyone HAVE that show for trade?) and this song just hit the nail on the head to what I was feeling and how much my friends and I that knew him were drinking, etc. "One more drink and I'll move on..." *tear* What you are - I had to pee for like 45 minutes and had to pick a song to do it in. Since I've heard this like 20 times, I went. I came back at the end to Dave singing about "gun to your head" or soemthing like that. Intense. OSW - ya know, the intro outshines the actual song. Nonetheless, beautiful version, wish they'd re-release it (Hey, they did it to Satellite, Billies, ants). Then the electric comes BACK out and I thoguht "The Space Between", but they went into FOOL TO THINK. First time to hear this live, and it rocked. Then they started PIG off and Boyd was just fiddlin' away. awesome awesome awesome. The radio fans again asked what this was and that whole group of about 25 of us didn't even look at them for that. The electric comes back out and we got TSB. Very good, the hotties next to me, even though I didnt knwo them made me dance with them. Niiiiiiiiiiiice.... Then I saw a guitar come out in the dark and I hard Dave checking chords. It was a D chord into a C# chord and I thoguht only two songs sound like that and (lights came on) dave can't play billies on a 12-string so...GREY STREET! If there was a person sitting, you couldn't tell. People literally JUMPED to their feet. So much power and intensity in this song. It sounds like he removed a verse but I could be mistaken. Maybe he forgot the words or something. WAYG - Very sweet song, can't wait to get the album. Then after I had called all my friends during the songs they asked me for...ANTS came on. I prolly was in shock for a good 30 seconds. I should have left the phone on for SOMEONE, but I, along with everyone else felt this one callin' my feet! Boyd was insane. Then they left for like, 10 minutes and Dave came out alone and sang LBV against the black background. Perfect.... Then the boys came back out. It's surprising, the BAND got a bigger applause than Dave, but they really do deserve it, damn I was clapping louder for them too! Watchtower was the final song and everyone went NUTZ during the loud parts and solo section. Sweet. Can't wait till The Woodlands on Saturday!
Diego F.
First of 4 shows for me and I must say, it was a short one. DDTW was a good opener, really got me in the mood. When I heard So Much To Say, I was hoping for the SMTS>>ASTB>>Too Much, but I think that got a little redundant from the last tours. You can tell they are trying to do somethings a bit different, than past tours. In other words, they are trying to be less predictable. One song I would have never predicted was Granny. That was great. The new song, You Never Know, is a good song, Carter intro'd it with a pretty cool hi-hat jam. You can tell they havent gotten that one down live. I dont know if it was the venue or the mixing, but the sound on this one could have been better. From the moment they ended the song, I called Crush to be the next one. Stefan, was jamming out the bass intro. This song was the highlight of the show. I had'nt seen that song live since '99. And It was great to see it again. Boyd's solo was amazing, he worked the crowd a lot during it. Carter's jam was amzing, he was really trying to have fun with it, keeping the beat and then pausing and then going back into it. DIDO was hard hitting as usual. What You Are is great. I love that song live. Dave even changed around the lyrics at the end of the song, which was a nice change. I called One Sweet World, and the intro was great, Leroi's solo was loud, which is a good thing. I was hoping for the swim naked outro, but instead we got Dave's screaming-yodeling-whatever you want to call it, and I liked it. Next he was handed a Gibson Electric, which I new wasn't a baritone, and it was in standard tuning. So I knew he was going to play either Fool to Think or Dream of Our Fathers, and the likelyhood of the latter was slim to none, sohe played Fool To Think and it was nice to hear a song I had never heard live. Next he played Space Between, which for some reason hasnt shown up on any of the setlists I've seen so far. After this I was realieved, cause I didnt think theyd play anymore Everyday songs, since they had played so many. Dont Burn The Pig was great. One of my favorite tunes. Greystreet always a great song to hear live, no matter how many times. Where Are You Going, great song, reminiscent of Crash Into Me, I can see how that song will be very popular, with the radio crowd. Who I must say, kind of suck. They show up at the show, and leave probaly 20 times during the show to get drinks and get more and more anoying as the night goes on. They sit down during the rare songs, and stand up when they hear a radio friendly song. When you hear Granny, you should be dancing your ass off, not sitting on it. Anyway, enough of that. Next Ants. Wow. Great jam at the intro. They were all on fire. And Boyds solo was crazy. He went all the way across the stage to get right infront of Stefan and they both jammed out. Great ender but it seemed a bit early. For the encore, Dave's Long Black Veil was nice. Watchtower was full of energy. Dave had a mad look on his faceduring the song, but I think he was just trying to pop the strings on his guitar. And there was no way they could top that closer. So in the end despite, the show being short, my seats were good, considedring I was front row last year. And the band was into it, they seemed to be in a good mooth, maybe that Texas atmosphere. I hope it kicks in for the rest of their stay.
I feel bad i read some other reviews of people loving the show but i was unimpressed. It was good i loved daves wierd noises and the energy but i thought the setlist was a little lacking, great to hear You Never Know and WAYG, but the set was in almost complete lack of jams minus Crush which was great. LBV was also a nice addition solo. I thought the set was to short for the lack of jams and the songs i really wanted to hear such as Raven and Busted Stuff werent there. On a side note for me i was next to the 2 biggest A-holes ive ever seen in the sixth row in orch pit 1. The show was nice as all DMB shows are and fun to be there but as said before the crowd was lacking the set was lacking and the jams were lacking. DIDO was fun w/ the teapot jam but so few and so far between. too bad too nice venue maybe next year.
Jenny K.
WOW, what can i say, this show rocked! my 13th show, and definitely one of the best i've seen. dave and the boys gave texans yet again another amazing experience. the set was kinda short, but incredibly energetic. DDTW was a nice opener, got the crowd going. i thought you never know was brilliant, i was about the only person in my section that knew what the hell it was, but i was still loving every minute of it-its beautiful when dave starts singing "i think i can i think i can" at the end of the song. CRUSH, oh my gosh, crush, it was moving, to say the least, and the first time i've ever heard it live. GIG was beautiful, one of my faves off of lillywhites and moving almost to tears. WYA and OSW were both enjoyable, the crowd seemed to really enjoy these two. then the show just went from amazing to undescribable. PIG! it was the one song i've always wanted to hear live, and hearing it just made my year, it was the most beautiful song i've ever heard--i couldn't stop smiling and dancing! grey street, another favorite, seemed to be a fave of the crowd too, everyone was up and dancing to this song, it was filled w/ energy. dave and the boys looked like they were having a great time! WAYG was nice to hear w/ the whole band, and ants was one of the best i've ever seen. the band, the audience, everyone was going nuts. awesome encore, i'll never get sick of hearing watchtower...what a way to end an already perfect show. incredible, the boys are on fire this year. see ya'll in houston and dallas!
i can't believe this show is so high on everyone's list. the crowd was a**. if you only know the space between and i did it, DONT COME to DMB concerts. and if oyu do, stand for the whole thing. now the show was ok but could have been much better- where's the rapunzel, the big eyed fish, the JAMS. no 41, no jimi. at least there was Pig, DIDO, you never know, and where are you going. i hope the next time the band is here people of this city will show them more respect and acknowledgemet of their talents instead of sitting down. one more thing- i was the only one sitting down for the space between. take whatever you will from that, but you sat for the good songs
I have 4 words to summarize what I just experienced: "Are My Panties Wet?" Once again, those boys did not fail to rock my world!! Unfortunately, we got there halfway through DDTW (shame on me...I've never been late to a DMB show...but those people who work there gave us the wrong directions and got us lost, so shame on them!!) I got to my seats *in the pit* (Thank you WH)...and said that at the first radio song, I was going to pee & get a beer. I missed the first 2 songs. I was listening as they were pouring my beer (could they have done it any slower?) and heard the beginning notes to Granny, chugged the top of each beer so I could run, and hauled this ghetto bootie back down to my seats to watch. I saw on the setlists that they'd been playing it was really hoping for it!! They followed it up with I Did It...this time I sent my date for a beer while I stayed to enjoy the fine view of Boyd's ass. Dave came up to the mic after the song and told us that it was "nice to be outside with y'all," then Carter went into a little solo thing ...very soft & mellow...I have no idea what kind of drum he was using, but it was very soothing & led into You Never Know. This was only my second time hearing it...still not sure what to say about the performance. I could hear the lyrics better this time and I like it. Now it's time for the wettening of the panties to begin. The last time I saw Crush was April 18, 1998, which was also the first time it was played and before BTCS was even released (btw...if anyone has that disc please email me!) I've wanted it again for years so that I could really appreciate it now that I know what a great song it is...and even though I was busy mugging down through the entire performance...I must say it was grand! Thank you DMB!! DIDO was cool to see again...I saw it in Philly last month and last night confirmed my hunch that Dave's changing the lyrics. I don't remember what they were, but they were definitely different from what I know. GIG...Wendy Loo's friend Bob the Blob came to TX too! What You Are had a big loud long Dave scream at the very end and I think also some different lyrics in the last line. OSW was nice...not as good as 5.12.01, but always good to hear. I was afraid when dave busted out the electric to follow up OSW, but I was pleasantly surprised to see them play Fool To Think. I've always liked that song. TSB...Damn Boyd has a nice stomach (he was wearing jeans, a brown vest, and a brown hat) ...he can show off those abs that way any day!!!!! All I could think was "I've been on a treadmill in the gym next to that sweaty body...ooh baby!!" I gotta give those boys some credit though...when they get a girls panties wet, they sure do know how to keep them that way!! Pig rocked my world...I can't believe I got it twice & I still have 3 more shows to hit!! Grey Street was fabulous! WAYG is definitely going to be a hit...I can't wait until I can actually sing along with more than just the chorus. Ants was one of the best versions I've seen, only because Hot Stuff came and took center stage with his violin and went crazy...playing on one leg and everything. He also jammed with Dave & Stefan. Roi...sorry I haven't mentioned you yet...I was on Boyd's side and I didn't see you too much, but you ROCK too!! They went offstage, and I was hoping that they'd play Rapunzel & Watchtower as the encore...HOLY COW I was so not expecting LBV!!!! I literally didn't breathe for about 2 minutes, then pinched myself for the rest of the song. When I met Dave last year, I asked him if he played LBV at Jazz Fest because he saw me screaming for it in the front row throughout the performance...he looked at me and cocked his head and smiled and said "Well sure I did!!!" I also had him sign a picture of him singing Watchtower with the veins popping out of his head from Jazz Fest, and last night I was wearing the same shirt that I had on when I met him. My assumption is that he saw me, recognized my unforgettably gorgeous face, and remembered that I asked about LBV and had him sign my Watchtower pic, then saved them for the encore just for me. I mean, there's no other explanation!! After they walked offstage & the radio came on, the song that was playing was Me & Julio, which Paul McCartney played last year with Dave at Jazz Fest. That confirmed my theory. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how easy it is to soak my panties!! :)
Wow...what an amazing night! I was fortunate enough to be center stage right in the bands face. I couldn't believe the engery I felt from thier performance last night. It was my first DMB show and I was thoroughly impressed. The set list was awesome! My friends and I were all stund when they opened up with DDTW. That was so unexpected that I'm pretty sure I momentarily stopped breathing. Boyd was jammin' on Crush! I was really hoping that they would play that song. I'm glad they jammed at the end. It was awesome to hear all the guys solo for a while. There was some great dancing going on too...and I'm not talking about the audience. Boyde was dancing all over the place, and Dave would bust into these wild steps that would make the crowd go crazy. It was just really a great show. I stood the whole night. I was glad they focused more on their older material like Granny, OSW, DIDO and Pig, but the songs they did play from Everyday were done very well...minus I Did It (sorry, I just don't like that song). It was also a real joy to here some stuff off of Lilywhites. I was particularly happy to hear GIG. I think that song is just so beautiful. I'm also glad I got to hear WAYG and YNK...they're so new that I couldn't really sing anything but the refrain...but it was nice to be able to hear them live. I was surprised that the show wasn't as long as we all expected it to be, but I wasn't disappointed. I figure, even if they had played til midnight, I would have still wanted to hear them more. The show was so power-packed, especially by the end. I'm pretty sure I almost wet myself when I heard Carter start Ants Marching. And then when Dave came out for his solo on LBV, I thought the night was complete. That is until I heard the opening cords to All Along the Watchtower. I just about had a heart attack when I heared Dave start striking those familiar cords. It was the perfect ending to the perfect show. By far, this has been the single best concert I have ever been to. Just when I thought things were slowing down, and the audience was starting to fade...Carter would bust out with some crazy beats and the crowd was on their feet again. In addition to the awesome show we got to meet some very awesome people as we waited for the gates to open. We even got to see Leroi wave at us from the tour bus as it pulled into the venue! My one complaint was that security kept telling us to leave. We were trying to have this little Dave community party, and they were just not understanding. So we moved the party a couple of times. By the time 4:00 came around we had a caravan of about 4 cars following us around the venue, in search of a place to continue our party, until another sercurity person would tell us to move along. By the end we had made great friendships with other true DMB fans. Over all, the last night rocked my world. I'm hoarse and really sleepy, but overall, this stupid grin hasn't left my face all day. I'm already counting down the days until I get to see the notorious DMB again.
Michael B.
First show of this tour, and unfortunately probably my last... but it was well worth the trip. My fifth DMB show but my first to be actually sitting close (2nd row 1st level seats). Awesome show! LOVED DDTW opener, kicked it off with high energy. Would have loved to have heard a bridge jam into Too Much, but oh well. And I'll admit it, I'm very glad they jammed Crush at Selma, the girlfriend loved it too. My first time to hear Pig live, and it was exceptional IMO. Grey Street is a favorite of mine and I'm glad they played it. The show seemed quite a bit shorter than any one I've been two before, but maybe it was because I was having the most fun I've had at a DMB show.
Wow, I don't know where I should start. Well the concert was more than amazing. It was so energy filled starting from Don't Drink the Water all the way down to the encore with Long Black Veil and All Along the Watchtower, which was awesome. It wasn't the best set list ever but I loved the concert anyways and there was still some great songs. Crush I got really into. That song was the best I have ever it heard being played. Drive In Drive Out rocked my world. Just like Dave Matthews does. Grace is Gone and Grey Street were great. I was happy to hear One Sweet World. And I was really suprised to hear Where Are You Going. When Ants Marching was played that was the best, because it seemed to me like that was the only song that the band was truly into. Maybe because that was one of the only songs that the audience was really into. They really did not have the long instrumental playing which is great. I have to say I was some what disapointed in our audience. Where were all of the Daveheads? Most of the audience seemed like they didn't even know most of the songs. Then when I DID IT and The Space Between was being played everyone was standing. The rest of the time they were sitting down, having loud conversations, or just freakin' being annoying. You go to a concert for the band(THE BEST BAND), not for social hour. Jeez. But getting back to my praise... I love it when each member got their own little solos. Stefan is so totally awesome! So is Boyd, I swear that violin was about to catch fire. Drive In Drive Out seemed like Carter's time. And Leroi is great. And then All Along The Watchtower. Whoa, that song was AMAZING! The whole audience was really into it. And so was the band. It was the best I have ever heard it played. The concert was just overall, WOW. I just wanted to hear jimi, two step, warehouse(love this song), and too much. Oh well! I loved it anyways! Can't wait till their next show. Peace. Love, And DAVE! (chessie, but I like it!)
This show was fantastic! I attended the one here last year and it was a lot hotter then (temperature wise) so I really liked the May weather. I won't go into the setlist as that as already been done but I will say that the band put on a livelier show this time around. It was good to give the crowd a taste of what they're really like. Yes, there were some people sitting down but WHO CARES! Everyone starts off at some point as a "newbie". Just because one person knows the Lillywhites and the next person doesn't does NOT mean either of them are any less or more of a fan. Kudos to everyone who went and I am hopeful that the word of Dave will spread to even more newbies next year! DMB can never have enough fans--old or new.
Rudy R.
First of all let me say that DMB is wonderful. Second, I can't believe that the whole city of San Antonio has down syndrome! The crowd was horrible! No respect, no morals, no class whatsoever! What kills me is that people in San Antonio think they are soooo upscale when they are just shallow....Just because you are shallow doesn't mean you are classy. Dave Matthews Band...I love you guys and I hope you will consider coming back to San Antonio even though the people suck.