Dave Matthews Band
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Gov't Mule

Grey Street *
Granny *
So Much To Say *
So Right *
You Never Know *
Jimi Thing *
Crash Into Me * (Dixie Chicken)
Two Step *
Digging a Ditch *
What You Are *
One Sweet World * (Instrumental Intro)
Song That Jane Likes *
Fool To Think *
Where Are You Going *
Tripping Billies *
All Along the Watchtower *^
#40 (tease)
For The Beauty of Wynona +
Grace Is Gone (partial)
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
* with Butch Taylor on keys
^ Warren Haynes on guitar
+ Dave solo

What a show! Lengthy, full of jams and surprising all around. Grey street is such a happy :) song now. Granny was great and had some new lyrics i would like to get a hold of. The next treat was Jimi!! So nice to hear a classic and they jammed like a classic. Then this version of Two Step! This was my first show this year so im not sure if it's just this seasons version of Two Step but if I'm not mistaken Carter went latin on this "two step" song. It was crazy he was pullin all the tricks, and while he was layin down crazy salsa beats Butch was playin blues and Steffan was off in his world playin straigh like ever. Dave was havin fun tonight. It was in his face. He pulled out Jane's song which he started with "I have a sister name Mary Jane..." and then he just kept going. Right when it seemed like he was gonna end his first set with Tripping Billies he pulled out Watchtower with Mr. Hayes. I was really hoping it was Timmy out there tonight, but i got my full nights worth, including a wave from Dave and Carter on the bus...what a night!
Mike S.
wow. 4th show for me and it was amazing. 1. grey street - predictable but great regardless 2. granny - first time for me and i loved boyd's singing 3. SMTS - good as always 4. So right - getting better, jammed it out more 5. you never know - amazing, absolutely love this song 6. jimi thing - sooo good 7. crash - not common this tour and is good to hear anytime 8. two step - greatttt performance 9. Diggin a Ditch - SOOOO GLAD THEY PLAYED THIS!! 10. What you are - like so right, it is getting better live 11. OSW - great song 12. STJL - HUUUUGGGEEE!!! SOOO GOOOOD! 13. Fool to Think - my favorite everyday 14. WAYG - sounded great live 15. Billies - love it live, boyd's solo kicked ass 16. Watchtower - OH WOW!! I thought billies would be the closer....but nope....amazing, absolutely amazing! Encore: Beauty of Wynonna - solo, awesome. Grace is Gone - niiiicee tease PNP->Rapunzal - thank you dmb.....what an awesome night. Couldn't have asked for more....especially when we still have 2 more shows in the next 3 days!!! Y'all keep well.
Just got home from the 2 hours drive back to LA from Chula. Interesting show tonight, very mellow and slow. The crows sucked, no one except myself was into it. I mean we have people sitting through two step. If you cant get up for Two Step then what good is it. Dave got jamming for a little bit on some parts, but Boyd didnt get into it at all. Which is cool, i mean sometimes you have to have an off night. DMB brought it back to the pre-94 charlottesville roots with songs like The Song that Jane Likes, and Beauty Of Wynona. He even played the intro to One Sweet World, which i dont think he has played in a really long time. Anyways, i have to get to be have 3 finals tomorrow and Staples on wed..then irvine...then Shoreline. I love it...
Heather C.
WOW! After nine long months without a DMB show, it was so great to see the band again. The weather was perfect, the venue was pleasant, and the stars were shining brightly above. I had a blast! Before the show, my friends and I were walking around when we met Rudy, the band's photographer, and he took our picture for the archives. Then we walked around the back of the stage near the tour busses and peeked through the fence just in time to catch a glimpse of Roi walking around outside! As the show started, Dave said something cute like "Happy Day after Mama's Day!" and the crowd roared. Opening with Grey Street was fun because everyone was fueled with excitement as it was and this had everyone dancing. The high energy level of the crowd remained strong throughout the whole show. It is always a good thing to look out and see so many people enjoying themselves all at once. I was bursting with joy over hearing Granny again. It has always been a favorite of mine. I was also happy to hear You Never Know and Where Are You Going for the first time live. Both songs sounded so beautiful and soothing. Another highlight was the amazing jam during Two Step. The boys did such a good job and had so much fun with this. Also, bringing Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule back on stage for Watchtower was a great idea. Then Dave did a Beauty of Wynona solo that was sweet, followed by a little tease of Grace is Gone where Dave sang the lyrics different than I've ever heard before. The band wrapped things up with Rapunzel, and that was the end of my first show of the 2002 tour. Just the first though...Until next time, Peace, Love, and God Bless - Heather
Jon K.
WOW! All I can say. AMAZING set tonight. Grey Street opener and it just got better and better from there. Granny, One Sweet World, Song that Jane Likes, Jimi Thing, Two Step, Billies, Rapunzel. What can you say but wow. There was not a weak point to tonights lineup w/ maybe the exception of Fool To Think. Dave even did something of a Little Thing tease at the end of What You Are, how crazy is that? Beauty of Wynona was beutiful dave solo and the Grace tease was interesting. Very different tempo and Dave solo. Then an amazing PNP-->Rapunzel to end the night where Dave messed up and sang the same verse over and then played like 1/2 the song again to try and play it off. No new song, but how can you argue w/ the 2nd STJL and Wynona of the tour. I'd also like to say hi to those next to me: Brad and the 2 girls I met Lisa and Shelly. Well, let's see what they can pull out to top this at Staples and Irvine. You Never Know....
Jimmy M.
WOW!!!!...this was show number 10 for me and definitley worth the trip all the way from sunny florida.....very energetic opener with grey street, couldve jammed the ending a little longer but very good mood setter for the nite. One of the best two steps i've ever heard, carter was amazing for this song and the entire show for that matter. I've heard watchtower a million times live and it just gets better and better...gorgeous version of wynona and grace is gone tease as an encore....great show, #4 on the list of 10, many highlights i forgot, worth the trip from the sunshine state and ill see everyone at shoreline saturday!!!!!
Ari F.
To anyone who said the band was not having fun anymore...I hope you got to see this show, which was "funky" in a good way. The setlist choice was sweet because of how many older songs he played. But the new ones were perfectly placed also. What You Are and So Right flowed with the show, instead of sticking out like sore thumbs... And because of their song choice and the mood dave was in, the energy was just incredible. After Jimi Thing I just stopped trying to guess what he'd play next because everything surprised me. TSTJL??? That was the peak of the night for me, I don't know why. I think it's cuz that's when all sanity was lost. Such a great intro. He was just reeling off almost every song that could be used as closers, with sweet jams. Jimi and Two Step, especially. During Two Step's jam, Dave and Butch kept looking at each other, as if to say damn this sounds good!! Sure did... Then, to play Billies and Watchtower back to back, oh man. Everyone thought Billies was the closer, and then watchtower? Wow. The Encore was good, not great. Wynona is a nice sounding song, but another slow one would have been nice instead. I was hoping for Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away, just seemed like the time to hear it. Rapunzel was a cool closer though. See you all in Irvine (Dave hates LA, plays dull shows there, by his standards.)
Ian S.!! This show reminded me yet again why it is that I really love DMB. This was my 12th show overall, and I can absolutely say that it was easily the best one EVER!! Coors is a great venue, and Gov't Mule was a great opener--Stefan actually played with them on one song, which was very cool. On to the show...regardless of the setlist (which was amazing), I can't remember the last time that Dave and the boyz just sounded so damn good; some songs weren't quite as long or jammed out as they have been (Grey St., Two Step), but everything sounded tighther and purer than I've ever heard. I called GREY ST. for the opener when we saw the 12-string; the lyrics were almost exactly the same as on LWS. This song works great for an opener, just b/c it gets you dancing and in a great mood. GRANNY--wasn't really expecting this one, and I'd only seen it live one other time, so the show already had the makings of a great beginning. This continued with SMTS, although I was hoping for the ASTB--Too Much, but then SO RIGHT--wow!!Except for the title track, this is by far the best song from "Everyday," and they've already figured out how to really jam it out and make it an outstanding live song. YNK sounded very good, and then JIMI THING was awesome! I hadn't heard CRASH in a while, and even though there are slow songs that I like better, it really is a beautiful song, and I definitely got into how great it sounded tonight. I figured they'd pick the pace back up a bit after that, and I thought I saw Boyd about to start strumming his violin...could it really be? this early in the show? Yes! It was TWO STEP!!! I was totally bummed that in three shows last summer I didn't see this played once, and it was the song I most wanted to hear tonight, although like I said I never expected it at this point in the set. It was incredible--it sounded like they added a new part with Butch to the long jam at the end, and the buildup to the very end of the song was super-intense! I was so happy!! DITCH and WYA were actually a nice way to come down a bit after that, although they both sounded really good. OSW--another highlight for me. The instrumental intro was great as usual, and the band just looked like they were having so much fun at this point, it was impossible to not get totally into it. STJL--a total shock! But a great 'oldie' (the show definitely had a good mix of 'old' and 'new' songs) and they make this one sound even better as time goes on. I liked WAYG a lot; I'm looking forward to hearing it again on Wednesday in L.A. When BILLIES started, I was sure this would be the last song before they went off for the encore, and that would have been fine with me. Boyd's solos and the jam up towards the end have never sounded tighter, and this was probably the best live version of this song I've ever heard! Great way to lead into the encore, right? Well, just kidding, first you get to hear AATW with Warren Haynes!! Unbelievable. Dave and Stefan had a nice, drawn-out, slow intro before Dave started singing, of course the outro was incredible, and I love Ben Harper, John Popper, and Trey, but I think this was the best 'celebrity guest player' song I've ever heard! Warren's solo was ridiculous, and he fit right in with the jam at the end of the song just like he'd been playing with them for years. I hope they play together again in L.A.!! This show had been so amazing, and we'd already heard 2-Step and Watchtower, so I was really afraid we'd get a sub-par closer (I Did It, WWYS), and I didn't want to end such a good show with a less-than-great taste in my mouth. Fortunately, my fears were more or less allayed. BEAUTY--definitely not my first choice of songs for Dave to play solo, but like everything else tonight it sounded really good. GRACE--I love this song, and it sounded a little 'jazzier' than on LWS. I was a little bummed that they cut it short, but it led really well into PNP/RAPUNZEL. A great closer, Dave was dancing like crazy, the lights were going crazy at the end, and the last song was definitely NOT a disappointment at the end of such an incredible show. Don't know how L.A. on Wednesday can top this one, anything good is just a bonus for me at this point!
Bill H.
What a great night! It all started with lots of people staring at me in the bathroom. I was a little freaked out until I discovered they were really looking at Doug Flutie, the quarterback for the Chargers who was taking a leak next to me. The Mule was mellow and cool. Stefan came out to join them for a song. DMB started with Grey Street which was a great high energy song to get things going. A nice, slow Granny was next. SMTS was played with some punch. So Right was a highlight for me. The boys really seemed into it and jammed it hard. You Never Know seemed confusing and was hard to dance to. Jimi Thing instantly got everyone back into the groove. I was hoping that Warren would come out for this one because it just cries for an electric guitar. Crash was standard so we headed for the bathroom. We roamed during 2 step and Digging. The intro to 1 Sweet World had me creaming my pants. In fact, after some dirty dancing with my date I could hear the girl behind us say there must be a puddle under us! The song itself was an afterthought after the super sweet intro. After a few more good songs Warren came out and joined the boys for Watchtower. I used to get bummed when Stefan would start his bass jam, but this version did not disappoint. After the song each band member went up and gave Warren a hug, they seemed to appreciate his jamming as much as me. After a gentle Wynona, Rapunzel absolutely brought down the house to finish, very powerful. All in all, it was a very good show and on my own twisted scale I would give it an 8 or 8.5......
Scotty L.
What a beautiful evening for a show. Perfect temperature, a nice sea breeze floating through the Amphitheatre. My first thought as the band hit the stage was, "What is George Lucas doing playing keyboard? Oh, wait....that's BUTCH TAYLOR ON THE KEYS!" But seriously, for the first of three shows I'm attending in Cali, it was a great start. First song, GREY STREET - Like most of the Busted Stuff songs, this song is sounding better and better each time they play it. Good energy from the crowd. GRANNY was next. This song seemed to set the mood for the show. The mood was wonderful and happy, but very peacefully energetic. I wonder if others felt the same. SO MUCH TO SAY really got the dancing started. No "Anyone Seen the Bridge?" into "Too Much," but I wasn't expecting it since they haven't played it this tour. SO RIGHT - Is it me? The "Everyday" songs, even the songs I dread hearing, sound so much better this year. The energy is so nice with the band that I feel like going home and giving the album a closer listen. YOU NEVER KNOW - Love this song!!!!!! The changes are so brilliant. I can't wait to spend some time with this song after July 16th. JIMI THING - The song in which Boyd started to really come out. During his solo, he walked over to Stefan, almost challenging him with his ferocity. Nice, long jam, which is par for the course with this song. Then CRASH INTO ME - Sorry, but this is one of my favorite songs ever. Just because it was a huge radio hit doesn't make it any less a song, like some would like to believe. I'll never get sick of it. And this is the first time I've seen the boys do it live. So I happily held my girlfriend close and enjoyed it. Then came my highlight of the night, the best TWO STEP ever!! A change came over me during this incredibly long jam of the song. I stopped dancing. I still had the dance in me, but I was so mesmerized with what i was seeing, that I just stood and watched in awe. I pretty much stayed this way the rest of the show. Carter's ending was heartstopping. On to DIGGING A DITCH - In my opinion, it's still a good song, but just plods along too long. It just seems like the same verse and chorus over and over. But that's just me. When Dave picked up the electric afterwards, i was waiting to see what "Everyday" song I would be sitting down to, but he started wailing the intro to WHAT YOU ARE. My favorite song off "Everyday." I love the new outro, too. I wish it was on the album like that. ONE SWEET WORLD - Very nice. That nice, peaceful energy again. Made me want ice cream. SONG THAT JANE LIKES was a nice surprise. It continued the peaceful energy feel. My girlfriend was extremely happy to hear this one. FOOL TO THINK - My least favorite DMB song...ever. But what was this? Was I actually liking it for once? Was I getting that feeling of wanting to go home and give it a closer listen again? What's going on here?? WHERE ARE YOU GOING - Beautiful song. Makes me feel like I'm watching a sunset on an autumn afternoon. I love that feeling. Then, TRIPPING BILLIES - I htought for sure this was going to be the set closer, especially with the band's energy, but No! Out comes Warren Haynes from Gov't Mule to join them for ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER - Again, I was amazed by the band's intensity. Warren was a perfect addition to the song. He seemed to give Dave even more energy then he already had. Good closer............encore break.................Dave came out by himself, grabbed his acoustic, and played a few strums of #40. It was a very short tease, so short I haven't seen it on any setlists, yet. BEAUTY OF WYNONA - This is only the second time I've heard Dave do this. I liked it. Nice and dark, but pretty at the same time. The band came out afterward, and here is where things got funny and strange. As they were all getting set, Dave started half-heartedly playing GRACE IS GONE. He would walk up to the mic and shoot out a couple lines really fast, strum a little more, and then shoot out a couple more lines. Very strange, but it really showed how much fun he seemed he to be having. Then they ended the night with PANTALA NAGA PAMPA into RAPUNZEL. Wonderful ending to a wonderful night. Boyd and Dave playing at each other. Carter's everlasting smile. Stefan's smirk as if he knew how much he ruled in all his pimpness. It was a great memorable night. I have two more shows to go this week. Hopefully, I'll get to hear the four songs I was hoping to hear tonight, but didn't. I'll keep y'all posted in my reviews of the Los Angeles and Irvine shows. Much love to everyone.
Tom B.
This is the first show I've seen that I've gotten the tix through the Warehouse, and it was so much better sitting with other real DMB fans. Amazing version of Jimi Thing, Digging a Ditch slowed down a bit from Lillywhite was very nice, everyone singing along. Can't wait for Busted Stuff to come out. I was sure Tripping Billies was the last song before the encore, but then they did Watchtower with Warren Hayes playing slide guitar and just blew everybody away. Absolutely unbelievable. Finney, have fun at Staples, and Duffy, I'll see you at the Irvine show.
Shannon W.
To those of you who think that going to a concert with your mom would be dumb, i just want to tell you that i had the best time. I was her dixie chicken and she was my tennessee lamb and yes we will walk together down in dixie land!! And for those of you who are true dmb fans, if you saw us you would know what it meant! I really enjoyed the show and the crowd was vivacious and full of dave spirit. The one song we requested was Two Step and yes we peed in our pants when we heard it!! Dave was a dancing nancy for the show and we had quite a few nancies all around us. Grace is Gone was beautifully done live. I must admit that my mom made more ganja friends than i did. i was quite impressed. Overall, i thought it was a great setlist, and the band had a few jam sessions. I'll see you in Irvine!!
What a beautiful night to see a show! My fourth DMB show in four years. Definitely not enough nevertheless the show was amazing. Wonderful opening with Grey Street. My fav song on lillywhite. It was a great way to start the show. Granny was pretty cool never heard that in concert. SMTS was another good one. So Right is actually one of the better Everyday songs. I was just glad it wasn't I Did It. Thank you Dave! You never know was so sweet and cool to hear. And then Jimi Thing! That was such a great jam. I just love this song. Too bad my row sucked. I mean if you're going to pay for tenth row at least get into the show! Crash is always a pleasure to hear. I don't care that its "radio friendly." Its still a great song. Two step was awesome. That got the crowd going. Dave looked so happy and he was dancing for us. You could tell they were all right on for the show. Stefan looks so cute with his curls! Digging a ditch was mellow and cool. What you are-- I wasn't really in to. OSW was so nice to hear! By the way the ice cream is delicious. STJL was so pretty. I missed you Sheila for that one. Fool To Think-- it was all right. Blah for me. WAYG another new one! I love this one-- so good. Tripping Billies was amazing and Watchtower as the closer was a blast! The encore was so lovely. Grace is Gone my second fav on Lillywhite! It was great. Rapunzel--was pretty awesome. To my Dixie Chicken: You were wonderful to see Dave live with and I will always remember this glorious night. No Dreaming tree maybe next time...
Chris I.
I won't go over every song, or even go into detail on the show overall. I would agree completely with what everyone else has said so far. I must comment on two song though: Billies -highlight of the show for me, the version blew the (non-exsistent) roof off of Coors Amp. Incredible amount of energy coming from the stage on this one. But, the real reason for my writing this, is because I have seen no mention of what Carter did during Rapunzel. CARTER PULLED OFF THE COOLEST STUNT OF ALL TIME!!!!! During the beginning of the song, he threw out 5 drum sticks. He threw the first one, and I assumed he had cracked it or something. But then, he continued to throw out another one every 10 seconds of so. He didn't lose beat, and he was able to throw them from his perch, into at least the 3rd row of the seats. It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. My jaw litterally dropped. How the hell can he rock the drums, throw sticks three rows deep, and not lose the beat at all? Unbelievable...I'm not sure if he's ever done anything such as that before, but I have never seen, nor heard of anything like it. It may seem like a "so-what" detail to some of you reading this, but I will never forget those sticks flying into the crowd!!!! DMB definitely rocked Chula Vista last night! It was truly a treat!
Big J.
If you are a fan of the Dave foot-work, you were in for a treat this evening. I got to the concert a bit late (in the middle of Grey Street), but enjoyed every moment of that song. I was so looking forward to hearing it. The crowd is starting to become diversified and if you were the screaming drunk chick next to were super annoying, nor did she know any song. Anyway, Dave kicked ass as usual, it was a pleasure to hear Digging a Ditch, OSW and also the teaser of Grace is Gone. Two Step rocked as usual and so did Watchtower with Warren Hayes, finger picking his Les Paul with a slide....INSANE! I really enjoyed Where Are You Going with the whole band, the song is very meaningful. Boyd seemed very relaxed and into the show and I must give props to Stefan, he ripped up the bass tonight. Good show, good show, see you in L.A., Irvine and at the Gorge......